Vodafone UK drop the price of the BlackBerry Q10 on pay monthly plans

Vodafone Q10
By James Richardson on 28 Dec 2013 03:32 am EST

For hardware keyboard lovers like myself, you may be interested to hear that UK carrier Vodafone has reduced the monthly price of the BlackBerry Q10 by a few quid as part of its post Christmas sale. If your contract is up for renewal and the Q10 is appealing then you may well want to hit up their site as you can now pick up the BlackBerry 10 handset from just £29.00 (including VAT) per month - down from £33.00, although other plans are avaaialable if more data is required. 

Normally we see that with the cheapest offerings you don't get a great deal for your money. Things are different here with Vodafone as the 24 month contract is bursting with good stuff. For your monthly fee (and with no upfront cost for the device) you get the following:

  • Unlimited minutes
  • Unlimited SMS
  • 1 GB of data

Business users get 2GB of data thrown in for some reason for the same price which kind of sucks for us consumers. Vodafone of course do also have 4G plans too, but coverage is very limited currently and they are quite a bit more expensive. 

Reasonable value if you ask me in comparison with the other main UK networks selling the Q10. That is until Three roll out 4G at no extra cost! 

Let's just hope Vodafone put some marketing behind BlackBerry and don't leave us in the dark while Android and the iPhones take the limelight. 

Check out the monthly BlackBerry Q10 plans from Vodafone UK 

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Vodafone UK drop the price of the BlackBerry Q10 on pay monthly plans


1Gb + WiFi is everything you need. The only problem is which one make your primary mobile. Z10 / Q10 / Z10 again and Q10 soon again... It's not easy to cope with it. Both have an unique keyboard you want to use. However, I'm afraid slider wouldn't make a simple balance. Physical keyboard in 9800/9810 is somehow flat. The only solution seems to be an improvement of BlackBerry Link to enable even easier switching between Z10 and Q10, IMHO.

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Wow... these plans are so much cheaper than in Canada! we are getting ripped off over here :(

Posted via CB10

So true, here in Canada I am with one of the "cheaper" providers Fido, which is still a daughter company of the "stick it to the customer" Rogers, and pay more for 200 min and 400 mb of data. Something is truly wrong with this picture. I think Vodaphone should open a provider in Canada so I can tell Rogers what to do with their plans and companies.

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£29/month all in is a good offer but I'd go for this one: buy a second-user Q10 in A1 condition (i.e. as good as new) for £200 (smartfonestore) then sign up for £10/month sim only (GiffGaff ofer 500 minutes calls, unlimited texts and 1gb data per month). By my reckoning the Vodafone deal would cost £696 over the 2 year deal but buying outright/giffgaff would cost only £440 over the same period - a saving of £256!
I assume that the UK tariff prices are so low because it's such a small island with much-reduced cost of providing transmitters/aerials etc compared to the vast territory covered in Canada

Canada has the same challenges as Australia. Massive country and thinly populated. The cost of building up mobile infrastructure is huge and there ain't enough subscribers to scale. Hence why the sky high prices! A bit unfortunate

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Humm? Why are we paying a premium in Canada to build mobile infrastructure? Just so the carriers can profit on our hard earned $$$. No, the reason why we pay high prices in Canada is because we've been getting ripped off since day one. BELL, Rogers and Telus make massive profits, and they continue to strive to squeeze every single last cent they can off us.

This is why there's such miss-information going around. Not everybody pays the same price. One person pays $35 per month with 3GB data where as the other pays $55 for 1GB data. And others such as my wife which payed up front $199 for her Z10 pays $85 for 2GB data per month on a 2 year contract. I call these Rip-Off contracts.
And another reason why the Canada carriers bitched about Verizon coming to Canada, because they hate competition.

I am under a business plan with O2 completely unlimited plus 8 gigs of data.

More then happy good service I even have 4 G plan

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Wifi via hotspots is the way to go. Love using my BlackBerry at Starbucks for example. And love showing it off too. Good Deal, keep them coming, BB10 needs some marketing push as much as possible.

BlackBerry - first if all - needs e.g. something intuitive to close keyboard on the screen. Give the Z10 to some Android / iPhone Users and show how amazing this keyboard is... but when they want to go further to browse BB10 features most of them can't do it! BlackBerry fails with marketing, it's true. But the core of problems is in a few details of BB10.

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On my Vodafone contract I have a Z10, unlimited minutes and texts, and 6Gb of 4g data...£37 B-)

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Just read this on gsmarena,

30% of all Windows Phones are Lumia 520 or 521

It's amazing what you can accomplish when you sell a handset st the right price!