BlackBerry Q10, Q5, and Z30 win Red Dot design awards

BlackBerry Q10
By Simon Sage on 7 Jul 2014 11:00 am EDT

On top of being the hugely functional devices we know and love, the BlackBerry Q10, BlackBerry Q5, and BlackBerry Z30 are also earning accolades for design. All three just won Red Dot Awards when faced with a pool of over 4,800 entrants and a panel of 40 design experts judging every aspect of the products.

BlackBerry won the same award for the BlackBerry Z10 last year. Brian Paschke, Senior Industrial Designer, Portfolio Direction at BlackBerry talked a bit about their internal process.

"We pride ourselves on industrial design that is simple and intuitive in functionality, while maintaining iconic and familiar elements such as our keyboard and productivity-based user experience. While our smartphones have evolved over time, we remain focused on being highly detail oriented in order to deliver modern and high quality devices."

Good on BlackBerry for roping in the design wins across the board here. I think we're all in agreement that the Q10, Q5, and Z30 are well-designed, but which is your favorite among them? Do you guys think the new Passport and Classic have a shot at winning this award next year?

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BlackBerry Q10, Q5, and Z30 win Red Dot design awards


I agree the Passport and Classic can easily win this. The Q10 is one of the most beautifully designed devices ever made. You should see the white and gold Q10 it's crazy beautiful.

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy Gold and White Q10.

I definitely agree the white passport could win the 3 dots award. Looks very unique, definitely has appeal and it's built looks very solid just like the z30.

Too bad this doesn't really help in BlackBerry's reputation too much except for build quality.

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I love my Q10 (only missing the trackpad ;) ) - but I have to disagree.

The device is good but regarding design miles away from a really beautiful design like the Bold 9900 had.
The straight keyboard is boring and not as ergonomic as the smiley one. No aesthetic and protective steel frame ...

Though good that BB has a positive headline due to the awards :)

Z30 hands down. Good build. The all glass front, the trademark battery cover with the textured finish. Love everything about it.

Posted via CB10

I'm with you! I had a Zed10, and loved it at the time but I jumped on the Zed30 at release and have never looked back..

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I am sure the tech blogs will give BB proper credit for this today. (Typed in the non-existant SARCASM font)

Nevermind tech blog, just try reading some of the thread on this site. It's like crackberry is infested with the Chinese longhorned beetles.

Wala....well played...

Also, Z30 won a design award?


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My favourite is the Q10 - with a twist. It's a phone just begging to be done up in gold and once you do the thing just looks like it says "I've made it."

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What kind of competition is there for these red dot awards? Like did they beat out androids like the HTC One M8?

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My question too. Ok BlackBerry are nice but to give all of them to the same company.... I mean the One, the Moto X, the Expedia, the iPhone 5S are not exactly crappy.

I find it very bizarre to see this. It defies all statistical logic, market reality, peer media review and even common sense. I'm not accusing fraud or bias here but...for real...surely we're not the only ones to find this strange.

Z30 Vivo Brasil

I went to to snoop around a bit. The awards go to an insane variety of products, from bicycle racks to desalination straws to stools. Seriously makes me wanna go spend money. A look at the winners for the year gave me the strong impression this isn't a BlackBerry-staged beauty contest.

Thumb-flicked from my Z30 via CB10

Out of that list you made, only the One might even compete with the Q10 because the One has that aluminum body. The iPhone maybe slightly behind that. But these plastic Androids I won't even consider for a design award, unless the contest is to see which can blend in with the herd the best...

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The xperia z should have a chance. It's a beautiful phone, my sister has it and is constantly dropping, and spilling stuff on it. Still alive and no cracks!

The only problem for me is that it's android.

Hmmm, do you really don't know what red dot is all about? I have a red-dot citrus juicer at home! It's a very very prestigous award in design that is much highly regarded globally. Many companies covet to earn the right to put the red dot logo next to their product when advertising.


I suspect you don't have, and have not used for any length of time, a Q5. It's keyboard is very well designed. It fits well in the hand and is very nice to use. However, that's only my opinion. And you are entitled to yours.

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Yea man, Q5 is seriously underrated, it's beautifully designed, simple, and very solid. Especially for a lower end phone. I especially like the black one

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Hahahahahah. Bro you made my day. Really pulled the thought outta my head

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My immediate question exactly! The author neglected to name any significant competition. If this was really something to turn heads that 'glaring omission' would never happen! Moving right on...

The Passport and the classic will blow away the competition... :)
That's what I hope for...

And interestingly all the BB10 devices have won the Red dot award... z10/z30 q5/q10 :)

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My wife's Z30 is amazing. The battery alone would make my Z10 even more amazing. Z30 all the way until Passport.

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Classic will, Passport will be a toss up. Seems to be a love it / hate it relationship with users so far....

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Q10 hands down. Damn gorgeous. All second best the P'9982, using it these days.
Classic for sure for next year. Super excited to get my hands on it. And I hope India launch happens soon.
#BBrocks #BBMfreak

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They could make them look like they aren't traditional blackberry devices.... give them stainless steel bodies make them really stand out. as far as I'm concerned the q10 q5 look like the Bolds. Z10 looks like the old Motorola DROID X's Z30 is the most stand out phone but it still looks like the average smartphone.

All I'm trying to say is make it really stand out so people ask what it is. I think the passport is a great idea. I really hope the next all touch phone really stands out from the crowd. Maybe give it some chrome sharp edges a unique shape(maybe a curved screen)

No disrespect was taken. But the bold style phones need to go. The diehard BlackBerry fans are the only ones that really like them that's not going to grow the customer base.

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Disagree. The Bold style phones were the best BlackBerry produced, design wise: very distinct, very good size, I could stick my 9790 in my top shirt pocket.
You see the popularity of the Curve range (at least here in Scotland). I know of people who like and use Curves not because they are die-hard BlackBerry fans, but because they like the form factor. Not everyone wants to carry around a 6-inch slate.

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Kinda agree. I have the Z30 but the designs of these phones are the worst

"Once You Go Black You Never Go Back"

Hah, nah, mostly in Newsroom, writing for all the sites. Went to the BlackBerry AGM a few weeks ago to get those Passport and Classic pictures.

Gratz to #Blackberry! I'm not sure about the Q5 but I know the Q10 looks great maybe because I am typing on it at this very moment. My girlfriend has the Z30 and she likes the looks too. The classic looks good but the #Passport looks crazy (in a good way). It's very different and I think it's going to be a love/hate design. For me... I LOVE it.

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Definitely. Both Passport and Classic will keep BlackBerry Top.

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Q10 for the win!

The Classic will hit a home run but I'm still Luke warm about the Passport at this point.

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Q10 feels great in the hand. Z30 has a solid, quality look and feel. Both are visually balanced.

Q10  The Other Crackberry Pirate  Z30

Congrats to BlackBerry on the awards. All three are great devices and the awards are a confirmation of what we love about BlackBerry: great design and solid products. If the new Classic and Passport can live up to expectations, they'll come away with next year's awards. For me, luv my Q5 as a wonderfully utilitarian daily driver and my Z10 is great when I want a full screen smartphone experience. I like the Q10 too and almost went that route but I found typing on the Q5's keyboard just a little easier for my big thumbs. Once again, Go BlackBerry Go!

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Congratulations BlackBerry! You earned it.

 Posted via CB10 on my  Z10.

 Posted via CB10 on my  Z10.

Now that BlackBerry has won over the industry crowd now for the consumer.

BlackBerry... Get it done!!!!

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Great shot here of the blackberry Q10.
Well hands down im sure blackberry will keep winning the red dot design.

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Well we already know that the Passport is huge.

Frustrating on the front line when headquarters won't support...

Does the pass port ot any Phablet? In my mind NO! A good design in my mind offers the ability to carry with easy, everywhere and not offer strain with reaching around the large phone. Does the classic?Likely yes.
That's why I love that berry has such a diverse line up to offer something for every one!

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Love my Q10's design.

While the Classic may be a future winner, I think that the Passport is too out-there to be a winner. The squared corners are going to take some time to be widely accepted.

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All BlackBerry 10 devices are top of class. I own Z10, Q10 and Z30 and iPhone 5s which is a pain to use with that funky round home button. Who needs buttons?

Posted via BlackBerry Z30

The BlackBerry Q10 is the most beautiful thing I've ever owned in my life. My furniture comes next. Then my MacBook Air. Haha

Idk about the passport but for sure, the Classic will win that award thing-a-ma-jig.

Posted from my BlackBerry Q10 on AT&T

Congrats on the awards! This confirms what most of us here already know about BlackBerry. Well designed and solid products with an innovative OS!

Sent from my Z10. Or was it my Q10? Either way, it was sent from an awesome phone.

Q10 all the way. It would be blackberry classic next year. 50:50 for passport. I am happy for being a blackberrian. Woohoo shares crossed 11 plus dollars. I was waiting for this day.

Posted by my Q10 filled with awesomeness

Great to know. What category or sub-category did the Z30 win for exactly? Hardware/software/communications/etc?

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I've hd been usn BBQ10 4m d past 6mnths n i mostly lyk its clasicc luk n keybrd devil :)..... M gona tnk BB classic wil regain poshhhhhh

Question for Simon: is there a particular feature that inspired you to choose the S5 over the Z30 for every day use? I use the Z30 as my primary personal cell, while the S5 is our "home phone." For me, the weight and thicknesses of the S5 is just right, but the keyboard and hub of BB10, especially on the Z30, keeps me from moving away from BlackBerry and/or switching SIM cards (at least not permanently).

If the Z30 was a few mm thinner and 15-20 grams less hefty, it would be perfect. I don't find the actual form factor (shape) too big and I love the screen. Of course, the S5 screen is great as well, but Kit Kat is so cluttered (at least the way Samsung implements it).

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Even my non-bb-loving friends have to admit that the q10 is a beauty.

The Passport has the potential to score again as it is new form factor and the finishing looks to be top notch.

Posted via CB10

Not surprising that these BlackBerry devices won this award, they are all well designed. I have to say without a doubt my favorite phone from the winners is the Q10 because of its look, feel, and overall performance. As for the BlackBerry Passport, I don't think it will win the award next year, maybe the BlackBerry Classic.

Congrats Blackberry for getting the awards. But I totally don't understand, why they don't use them for advertising... Every toaster or hairdryer, which gets this award, will put the logo on the packing, on their homepage, in online-shops... - but not Blackberry! I own a Z10 since March of this year. But until now, I didn't know, that it was the winner of red dot design award last ear ...

Look at my comment below yours. The awards are a joke that's why they don't use them. I explain further in my comment below yours.

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Your point!
I still had the illusion, the award was a bit more exclusive and a bit more about quality, when I wrote my comment....

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So I was curious and looked up these red dot awards and tons of other phones won design awards. The Xperia Z1, Z Ultra, M, and C won, along with the LG G Flex. Nokia's 515 won a red dot. I mean and that's off one page. These awards are a joke lol. Nice try Crackberry.

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Q10! a double-win for the fact that a qwerty device can still receive notable recognition among all the many full-touch devices :)

What do you need a replaceable battery for, just curious. Z30 has a big battery already

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Well they are nice devices but come on i truly believe the Sony Xperia Z2 is amongst the finest pieces of smartphone design out there, the build quality and material and the premium Sony brand.

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The Q5 has no business being in the running same way the Z10 should not have won last year. There really aren't that many Qwerty devices anyways so the Q10 gets a pass.

Now the Z30 is one hella sexy device; no contest there.

Disagree on the Z10 - It is a beautifully designed device. Look closely at some of its subtle design elements, not as pronounced as the Z30 (which is very nice as well), but refined and elegant, when it was released it was in my opinion the best designed non keyboard device out there.

Red dot design award? I'm sure absolutely no one ever heard of this before reading this article. Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel for good news.

Great Job BlackBerry makes me love my Z30 and Q10 even more.

Posted Via CB10 Using my Great Z30, PB or Q10

BlackBerry rocks.. sure it will win.. not only this but more awards..wishing BlackBerry all the best.. just eagerly waiting for passport n classic.. will buy both :) to be frank after I started using q5 n now z10 for the past 7 months.. im not able to switch to any other mobiles.. hail BlackBerry :)

Posted via CB10

Z10 is a very beautifully designed device, very subtle elements when looking close at its design are evident. 2 of my 3 kids/young adults own Z10's, the 3rd has an Iphone 5... so I disowned him ;-)

Z10, Q10, I can see. Q5 AND Z30 though? Are these design awards sponsored by Blackberry?

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...also, I think my 2001: A Space Odyssey black obelisk z10 had it over all of them. (but I do love my Z30!)

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I'd love to get my hands on a Z30 but do love my small and might Q5. The more I read about the passport, the more I want one. I would say if 4 BlackBerry 10 devices can win the award, then for sure the Classic and Passport will be in the running!

Posted via CB10

I'm on the Z30 now, and wow, what a device! I've been there since the Curve with the trackball (can't remember the number though) . Went with ALL the touch screen BlackBerry's. This device, the Z30, amazes me! I have played with a Q10 in a Verizon store (and yes, the Z30 was on display! ) and I did like it. A very refined BlackBerry keyboard experience. But, I love screen real estate. The Z30 is such a great device for me. I got 24 hrs with moderate use and still had 46% battery left when I finally plugged it in. No other phone I've ever owned would do that PERIOD! Kudos to BlackBerry for making such awesome devices! Keep it up and keep moving! (and yes, I do have a screen shot showing my battery stats. Just ask and I will post! )

Rocking a Z30 on Verizon

Forgot to add, yes. I think the passport will win some type of award. It keeps growing on me. Might have to get that one too! :)

Rocking a Z30 on Verizon

What is this contest? And all BlackBerry phones won? Hmmm... I lobe BlackBerrys but they are not that good to win against all the phones in this world.

Powered by BB

Actually, dear Moussi, this is my point: the Red Dot label is an impartially obtained industrial quality standard. Read also my post further in this thread.
I am a comited user for nine years now and I don't think they are the best, no, they are the very best. They have a league of their own: BlackBerry, simply out-standing!


Just a question, why do people seem to look down on the Q5? It's a fantastic phone. It's aesthetics might not appeal to everyone but the design is actually good. I prefer it's keyboard to the Q10 and it feels very good in my hand.

White BlackBerry Q5 - CB10

The Red Dot Award is an achievement landmark in industrial design. I'm not surprised by the news that BlackBerry won this prize several times, last year and this year again. Congratulations! 
I'm convinced that your sales can increase by using this marketing powerful label more visible and prominent, since it is impartially obtained.
In a market where overwhelming powers often weight  on end-user decisions, this quality standard might make the difference.
Once a BlackBerry customer crosses the edge, he will be a loyal and royal fan for years and years to be its trustworthy friend in step-by-step following the beloved bear logo. Just like me myself did.


Yea....i also have one and love it very much. It's keyboard is well built and give an awesome typing experience.

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To be honest all the new bb10 phones are great I also had a z10 q10 and now I have a z30 so which one do I love the best that. Has to go to the z30 love the size of the screen and how it fits nicely in my hand z30 all the way

Posted via CB10

I personally have a Z30 wich is the best phone I've ever owned so far. As far as design of the new device goes, I'm looking forward to the Passeport !

Posted via CB10

Well, the Z30 is a sweet, sweet phone, and the one I would have wanted to get had it been offered during the original launch of the BB10 OS back in January, 2013.

But my Z10 has more than filled that gap. So the Z10 gets my vote. A simple, clean-cut,compact, sturdy, utilitarian design, created for usage and productivity, not eye-candy accompanied by useless bells and whistles that amount to no more than something you wipe your arse with.

Though I don't want to poo-poo on the Passport and Classic, after all it is in my interest as a BlackBerry customer, for these devices to be successful and for BlackBerry to manage a successful turnaround...I'm not too taken with either of them.

I want to see the next iteration of the Z10 or Z30. That's what I'm waiting for.

The Z10 and Z30 speak to me of a company on the move with an eye to the future! The Passport and Classic, say nothing but "much of the same"....

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In my opinion the Q10 is the best designed smartphone sold to date. It truly is a work of industrial art. I own a 9900, and agree with some people it is also a very strong design, but as will happen overtime with the Q10, the 9900 is showining its age from a design perspective(and OS perspective). I can not wait to have a close up and hold in my hands the Classic...Anyone got spec's (size etc.) of the Classic? Would love to know so I could compare to the Q10 and 9900.

Z30 is a great phone. Heretic colleagues using other platforms are begrudgingly agreeing Ut us better. #bbrules

Posted via CB10

See I'm ticked, because all the major tech blogs are in the pocket of major manufacturers. Even when Blackberry does something right, or exceptional they always get shot down. I hope blackberry does get the respect and accolades it deserves, but I doubt it will get any press.


I don't know, I'm not sold on the passport. As for the Classic, I don't know if it'll be judged as "yeah, they've already done something like this".... although I would love a classic as an-between for my wife's bold and my q10.