BlackBerry Q10 walkthrough with Jeff Gadway [video]

By Zach Gilbert on 5 Feb 2013 09:28 am EST

CrackBerry readers looking to get a closer look at the new BlackBerry Q10 can now get a good nights sleep. We pulled aside BlackBerry Senior Product Manager Jeff Gadway to get a one-on-one walkthrough of the first QWERTY device powered by BlackBerry 10. I must say that this device feels frickin' amazing in the hands, I may have to rock two BlackBerry 10 devices in the coming months.

One question that CrackBerry readers have had regarding the Q10 was why BlackBerry decided to go with a straight keyboard and not the curved design found on the BlackBerry Bold 9900. Don’t worry, if you watch till the end of the video all your questions will be answered.

Have you picked up the BlackBerry Z10 or will you be waiting for this smokin' device? Let us know in the comments!

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BlackBerry Q10 walkthrough with Jeff Gadway [video]


Can someone tell me if there is any particular reason why the Q10 battery is 2100mAh and the Z10 is 1800mAh? What is the logic behind that??? And would the "NS1" battery be compatible or available for the Z10??

Honestly I'm not sure why the Z10's battery is smaller than the Q10. I could understand if they were the same size, though. Blackberry knows that their business clients look for 2 key physical components in their work phone, a physical keyboard and long battery life. It makes sense to have a large battery in the Q10, because it more than likely gets more than a full days worth of battery life. However, I'm also a little puzzled as to why the Z10 didn't have the same battery. After all, I would imagine that using the same battery would significantly cut down on manufacturing costs.

From what I understand the Q10 is also a bit bulkier then the Z10. That would explain why they are able to have more room for a larger battery. A smaller screen also give them more room.

I like the jab about the cover being invisible to the Radio and you can hold it anyway you want without degrading receptions.

Looks VERY nice, but I'm disappointed to see there are no charging points on the rear...will we not be able to use a cradle to charge/hold the phone while we sleep?

Very good point. With a stainless steel circumferential band (like the 9900) you would expect the same little charging contacts on the bottom. I guess the difference is that there is no plastic section for the contacts to peek out of on the bottom, opting instead to have a 'radio invisible' glass back.

Not yet sold on the straight keyboard, but I will agree that having slightly larger keys should improve 'locating' keys by touch, that 'keyboard sense' for lack of a better term. Also, it's pretty slick that they've brought predictive text to the hardware keypad.

Does that back feel like the glass weave found on the 9900? I heard it has a "soft touch" feel (whatever that means) The reason I ask, is that the back of the 9900 can sweat & get a bit of a slimy feel that I find very distracting :(

Wunderbar! Danke! (O wait, Jeff's not German =)

April can't come soon enough! She's BBeautiful =)

I do hope they come up with an elegant bedside display/charging alternative since there are no contacts.

WOW, this looks like an amazing phone!!! I have some time to think of which one I should get, since I'm in the states. Reading up on all the reviews about the Z10 and a lot of positive things. So I can't wait to read about what people think about this when it comes out.

Can someone tell me why this guy was not at the launch of bb10? He's a great seller for the product. Blackberry should show off their new phones by putting emphasis on the details that makes them unique. A special event should be organized for the official availability of the Z10 in the US. We must be convinced of the necessity of owning one of those. Instead we were given a "aren't they beautiful " by Heins.

I agree . . But Thorsten did what he needed to do, the details can be saved to build some excitement closer to launch in US where more 'persuasion' is needed.

They all have to be re-written for the screensize. Though the Devs won't have much of a problem to downsize it I'm sure.

Picking up my black Z10 in about half an hour. I must say the Q10 is a gorgeous looking phone that looks very durable and professional in true BB tradition.

This will be my first time with a full touch phone! I have the Q10 to fall back on if need be....not such a bad thing.

Is the "add things to blackberry remember" feature available on the z10? I really dont think they will keep it exclusive to the Q10

WTF... fire Frank.... why the hell arent they advertising the hell out of it? BB10 devices suddenly became hugely important to my life.

well , seems like al the gestures work really fine ! (in other vid's that wasn'gt always the fact).
Damned nice phone ! just ordered a z10 , q10 coming up !

Blackberry by choice , bold 9900 & BB playbook

Looks to me like it uses the Blackberry logo as charging contacts. Check out the underside of the cover to see the internal contacts. Very cool design. Love this phone a lot!! Awesome job Blackberry as always!

Those are the NFC contacts. I would assume that they may create a charging Pod that uses the steel border as a conductor to charge the battery. If so, that's pretty cool!

I may not have a choice but to get this since I'm on Sprint. I prefer the Z10, but as of now they aren't going to carry the Z series.

Having a 9900 I was sure to pick up a Z10, but having seen the demo's of the Q10 is makes me hesitate... Tough choice...

In the demo it shows the (apparently) 2100mAh battery. However the piece of foam-tape between the back cover and battery suggests there is still some room left. Why not occupy this additional space to increase the battery capacity to an even larger battery?

Q10 all the way. Physical keyboard and larger battery are the key factors for me. (I also have a Playbook, and the remote keyboard feature would be kind of pointless if I got the Z10 over the Q10.) And the distinctive design helps, too.

Dat was pretty smooth compared to previous demos! Good to know that the signal quality should not be compromised by the metal frame...happy the frets are stainlesss steel as well (as pointed out in a previous video)...I love the solid build quality and that battery will hit a homerun I feel..gr8! I can definitely take that battery for the smaller screen!

Its Q10 for me....but then my wife has always said I'm overly patient! I'm getting her the Z10 this week though so it helps me to be patient to at least have one around.

Thank goodness they finally gave us a video on the Q10. Oh boy, I was sold on Z10, but that physical keyboard is tempting even though the predictive text seems to work well on the Zed. What to do...what to do...Oh yeah! I don't have to make any decisions yet cuz I'm in the US! Wahhhhhhh....

Hey Jeff you are the man I've been looking for a way to save emails and your demo of using the remember application and creating new folders has answered my question. Cheers

This device is sick. Been a Berry user since the Pearl, except for a brief dalliance with the OG Droid. Was thinking I'd stay with the 9930, as I know it so well, but this demonstration might just get me. The Universal Search expansion seems very useful, but the folders in Remember is something that could completely transform the way I use my smartphone. That app is the Shizz!

One question I have on this device, though, is whether the battery cover is made of the same material as the 9900 series cover. If so, prepare for it to look like grandpa's face in no time flat. Jis sayin.

i was thinking about getting the z10 today in Canada but damn this phone is beautiful!! i am really disappointed that RIM had all this time and still couldn't release the Q10 on time! come on RIM!!!

I will choose the Q10 over the Z10 every time...
But... And a very big but... I loved the smiling keyboard. This one looks too stiff...
The desing on the Q10 would be way better if they had moved the screen more to the top of the phone and kept the smiling keyboard...
It would have given it a way better look.
+ 2 benefits:
- smiling keyboard would have given more space to swipe up from the bessel
- the too big and (sorry to say) too ugly space on top of the phone wouldn't ruin the overall look

That being said... A full keyboard is what made me choose for a BB in the first place and has made me stick to BB ever since. Just love it!

Hands down the Q10 is for me!!!!!!! She is so sexy and smooth, can't wait till she becomes available. 9900 you've been great to me but papa has a new love...

Love my Z10 a lot. I feel so absolutely great using it. I also want the Q10 because it is beautiful as well. Both are definitely the best phones in my opinion.

in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

I miss Blackberry! I'm waiting for the Q10... To me a Blackberry touch just isn't the same. Can't wait to dump my S3!

The quality of the build looks great! I just hope the bezel gestures work well since there are smaller borders.. I think BB10 is built more for the Z10. This Q10 is just to satisfy us physical keyboard people.. So the Q10 might not be as efficient as the Z10... And maybe that's why they are holding off the release of it for sale since they want to make sure it works good enough..