BlackBerry Q10 suggested to arrive on Rogers April 30th

The BlackBerry Q10 will bring the QWERTY love

By Bla1ze on 9 Apr 2013 01:17 am EDT

While a good many folks are still getting used to and loving their BlackBerry Z10's, there is a significant amount of would be BlackBerry 10 smartphone owners holding out for the BlackBerry Q10.

The first full QWERTY BlackBerry smartphone has always been pegged for an April release and more recently BlackBerry CEO, Thorsten Heins, again confirmed that timeframe during the Q4 financial results but now thanks to a purported internal document posted by Mobile Syrup we're getting a look at what could be a firmer release date.

The internal document references several dates for Rogers Wireless with the actual launch date landing on Tuesday, April 30th. Needless to say, we wish it was sooner but even if the info isn't accurate, it's essentially a worst-case scenario. The BlackBerry Q10 will be rolling out to markets sometime this month no matter what and it will certainly be bringing along some other goodies with it.

Have you been holding out for the BlackBerry Q10?

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BlackBerry Q10 suggested to arrive on Rogers April 30th


My Z10 has treated me very well. I havent been looking forward to the Q10 launching because now I have to choose. Im shur when I feel it and use it ill be screwed lol.

I don't want to see it. Or hear about it bec im happy with my Z10 but at same time I kinda wish I could have this one too! So La La La La La I can't hear you...

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So not sure which way to go on this. I love my Z10. But at the same time I want to try the keyboard.. so maybe I'll just bite the bullet and get both lol... than I don't have to choose I can flip flop.

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I'll be buying a Q10 outright in a few months me thinks.. for now I love my Z10 and I'm really happy with it.

Wonder how fragmented the app selection becomes if at all.

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I doubt we'll see the compatibilty problems that we see so much on android. The z10 obviously has the advantage of being out first but the guidelines were out before the release so if devs were smart they'll have a q10 720x720 app ready on release or soon after.

I expect there to be problems with android ported apps. The availability of those apps will be sporadic I think.

I think devs handled the differing resolutions well enough on legacy bb devices and with definite development guidelines and tools. BB users migrating to the q10 shouldn't be overly concerned with app compatibility/fragmentation right now.

The keyboard on the Z10 is the most awesome experience and not going to let that go by switching to the Q10

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A year ago I would have told you that it was a Q10 for me or nothing else. But I've been using my Z10 for just over 2 months now and I'm totally staying with this phone. I see wat more benefit in having the larger display since this virtual keyboard is the bomb!

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Sticking with my z10, but looking forward to seeing the new q10 on the street. Lots of peeps I know are waiting. To afraid to got touch screen.
Yay BlackBerry

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I may get a Q10 for a family member, but then again I may keep it along with my z10.

I love the z10.

I like to have both devices so I just can say I bought into rim twice in a year and less then 3 months time.

Go BlackBerry Go

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O man I waited for more than one year for this Z10 and I bought it 2 days before launch date în Canada.

I loved my BlackBerry 9900 that I previously owned, and now I'm thinking to purchase the Q10 just to try it out and maybe use it as a second phone with a different sim card, untill hopefully BlackBerry will come up with a device that will hold twoo SIM cards with two different phone numbers,

BlackBerry Z10

I'm worried about the possibility of limited apps designed for the Q10. Apps should show more info at once to make up for the lack of screen size.

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Going back to a physical keyboard is not for me now. What with the Z10 and PlayBook going back to a physical keyboard will be like going back to steam locomotion. Just my opinion here. Have a lowly BlackBerry Curve as a work phone. Typing any emails or texts on that is so slow now compared to typing on the Z10.

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Can't wait! Already have a Z10 but waiting for the Q10 cause I miss my keyboard :p

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I still hope this is not true and we'll see it a week sooner. It somehow would be a joke from Blackberry telling us via Facebook and Twitter how April would be "The month of the keyboard!", when they'll release the holy grail which makes this month the magical keyboard month? On the last day of April of course! Seriously, BBRY screwed up the Q10 release story enough already, a simple announcement "Coming in May 2013" would've been enough.

It gets more frustrating when you read older articles where Thorsten Heins keeps saying the Q10 will be released "Shortly after the Z10". However the Z10 is out in UK and Canada since more than two months, if April 30th would be correct, that would almost be three months after initial Z10 release. At least for me, that is not the definition of "shortly after".

I am still waiting however, BBRY lucky position indeed is, there is no serious competition for the Q10 on the horizon.

Having used the Dev Alpha C (development device for the Q10) for a couple of weeks, I have to say that the keyboard sucks unless you've been typing on a BlackBerry all your life. The Z10 keyboard is so much faster. The square screen is also a bit small for many things.

I'm not sure how they're going to launch Q10 with fanfare. There are no apps. And new apps are being approved at snail pace. It seems to me that BlackBerry is treating the Q10 as second-class citizen.

They HAVE been treating it like an unwanted child since pre-launch event Jan 30th and it doesn't look like they'll change that any time soon.

Those pictures are worth 3 (abbreviated) words for me... wtf!

No clue what they mean are are trying to portray :(

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Makes sense. Future Shop sales rep told me it would be towards the end of April.

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I'm more than happy with my Zed10, but I do know a number of people who have been holding out, Including my wife.

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This was going to be my phone but the Z10 rocks. Don't really miss the qwerty at all.

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my z10 is great for personal use and as my personal phone ... but my 9900 still whips it for email and business use. the z10 virtual keyboard is the best virtual keyboard ive used (ive tried the IOS and Android variants) by a mile but I still cant touch type on it. Cant wait to replace my 9900 with the Q10 .. and as for apps on the Q10 .. I couldn't care less to be honest, if I want to use apps ill use my z10 or playbook, My Q10 will be for phone calls, text messages and email and maybe BBM as is the case now with my 9900

I don't understand why BlackBerry feels a need to have a staggered release for the Q10. It made complete sense for the Z10 but now that the operating system has been on the market for awhile, I think that the US launch date should be similar to the UK/Canada one. We don't want to make these businesses wait a second longer to start testing the device.

I truly enjoy my Z10.
But, I have to admit I feel more at ease with physical keyboard.
I am looking forward to get Q10.
I hope CrackBerry could share with us what are the features both Z10 and Q10 share the same and what are the features regarded as unique for each?

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My first BlackBerry was the Storm 9530 and I traded it in for my Z10 on launch day in Canada. So, I'm used to the touch screen.

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Having the z10 for a couple months has taught me a couple new truths and confirmed a few old truths;
1. Touch screen typing is for girls and people who are looking to be noticed as opposed to getting shiat done.
2. Apps are like frosting, they can make a crummy cake look spectacular but do little for an already awesome cake... pass on all the saccharine
3. With qnx at the heart of the z10 I'm sure we'll get to a happy place with the UI - but the a.d.d. approach to stuff has just watered down my ability to DO (with email)
4. I don't need and if it costs battery time, I don't want everything in 1 device... i used to be 'connected' for an entire weekend, and before that a pager would last month's on a battery - oops, is that a bad word?

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Well said re: touch typing. I love the ream estate of the Z10 and the touch interface. I appreciate all the effort that has gone into the virtual keyboard as well though it still is much much slower for me to type on it than it was when I was a speed daemon typer on the 950 back in the day.

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I've been holding out for the Q10 but my wife has the Z10. For a touch screen only phone the keyboard is awesome but she gets waaaaay more typos since she's started using it from her 9810 (and the typos end up being incorrect words... not just an incorrect letter here and there). I'm sure the Q10 keyboard will be better in that respect but without the trackpad many text editing tasks will be more difficult even with the keyboard. A friend recently went from an Android S3 to BlackBerry 9900 because he was forced to for his job... despite using a 2 year old model, he loves editing text like a ninja and is a 100% BB convert. I can't help but wonder if he'd feel the same going to a Q10?! App compatibility is also a concern for me but mainly because I have more questions than answers. My plan is to preorder the Q10 today and try it out for a couple of days but if it doesn't work out I'll go z10. I know I'd miss my keyboard/trackpad but there are enough other goodies to justify either upgrade imo. Crossing my fingers that BlackBerry delivers the best Q10 possible.

Until BlackBerry gets BlackBerry OS 10 perfected on the BlackBerry Z10 this announced date for BlackBerry Q10 should be curtailed.

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I am loving my Z10, best keyboard on the market by a long shot! But I am really curious of the Q10. I might get it, switch as I please, support BlackBerry!

BlackBerry for life!

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