From the forums: The BlackBerry Q15 concept

Q15 concept
By James Richardson on 8 Mar 2014 02:30 am EST

It's concept time again, this time a slider, but not in the way we've seen from BlackBerry before. I strongly suspect we won't ever see a BlackBerry in this form factor, although it is always nice to check out concepts. 

That said, if a BlackBerry 10 device was to be made in this style and it was priced really low, it could sell - maybe. The main issue I have is that the smartphone market is moving forward with bigger screens and producing a compact design like this one just feels a little dated to me. 

On the other hand, I quite like the idea, but I'd be concerned how chunky it would be as it would need to house a reasonable sized battery in it as a selling point. A CrackBerry orange one may also look pretty sweet. 

And as if by magic - here's a CrackBerry orange one. Thanks Dion

Feel free to air your thoughts in the comments or head on over to the concepts form. 

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From the forums: The BlackBerry Q15 concept



Probably there's no chance for such curious device but I really would like this kind of concept. No matter what is possible to say about, it looks like BB for Kids loving BlackBerry or for attracting new of them to love :)

[...] first ever London smartphone story powered by Z10:

It looks like an old sidekick...

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Unfortunately it either cuts the battery life in half or doubles the thickness... neither are acceptable for me.

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Pretty ugly and I would never buy a horizontal keyboard Phone from BlackBerry

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Not for me either. I hate the side keyboards. I cannot type with one hand.

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We have to accept this world full of people, and dorks happen to make up a population of the earth. FREEDOM wooo whats wrong with being a dork? Besides just as long as I know im not a dork its all fine.

Maybe because it looks like it makes your pocket into a square and slider phones are from 2003. Swear more about someone's personal choice please.


It's funny how piss-poor the taste level is amongst crackberry posters. So many love the ugliest concepts. But when an actually creative and marketable one comes along, it's a "nope."

Lol how do YOU know if it's not YOUR taste that is piss poor? And if I see this right from those pics the screen size format is still square ish. No one wants that, it's highly unpractical. If a slider, than it should be on the long side of a regular sized screen.

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Reminds me of my first Smartphone ;Xperia mini pro.I would definitely get it but Is there massive demand for Slider keyboard-Maybe not

Not for you, then. Maybe you'd prefer a phone that looks as juvenile as the Ferrari wallpaper you're sporting? This phone looks vibrant and youthful. And this color has been extremely popular in fashion and tech from 2013 til now.

I'm just annoyed by the numerous negative reactions, here. When there are numerous positive reactions to the most outlandish and impossible (not to mention ugly) concepts in the concept forum.

This actually looks like a phone that could be produced. I'm not saying I'd ever buy it, but the tiny square form factor is clever. The yellow-green colour is trendy (this is not a pure lime, though I can't quite tell. Lime isn't popular like the greeny yellows). I can see it failing, but I can also see it as a really neat product.

Agree. Colour Sucks. Why not a full size screen like the traditional slider? This should stay in the closet.

Kill it, kill it with fire!!

Lol but no. This form factor isn't attractive, reminds me of the INQ phones with the small display

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The day BlackBerry comes out with lime green square sliders, I think would be a bad day.

Via The BlackBerry Z10 Experience.

It does look kinda sleek, but also don't see it happening. They need to keep a 16:9 screen, have the virtual keyboard and enough space to see where you are typing. It could be possible if Foxconn developed it though. Just gotta make it cheap enough for teenagers in developing countries.

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Why doesnt the screen flip when horizontal? Isnt that the whole point of a horizontal slider?

It looks like a 1:1 ratio so it wouldnt be problem to rotate the screen as the layout would be exactly the same.

Q10SQN100-3/, Z30, Z10, iP5, SGS3

Seriously? It's the first concept I've seen that I might actually like. It's at least the only one that seems designed with production in mind. The rest are silly teenage boy fantasy phones made for sports car wallpapers. Bad taste on Crackberry--worst taste I've encountered on the Internet, actually.


Don't get me wrong: I absolutely LOVE/D my (old) Torch 9800/10 and only went with a Z30 for its real estate and many other amazing features, so a Q10-keyboarded Z30-sized slider WOULD still grab my attention and interest. But "THIS" concept ... NFW!

In fact, "I" think it's SO bad that - IF an actual prototype were to EVER reach my hands - I would have to crush it, grind it up into fine dust, incinerate the dust, encase the ashes in cement, seal the cement in a leak-proof container, and deposit the entire package in the deepest, darkest corner inside Yucca Mountain - between the drums of radioactive waste.

There HAVE been some superb-looking BB10 'concepts' and 'renderings' presented over the many months, several that have tweaked my interest and desire; but "THIS ain't one, not by a long country galaxy." Sorry.

Lastly, I consider this a napkin-quality doodle. A "concept" should present the idea in a very realistic light, meaning the screen graphics and device details should appear VERY life-like and realistic. The VERY LEAST this artist c/should have done is rotate the damn screen image to match the slider direction. This way, it appears unfinished, unrealistic and unlikeable. 'nuff said.
But keep trying.

Ugly. Put the color aside, I don't like the way it slides. I would like to see vertical slide tho

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Smash it, burn it, bury it and get 2 F16 bombard it's grave

In other news I don't like it...

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yeah, I just had the same reaction; didn't see your comment til after I posted mine.

why does Blackberry have to go back to outdated styles for smartphones.? Look at the z30, q10, z10, q5. These phones are top in the design. I personally feel that sliders are designs of the past.

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What are you talking about? BlackBerry didn't design this. Some guy made up a phone design that will never come to market. Call it too much free time but don't blame blackberry for something they didn't do!

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Landscape slider, yes. No problem with that.

1:1 aspect ratio doesn't make sense for a slider. Might as well be a real Q10/Q20, and no funny slider mechanism.

No Q10? -> Buy from Chen...


Although, I personally have yet to see a durable slider mechanism that doesn't wear out prematurely under frequent usage. Dust sand and other stuff are taking their toll on the sensitive mechanics that aren't easy to clean and maintain. Then again, for those that upgrade their phones about once a year, that's not an argument I guess...

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My old HTC Touch Pro 2 slider is still going strong so durable landscape sliders are definitely possible. A Z10 landscape slider would be my ideal. Would definitely put up with a thicker device to have this.

Steve/Boanerges Performance

Complete failure even as a concept. The only phone that I liked that was horizontal was the LG10000. It was hinged with a second screen inside, full touch outside. Awesome.

Like the colour, not for me but could see lots of girls liking it and maybe some guys. BlackBerry should really consider using more bold colours like this, I know they won't because they live in a fantasy world that's oblivious to current trends.


My sister would love it. She uses her phone for calls, texting and Whatsapp. And she wants the phone to be as small as possible.

Would be the perfect birthday or Christmas present for her.

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Love how people go on about the color. Who cares about it, it can be replaced in a finger snip. BlackBerry can offer it in 10 different colors. The design is the only question at hand.

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If you don't think colour is a big part of the design then you don't know design.

Look at the iPhone has like 5 or 6 different colours and sell remarkable well. Having just the choice of black and white for BlackBerry phones is a huge fail in design IMO, but it also might not be financially viable to produce phones of different colors.


Read my comment again, my point was colors can be changed easily, or can be a last minute decision once the manufacturer has tooled up for the actual DESIGN. Although I personally don't think there would be a whole lot of people that would refrain from buying a BlackBerry only because they can't get it in pink or underwear light blue. But even if that was the case, BlackBerry could change that color or offer other colors, which is a completely different story than changing the hardware design.

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Oops reminds me of a Nokia which I had several years ago. Doesn't look very user friendly and also rather broad screen. Might also have issues with the slider as screen has to rotate to sync. Doesn't look nice from the photograph!when it is held in one's hand might be different story,maybe!

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It can be a 5 inch like the LG quasi-squared phones of 5.1 or 5.2 inches. It actually might be nice. I like it.with the new capacitive touchscreen keypad, a 64-bit octacore and some nice specs (like 128GB of memory). I'd buy that. It would be like getting a phabultrabook.

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At least BlackBerry has got something that Apple will never have innovation brand new operating systems, Apple keep bringing out the same crap for all the sheep ....? Ba ba ba..


Track pad might be too narrow for that, but some on the side of the device for an up down swipe?

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if i wanted a smart watch i would go out and buy one bt this looks way to small and the color is nasty maybe they should change the design after all it is about BlackBerry 10 isn't it suppose to be something new and not the same :) hope they do make a slider tho because i would Defoe by one but not like this not for me ratha have the Q5 but im fine with my Z10 for now :D

As a slider? Not a chance - outdated design. Forget the colours it needs to be more subtle. Black with distinctive thin frets around the top and bottom of the device.

But as a Phablet? Possibly.

If there is a successor to the PlayBook, there's a small window of opportunity.

If the design is larger with a 1080p screen and with Paratek technology . Lose the keyboard. Why not!!!

Does this have room for a stylus or does Samsung have the patents?

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There is no such thing as a bad design.

Only a well thought out or ill thought out one.

BlackBerry...Get it done.

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Okay, this would make em Apple worshippers bury us (BBRY lovers) in a deep whole of shame! Hahahaha

Posted on a sexy QTEN

I like your idea to make an orange crackberry edition phone. Just make it real cheap, so everyone can grab one as a second phone for fun.

How good mobile BlackBerry produce but it can't be successful until they have sufficient and popular apps,
Please Mr CHEN do efforts for Apps.

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How good mobile BlackBerry produce but it can't be successful until they have sufficient and popular apps,
Please Mr CHEN do efforts for Apps.

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I want to say to all the critics out there ;

If you can do better let's see it, otherwise shut up.

At least this person is trying. This person cares about BlackBerry that's why they offered the design.

I always try to give constructive criticism.

Let try give the person a chance to improve the design.

United we stand devided we fall.

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No thank you. Look like this product that failed since the launch. I've seen a list in Yahoo ssome months ago.

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Preety.. having keyboard in a landscape way would make typing so easy.. enough room for those with big fingers :p

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Need to give up on sliders period. There is no need for them and I think someone summed it up before. Moving parts on a phone are a no no these days.

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Cool concept but I dont see people using slider phones these days. If its affordable then maybe. Just maybe.

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Horizontal sliders are crap. Vertical are the way to go. If you want an example of a small but good smartphone look at the veer.

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The more I think about it, the more I like it. Screen size the same as Q10 and a decent camera would make an ideal cheap backup phone for weekends and vacations - and bar tours.

I'd buy one. Not necessarily in green but I'd buy one.

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It looks like one of those bizarre designs that Nokia tried back in the 90's. Those didn't sell then, and this probably wouldn't either, but that's the whole point of a concept: throw ideas against the wall and see what sticks.

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No, just no.
The Motorola Flipout was a cleverer version of the same design concept and was not hugely successful.

I could get why people could like it, but not my thing. I appreciate the effort though!

No. Moving parts make a phone that is likely to break. I feel it will be too expensive to produce since it has very different dimensions than the other phones.

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Slider is little outdated. BlackBerry should find an innovative ways to add keyboard.

This one definitely not for me.

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Landscape slider is cool, but needs to be like a rectangular shape like the Z30 not like a squished square. Basically the home screen on the left needs to be orientated to the open keyboard. Think Verizon xv6800 on YouTube.

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Microsoft Kin, BlackBerry Style, Palm Pre (kinda), any type of failing device definitely

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Portrait slider called X30 is what we need. 5" Torch type BB10 device.
That would bring a lot of people back to BBRY. Testing devices we get a lot of "What's new" and everyone is waiting for a Torch replacement.

This a great concept that feels modern. Colour choice, too. But for some reason the crackberry regulars prefer phones that look like lamborginis, with billet grills and satellite dishes.

Horrific, one of the worst I've ever seen lol. This would probably work in 2006, but not in 2014 and beyond

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I'd definitely get this if it comes out. Looks pretty smart, reminds me of a phone I had years ago loved it so would love to see this out soon

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Looking at the keyboard of my Q10 without the bezel it is so compact yet perfectly ergonomic i.e. I no longer see the point of having sliders with keyboards along the long side of the phone.

A flip-like keyboard or somethiing like that crude matchbox-like graphic shown yesterday about the newly filed patent by BlackBerry makes much more sense.

And because the keyboard can be so small you don't compromise phone width - in this slider you have a sandwich of keyboard, battery, screen, curcuits which despite latest technology might come in bulky.

 Q1O

Very cool. A compact landscape slider. The colour is interesting too, make it available on 5 different colours, and sell it to small handed kids.

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I've long awaited a horizontal slider from BlackBerry. Or a dual slider, which can slide both horizontally and vertically. The key use would change depending on rotation of course. But, I prefer the screen size of my Z10. Larger is just too big for me. I can't even put a case on my Z10, it's that close to being too big for my hands.

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Worst design to date that I have seen. I saw another company with something similar being used by a 14yr. old girl. I thought, So that is who uses these things. It honestly looks like a toy and not a phone. Maybe if they gave them away in the bottom of a box of fruit loops it would be a good idea.

In the world of flickering keyboard era I don't see the purpose having keyboard in this format .. it's just my thoughts.

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I see people using different form factors on the street. The bright colour would be an eye catcher. I'd prefer one similar to a Torch 9810 though.

Tim Smith from my Z10 on Rogers

deadcowboy: you appear to be trolling and attacking people for having different opinions than you. You don't like their negativity yet your responses, somewhat hypocritically, are even worse. Why not just state your own opinion and be done? It would make the comment boards nicer. Thank you for your consideration.

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What I like more than anything is a phone that can be fully operated with one hand and only occasionally glances, I love not having to look at my phone to be able to type!

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Yes....give this to Foxcon to make it with a BlackBerry Super spec platform !!...Heck ..I can just hear the teens say " My Pink / Red / Yellow / Green / Blue Q15 is Ah ...Ah ....Ahwesome !!! "

What's the point of this concept slider? Seriously, why would anybody want to have turn the phone sideways every time they typed something. Think about taking notes or making a to-do list or setting up an appointment or texting or emailing or participating in forums. This is definitely not for power users.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

Don't know if anyone else commented on the wonderful new QWERTZ Keypad. Props for making a concept. Fail for the screwing up BlackBerry biggest forte. The Keypad.

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This looks like a stretched Z10 but with a slide out side keyboard. Also do not like yellow for a BBRY. Looks more like a Tablet to me.

I would never buy it but you never know when the current fetish on large devices will reverse

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Na not for me. I appreciate the time someone puts into making a concept, but I think "concept" is where this one should stop.

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Oh my god, it reminds me of old crappy Sony ericsson phone X1 X10 X10mini and such.
I would definitly not buy a THING like this !

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With respect to the artist, this phone looks awkward and isn't for me. Love that people put time and effort into these!! It brings up a point to, why doesn't bb10 rotate for wide screen?

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Don't call it a BlackBerry.

This looks like entry level low end LG/ Samsung phone.

No place in BlackBerry future line up.

Concepts like Q20 look promising for future BlackBerry phones.

BlackBerry Lead
Do Not Follow

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Never cared for sliders... plus this concept is just not working... for me at all!!!

These words are brought to you by my elegant and classy Z10 or Q10.

I'm not interested in this type of concept...if anything...kick up the Z30 with afterburners...haha...bigger chip...ram...but overall, very plz'ed with mah Z30...woot woot

Rocking the Z30 Regina SK Canada

This is hardly a concept. More like a cut and paste from the Q10 and Z10 in a bad mash up. There's really nothing conceptualised here. I applaud the effort but I think this would have had the same weight in words.

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It looks like the "KIN" phone that microsoft scrapped a while ago. Yes it looked just like this. It was aimed at the "tweens".

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If this was thin, and smaller bezels than the z10 I would buy 10/10, assuming it is cheap and comes in various colours.

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My concept is just keep making all touch z style phones please. I switched from android and have 0 issues with touch. It works miles better than any android I ever had.

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Would love a BlackBerry 10 slider, loved my 9800 and my my Z10 to death and won't give up the full screen for the Q but would for a slider.

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Recently Samsung Galaxy 5 Android has added fingerprint scanner security feature. Next generation trackpad should also have some kind security feature that's so easy and practical. BlackBerry must keep up. Do not remove features from BlackBerry predecessor, Improve hardware and software when possible. Ex: removable battery , Improve Camera quality is a must moving forward.

We all know by now android security is a gimmick. With phones getting smarter and all your info on your phone, Nobody would willingly bent over and get */$:$ by Hackers. And others like Boeing security phone. They are trying to take BlackBerry Market in security. Just read what slipped out of Google Android CEO:

Google Android chief Sundar Pichai says Android not designed to be safe

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Interesting concept. But I also think that this particular phone would be either very bulky or not have great battery life.

The color would match a lot of my running gear though, so it's got that going for it, which is nice.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 

The whole slide out thing didn't work for Blackberry. Some people liked it but I think they're crazy :p

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Not a fan of sliders generally.

More moving parts there are the more it costs to make I guess & the more parts to fail.

Just gimme a Z30 with 3 rows of keys at the bottom and I'd be happy.

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Why does the concept have a number of keys out of place? Ie. the Z an Y keys are reversed. Is there a difference in key placement between different parts of the world?

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This is great! It looks like an instagram blackberry phone :D would definitely buy one, but the screen should be larger than my Q10, like double the size.

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Oh heeeelllll no! God no! Lord no! Let us burry this abomination and never speak of it again!

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

If only I could find a good Katt Williams animated GIF to post here. This is by far the worst 10 concept I've seen.

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I think the concept is really good. I loved the torch. So something similar with q10 keyboard will be great!

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