Check out these awesome BlackBerry Q30 concepts

By Adam Zeis on 6 Nov 2013 03:39 pm EST

The Q30 doesn't really exist in any form at the moment, though we do have our fingers crossed than an updated, more awesome version of the Q10 is on the way. That isn't stopping people from speculating on new devices or even coming up with their own concepts for new designs.

Leading up to the launch of the BlackBerry Z10 we saw loads of concepts for devices. Everything from the TK5 Justice to the BlackBerry Blade. Some we could definitely see as legit designs while others maybe not so much -- but we still love to see how creative CrackBerry members can be.

The latest concept designs comes from Ziro1 and is for the mythical BlackBerry Q30.  

These concepts show off what's essentially a Q10 with way more sexy and a much larger screen. Each one has a slightly different style and at the core we'd love to see them have even bigger specs than the Z30, especially with those kick ass speakers. 

Check out three versions of the design in the gallery above. Love em? Hate em? Swing by the forums and let us know what you think!

Update: Check out another Q30 concept in the forums here

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Check out these awesome BlackBerry Q30 concepts



The Q30 needs to be a real device! All black though, none of that two-tone stuff like the Z30... :/

I've been saying a Q30 device is needed, for a while now. Will not stop talking about it until it happens.


A Q30 would be sweet, although I don't see myself going back to a keyboard phone, a big touch screen keyboard phone would be a thing of beauty, something very cool indeed. I would consider selling some of my belongings to buy one.

A camel is a horse designed by a committee.

Me too - but with a slightly bigger screen. But these Q30 designs look fantastic! Hope they become a reality one day.

This should have been the Q10. I have been saying create a big a-ss screen with a keyboard like everyone originally wanted! But BlackBerry was too chicken!

If this was the Q10 and came out first, with the Z30 to follow, BlackBerry would not be in as bad a state!

So simple. And the Crackberry forums were all on board for the TK Justice. Heins had no vision and Boulben needs to go next!

Posted via Me on my Z

Agreed that the Q30 should have been the keyboard phone with a much bigger screen. That would have wowed a lot more ppl.

I agree with that but the Z30 is the symbol of the evolution of BlackBerry 10. I want to say what's next :) And BlackBerry absolutely needs to promotes new products because many of ordinary people are not informed...

Editor for

Yes! I loved everything about q10 except screen size, so i returned it for z30., but if the screen was at least an inch taller- it would have been a keeper.

I'm not worried about it being 2 tone. All black would be sweeetttt, but as long as it still has a fair amount of metal, like the Q10.

The main thing I am worried about is whether it will have Qi Wireless Charging!!!! Oh man oh man how I want that!!

BlackBerry Bold 9900; Q10; Z10 [BBM#6]

Removable battery is a *must* for all BlackBerry devices.
Especially if BlackBerry claims this is for professionals.
Swap in a new battery and you're good to go.

No recharging dongles which gets in your way, and is unwieldy.

Looks good, especially the ones with the Z30 top, but I'm pretty sure BB said it will be 1:1 screen ratio for QWERTY.

Everybody makes bad decisions once in a while. In a world where video dominates, a 1:1 screen is like putting square wheels on a Porsche. Good for climbing stairs, but not much else. Blackberry has a choice, abandon 1:1 or watch the QWERTY line die.

"BlackBerry Balde". I think that's a typo.

Also, I think Blade was one of the potential names that the original BlackBerry was going to be called (before RIM came up with "BlackBerry"), but they dropped it because it has some other meaning that I'm not entirely sure about.

Q10 and Canadian all the way! Q10SQN100-3/

Lmao yeah looks amazing BUT like the article says a "concept" that will never happen lmao.!! Until BlackBerry starts taking out the trash and liars like Alec Saunders...then this will remain a concept phone.

Posted via CB10

Sorry, do not want. As far as I'm concerned the Q10 is the right size. Anything bigger will have worse ergonomics. And I really do not think more CPU power is needed. OS tweaks yes.

The next overall stage of mobile evolution may well be the 6 inch tablet phone, but every form factor has an optimum size. The Q10 is at the one hand limit for many people.

Posted via CB10

It looks like a nice idea but I'm not so sure about it. I have a Q10 and I can't tell you how many times I one hand type in the day. If the phone gets any wider it will become a two handed typing keyboard. Even if the screen was longer, I want to be comfortable using the phone. I don't have small hands but I don't want to "strain" my thumb trying to swipe down when I'm operating the phone with one hand.
I guess people are buying phablets, like Samsung Mega, so it's possible that people might buy one with a keyboard. I think it would be a very limited market. Look at how many people are still buying keyboard phones in general.

Posted via CB10 on Q10

I'd buy this, it looks sexy. I wish to see a Z10 with Z30 build quality! Can't wait. 4Life

Posted via The Fantastic Z10

there needs to be space between the keyboard and the screen in order to do a proper swipe gesture. so i suggest adding the BBRY logo below the screen like the Q5

Was just about to order a Z30 at Amazon. Maybe I should wait a couple of weeks and wait if a Q30 becomes real...

Posted via CB10

I'm in Germany. In most cases it makes sense to buy off contract an unlocked phone and find a cheap plan which suits you best. This brings down monthly costs to USD 30 with unlimited calls, texts and 1GB of internet.

Posted via CB10

I'm in love with the Blade and Q30 concepts. Make it happen BlackBerry, so I can throw my money at you!

Posted via CB10

Yeah he by far has the most professional looking concepts I've ever seen. The the TK Justice is the most beautiful BlackBerry ever. Very pretty and very plausible at the same time. Can't wait to see what he has lined up for the future.

Posted via CB10

I know a lot of people want a bigger/taller screen on the physical keyboard BlackBerry but to me it looks awkward as hell, reminds me of those androids that tried to be blackberries from a while ago.

I personally think the greatest example of a perfect physical keyboard design was the 9900 Bold. The Q10 is nice and all but just doesn't look as polished as the 9900. The Bold was the only device ever to rival the iPhone 4/5 design wise. Hope they bring a similar design language back to future berries.

Posted via CB10

Who are these ppl and why aren't they designing for BB?! I would love to have that in silver!!

via CB10 on my AT&T Z10

If BBRY comes out with another Q device, they should take cues from the TK5 Justice / TK Victory concepts. Those phones are HOT.

No need for a Q30.

BlackBerry needs to focus on a new Z10 and Q10 for the new year.

Posted via CB10

This is one year too dam late. And by the time it actually happens (if it happens) it will be 2yrs too late. I've always said that the Q10 was way too small a screen for bb10 experience and TK5 was along the lines they needed to do it so I'm rocking my sexy Z10. But they could of made noise with this had it been 1st Gen. Smh...

BlackBerry 4Life

best Post of the Day,
who thought of the 3.1 screen size should be fired, even though I love the phone.
Virtual Track Pad with a On / Off user option ! and you have 10M sold

YES! love the idea of virtual trackpad. Option to put it where the search icon is located, or option to not have it at all for those who feel it is redundant.

Love it Love it !!

have a virtual track pad where the user has the option of On or Off toggle to use the track pad.
If my mom wants the track pad turn it on and Done !!

I don't understand why they don't just come out with a slide out keyboard added to the current z30 design

Posted via CB10

That's wayyyyy too tall in my opinion. I think the Q10's size is perfect. All they need to do is expand the screen to each bezel. Making the phone taller is a mistake in my opinion.

Posted via CB10

I can't decide which I like more, my z30 or my z10. I love the big screen and sound of the z30 but love the portability of the z10.

Posted via CB10

All the infatuation for these concept designs. Since when does a phone sell because of how it looks? Handsets sell because of public perception against the competition.

Addict for 10 years, but it may be time to get off this drug.

Meh, think outside the box. Really isn't much different in terms of design. For starters edge to edge glass and don't make it look like previous devices

They are very nice, myself I wouldn't go back to a keyboard device but I think that BBY will do many sales if they make it because there is a good number of people that love keyboards but at the same time they like to have a big screen. With this BBY will be ahead of the competition!

Sent from my Z 30

While looking nice enough, I think these concepts are thinking too small when it comes to the next high-end qwerty device from BB and they will need to push things far further in a future device than just having a slightly bigger display.

The next high-end qwerty should be designed with being their flagship for this whole mobile computing idea, just like the z30 trades in one-handed usability for more screen real estate you could take the same approach with the next Q-device too and end up with a device that might seem a little bit too wide for one-handed use but perfectly fine when used how it was intended resulting in a display comfortably larger than the 4" or so limit that people seem to be expecting.

Beyond increasing the size of any future device, the idea that they would stand still on the keyboard part of the design also seems unlikely, BB have reliably managed to improve their keyboards time after time and we should expect to see clear changes with that part of any q30 too.

I'd like to add this is what the next Q device should look like more of less. The TK5 Justice look isn't nice at all. It looks like a cheap Curve trying to be classy like a Bold or a Q!!

I'm not a designer but owning a Q5 I can say I'm not a big fan of the top front part of the phone. I love the phone and almost every other part of the design. The top of the bold or the q10 are more stylish imho. Does the Q5 stands out a little more because it is function over form? That's the message blackberry would be putting out there with this design.

This is essentially just a Q5 with the bold keyboard, maybe a centimeter larger and the screen cropped right to the edge of the device.

Posted via CB10

I really hope BB will put this out as a next year upgrade for the Q10, minimum 4 in screen preferably withe the screen stretched all the way to the top . I'll jump on this and upgrade my Z10 in a hearbeat

I'll definitely will buy this in a heartbeat if becomes available!!

Awesome concept!

#BB10Believe #BlackBerryNation #BB10Army #BB10Freak #KeepMoving #TeamBlackberry #BBMCrossPlatform #BBM4All #IChooseBlackBerry10

I'm MongezaurioBerry

Lol bb addict,

Let me introduce you to 50 million sheepish iPhone users that line up and camp out for anything Shiny with an apple logo.

What planet are you living on?

Half of them only know how to use Facebook the only thing that matters to them is looks.

Posted via CB10

I need this phone now...have the Q10 and the Z10 but this is what I really need. Hope we get to see it

Posted via CB10

Love the first design ! The larger screen and the nearly no border design is awesome ! Please BlackBerry make this beautiful device !

The device looks good, I agree with the guy who said it shouldn't be a two toned device, the bottom row under the keyboard looks really out of place, also I don't know if the keys would feel the same as the Q10, I would hope they stick with the keyboard design on the Q10 and don't make the buttons more raised or shiny or less tactile, it's a great concept though and for the Q30 I think it would be great, hopefully next year there will be some news about a Q30.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry need to get the banks to sort out banking application so that user can manage there account on the go,like Apple and Android. Then they can win the heart of customer. Saying that I've been loyal for 8 good year with BlackBerry, and would like to see a Q30 for real.

Posted via CB10

Looks cool, I would consider something like that because of the screen and hard keyboard

Posted via CB10

Count me in as someone who would pay a huge price tag for a BB10 Torch product. Make the thing entirely dual functional. Z10 keyboard w/ a slideout Q10 keyboard.

Make it happen, BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

This is what I'm waiting for...

A Q10 with a proper portrait screen.

This would be best of both worlds.

With a case for protection.

Build it now BlackBerry!

Posted via CB10

Hi, does anyone know when blackberry available in Cambodian language? I really this BlackBerry and wish it also available in my language. Thank u for reply!

Posted via CB10

I have a Z30 which I love but if they ever produce the Blade I'm so in on that phone.

Posted via CB10 using my new Zed30 check out my channel @ C00121C1B

Q30 will be killer. People are use to larger phones now so a larger screen with qwerty keyboard will sell.

I'll take a Q30 in a heartbeat! My Q10 is great, but a little more real estate would be even better.

The last one looks a Q10 just stretched out to be taller, but not any wider. The argument against these, though, will be the need for the gesture bezel. However, until/unless BB 10 supports landscape orientation throughout the Active Frame and icon panels, I don't see a big need for huge bezels on the left and right. Left and right gestures don't really need to be performed at the edge, unlike the swipe-up-from-bottom and swipe-down-from-top gestures.

Thang is sexy, but it's just Q10 with a larger screen. I just wish my full screen video was a true "full screen" video. I use a Q10 and it's awesome. Way better than an iphone foe what I need it for. I wish I could trun the device sideways and make video bigger

Posted via CB10

I really like my Q10 but would love it if had just another inch in height. I think that would be the sweet spot for me.

Posted via CB10

Concept phone which is a wishful desire! Don't think this will come! What is missing here is the screen real estate. What BlackBerry needs is Q5 and Z5 improved to meet most requirements priced at half!!!! The problem with BlackBerry is not it's product. It is the procurement, architecture and stability for lower end products. Sell phone cheaper than iPhone, close to Lumia, shake away the executive phone syndrome! These are key I think.

Posted using my Q10

This is what the Q10 should have been all along!! I said it way before.... the screen was way to small and to much wasted space when the Q10 was coming out. Oh well sigh..

Nice, but PLEASE no more concepts, just action from BlackBerry.

Showing BlackBerry fans these sorts of things, is dangling meat in front of hungry lions.

Hey, how did somebody make that BlackBerry symbol appear in the text here? Like the 7 spots that make up the BlackBerry?

Posted via CB10

To be Honest if this phone existed I'd take a Q30 over any of the other BlackBerry 10 devices. Though I do miss the curve on my BlackBerry Bold 9930. If they made a BlackBerry 10 more similar to that bold device I'd just throw my money at them hahaha

Posted via CB10

The first time I saw a Q10 at the Bell store I was surprised at how small it was. I didn't think I could use that small keyboard. I would be interested in a much bigger Q10. The Z10 keyboard is good but typing on a keyboard where you can more easily position your fingers correctly and get tactile feedback is, I think, better.

Posted via CB10

And the final Q10- and BB10 with it- NEVER came close to the expectations of most concept designs, of which many would have made BBOSers upgrade, me included


It's the right size, but best to keep with the bold 9900 style, which IMO is the nicest looking phone on the market - STILL.

Yes please that'll do for me nice big screen, big battery, big keyboard and wireless changing cosmic.

BB9000 & Z10

Hapus iawn

I am happy with the Q10 but it sure could use a larger screen. The Q30 would be amazing and would be even better with some color options!
Build it please!!

Posted via CB10

Yes the idea is great and I do miss a physical keyboard. BUT
Instead of BlackBerry spending money on new devices can they please hire better marketing staff.

If you put the effort in telling everyone about the OS and brilliant handsets they will buy them.

I love my Z10 and after updating my OS I love it even more. BlackBerry keep selling themselves short when they should be screaming at everyone that they have a very good product.

Posted via CB10

Read the Q&A session with Kevin and the new BBRY CEO. You will quickly realize that the 3 key issues with BBRY will be dealt. One being the Marketing.

BBRY is IMO finally in good hands.

WOW, sexy indeed.
Hope BBRY sticks with those exact designs. And like I've said over and over again, BlackBerry brings back the COOL into qwerty based devices.

If BlackBerry will go this route it will surely result in a comeback. I would buy in a heartbeat. Love the physical keyboard but need the bigger and brighter screen. Get on it BB!

Posted via CB10

Beauty! But still needs and even bigger screen.

People want bigger screens. Doesn't have to be Z30 size, but at least iPhone 4 size or bigger.

Only an insignificant minority of people (who probably only use their phones for calling) are OK with outdated, tiny screens.

Posted via CB10

If I get a bigger screen with Qwerty keyboard without the slider... my life in terms of having the perfect phone gets sorted...

Typed using thumbs on my Z30..

They have to figure out how to have a slider that is also thin! This is very difficult to do :/

Posted via CB10

I feel touch screens are the future so blackberry shud not invest in more than one qwerty phone a year max xx!!!

Posted via CB10

Wonderful. BB needs a touchscreen device and a Qwerty device. And I believe they need to understand that, philosophically, their niche is users who are old school...but also modern. In much the same way as many music lovers who listen to songs via their phone or MP3 player still sometimes listen to actual records...if you are the ONLY legit record shop in town, you still stand to make a lot of money catering to your niche.

Posted via CB10

Love it, but it's not enough of an upgrade to make me jump up and buy one over my Q10. Still think the next device needs to be a slider. Although my 9800 was slow, I still think it was the best of both worlds, and I wanna have my BB10 cake and eat it too! :p

Posted via CB10

Bring back track pads, didn't know how useful it was until I start using the z10. I really miss blackberry track pad & buttons. Full touch is not doing it for me

Posted via CB10

+1 Please bring back TrackPad for the Q30.

The Z30/Z10 series can leave out the TrackPad.

This would go a long way in pleasing most folks!

I'd but it, really nice. BlackBerry needs to get on this as a priority! :)

Posted via CB10

Don't like it. Because in day life. Wouldn't be comfortable, slider much better.

Posted via CB10

This picture is amazing. I hope it's the upcoming design. The layout makes me hope that BlackBerry comes back.

Postet via Z10

Concept design should comes size/measurement.. full qwerty kboard with 4/4.5" screen?
Bezel need to be reduced much.

Would like to know the size of it..

Posted Via CB10 with BlackBerry Q10 2AEFCF1A

BlackBerry needs to realize that the vast vast majority if people want a nice large screen.

Just because a phone has a physical keyboard doesn't mean it has to have a circa 2005 screen.

Mr Chen! Please realize this! :)

Posted via CB10

Nice concept but after the Z10 , a blade slightly bigger and thin would be better. In my opinion, the perfect size for
business is the Z10, Z30 is an incredible device but quite large. A blade could hide cleverly the qwerty and would be attractive for both, business and joy ;), agreed for the torch power!

Posted via CB10

Why does everyone who made mobile phone concepts always draw edge-to-edge display? It's unrealistic, not until the technology catches up and allows mobile-manufacturers actually do it.

Let's get BlackBerry attention to make this happen, Crackberry let's make some noise!

Posted via CB10

There will probably be a Z50 by the time a new Q or a new type of device gets released, so maybe this will be the Q50 or T50.
I just hope it won't be as ugly as most of these concepts.

I think a physical keyboard,with a touch sensitive keys like how the trackpad is will be great where in swype can also be used. and other creative applications can be made.

Guys it's nice to dream, but unfortunately I believe we won't see any more blackberry phones... oh sorry apart from the geniously designed Porsche model... pfffff

The company as we know will disappear i'm afraid, no more mass market focus, BYOD is increasing more and more... Blackberry will become a Software and Corporate solutions company...

For the keyboard lovers (me included) we can only hope that they will allow other companies to produce a Keyboard type for a Future PhoneBlock kind of phone...

Otherwise it's all gone :-(

Posted via CB10

Q30 needs to a Virtual Track Pad Keyboard with the user having a On/Off user option of the Keyboard.
Make sure the QWERTY part of the keyboard is not to small to type so a centre of gravity design is important.
Then make this a super spec phone with wireless charging big battery etc etc.. and come with a Dummy tablet so you can start mobile computing

Thank you Adam for posting and commenting for my concept designs :)
And thank you all for your positive comments also, I would love to see Blackberry make phones like these.

the blade concept is innovative and unique. It will surely catch the fancy of users of other platforms. If only, it is produced.

Awesome. Could this be made in 16:9 maybe? This is the best bold style concept ive seen for many years... but with that screen that thing needs a ridiculous big battery. But dunno how much more efficient the.snapdrgon 800 is than the s4

Posted via CB10

I finally replaced my Blackberry Style with a Q10. I had been holding out for Sprint to support the Z30, but my device wasn't going to give me that much time. I still ask myself if I might jump to Verizon over this issue, but then I remember how much I like unlimited data and the lower bill from Sprint. Besides, I really like my Q10 with its physical keyboard. I looked at a few Androids and the iPhone and didn't like them; they felt like toys, whereas the Blackberries I've had over the years have always felt like grown-up phones. Besides, for any activity that I would want a large screen for I just bridge to my Playbook.
As to the topic, and the designs posted by Adam Zeiss, I think I like the symmetry of number 3 best, but that's just me. I usually can find something to like about any Blackberry I've seen. After all, as long as the build quality is good, it's the OS that makes the phone for me. I think modifying the Z30 into a slider (next-gen Torch) makes the most sense, in terms of pushing the envelope for a manageable size.
I wish I could disagree with tomsobon, but I share the opinion that Blackberry's future is more likely to be limited to software, not hardware.

If they build this I would buy it immediately. Nothing but BlackBerry for me!!

Posted via CB10

It's like what I was saying...make a 9810 without the slide and a 9900 keyboard. Screen real estate and keys. Like this concept!

Posted via CB10

I hope BlackBerry implements the first black and titanium looking one. Don't ever stop making smartphones @BlackBerry! #BlackBerry #BBM4ALL

ill take two of the square tops. where do i enter my credit card number? i tell you, i want two. now.

How are they special? Bigger screen without frame, getting rid of the space wasting BB text and a bit less curved at the top.
Nothing really exciting ... but hey the Q10 is 90% there already.
My dreams are: Curved keyboard (as in Bold) so that you get a bit space between keyboard and screen to easier get the "start at the bezel" swipe and some space for the logo.
Increase the screen by 1 icon row - of course, if we could get rid of the frame that would be great ...
And yes, I still like/want a trackpad and a phone buttons ... but they won't come back :(

Unrealistic render of the Q30. The reason? That bezel is really thin, even more so than the LG G2. Furthermore, the bottom of the screen has no bezel to swipe. This would be an issue because if you were to swipe up from the bottom (to unlock, exit app), there is not an adequate space (bezel) to place your fingertips to do so.

Posted via CB10

It looks like a flattened Q10...please let this abomination never be spoken or shown again...

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