BlackBerry Q10 to start shipping April 26th on Vodafone

By Adam Zeis on 17 Apr 2013 10:12 am EDT

According to Vodafone UK, the upcoming BlackBerry Q10 will start shipping as early as April 26th. Their pre-order page went live yesterday with the Q10 offered up on various plans and pricing options.

While there is no official release date just yet, Vodafone has said that they will start sending out devices on April 26th to pre-order customers on a first-come-first-served basis. The pre-order page shows that devices will arrive on Tuesday April 30th, although it could be sooner depending on your place in line and location.

There is still no word on when in-store sales will become available.

The Q10 is expected to launch on more carriers worldwide in the coming weeks but we've yet to hear any official dates from carriers. You can check out our BlackBerry 10 pre-order hub to stay in the loop and find out more.

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BlackBerry Q10 to start shipping April 26th on Vodafone


Wish futureshop had them in store on the 26th... Waiting two weeks is making me develop new undiscovered mental illnesses

Wonder if the Q10 will be given to store managers as a company phone. The Vodafone conference is on the 25th and the Samsung SII is ****!!!!

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