BlackBerry Q10 in white is looking good

White BlackBerry Q10
By Adam Zeis on 1 Feb 2013 09:31 pm EST

Yesterday we got the first look at the BlackBerry Q10 in white, but our images unfortunately didn't do it justice. Luckily, Omar dropped us another image that looks much better. The more I see the BlackBerry Q10, the more I want to pick one up. I'm loving my Z10 right now, but I could definitely go for that keyboard.

If you didn't yet, be sure you check out our first and second hands-on with the BlackBerry Q10. Still no solid release date for this guy but we do know it can't come soon enough!

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BlackBerry Q10 in white is looking good


Maybe it is an optical illusion but the top of the screen looks wider than the bottom of the screen on the Q10. Anyway, is the screen large enough to allow efficient use as a touch-screen device? The Bold 9900 screen, a close approximation to the Q10, would be difficult considering the touch-screen of the BlackBerry PlayBook can be a pain sometimes. Just curious about any real experience with the Q10.

It is an optical illusion.

The Torch 2 and the Palm Pre 2 have similar sized screens (actually slightly smaller since a square screen of 3.1 inch diagonal has a bigger area than any rectangle with the same diagonal.) The Pre 2 has a gesture based OS which works perfectly. So yes, there is no reason why this should not work.

This looks beautiful. This is why I believe the Z10 in white was kind of a last minute decision because the bezel was still black. A white bezel looks so crisp and clean. I want both

Yup. Proximity sensor it is. The 9900 has it to the left of the LED. Since the front facing camera is now next to the LED. They made the sensor larger (hence more accurate) and moved it to the opposite side of the earpiece.

Noticed that too, the Z10 has one also only the Z10 has it below the speaker.

The blacker the berry the sweeter the use...

Hey, the look is great, but what about the keyboard. It needs to be the same as my bold 9900. It is so easy to type on this. They just need to make with the little pop on the corne and thats it.

No the Q10 cant come soon enough. I know people are loving the Z10 but if i had ever wanted an all touch device i would have had one years ago.

Any photos of the backside? I'm curious how it looks seeing as it probably won't be like the black versions.

I also have been leaning towards the Z10 in white, looks slick. The Q10 however looks amazing in white, I just might wait because I do like the physical keyboard.

I like the black/white Z10, Cookie Cream Color.
The Q10 don't look so good in all white. Prefer all black or something like black keyboard and white brezel frames.

I guess Q10 will sell better than the Z10 since blackberry is known for Qwerty Phones not touchscreen phones. And when you look at Q10 is no.1 in Daily Interest while Z10 is no.4

My 9900 looks much better than the Q10... very disappointing for a qwerty keyboard!! But I'll be getting the Z10!!

Ive been leaning towards the white Z10 but after seeing this pic I think this will be my new phone .. ive got a 9900 and a 9860 .. they both have their uses but their is no doubt that the 9900 kicks ass on email and geez the white looks great

I hope the paint on the white does nto chip as easily as it did on my white 9810. I've owned a bunch of phone over the years and have been known to drop it every so often. But with my white 9810 I've noticed that the paint chips off in little chunks. It's not overly bad but I do have 2 spots on it where it's just chipped off. Have never had issues with this with any other phone I had. I want anotehr white but but dont' want to deal with the ugly chipped off paint and seeing the metal underneath.

It seems I'm in the minority but I've never understood white phones. It doesn't matter brand or model the darker colours are always more appealing to me. White phones also look like they'd get grubby easier and I've seen them with chipped paint and they look awful!

The white colour does look fine but i prefer the black better.I hope the Q10 arrive in Nigeria very soon.BB 4 LYF!!!

Decisions, decisions. Hopefully Sprint gets both Q10's. Since there's. No word on them carrying the Z10.

Ojhoana - I'm assuming you typed your response on a Bold 9900 due to the strange period between "Since there's. No word...." LOL. This has driven me nuts. I hope they fixed the auto-period issue in BB10. I hate it when periods automatically insert themselves followed by a capital letter in the middle of a sentence when typing. Constantly have to go back and fix which KILLS the fast keyboard experience...

Hi! I have missed my BB curve 2008 2G ever since having my PC office stolen and buying my first MacBook Pro. The synching process wasn't the greatest between a Mac and a BB then (to me). I would really appreciate any informed comments/suggestions/advice on the idea of me going back to BB (prob. with this keyboard - I type too fast for touch screens argh)....and I have an iPad 4 and new MacBook Pro now. Will I have trouble synching with the Mac...sending photos/videos from BB to iPhone friends?
Thank you very much for any input!!!

May 1st on Rogers. DAY 1 release. Black or white! I have a reserve on the Q10 but not a Preorder. Weird eh? I wont buy unless I see both in real life first! I CAN'T CHOSE!