BlackBerry Q10 second look video!

By Simon Sage on 30 Jan 2013 08:00 pm EST

Kevin had some time to play with the BlackBerry Q10 in New York, but so did we here in Toronto! Take a look! I also updated Adam's gallery with some more pictures, including a few Bold 9900 comparisons.

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BlackBerry Q10 second look video!


It's a product announment, why are they so mum on going into all the glory details like resolution that she couldn't answer or how about the battery (which is 2100mAh btw).

Really! Re the battery! So the device with less screen and smaller dimensions has d bigger battery...that's pretty flaTtering...that shld b the battery in d Z10 for Christ sake!

U have to remember that the Z10 would have launched in September which means that they would have decided on the phone specs in around June. Because they delayed the phone, they weren't able to change everything about the phone but they did increase the ram from 1gb to 2gb. I would expect the Q10 to be an impressive and responsive device and probably better than the Z10.
If there does exist a Hero device (ie, Aristo) you can just imagine the type of specs and capabilities it has.
If there is such a device, I hope RIM launches it in around July-August which is back to school time and keeps the release dates standardized (The High end releases same time each year and so forth for the low and mid end phones).

Honestly i dont like it...i mean because of its screen size should be at least 3.5 or 4..THEY STINGY!!!!. Thats RIM's problem, they only think about Business people and forget about what people wants nowadays. (FREE Cross platforms Popular and/or Most wanted APPS: Skype, Oovoo, Instagram...and a bunch of them). What i think they should think because they are losing customers.

That's why they made a touch screen. That's why they announced Skype and that they're working on Instagram.

Ignorance is bliss I guess ...

I think it looks great. I don't care about Instagram or Netflix (or even Skype for that matter), this looks like a perfect evolution of the 9900.

But where is the headset jack?

I kinda get the feeling that they threw together the Q10, just to have it ready in time, but then bought themselves another 3 months since it won't be available until then... I don't mind really, but I DO MIND that the Z10 won't be in the U.S. until March. So disappointing.

I like it. But, I don't want to wait. Bad enough I have to wait a month until T-Mo gets the Z10. Z10 this time for me.

EXCELLENT thank you for going back and getting another look as well as posting this video. I needed to know this exact feature on the Q10 and how it would work (predictive text).

I think I might have to trek down to a store in Feb here and try a Z10 in person to see if I can actually type on it. I mean seeing one handed swipe-typing today in the vidoes was insanely fast and so I think I could seriously get used to that. I think GPS, games and the web browsing experience on the Z10 will be much superior on the bigger screen.

Decisions, decisions...

Anxious to see, read, hear, and use the Q10! Prefer a real keyboard after having used a touchscreen for the past 12+ months. The Q10 will set BB apart from Apple and Android.

WTF! I have to wait until March in the states and then even longer for the physical keyboard? I may buy the Z10 from Canada and see if I can get a crap 2nd contract with someone to play with it until Verizon gets the Q10. I really wanted it now.

This is God awful.

Release dates in March and April? WTFH!@#!@#!@

That is BS! Good luck Blackberry. This is the beginning of the end.

Terrible.. who is leading the charge in the US?

Absolutely EMBARASSING for this release date...

Tell that to Verizon, Sprint, T-Mo and AT&T and their "extended" tests procedures.

Beside, march is in a month, not that far away. Until then they will keep building up the hype with their new Global Creative Director, ads and artists/producers follow-ups.

They are doing it this way to build hype. It makes perfect sense to me. Have places like the UK, Canada, Asia start using it, talking about it, hyping it up, that way America will want it more. Everyone says they have to break back into the US market... there ya go, that's how they are doing it

He's absolutely right. Blackberry is no stranger to releasing devices on these carriers and understand the time frames involved in getting carrier approval. That being said, they should have accounted for the time delay and provided testing units to carriers so that the testing would be completed in line with a reasonable release date.

Moreover, the fsct that this flagship device isn't going for be available for another month or two is hurtful especially since there's so much hype around BB right now.

He's absolutely right. Blackberry is no stranger to releasing devices on these carriers and understand the time frames involved in getting carrier approval. That being said, they should have accounted for the time delay and provided testing units to carriers so that the testing would be completed in line with a reasonable release date.

Moreover, the fsct that this flagship device isn't going for be available for another month or two is hurtful especially since there's so much hype around BB right now.

So disappointing, having the postings people submitted online to go off they decided to go with this piece of garbage! They had all those submissions people created AKA TK Justice/TK Victory...they couldn't see people want a longer screen to see landscape pics, movies and web? They let alot of people down. Not to mention that would have been smarter so that ALL BB devices had the same screen resolution. That would have been smarter...bad move on BlackBerry!

I like it's look more and more. Just compared it to my 9900 and it looks cleaner, more modern and stylish. I am in for one, that's it I made up my mind.

Question, though. I can see BIS icon next to wi-fi on upper right corner of the screen. So, is RIM getting rid of BIS or no, or maybe that was BES.

I belive that was asked durring the press conference today in NYC. The answer was that depends on the Carrier....I'm not sure exactly what that means, My guess would be that it depends on the level of service that your carrier buys from RIM, err BlackBerry

In NYC we have people that walk out the self checkout line and forget to pay for the expesive items. New phones aren't safe here either :). lol just a joke.

We have that in TO as well which is why I'm surprised it's like that. Guess since RIM (oops, BlackBerry) is just giving us Canadians more opportunities to pick up a free device.

My big gripe with this device is that it's only .3 inches in screen over the 9900 yet so much blank space above screen! It's givin me a headache cause I'd hav love to chose this phone for the KB experience!!

I for one am extremely disappointed. Softare looks good, but the hardware is a joke. With it not being available until April, I really think they had no intention of making a QWERTY, and now they threw one together. IMO they took the philosphy that "we will tell them how they don't need a QWERTY anymore, and they will believe it" but true BB users are QWERTY users, so don't tell us what we don't need!!

Even she had troubles getting the "Peek" to work. I think the bottom edge of the screen is too close to the keyboard.

Speaking of the keyboard, is it just me or did it not appear to be backlit?

Am I the only one who noticed that her nails are disgusting? Mate you need to make friends with local nail salon and use it more often especially if you're about to show them off in a video.

When it comes to the device I like it a lot. I just wish they made lower frame a bit bigger because the video shows it's difficult to make a peek gesture work.

I wonder if it is just because the video is zoomed onto the phone, but the layout and text seems rather large to me. Is it possible to change the resolution of the display?

Phone looks great, not too sure about the lack of trackpad but time will tell.

As for the release date, huge mistake guys. Blackberry users are predominantly keyboard lovers like myself. Not having my device ready is a missed guarenteed sale and additional unit sold to silence the critics. We are the bread and butter customers and right now I feel like a 2nd class citizen to all the wanna be apple/samsung lovers (n, offence meant.

The Z10 is an amazing looking device but the fact remains IF I wanted an all touch device I would have left the BlackBerry camp a long time ago. Right now, as per, I am writing this on my PB using my bridged 9900 as keyboard and cause I have large fingers the trackpad as a mouse.

With the PB and 9900 I have the ultimate best of both when BB10 hits for the PB and the Q10 (finally) arrives I have no doubts that I will once again have the best, almost perfect (no trackpad) combo.

I hope BlackBerry either resizes the word prediction bar smaller as it takes up a good portion of the screen or ditches the prediction bar altogether for the z10 fret-sized, flick-able word suggestions atop the predicted column of the associated key...after the BB "learns" a user's typing habits, you'd eventually be typing messages by flicking just from the bottom of the screen!

An observation - from all Q10 video reviews that I have seen, there seems to be an issue trying to access BlackBerry Hub... for example, both videos posted on CrackBerry showed that there were multiple swipes made in trying to access the hub, which contradicts the purpose of the hub, which is to improve productivity... you would think this is extremely important on the Q10 as one would presume the majority of people purchasing a QWERTY device is so that they can be as productive as possible...

This maybe being picky, but it makes me worried what other issues will start to pop up... I think most BlackBerry users will agree that when you get a new BB, the device is awesome, for a day or so, and then come the problems, the freezing, the this, the that... Please BlackBerry (formerly known as RIM) tell me I am panicking and that I shouldn't be worrying/nervous...

How do you move the cursor around on this??? For me, the biggest advantage of "real" keyboards has always been the fact that you could easily and precisely position the cursor. But now that the trackpad is missing, how do you do that?!?!

If BlackBerry seriously thinks they can do without, than I am not going to buy one. They already took a hard look at webOS, so they should just copy they way cursor positioning/text selection is done on those devices: Press and hold alt key + move finger on touch screen in any direction to move the cursor, press and hold shift key + move finger on touch screen in any direction to select text.

PLEASE, somebody in the know answer this! Hardware cursor keys would still be better, but the software solution implemented by webOS is okay, too.

I second this poster's serious question regarding the lack of trackpad.

I know, months ago each time I point out the need for a trackpad, CrackBerry fans always said "You obviously don't own a PlayBook", and that those designing this Q10 "knows better".

I really wonder, can't shake off the feeling that BlackBerry just cobbled together whatever they get their hands on to rehash a Q10.

And I hope that the Q10 has handwriting input for non-English speakers.

Asia uses smartphones in a big way; handwriting input is a *MUST* for Q10. (I was shocked that the Bold 9900 had no handwriting input. I hope BlackBerry had learnt its lesson...)

1. I think a 'trackpad' is important in Keyboard version. Huge mistake omitting that.
2. I think they could have made the screen larger by increasing the height slightly. Kind of like ** TK concept designs **

Can some one please answer me this question.....with the Q10 (new blackberry with keyboard) with out a track pad how would I edit a long e mail I've just written for example ???? How would I scroll back between words ???

See my comment above yours, now we are 2 people, let's build an army of questioners! ;)

Besides this make or break question, I really really like the black Q10! The proportions and overall design looks so good to me. Which is actually kind of funny in 2 ways, because I didn't like the early leaked images and because on the Z10, I like white a whole lot more! :)

Oh man I think that small bezel is gonna drive some people bonkers.. trying to peek to the hub and close apps.

2nd look looked pretty cool to me. but i think i am still one of the happy ones. just killing time until April. Blackberry still has my support and the Q10 will be in my hands the first day it's available.

blackberry. believe.

They could have easily made this device taller. And given it more screen size. Enough to accommodate buttons/word suggestions that appear on the bottom. I guess next iteration of Q10 (December?) will have slightly larger screen.

sadly I find this very dissappointing. I don't think it looks premium, particularly when directly compared to a bold 9900 - that back 'weave' effect looks cheap to my eyes, and the sides lack the finesse of the stainless steel edged bold 9900. Removing the track pad leaves the phone looking a bit bare, and frankly it makes for more movement of your fingers and thumbs than the simplicity of the minimal movement required to operate the trackpad provided. I have yet to be convinced by the software too, everything looks too big and bright - like a fisher-price kids toy ='my first bb10'. I think this is a good starter, but this is not any device I want personally. I think the Z10 will be a better seller for now, as that is a very attractive device. But for those who want a qwerty device, this doesn't hit the mark as far as I'm concerned. Existing Curves look more premium. I am really holding out for a truly premium looking qwerty device

Kevin, if you get another hands-on with this device please ask them about cut, copy, paste and let us see it in action. A lot of BlackBerry fans are worried and feel neglected due to the lack of the trackpad, which they feel eliminates the precision element that BlackBerry devices had.

Btw though, I spoke to a friend of mine who's dad works for BlackBerry, he had the Dev Alpha and used the Q10 before launch and all - he didn't disclose any details but I'm like "What about cut, copy and paste" and he said "It's all there" and I'm like "Is the precision of the trackpad still there" and he backfired "Obviously if they're gonna make it they're not gonna make it sht now are they"


Yeah, they said the new BB sales market direction is "Getting Things Done" or "Productivity" (it's not actually new direction for BB, but they lost it some time ago when trying to compete head on with Apple and then the new management realised that BB cannot win in a head on competition with Apple)

I think being able to cut,copy and paste quickly and accurately is a big factor in supporting BB new direction

If the Q10 cannot answer that questions, then the syndrome of "want to be like Apple" is still there. I hope BB learned the earlier lesson well and stick to its "new" motto

I thought I was finally giving up my keyboard for a Z10 and now I'm not so sure, lol. Seeing as I'm in the US I have a couple months to think about it. At least I know VZW is getting it in white, yay!