BlackBerry Q30 - I wouldn't mind one bit if this was it

By Bla1ze on 11 Mar 2014 07:50 pm EDT

Over the past few weeks we've seen a ton of concept devices appear in our forums. So many in fact, we eventually had to give them their own forum not only because there has been so many of them but because people were getting the concept devices mixed up and thinking they were real device leaks and you know, I can see why. To this day, we still get emails asking when the BlackBerry Blade will be released and that's most certainly not even a real device, though it does have its own site now.

So, that leads me to the image above. It actually came in an email 3 or 4 days ago now and the sender gladly proclaimed it to be a BlackBerry Q30 leak directly from someone within BlackBerry, a rather high up individual but we won't say who. Needless to say, there's plenty about it to be rather suspicious about when all of that is considered so I sat on it until now wondering what I should do with this image.

I've scoured through the concept device forums and various other parts of the internet to see if this had been posted as a concept and while I came up with plenty that looked similar to it, none appear to be this exact image. So alas, I present it to you all. To be 100% clear, I'm not claiming it to be a leak, I'm not claiming it to be concept but I am claiming it to be a pretty freaking awesome looking device.

If it's your image or you've seen it posted elsewhere, let me know so that we know definitively what it is. If no one steps up, well I'll just sit here and hope it some day ends up being a reality and to the person who sent it in, thanks and no offense intended. I'm sure you can understand the suspicion here.

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BlackBerry Q30 - I wouldn't mind one bit if this was it



I agree with you! Now if the sizing is right I might consider dropping my Z30...

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Actually, bottom bezel is a bit too much... probably helps for better hold/type but lost space imo.

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This is EXACTLY what I suggested the next Qwerty Superphone from BlackBerry should be......

Hot Cakes, anyone?????

CB from the Z30

The grey bottom bezel serves a purpose on the Z30 (helps you find the "bottom" sometimes), but with the Qwerty keyboard... would not be necessary on Q30...

Although as a continuation of the grey side... does not bother me too much...

I say "Paint It Black".... make the whole thing a "Liquid BlackBerry Black".....

"Back in Black" from AC/DC with Executives from Top Companies Spouting "Powered by BlackBerry" on commercials touting the 25 hour battery....

How come this is so friggin' clear in my mind but marketing at BlackBerry has been struggling for time immemorial????

Don't know because I have the same thought. I think the previous admin was obsessed with grabbing people from Apple than to marketing to the base. Hopefully Chen has shifted focus back to the core.

Dear BlackBerry,

Please ensure that it is a *removable* battery!
Just swap 2nd battery in when device runs dry, and you're good to go!

No cumbersome recharging dongles to hold you back!

I get 2 days on a charge on my Z30.... Amazing..... this phone looks to be the same design with 2,800 mghz - don't get hung up on swappable battery.... no need with the right sized battery.

"Powered by BlackBerry"...

When iPh*nes run out of battery, they cannot be turned on within 5 minutes even if you immediately charge phone from wall outlet!
So no one can reach you in that critical 5 minutes...

Moreover, my family member using iPh*ne had bad battery life just 2 years after purchase, to the point of constantly charging their iPh*ne from wall outlet or using dongle at least once a day in the afternoons (and even evenings when going out).

Heard any such problems with the Bold 9900?
None that I've heard of even after these 3 years.
That's why the Bold 9900 is still selling well even today as we speak--the replaceable battery. (and TrackPad, and ToolBelt, and bug-free sync with MS Outlook, and no missing/duplicate/triplicate Contact bug).

The centered camera/flash is bad. Also, the phone should have a battery cover similar to the Z30 rear cover.

So you care more about looks than practicality? The camera so close to the corner is the one thing I HATE the most about my Q10. If I take a photo with the phone sideways (I use 4:3 ratio in photos before some smart-ass talks about the square screen), there's always that chance my finger will get in the way of the camera. Same issue I always have trying to take a photo with iphone, not we have it in BB... So no thanks, the position of the camera has no aesthetic value what-so-ever. I definitely prefer it to be in the center, or anywhere else for that matter...

If you're interested in something functional, then the flash and sensor/lens should not be right next to each other. 9900 had better placememt.

Yep, I agree with that. So let's suggest we change it to that instead of suggesting to keep it in the corner like how it is now...

I thought of another reason for the centered camera. On the side view, you see two small holes. I'm assuming that's a microphone for the video camera feature. Well, I've always thought that having two mics on the top of the device to record stereo sound is kind of pointless, they are so close that it wouldn't make a difference. But if that side has those two holes, maybe the other side also has two holes. Meaning two mic holes for each side. Then it would be more real stereo sound since one would capture some sounds the other might not since they are pointed in opposite directions. Then having a centered camera would also make sense, equal distance between the two sound capturing devices... Just a theory...

Centered camera placement breaks BB10 device design language.

And the reason for a Z30-style battery door is because I have had 3xQ10s, and each one has had the parts on the phone that hold the battery door in place wear down to the point where the cover slides off on its own. The Z30 style cover would eliminate this issue (and it is definitely an issue if you don't use a case).

Unfortunately, it appears that the new Q's are going to have square displays (1:1 aspect ratio)...

:( :( :( :(

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That's what they said but this image doesn't seem to have a square display. Or is it square...

 CB10 

This is just a fan concept (probably?)... the real q20 is supposedly going to have a 1:1 screen still. No news on the q30. But I really hope its going to be 16:9 / 15:9

Imagine that without those keys and a screen covering everything that isn't a keyboard. Drool!!!

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You mean a Z30? I understand how you pronounce it, but when does that affect how you write it? Do you write Que 10??

Meh. Too busy and wondering how balanced it would be in the hand? Also screen ratio might be difficult to manage

From my new z30

Now that is what I'm talking about! I'll hang on to my Z10 until this comes out hopefully..

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Was reading somewhere there is a chance that the tool bar will be within the screen itself can't remember where I read it on here but that was the latest, so the physical track pad will be gone and hidden under the screen, even sexier!!

Great transitional phone for those in business or who have a harder time with the BlackBerry 10 OS.

From my Zed 30 running

The screen needs to be bigger then 3.5 in, let's get it to 4.25 inch screen minimum $

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Eh, who knows. It'd be nice to even know what a Q20 looks like.. just saying. Maybe what we're looking at is the Q20 lol. Maybe the person who sent it in made a typo. I dunno, I just thought it looked cool and since there wasn't enough proof to say what it was one way or another, I told the story behind it so as to not mislead anyone.

My thoughts exactly maybe this is the Q20 and the Q30 is the rumored Windermere just my theory

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I see from the Channels Bla1ze that Michael Clewley is rocking a new device (shh..he isn't saying). Q20? Q30?


I would think so. I thought the Q30 will be a qwerty without the trackpad, and the Q20 is part of their new "classic" line which will have the belt...

Also, isn't the Q30 suppose to be a successor to the Q10 meaning toolbeltless. The classic line suppose to be the only tool belt equipt phones if I understand it. Unless the classic name will be added to any model name.

Posted via Z30 C0002FDEF

You're taking Q30 too literal. Again, this is only what it was presented as. To me, it's nothing more than an image. It has no name. 

Was wondering if they are re-introducing the tool belt, is there really a need for a lot of gestures. Will they get rid of swiping up to see active frames and quickly accessing the hub by making a right angle swipe? Taking away some gestures could give you more screen room (on top of the screen added by taking away virtual phone and search button).

The point of the tool belt is to bring back most of the classic BlackBerry experience. So long pressing the Blackberry key will replace the up swipe.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

Then swipe. I don't get why people seem to think that bringing back some classic functionality. When Blackberry added the icon for the hub it didn't take away the functionality to swipe to the left away

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I was thinking along your lines, bringing back more BBOS 7 functionality. But to me it seems that what they may have in plan will end up creating more fragmentation in BB 10 OS.

Looks great but most probably isnt an leak.

The Z3 pictures was a leak and that was easy to ascertain.

This one is too clean. And the blackberry logo at the bottom doesnt make sense. Remember that BlackBerry has a new head of devices and he would definitely change things around to leave his personal touch.

There is a new design language (Z3) with BlackBerry devices and the device pictured above does not seem to follow it.

Q10SQN100-3/, Z30, Z10, iP5, SGS3

How big of a screen plus keyboard is to big? I personally loved everything about my bold 9900. The OS was perfect but the hardware and some software could have used some upgrades making it faster and more responsive. If I wanted a bigger screen there is the torch....

Posted via CB10

I like a lot but would prefer it in a slider so would not lose real state and screen always needs to go into landscape no matter how big our small.

BlackBerry Z10

That's what I was thinkin' for a keyboard phone from the start...


Posted via CB10

I like it. I think it adds a touch of elegance like the z30 has. Unlike my q10 which is more subtle with only the silver frets....i think the bottom accentuates the device more, in addition to the matching frets

Posted via CB10

Almost reminds me of my blackberry tour 9630 and bold 9650, minus the side silver accents

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I think it's going to be BB's new thing. They did it with the Z30 so it's easier to tell in a glance which side is down. I know for this the keyboard should tell you that, but I guess from your peripheral, a black keyboard and a black screen might not stand out like a silver chin would...

Very nice. As much as Im spoiled by my z30 I still really refer my physical keyboard. I miss pushing on those marshmallows feel buttons. And speaking of concepts, anyone interested in a curved slider. Not too radical but a slight concave design. That would be sweeeet.

Blackberry, my proverbial middle finger

Leave the trackpad with the legacy blackberry. There's a reason why they are heading to extinction. Screen size is more important.

Why the white at the bottom? I don't understand... all black, all white... sure... but the Z30 looks dumb, and they did the same here

Posted via CB10

Your entitled to your opinion I like the silver base looks professional and business like, also give the phone a bottom visual anchor, I use it a lot in darker situations to know which way to swipe

From my Zed 30 running

I don't like the chin look but I do see your point about being in the dark, many times I've had my Z10 upside down in the dark and swipped the wrong way. There are other ways then a two tone colour phone, perhaps have a blackberry logo at the bottom that has a pattern that you can feel.

Posted via my  Z10.2.1

This would be an amazing Q20. I would want my Q30 to look the same except I don't want a toolbelt/trackpad on it :P

Posted via the super amazing BlackBerry Q10

Looks more like a Q20. I'd be very disappointed if this was the Q30. No reason to bring the belt back for two consecutive released devices. Screen looks like the size of the Q10's. In my mind this isn't an upgrade from it either.

Posted via My Beast Q10

I'd like to see this next to a Z10 to see the height of it.

Also, I could be wrong but didn't BlackBerry say that the Q30 was going to have only 3 rows on the keyboard or did I just read that somewhere on the forums?

Posted via CB10

If you look it's built on a Z30 frame so it appears to be exactly the same size as a Z30

From my Zed 30 running

The other day, I was using my partners Q10...I realized that I missed the keyboard but then I got to flicking my Z30...I've adjusted pretty much...maybe BlackBerry should consider speed, ram and commercials...for their existing line...also, easier apps for download of android apps...woo-hoo woot woot

Rocking the Z30 Regina SK Canada

Exactly I have a personal Z30 and a work 9900 and I used to love the 9900, but since I've owned the Z30 I go back and am frustrated by the keyboard the execution on the BlackBerry virtual keyboard is damn near perfect

I can type faster on this than on a full qwerty keyboard, I've tested it and with very few mistakes I can bang out 78 WPM on the 30, can't get anywhere near that on the bold. And the auto correct on the zed is fantastic!!

Like I said this would be a good transition device, but once you've tried this virtual keyboard there is no comparison at all, and I rarely use the swipe word feature

Best keyboard in the business

From my Zed 30 running

My z30 battery only last an average of 12hrs. Is it normal? Also, apps are showing 'no internet connection' I need help, can u?

I like the look but loose the tool belt and I'm in but I'm addicted to my virtual keyboard of BlackBerry 10 on my Z10

Posted via CB10

I hope it's not going be square shaped like that. Square phones is borning and a bit passe. I prefer shape of Q10.

Posted via CB10

I dreamed about the collaboration of Z30, Bold, Q10. Oh! That's what it look like...

"Initiated from my Q10 "

Great looking phone and glad for those who love the belt and trackpad.

1. Is it still touchscreen?

2. Does this mean BlackBerry will shy away from touchscreen. Cause I am a big fan of BlackBerry's UI. I personally am looking for an upgraded Q10 in the sense of no trackpad/belt in the future.

Nice stuff though.

Posted via CB10

I thought the high-end qwerty wouldn't have a tool belt... meaning this would be the


Very likely a concept rendering of how the Q20 would look. Seems to hit most of the landmarks at a glance...

This looks really smart. I'd like to see this. Although my Z30 is scratch free on the silver because of my case, the lip on this makes me nervous. That aside it gets a green light from me. Hope it has some good tech inside.

Aka S.Jizzle Z30STA100-5/

I have had full touch since the original storm as I need the big screen with these old eyes. I might just have to go get lasered now. I love it.

Posted via CB10

Looks like mine that was posted a while ago. Not a fan of this one's logo placement and the band above the track pad though. I like that the screen of mine and the capacitive button are uninterrupted.

Would want it to have a 3 X 4 screen, removable battery, not too much bigger than the Q10 (which I consider the perfect size for me).

BlackBerry Blade, that's a concept. This, once again is a cut and paste exercise. C'mon guys...why even bother with these.

Posted via CB10

Agreed. just someone using image software to create a dream design. Not a factory concept.

Posted via CB10

Looks boring, get rid of that God awful tool belt, let's progress and evolve into the future not regress into this horrid looking sorry excuse for a phone. Q10 done larger is definitely the way to go, sans tool belt! That pic is probably the Q20. Q30 supposed to be a premium device and therefore, NO TOOL BELT!!!! Did I mention how much I hate that tool belt.

Robertino BB-Z10

It would make more sense that this is the Q20 and then the Q30 would be similar minus the belt. As far as the design goes, I'd love it. And it would be a tough decision between the two models. Having a larger screen on the Q30 would be awesome, but the belt could really be useful for quickly getting into and out of phone calls ad other features on the phone.

I can't wait to see what officially comes out over the following months.

Just give me a Bold 99x0 with upgraded specs and BB 10.x.x
Upgraded specs = Qualcomm Snapdragon 800/801, 2gb ram...etc

OS might become a mess...from fully gesture-based blending some belt buttons functionalities...I don't know let's see

I would definitely buy this phone... if it didn't have the stupid track pad and physical call buttons. seriously, why do we still need them?

The Z10 and Z30 have proved that form can compliment function with a full touch screen. The only thing useful is a physical keyboard. And if you did away with the call buttons and track pad, you'd get much more touchscreen on this device. Is there a screen size/resolution issue?

Can you imagine scrolling ever so frustratingly with the track pad when viewing your emails, when you could easily slide through and select your messages on the screen?

Those of you who think this design is a good idea, is probably the reason why blackberry suffered serious setbacks with handset sales in the past few years.

We need to 'keep moving' beyond the old blackberry designs and innovate. Just keep the sweet things like an awesome OS, and it's signature qwerty keypad.

Posted via CB10

I could select messages and do things with them (delete, mark read, etc) way quicker on my 9810, than I can on my Q10.

I really do love my Q10. But more efficient, it ain't. IMO

Posted via CB10

This would be an amazing Q20. I would want my Q30 to look the same except I don't want a toolbelt/trackpad on it so it would ne bigger size screen 4.2 ".

Still think the buttons are not needed. But hey if that's what keeps BlackBerry in business then great!

Rogers Deals and Discounts C0022C8F2

Screen doesn't look square - I don't think BlackBerry would make a portrait-y screen on a Q series device.

I'd also expect more Z3-like styling.

One interesting observation is that the tool belt buttons are not separated. If this is real, perhaps the whole toolbar is touch sensitive...

Forget building the Q20 waste of time, this is what the physical keyboard community wants

Posted via CB10 on my Zed10

Remove trackpad and hot keys!!! We are taking steps backwards!!! How would trackpad work with BB10 OS???? Hot keys taking up valuable screen space! Only buttons needed are for typing, power, and volume.

Don't need a trackpad for navigating os

Don't need hot keys to answer or hang up

Taking up valuable screen realestate

Posted via CB10


BB10 is so fluid with Peek and Flow, that the trackpad is unnecessary. Hot keys? I can type whatever I need to do from the home screen on my Q10. But this device is one sexy piece of hardware. I would like a version without the trackpad.

Would definitely love to have but in white :) Can we try a different back instead of the weaved design?

Posted via CB10

I have my doubts of its reality, it to me is a z30 with the square physical keyboard and that is not necessary, just because it's square doesn't mean it has to be with the keyboard types blackberry has.

Better than poo berrys

i still say people have to think a bit more outside the box. just taking the keyboard and slapping it on a bigger screen does nothing. its has to look different or newer or hav some different corners or lines. if they are going to go to the trouble of building it they want it to stand out. This doesnt push the envelope. I know someone has a thought out there that looks different and says new and different. These just dont cut it. you have to remember it takes a long time to get these into production by the time it comes out it will look like an old blackberry bold.

Your right I think they should bring back the steel rim around the phone like how they have it in the bold 9930

Posted via CB10

You had to go and mention the Blade, didn't you Bla1ze? Sigh. It's the nicest looking phone that never was.....

Why does every new BlackBerry device concept have the OLD tool belt. I understand they said they will bring it back, but they better not be releasing the exact same identical belt as 2 years ago!

I sure hope they have figured out that they will need to at least modify the looks and functions. New OS with old belt?? They need to streamline it and update it. Move forward! I love the tool belt loved my 9900 but I have to say that if they plop in the exact same belt as the 9900 then the media will have a field day tearing BlackBerry apart by saying they haven't learned, innovated or changed and just stuck in their old ways. People already associate BlackBerry with dinosaurs and a soon to be extinct breed...why further those thoughts and fuel the fire by actually reverting back to 2 years ago when BlackBerry started to fall behind!

I'm 100% all for the tool belt. But innovate and update! Include finger print scanner in the track pad. And make the entire belt a capacitive touch screen that can change with use and place in OS. Don't need a trackpad when you are taking a picture so change it to be a camera shutter, etc. make it be able to be customized by the developers! Whenever a text box appears make it a trackpad automatically! There was a concept like this and it really is amazing and would look like BlackBerry going back to their roots while innovating and advancing those strengths!

Can't wait to see what they do! Lets hope they surprise us all for the better!

Posted via CB10

Screen looks too small. I think there's been a strong consensus that the next QWERTY should be long and tall, at least 4.1 inches if screen space. Therefore, since this phone probably tried to maximize one-handed use or classic preference over people's age-old and perfectly valid concerns that the screen is too damn small for Web surfing, media consumption, etc., I'd say it *could* be real!

I expect that the Q20 will have Foxconn design attributes, but this Q30 looks like it could be a BlackBerry design.

Posted via CB10

Not my forte. Now that I got used to the virtual keyboard of the z10 I can't go back to physical keyboard. Tried typing a q10 and I couldn't do it. I can type so much faster on the z10. Plus your hands and thumbs don't get tired or sore. Z30 and the next Z50 are my cup of tea. All touchscreen for me.

Posted via CB10

That looks amazing. Sign me up. Fingers crossed this is legit. I have a few high ups at BlackBerry that might confirm this as well. On holidays now so it would have to wait.

Posted via CB10

i may come back to blackberry for this phone. Even if its for the simple reason of a funtional copy and paste. I HATE copy and pasting things on touchscreens, you need the trackpad and a select button to aim a cursor. I had a z10 and im now on android, neither solution worked for me

Hey Blaze that's my BlackBerry that I'm carrying in my pocket right now...(I'm in the future Feb 16, 2015) lol.

My only preference would be the camera/flash be set at either the left or right. I use a nite-ize phone clip that adhered to either the battery cover or a case and I have my clip attached as high as possible so that my Q10 will ride as low in my pants pocket as possible. I find it the ultimate in phone pocketing, no way my phone will turn sideways and I hardly notice it's there at all.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

I will never buy another BlackBerry keyboard phone when their quality control is so poor and the common double typing issue plaguing legacy bold devices as well as the new Q10.

Posted via CB10

Wha? I've owned every bold device, since the original (8800/9000/9700/9900/Q10), and I've never had those issues. Sure, qu I Te a few battery pulls, til the Q10, but no double typing. I even had to take out the trackball and clean it with cleaner a few times, but that's about it. NOW, if you're referring to the curve/pearl etc. lines, those always sucked to me, since the keys were flat, with no discernible difference between any of the keys.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Looks really good... just one comment.. don't like the BlackBerry written in white on the grey part of the body

Posted via CB10

I don't think I will get anything but a BlackBerry Z30 that I have now, best BlackBerry ever made, best phone ever made!

Posted via CB10

Minus the "BlackBerry Belt"

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It is nice, but I can't help but feel it might be weird after using the Q10 for so long.

Photos captured using BlackBerry devices - C00016D81

The track pad is optional I assume, but for me going from a long time BOLD user to a Q5 is awesome. Loving how the Q5 is setup. The most important asset in BB10 IMO is the HUB, Peek & FLOW. No other OS beats this style of elegance bar none.

The phone looks very nice, but the most important thing about these phones is to make sure they are not confused with BBOS such as the BOLDS.

Great design, so glad to see the belt back ! Find it bazaar that some people think the belt affects screen size. Far more accurate and keeps thumbs off screen and out of the way.

Posted via CB10

So true and on the bb10 phone you have a menu bar anyhow so what's the difference?

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

After reading few comments, they do make sense, that bottom hard keys such track pad, back, menu. When u perform the gestures, you would accidentally hit these hard keys. Maybe just move the track pad on the. Center of the keys. Between G H V B. I dnt know, just thinking. Anyways. These pic is unique.. thanks for sharing..

"Initiated from my Q10 "

I don't think anyone would be any more susceptible to hit the tool belt hard keys on a 'q20' than they would be to hit the top row of qwerty keys on a q10

Posted via CB10

Finally a keyboard phone I'd consider trading my Z30 in for.

All depends on specs. I'm keeping my Z until it dies, unless something with kick azz specs comes along.

Posted via CB10

Yes Mr Chen, like you said and preached, get back to BB roots and get this Q30 out asap to stop further loss in the enterprise sector. For me, I'll switch from my Z10 to this as soon as it comes out. Damned miss my ole BB physical key board a lot!

I would buy this phone, I'm sticking with the no keyboard line of BlackBerry cause the Q10 doesn't impress me, I've battled some Q owners to a typing contest and won each time. Why go with a smaller screen, but this phone is that middle ground for me.

Z10 all they way!

No worries. And no surprises here. You CAN be faster on an all-touch keyboard, and the Z10 will beat the Q10 in speed, but not in accuracy. But auto-correct is so good, it will fix the garbled mess into the correct wording almost all the time! :-)

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I love my Q10 and put my sim in my z30 on weekends for the want to carry a larger screen.

This Q30 for me would be the ultimate BlackBerry yet.

Posted via CB10

If I may add though this is of a slight different topic, I hope BlackBerry puts out a new Z phone with a 4'-7, screen size. The 5 inch screen is too big for me, don't need that screen space

Z10 all they way!

Another quarrel I have with this phone beside the camera/flash positioning is the grey/silver button (make it all black please) and the thickness is a wee bit thin, I want battery power like the Droid Maxx or Z30 or better.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

Had anyone the time to measure it?
În the photo, of course, but you must place it into a specialised software, Photoshop for ex, în order to compare and see the real dimensions. From my point of view it's too long. You'll have the same problem like Z30 has: you need two hands ( or too big hands.....)
Guys, the ideal proportion for a quiet and peaceful life is between 4.3 and 4.5 inches without physical keyboard and with bezels a little smaller that Z10, in order to hold tight in your hand.

Proudly Z10 owner

The pattern dots on the back top left don't form a line with the main body - right of the camera and they form a like; left of the camera they start to pitch and don't form a line with the dots under the horizontal accent line.

//Some forum moderators at some forums are like communist

If it has the battery life of the Z30 or higher, it's going to be an absolute beast.

The GPU and CPU must be even higher than the Z30

Why not put an anti glare coating on the Q30 so nothing will affect its use in direct sunlight.

For those who wish for a slider device BlackBerry needs to invest in battery technology.

BlackBerry needs to invest in a Graphene battery.

BlackBerry needs to create the thinnest and most powerful battery ever!!!

Then everyone will have to come to BlackBerry to get their batteries.

Posted via CB10

It reminds me a bit of Nokia's budget phones in terms of its shape when I first glanced at it, but the more I look at it, I want it now!

IMO its a concept because all the concepts we've seen have the old BlackBerry keyboard layout and texture. I think if a new device is to come it would have the Q10 keyboard - a matte finish flat look.
Second thing is the action buttons, I would assume they'd be more updated than this

Posted via CB10

Looking at it for the second time, it looks like a Z30 with a bold 9900 keyboard photoshoped on it

Posted via CB10

NOOO! We need a bb10 version of the Bold 9900 look! The most gorgeous phone ever created.

Of course, we need the larger screen, and, oh yeah, don't forget the 'tool belt'.

I think this is a render of the 'real' Q20 device.

It's very detailed and even has a sense of the correct balance for a Q20 type handset.

Looks really nice, I can't wait to see it in the flesh.

Posted via CB10

Functionally, this thing looks like a beast -- the ideal handset for getting things done! Aesthetically, I hope they keep the Q10/Bold 9900 form factor with a steel or aluminum frame and premium materials, not plastic.

Give me a note 3 sized Q--, with fully optional(meaning I can use it, or decide to not have it pop up @ all, activated by a gesture) onscreen track pad and I'm there. Looking at my notes virtual keyboard, a Q styled keyboard would take up half of the real estate with the physical one. That would leave about a 5 inch screen. Add to that 4gb ram, the NEWEST 8 core processor, 16mp rear, 5mp front, 24 hour battery life, and STEEL,and LEATHER construction, and BB can once again say they've truly made THE quintessential power user global communication device. And pricing should be commensurate with the note 3 pricing. They sold 10 million Note 3's, so the market is there. The real question is: Are the powers that be at BB paying attention? My hunch is that with Chen at the reins, we are in for a very pleasant ride on this smartphone roller coaster.

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I can change my Z30 for this one. Let us know the hardware that will power this Q30 and definitely I'll go for it!

Posted via CB10

Looks amazing!!! Represents everything good about blackberry. Definitely worth the upgrade from my Q10 if it's thinner.

Posted via CB10

All these imaginative designs circle around already existing models. Why? Is there no creativity left in the designers or are we not design hungry anymore?

Please, designers, come up with something that does not look like existing models. That edge II edge was a good design, tho close to porsche design.

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Well it's a nice pic, but don't think it's more than a fan-made photoshop. It has no bottom bezel, so swiping would be hard to do. It would be as tall as a Z10 and as wide as a Z30.. and the main reason I find is the screen ratio. 3.6" at 16:13? 4:3.4? It has no sense, devs should recode all their apps as 1:1 or 16:9 would not fit.
I hope BlackBerry designs something original, not just a copy paste from a z30+q10

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I just thought of the patent they filed a while back. WHAT if the swipe gestures could be done from the keyboard??? That would be a game changer.

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Ugly, screen to small need to lose those buttons I just don't get it what's the point with all the gestures I thought bb 10 was bout gestures great OS best OSCAR hands down....

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What a boring looking device. Hopefully that's the Q20. The Q30 needs to be more interesting.

"Snap" is the best stop-gap solution for Android apps while we wait for BlackBerry to get its act together...

Totally agree with you. If this was authentic I'd say "BlackBerry you ought to do better than that".

I guarantee this is a fake image. 100%

Sorry folks, nothing to see here. Move along.

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I feel very pleased with the looks of this model. The proposed "bridge" that would combine the best of the two worlds appeals to me.

Some concepts suck, some concepts are great. I like this one =)

Well done to the designer!


I don't like those 4 keys; the trackpad, call keys, menu key and back key. I don't think it's needed if you are running

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I want this phone so bad.

Comon BlackBerry make it a reality please. Bring back the love we once knew with all the goods of BlackBerry 10 including a great screen battery and a track pad. Omg in heaven

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Now I have an issue with the track pad. Honestly, I thought BlackBerry have ditched this and I love Bb10 (at least my Q10) without it. This concept would bee nice but ditch the track pad for me

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