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BlackBerry Q10
By Simon Sage on 25 Apr 2013 12:17 pm EDT

So, you've managed to chew through our massive BlackBerry Q10 review, and yet you want more? Oh, you insatiable readers are in luck, because there's a big, wide blogosphere full of Q10 reviews, and across the board they're generally positive.

We couldn't be more excited about the Q10 finally hitting the streets. Only a few more days and it will be in those anxious hands just waiting to be put to the test. There will be plenty of Q10 goodness to come in the next few weeks, but if you can't wait then we totally understand. 

Let's take a look at what some of the heavy hitters have to say about the BlackBerry Q10:

"The Q10 is unquestionably the best phone with a keyboard on the market." - Engadget

"Its long battery life and comfortable keyboard may be what you've been holding out for, and the inclusion of BlackBerry 10.1 is extra icing on the cake." - CNET

"The BlackBerry Q10 is the phone BlackBerry fanatics have been clamoring for -- with a killer keyboard and welcome OS improvements." - Laptop

"I grew so comfortable with [the Active Frame] gesture that I accidentally tried to use it on my Android smartphone." - Wall Street Journal

"Efficiency freaks everywhere should be rejoicing." - New York Times

"It is a fully modern BlackBerry – and not just by BlackBerry standards. It's fast, has a mobile browser that beats many of the others and an outstanding physical keyboard." - ABC

"The Q10 is likely to be attractive to the BlackBerry faithful. It deserves to lure some people over from Androids and iPhones as well." - Associated Press

"The Q10 is a very solid and well-built little phone, and it's one of the few options available from any smartphone ecosystem for the physical keyboard holdouts." - Ars Technica

"The Q10 is very impressive device, especially from a company that more than a few people had completely counted out completely." - TechCrunch

"Physical keyboard is amazing — perfect for pounding out quarterly earnings estimates while getting your shoes shined." - Wired

"There was no touchscreen lag whatsoever, and even with eight apps open... Somehow, RIM has managed to get the most out of this phone’s engine." - Globe and Mail

"The BlackBerry Q10 is a great phone — the best BlackBerry ever, in fact — a fantastic communication tool and a decent smartphone." - MobileSyrup

Find any other solid BlackBerry Q10 reviews out in the wild web? Seeing any common threads among them?

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Reader comments

BlackBerry Q10 review round-up


I love the personal attacks, if I was new to Crackberry I would definitely want to return knowing that the community stoops to this level.

I didn't say "FIRST!!" and yes, it is stooping quite low, especially for something intended as a joke to begin with.

If all you contribute is "Give me attention! I am first! I'm dying for attention!" Then I can't say we would miss your contributions if you leave... ;-)

Hey brother props to you having joy in your heart! As for the 1st comments well ummmmm...nevermind it's all good. Keep doing what you're doing. Imagine if everyone tried to please the masses, we would all be using iphone. Quit hating just because people.

Yea what's with all the "First" hating? I don't mind it, what I find distracting is the big fight it seems to attract. 1 Post saying "First" is not that annoying to scroll past, 2 pages of people arguing over that "First" comment are

I can't speak for others, but I don't think it's about "First hating". It's more like when you see someone come out of the can with toilet paper stuck to their shoe. You feel bad, and embarrassed for them, so you point out that they look a bit stupid.

It's kind of a friendly gesture, really.

I'm probably not gonna bother reading the comments anymore. It's one thing to post "First", its one little meaningless comment that everyone could just ignore. But instead, I as well have to go through a couple pages to find the comments relevant to the Article. People complaining about the "first" comments aren't any better than the first comment itself as it is of no contribution.

AND! I'm Glad people and Blogs are taking to BlackBerryQ10 nicely because it is a sexy little phone with a great OS. I'm waiting to see how far BlackBerry will push the BB10 Limits. Seeing as how its based on QNX, i can see great potential in this platform in the future and hope others beyond Blackberry Enthusiasts will recognize that as well.

I'm sure his grade 3 class is impressed with his first post.

It's crap like this that makes me dread clicking the comment section.


Posted via CB10

All of you need to lighten up. I can't stand the "First" posts either so I did it to be ironic. At least I actually took the time to read the article. And Simon, thank you for editing my post, that really shows the true nature of the Crackberry community.

EVERYONE does it to be funny. But here's the thing... its not funny. Maybe at one time it was but not anymore. And you have to see the reaction it gets so why keep telling a joke that isn't funny?

If you have a comment please do. If youre trying to be funny please stop. It's annoying.

Posted via CB10

It's not funny? But making fun of them is pretty funny so in the end it's worth it. The whole "leave him along, he's only a child!" Thing is something we say here at my work as a joke, so I showed my coworkers my response to this guy. We all got a pretty good laugh over it, lol. :-D Sorry keen to make you the butt of our jokes, but I "couldn't resist." ;-)

+100 especially since this is the phone I've been waiting for. I love my keyboard. Honestly, if I had wanted a full touchscreen I would have jumped ship long ago... The HTC One is looking pretty nice, lol. But I haven't jumped on the "touchscreens are the cool new thing" bandwagon because I actually care more for productivity than playing angry birds or watching netflix on my phone...

I'm retired but even when I did work I would rather read my email in a secure area that my blackberry offered over any games. In fact I don't have a single game on my phone, now my PlayBook has plenty, but I love just reading a good article when my laptop is away. I totally agree with you my Bold 9930 is an extension of my computer when I don't have one and no matter what anyone says in the work environment you look more professional with a BB over an Iphone. Who cares about watching Netflix on your phone? I have 2 laptops, a desktop and a PlayBook. I'm also grown and don't care about being the cool kid. Now once I get the new Q10 it might be different but I'll manage.

Well, for me at least, I'm a very visual person, so I really don't like watching movies and tv on a small screen. And yes, even a 5 inch screen is small. I actually only like to watch movies on a big screen tv, because I like to enjoy every little detail. I tend to notice a lot of little things as I watch movies, so on any mobile device I simply don't feel it is worth it...

Nah, there wasn't much substance in that review from Geller. What I got from a combination of the Z10 & Q10 reviews from BGR, was that Geller is a greasy SOB

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

BGR doesn't review BlackBerry devices, they spin everything into negative stuff and that's not review hence it is not appropriate nor qualified as a review.

I kind of stopped at the bit about the back being sticky. Non-stick backs may not be as pretty as polished metal, but they avoid falling on the concrete syndrome. Mr. Geller does seem to be more interested in bling than function, generally.

Ultimately... it's a BlackBerry and not an iPhone, therefore you shouldn't buy it unless you like to try new products - BGR

(Basically) lol

Once again, major, MAJOR delay for the US...and notice how all of these review units are AT&T, yet they'll be among the last to actually offer it!

I meant a month or more delay between the UK and Canada launch, and the US, not from carrier announcements. And anyone with half a brain knows that.

Oh come on Simon, you didn't post up the garbage review from Mr. Jonathon Geller... His hate has consumed him, he is the dark side, the evil emperor that doesn't deserve a Vader or Storm Trooper... And certainly not a review unit.

Honestly, I think his Q10 review is the most balanced BlackBerry review I've read from him in a long time. Also, he gave the Z10 some unsolicited love at the beginning pointing out we have the best touchscreen keyboard ever. He's never going to be a BlackBerry faithful, but I think he actually managed a tolerable review on a product other than an iDevice. I will never consider him a phenomenal tech blogger after the last few years, but at least I can say it's a step in the right direction.

Posted via CB10

wait, did you read the same BGR Q10 review I did? "All in all, the BlackBerry Q10 is a phone for a very limited group of people. It’s for hardcore BlackBerry fanatics who have to have a physical keyboard, but to be honest, I don’t see much point in a phone like the Q10."

"The hardware keyboard actually adds way more frustration that it alleviates, forcing you to use a small, worse quality display that is harder to touch and navigate on than a big beautiful LCD. And, the Q10 doesn’t scream luxury to me either. It’s more like a mid-range phone, not a flagship QWERTY, especially compared to the BlackBerry 9900 — which is still the best keyboard-equipped smartphone BlackBerry has ever made.

If you want to try BlackBerry’s latest hardware and software, and have to have a BlackBerry, go with the Z10. It’s not the best smartphone choice you can make, but it’s certainly better than the Q10."

The Z10 was absolutely deserving of similar praise, but folks didn't have faith in BlackBerry being capable of pulling it off. After devouring a murder of crow, many have come to restore the so deserved respect for the Best smartphone manufacture of today.

If I'm really lucky, the CrackBerry gods will shine on me with a shiny new Q10. Hint hint nudge nudge lol

Posted via CB10

BGR ANALysis are a bunch of clowns, especially JSG. Even when they admit some features on BB10 is new and cool to a platform, etc. Hub, Balance, Flow, Keyboard, they'll always find something dumb and negative afterwards.

Posted via CB10

I'm quite glad to see the positive reviews coming out for the Q10, which will be my next phone.

One thing that annoys me is the fact that there have been some sites who haven't published a Q10 review yet, but were quite sure to have a Galaxy S4 review up. Gizmodo is one of them (but we basically know they hate BlackBerry) and the other and more surprising one to me is The Verge. Sure they have a general negative attitude toward BlackBerry, but I do like the writing and such. It WAS my favorite general tech site, but after the lack of a Q10 review, along with them getting rid of their BB forum section, I won't be visiting too much now. (Sorry for the rant)

Has anyone seen the Daily mail "Review " which said that other reviews of the phone has been negative, picking out only criticisms of the phone ! The whole article is BS!! And biased

Posted via CB10

It's OK, I don't like to see Daily Mail readers using BlackBerries. Most of them are still using tin cans and string anyway, because they believe the Government is listening in on their phone calls.
For those in the rest of the world who don't know, the Daily Mail is like Fox News only without the liberal bias.

I just flooded a friends FB wall with those quotes...I couldn't help it...well yes I could but I didn't want too!!! BB is truly back and with BB10 it should only get better!

It's a great thing reviews are globally very positive for the Q10. I believe this is the masterpiece for the "recovery", especially in busines area. Now I want to see these in people hands ... piles of them !

You have a healthy collection of BlackBerry 10 devices! I'm going to have to come to La France and Définitivement d'emprunt a couple of those.

So the q10 gets much better reviews and the only real difference is it has a physical keyboard? Makes no sense to me. The Z10 has the best virtual keyboard, so it technically should be reviewed the same.

Posted via CB10

All these reviews are no surprise.. BlackBerry fans have finally got what they wanted.. im using a Z10 and an iPhone 5 for my second line.. loving my Z10 so im swapping my iPhone 5 for Q10.. back to all blackberry.. haven't had that since 2009. ... LONG LIVE BLACKBERRY :D

Posted via CB10 on my Z10!

Agh I would not mind having both a Z10 and a Q10, sheesh this extra-review makes me want to spend the 600 for it. Lol

Posted via BlackBerry z10

So its the return of the King! BlackBerry is Back in Black, ready to attack the fact to attract even then on faithful, blackberry is grateful, and poised to deserve praise and to a higher level raise, the bar of productivity and security, bringing you mobile computing purity!

(not sure how I did that so fast, I normally can't rhyme for beans)!

BlackBerry Q10 will soon be here, and my estimate is 3million sales before the end of Q1 2014 Fiscal Qtr is over. If that or better happens, I wonder what the haters will say then?!

" not sustainable", "just existing buyers, no new market share", "if the Q10 is the best they can deliver, their bound to fail". These are some of the excuses from haters and analysts that haven't fully researched the company and the ambitions of the board and ceo.

I do however agree with small part of BGR's review that the Q10 may not be a high end unit but a mid range device. I have an inkling that BlackBerry has something higher quality in build materials with larger keyboard and screen down the road for us users. I also believe BB10 has legs to vastly improve as well.

PS: anyone have a new Audi willing to take the time to see what the z10/q10 can really do beyond just the stereo?

Posted via CB10 by my Z10

If you're switching from iphone but want to continue to use your .me email address, will the q10 be able to send readable emails? I hope so! Since buying a z10 I have not been able to send emails from
my phone. This has been embarrassing for both me and BlackBerry. I though they would have figured out email by now. This is not how you get people to switch. Hoping to one day send an email from my phone again. Come on BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

You can use your .me/icloud email. I'm using my right now along with the contacts and calendar

Posted via CB10

EdgeX2o what carrier are you with? I can send emails but they are delivered like code. All garbled up. They are unreadable.

Posted via CB10

It seems like the tech world has love for the Q10, but wasn't to fond of the mighty Z. Is the Q that much different? If so, I maybe looking to change it up from my Z.

Posted via CB10

I didn't read the bgr review. I know it's just a cr*p. I just love reading the comments. Everyone said it was awful. Lol. Feels like got his ass kick in his own backyard.

Posted via CB10 on Z10

"I grew so comfortable with [the Active Frame] gesture that I accidentally tried to use it on my Android smartphone." - Wall Street Journal


This made me laugh, because I've done this so many times with my wife's iToy since I've had my Z10 hahaha

Posted via CB10

Why are there 30 something comments talking about how one shouldn't comment "First"... really? it won't stop that way Lol

Back on topic, i won't be lying if i said that i never thought that this day would come, where everyone is praising blackberry like the old days!

Posted via CB10

Ugh I wanted the Q10 but couldn't wait anymore so went with the Z10... due to being too ancient lol...

If I find a buyer, so getting the Q10

Posted via CB10

I'm a keyboard fan all the way... the Z10 is amazing but I'm so used to the touch keyboard that I want it back

Posted via CB10

I would love a Q10 but I just can't give away screen real estate with the Z10. The virtual typing is super. Maybe I don't know what I'm missing.

Black Tie Z10

I say this as a guy who had BB's since 2002, have taken an 18 month sabbatical as iPhone only, and am seriously considering picking up the Q10 as a second device, so I'm not a troll. That said, are you guys reading the actual reviews that are linked?

This round-up reads like a movie poster for a bad movie that selectively quotes the only slightly positive thing that the reviewer said, e.g., "It's like Ben Hur would be if Charlton Heston were blindfolded and gagged" becomes "It's like Ben Hur".

Simon's choice of quotes would get him thrown out of most graduate schools for academic dishonesty. For instance, his Ars Technica quote says:

"The Q10 is a very solid and well-built little phone, and it's one of the few options available from any smartphone ecosystem for the physical keyboard holdouts."

But if you go to the actual article, and look at the following sentence, the context shifts a bit:

"The Q10 is a very solid and well-built little phone, and it's one of the few options available from any smartphone ecosystem for the physical keyboard holdouts. For most buyers, though, it's going to feel like a throwback, and we don't mean that in a good way."

The bottom line of nearly all of these reviews is that the keyboard rocks, but unless you really want a keyboard, you shouldn't get this device.

I get the excitement - frankly, I'm excited too, because I miss my physical keyboard. That said, this sort of a round up and many of the comments sound like nothing more than the breathless rambling of BB fanboys.

Well duh.
So the "negative" was:
If you don't want a keyboard phone you probably shouldn't buy a phone with a keyboard.
Well, thanks for the startling insight reviewer from wherever.


Uh, no. You missed the point. The negatives were many. The only reason to buy it compared to other devices was that it had a good keyboard.

That's what they call "damning with faint praise," given that it's the only modern device with a keyboard.

Many? The only "Real" negative is the "App Gap". The "Could use a home button" or "A consistent back button" or have the time always displayed " comments are ridiculous to anyone who has used the device for more than an hour.
Those comments are saying "Why isn't this an iphone?" or "I'm used to android"

I rather like that my screen real estate isn't wasted in that way.
It's easy to see the time, or messages for that matter, go back or get out of an app.

There were definitely negative sides to those reviews as well. I know the Q10 will have great success, after all there is definitely still a big market for a physical keyboard, I still feel that there is no beating it when it comes to banging out long pieces of information.

Having said that, I don't have that need in my life, and obviously this keyboard rocks on the Z10, better than SwiftKey for sure. There are some prediction issues I hate regarding plural and singular forms of words...but those problems were also present in SwiftKey.

The other reason why I wouldn't consider a Q10 is I am a brat with 16:9 ratio, watching video and playing games will obviously be way better on the Z10. If however they end up pulling off a solid Torch-like BB10 device (let's face it, the Torch was butt ugly and BB7 wasn't up to par for a consumer), I will definitely be buying one of those!

Posted via CB10

I've scrolled halfway through the first (oh no I fucking said first!) page of the comments and you guys are still grinding on the first post? Doing what first posters have been doing since....? Anyone? Good grief treat it like the monty pythonesque byline of many online comments and Just.
Move. On.

Ok. That's my rant. Was slightly different than everyone else's.

Just in case that someone actually reads through all these posts: those reviews make me slightly squishy feeling. It's a warm squishy feeling and I'm pretty happy to read the new and traditional media give BBRY some lovin'. Phone looks sexy too. Not as sexy as that white one grrrrrrawrr that one drives me crazy.

Posted via CB10

The Globe and Mail article said Q10's keyboard is very good, but lacking a physical key to move cursor around for text editing (foward/back button, and dare I suggest give us back the Trackpad!!).

" [Q10] came so close to being perfect, but it isn’t perfect. The biggest issue is the lack of physical backward and forward keys. On older-model BlackBerrys, if you got something wrong and didn’t notice it until 10 words later, you could navigate to the problem word with the physical keys. But those are gone now ... This is a problem on all touchscreen phones for one simple reason – no matter what gimmick the designers come up with, they can’t seem to fix the problem that your finger on the screen makes it very difficult to see where you are placing the cursor. On the Q10, there’s a big blue circle that surrounds the cursor and is supposed to solve this problem. It doesn’t."

- - - - - - - - -
Notice that the review stated that they missed the physical button [trackpad] on the Q10.
101% Agree, please give us back the Trackpad!

A common theme seems to be that reviewers are faster typing on the Z10 than the Q10. Not sure if that's the last nail in the coffin for physical QWERTY phones.

That's because the reviewers were used to glass keyboards. It takes me a couple of frustrating weeks to adapt to a new keyboard. It's actually quite hard to do a comparison without a big trial using many people, because one person using different keyboards at the same time gets different results from the same person using them in turn.

I'm not sure this is a review "round-up" or just picking out a few complimentary sentences from generally mediocre reviews, most of which seem to dismiss the device as a niche product which would appeal to a small, but fervent, minority. You could easily have gotten a similar sentence or two from the BGR review but is that really representative? Maybe in the next "round-up", you could include a few more balanced comments which might give an overall better flavor of the actual review. This comes off like a movie ad, where they take a critic's quote out of context, add a bunch of exclamation marks, and hope nobody actually reads the entire review.

We are so pumped for this phone! And with all the raving reviews we can't wait to get our hands on it! Aside from the excitement were there any drawbacks mentioned?