BlackBerry Q10 pricing set for $249 on US carriers

US carriers will be charging more for that QWERTY love

By Bla1ze on 23 Apr 2013 07:58 pm EDT

With the BlackBerry Q10 release date quickly approaching, there has been a lot of debate surrounding the pricing of the first QWERTY BlackBerry 10 device. As we know from previous confirmation, carriers in Canada have set the pricing at $199 with a three-year contract but their US counterparts are looking to price the device higher.

According to Bloomberg and confirmed by BlackBerry, US carriers will sell the BlackBerry Q10 at the suggested price of $249 with the usual two-year contract. When the BlackBerry Z10 was released we saw initial pricing start at $199 and then it went down from there and no doubt we'll see the same happen here but does the initial pricing factor into your buying decision? Makes you wonder.

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BlackBerry Q10 pricing set for $249 on US carriers


USA tends to frown on 3 year contracts. Where in Canada 3 is normal. Since they have you locked in longer they can charge less. Most Canadian providers charge 15$-20$ per month if upgrade before end of contact.

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Traditionally, US 2 year contract prices have been the same as Canadian 3 year this is not good for the U.S. market.

No it hasn't. iPhone 5 in the US with a 2-year contract was more expensive than in Canada on a 3-year contract.

This pretty much sums it up, I would definitely pay $50 more if it meant I wasn't locked into a contract for 3 years. I'm coming up to 2 years on my iPhone 4S an it's horrible, laggy OS is killing me. Ready to upgrade now.

Agreed!!! The 2 year contract prices are ridiculous.... Usually around 400$ for a feature phone.

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2 years.. 3 years.. why don't just buy them unlocked? Then again who, would pay $600+ for a BB device besides all of you BBlovers (±5% market)?

I'm Canadian and agree with you, $249 for 2 years is way better then 199 for 3. They eat are money here in canada, im sure the q10 on a 2 year will run us $299

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Did you not read 3 years vs 2 years? I was expecting and willing to pay 300-350, it's an amazing phone. I believe that I heard it will impregnate your wife!

3 year contracts is the only thing offered. Unlike the US everything cost more here so we can not afford a $600+ for a phone. When I bought my z10 bell would only give me a $50 reduction in the price which is still more then the states at $600.

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I guess the US carriers are expecting the Q10 to be the BB10 device folks will really want and have upped the price in anticipation of higher demand.

That's short sighted by Blackberry if true. Blackberry makes it really tough to attract non BB core users by offering their devices at a price equal to or more than the fierce competition in the marketplace. Sure, BB will sell to BB junkies upgrading their Bold 9900's, but they aren't going to win over the undecideds when the Q10 is as or more expensive than an HTC One or a Galaxy S4. I like Nokia's strategy of an ultra compelling price point. It is starting to pay off for them.

Agreed.. I thought I was the only one seeing the whole picture! Although I'm not sure if its actually "paying off" for Nokia.. From what I've read, their Lumia is doing quite well but I don't think W8 is doing much for them

Point is the Z10 is the competing device for the S4 and HTC one. And it is priced competitively.

The Q10 is a premium product for premium business users.

Finally it does seem like a curve version is coming. My guess is it will not be a zero phone but will be a 50 phone in the USA.

Again, the Z10 or Aristotle is the S4 competitor not the Q10.

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The Q10 & Z10 aren't real competitors for the S3/I5 let alone the S4/HTC One/Iphone6. They will be great phones once the app market is more developed (& not just simple ports). Until than not many outside of the BB fan club will buy the Q10s @ $249.

& why is a "premium" business user pickign a q10 over a s4/htc one besides the keyboard? IMHO, for now, most of the high end androids (& maybe even the iPhone) are better products for a business user.

Wrong I have an HTC one and I love it a lot but I'm about to buy a blackberry Q10 to switch between because of work reasons. These touch screen phones don't co pare to keyboard blackberry phones for business reasons.

I feel the price will drop rather fast when it is not selling as well as they thought at that price but how many new customer would they have lost by the time they drop the price? I am not sure if this is good for business

Yeah I don't know if the $50 price rise over z10 is a good thing. Meaning they think it will sell and therefore they make more money or are they scared and just want more money out of the few they think they will sell

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Obviously we'd all rather pay less than more, but from a pragmatic standpoint, I'm not sure about the wisdom of pricing it higher than pretty much anything else out there.

Makes sense to me. The Q10 in itselft does not compete with other top tier smartphones. If a customer is going to go with the Q10, the only reason they would pick the one is because of the physical keyboard. If the keybaord is not that important to you then you would go with either the Z10 or another touchscreen smartphone. The Z10 is priced to compete, not the Q10.

I completely agree.
Also, I find that people saying that BlackBerry is shortsighted or idiots, etc... they are the ones being ridiculous.
If BlackBerry is not making money from BIS anymore then they have to compensate, period. It's $50 get over yourself, I say to them.

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Note: The carriers can price it at whatever they want. The $250 price is the carrier-subsidized price. Looks to me like the carriers think it should be priced higher. Note: carriers pay $600 for an iPhone and subsidize it down to $200 on a 2-yr contract.

If the Q is not competing with anyone then why are you over pricing the phone? Keep the price at 199 and get more and more people to switch to BB and make your money that way. You have people waiting for this phone and now they do not want it because of the price. Now you loose market share and money. Only people that will buy this phone at this price are die-hard BB fans. I will stay with my Z10

Sounds like supply and demand to me, more people looking for a new Blackberry will want this, mainly for the keyboard. Also you said a 2 year contract for all three carriers mentioned, but only AT&T and Sprint do contracts of the three said, Tmobile is no contract, but retail price for a device.

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According to BBRY documentation, there will be a Q10 model (SQN100-5, IIRC) that will have TMO's frequency bands. So I'm pretty sure it will be released on TMO. I doubt BBRY would make the 100-5 for smaller AWS players like Wind, Mobilicity and Videotron.

The Q10 has absolutely no competition that why, its a niche product (bizarre we now live in a world where a portrait qwerty is a niche, but we do)

The battery will be a beast and last much longer than anything else out there. Plus touchscreen 4G lte. It will be an exceptional device.

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Supply vs Demand. They are expecting to be able to move some at that price point, if they are wrong the price will move down quickly. How much outright?

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50 dollar difference? Come on guys. Apple comes out with a game changing phone and they charge everybody too much. Why? Because e cause they are in it to make money. BlackBerry has something that no one has competed with not because others haven't tried but because BlackBerry is the best at it. Should they charge more? Well they are out to make money so yes. I'm happy with my Z10 and the one thing that BlackBerry and AT&T doesn't know is that I was willing to pay 250 for it. There is no need to gripe. Unless you plan on switching platforms because of the 50 just get it. If it's as nice as the Z10 you will not regret it.

Feel free to add me 24EFEB55

The difference being that the iPhone has buzz, usually currently and historically. Love it or hate it, I doubt anyone can argue with that.

Do you think BB has built sufficient buzz to be able to price the phone this high? Or, do you think the phone itself is going to create such buzz itself that they can price it this high?

I'm not so sure on either count.

I've been waiting for this very phone. My knee jerk reaction to the price, though, is a bit negative, and it adds to some of my other irritations with BB (the looooong wait generally speaking since the 9900/9930, the looong wait for the Q10 relatively speaking, the fact Sprint didn't even have the Z10 which my wife would have insterad of her Galaxy SIII, etc.).

I agree with you about the buzz. If BB10 had all the apps from BB7 (and a few more) you could generate some buzz but you don't have the apps yet. I know they are coming but to get new customers you can not price them out cause they will just go elsewhere for less money. Once again the die-hard BB fans will buy the phone no matter what. Yes $50 is a lot when it comes to generating buzz. I feel we have generated the wrong buzz and it may hurt. IMO

BlackBerry already has this buzz with those who care about a physical keyboard. This phone is not intended to go after people who want a touchscreen phone. That's the Z10's job and it's price accordingly.

You are in business to make money not to sell to just a few people. If you price the phone at 199 they will get way more people buying this phone. But if you are happy with selling to a very small group that is fine.

You're comparing apples to oranges (no pun intended.) The high price of the iPhone you're referring to is the full retail price, not the contract price. The iPhone, on contract, can be had for $199.

I do feel a little shorted by this news. Being financially penalized for device loyalty seems a bit backwards. They know that those who love GOOD qwerty devices were holding out for this and they are salivating at the opportunity to add on $50 per device to potentially millions of almost guaranteed sales. This is market economics though and as I type and complain I know in my heart of hearts that I will pay this inflated price. Oh well, just give me my damn Q10 and let me have my qwerty'd LTE in peace.

Yep. I'll pay it and do so happily to get that damn device in my hand. And I fully understand the economics in play. But it's still a weak punishment for loyalty.

Yup, every company plays this way. VW makes Audi cars look all slick so you salivate when you see one and then you are ready to pay $20,000 more for a better engine and a "better" design.

VW doesn't make Audi cars, while they have some common components, they are two different companies. VAG (Volkswagen AG) owns both Audi and Volkswagen the car company. But Audi was car company purchased in the 50s unlike Acura which is brand created by Honda or Lexus is a brand created by Toyota. Audi also owns Lamborghini and Bentley, but all 3 cars are entirely different. Use different engines and parts, the A8 does share platform with Bentley GT, meaning the under carriage dimensions. VAG Also owns Bhugatti and Skoda. In short comparing a Volkswagen to Audi and saying Audi is just a suped up version is wrong.

While I get the analogy being made about the Z10 and Q10, the Q10 isn't a suped up Z10. But at least it's the same company. The comparison between Audi and VW would be like saying well Bentley is a suped up Audi and Bhugatti is a suped up Bently because they share the same parent company... no one would make those claims. completely different cars, different purposes. Ironically, the Z10 and Q10 analogy works but not in the intended way.

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Are you trying to say that VW and Audi cars don't share some of the same components? If so, I think you need to do some research on that.

"while they have some common components"..I think you need to do some research on reading comprehension....

Oh man. I don't even live in the states no more but that kind of things makes u wonder if bbry really want to gain market again. We (BlackBerry users) would buy it even if we find it expensive but unfortunately BlackBerry can't survive only with us, they need to attract android and ios users and with prices tags like this I don't think they would do it. Us$250 is not a price tag to gain market. I'm just being honest. HTC one is out there, iphone 5 and all that. Let's see what happens

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They will be building lower-end smartphones and the Q10 is actually geared towards the Blackberry users. iOS and Android users will most likely switch to the Z10..

If you want market gain keep the price the same as the Z. $50 to BB fans is no big deal but we want to gain market share. We want to make money not break even by selling the phone to the same people over and over again.

Can't believe the negatively over $50... wasn't the 9930 also $249? sold the heck out of those. And as the flagship BlackBerry the price is right in line with how it works. But given the fact that it is the only real qwerty option that is worth it... come on team BlackBerry cheer up. It's coming and that's what matters. If the $50 is make or break, you probably shouldn't be spending it on a phone.

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Yea they sold the heck out of the 9900 for $250? That must be why the market share skyrocketed with that phone...

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I imagine the Q is a little higher quality build compared to the Z plus there are those that absolutely will only use a physical keyboard device & pay for it, as I don't think anyone can match BB's keyboard.
Much like most top quality phones, it will likely be reduced soon after it's launched. A bit of a drag considering how long folks have waited for it & will have to wait a little longer to save a few bucks. Anyhow, I'm enjoying my Z!

I agree though that it's a bit more expensive in the US because they only have to commit to a 2 yr contract. All our North American carriers really pale in comparison to carriers abroad. Ugh !!

I'll pay $249 or more because I know it's worth it. The question is, are potential buyers from other platforms willing to pay $249?

I would gladly pay 250 for a two year term rather than $200 for a three year term, i wish we had that option in Canada...

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Lotta chat about the $50 bucks differential. I think I've heard 3 key reasons for this difference
- better, higher amp battery
- the cost to add the keypad
- a tougher, case and screen
In the end there's usually discounts to be had if you dicker with the provider. I got my Z10 through Bell in Canada and cut the $199 list to $59 on a 3 yr. contract by negotiating directly with the customer service ppl instead of the store staff. Now my wife wants the Q10 so we'll be back at the negotiations in May.

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When you have people on the fence about getting a BB or some other phone $50 is a lot. BB fans will stay no matter what for the most part but you are trying to get new customers also. So you must stay competitive. That $50 could be the difference in gaining new customers to BB. IMO

Hm I hoped BB would go for much more aggressive pricing to secure it's place in corporate world. I don't know how this is going to play out for them now. This would mean price around $599 for off contract, and that is high.

No idea on the price difference, but one early reviewer said that he was amazed how they were able to pack so much more into a package 30% smaller than a 9900. He also said the Q10 was the device the 9900 should have been.

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I like this pricing. It's high, but the market needs to see these are premium phones. They can discount a little later like they did the z10, but it can only help to make full profit on this device.

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The market may see they are premium phones and choose not to buy them. That's my concern with my prior comments. How will this pricing impact their sales, not just me personally.

$99 for a Z10 is a better deal. They are pricing higher as they know qwerty junkies will cough it up!

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I would pay $249 for the Q10. I'm loving my Z10 though. Again like everything else if you don't like the price don't buy it or just wait a few months and it will go down.

I wasn't going to get the Q10 because I would feel like I'm buying the Bold 9900 again. I miss the Qwerty but I'm very happy with my Z10. BlackBerry knows that most of its consumers like the Qwerty more than the virtual keyboard, but selling the Q10 for $50 more than the Z10 is crazy. I feel that charging more is unfair.

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Agreed! I got an off contract Z10 on Verizon but not having a perfect experience. Maybe it's a sign from the BlackBerry gods that I should get a Q10.

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The Z10 is the phone for the masses! Q10 is for enterprise like everyone keeps saying, captive audience in all the people holding out for the Q10 makes sense to charge the premium. When the media catches on to the awesomeness of these phones people will want to get them. Then it will be choice Z10 for all the converts from other platforms and Q10 for BlackBerry lovers.

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Lemme see now, $249 over 2 years works out to 34 cents per day whereas if it were $200 that would be 27 cents per day, a saving of 7 cents per day. Just eat one less chocolate bar per week and the price can be managed.

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Maybe they wanna sell more z10s and wean ppl slowly off of it. Cuz even tho it has better tech, I'm sure ppl womt chose this over a galaxy s8 or the note 12 or HTC one regular (pardon my joke -_-) when they are 50$ less. Or maybe it's Cuz china bought 2 million. That's all.

Lets not forget the retail on the Q10 is 600 so its more than a 50% discount. I paid 632 for my z10 with tax. and have an upgrade available so its tempting
I think the US carriers willl sell the heck out of it. Chris Umi was right on track with his article about it

And the laws of supply and demand will dictate that the complaints about high pricing expressed here will become moot once the Q10 is released into the wild. Let's face it. If a person has held out for this long, even when a beautiful beast like the Z10 could have already fulfilled that BB10 craving, it's because he/she is a HARDCORE Blackberry keyboard person. They will buy no matter what. They are lusting after this.
I was lucky enough to go to the Crackberry meetup in NYC. The reactions of the people who were able to take a peek at the Q10 that was demoed there were all consistent. They loved the device. I met people that were basically salivating when they saw the Q10 and its build quality. During the raffles that were held, people had a choice of picking a Z10 or an IOU for a Q10. Most of the winners picked the IOU's for Q10's.
We can complain all we want. When it comes down to it, we'll either buy at the $50 premium or wait a few weeks for the discounts to kick in. I think most won't resist the look and feel of having a KICK-ASS device in their hand and will gladly part with the extra $50.
Lots of Apple diehards swallow their dignity to stand in lines for hours every year when a new device is released, many of them after selling their old devices to subsidize the new ones, effectively mortgaging their purchases for years. THAT's overpaying.
After seeing most people's responses to the Z10, I see nothing but good things in the Q10's future (and ours as fans of Blackberry--- you know, the same fans that want Blackberry to thrive and to develop a real ecosystem?)

Like certain foods out of season: if you want it badly enough, you'll buy it, if you think it's too expensive, you won't. THE END

For those asking about the q10 on TMobile, I was told by the store manager when I got my z10 that getting the q10 was when, not if.

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If you all (US consumers) wait about a month after release, amazon and/or best buy will have them on sale, like they do with every other new mobile device.

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You don't price a Mercedes like a Chevy. Diehard qwerty keyboard fans are going to buy it regardless. It will be a powerhouse business device. As a Z10 owner, I'm torn.

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I will have to disagree with you on this one. people are not going to just give money away cause they like qwerty. they are going to stay in their budget and 249 is out of most peoples budget 149 to 199 is doable for people. at that price it will be for companies and a few regular joes

i was expecting the q10 to be at $149 or 199 but not $249. $50 make a lot of difference when you add the upgrade fee of $36 or other people trying to pay an early upgrade. if bb wants to gain customers they need to lower their prices, the note is $249, the s4 will be 249, the htc one is less than $200, the iphone 5 will be soon at $99 and the iphone5s will be at $199. must people will prefer to get an iphone, htc one or even a s4 over spending 249 for a bb and why? people don trust bb and their apps. we bb users may know what to expect but not all customers. at the same time most 3rd party retailers always offer nice discount like the z10 you can get it for $99-149 on amazonwireless and other webs.

I love BB and have had one for over 10 years but I have to agree with you on your comments. I was thinking 149 also to keep the momentum going. Now it will come to a fast stop at 249

I'm convinced these will sell like hot cakes once the price is lowered :) I'm sticking with my Z10. Absolutely love this phone.

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Ouch. Sounds like I'll be waiting for a price drop before I pick it up. Or I'll have to go through a non-Verizon channel for a better deal.

I'm willing to dish out another $50 for something I want... I'm not going to pay $200 for something just because it's cheaper. A two year contract is a commitment and I don't want to get stuck with something that will bug me (iPhone 5, Z10, SG3, etc.) Since it doesn't have a keyboard.

Oh, and "since" is supposed to have a lower case letter... It isn't the start of a new sentence. The new auto-capitalizing thing here is incredibly annoying.

When I bought the 9930 on Verizon, it was $249 on contract. Now if we can remember to back then, most people carrying a bold had it for business purposes (or being a blackberry lover). Probably also why it came with a holster.
The U.S. market tends to price based on the niche its catering to. For the Q10, (which is a successor to the Bold no doubt) its probably seen as a high-end executive device that will mostly be bought by the business elite. And also, a good thing to note is that companies get higher subsidies than consumers. So, in theory, the U.S. CONSUMER market won't sell too many Q10's, so that's probably why the price is higher. This would be in the perspective of the U.S. carriers though.

I personally think that the U.S. market will love the Q10 and they wont be able to stay on the shelves, but I just wanted to share my thoughts on what they may be thinking.

It didnt take long for some stores (amazon) to drop the price for the Z10. I'd wait a month and see what happens.

I was expecting 199. But if it comes with a case, earbuds, charger, USB cord, and a cloth, it's worth it.

I do not think it will sell well at all at that price. If they started at 199 i would say yes but not starting at 249. Bad idea. I see crash and burn coming

How? When every SGS and Note device has been this much for the last three years. And let's not forget that Apple still charges 100 more for more memory bit you can get a 32 and 64gb HTC one for half of that.

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From non BB lover perspective, the price is not very competitive. From BB lover perspective, what? Only that much? Please have my kidney, limbs and firstborn too!

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Looks like loyalty pays off. I entered a 3 year contract got a bold 9900 Dec 2011. Upgraded to z10 before official release. Paid exactly. 0 dollars. I've never paid for a phone and never will. Been with clear net since 1999 then telus took over. Same phone number. I have a grandfathered plan. Billed by second and unlimited data. Now all you busy complaining about paying for a phone. S learn how to be loyal to your provider. Don't change numbers but best yet don't settle at customer service or retention. Escalate to executive office. They have ultimate power to give u what u want. :)

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My Z10 was $150, the most i've ever spent on a phone. You get what you pay for though.. never looking back! #selllikehell

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I really don't think selling it for so much is a good idea. Yes its aimed towards legacy users but they've lost a lot of those legacy users whom may not be interested in dropping $249.00 and two years for a relatively new ecosystem. If BlackBerry really want's to survive it needs to expand their market share and marketing a premium QWERTY device for less may have been a better strategy. There haven't been any worth while, but the sell might be too difficult. No matter how much a new user may like it they may end up picking the z10 or an iPhone or Galaxy. On the flipside everybody starts wanting QWERTYs again rumor has it Nokia has a QWERTY Lumia up it sleeves which i'm sure will be cheaper then the Q10. Then if the demand for QWERTY is high enough HTC and Samsung can probably pump a couple of good ones out sell them half price easily.

If you are looking to not get new BB users this is the way to go. I have a Z10 and was going to get a Q10 also but not now. I have had 2 people tell me this morning that they want the Q10 but not at that price and they were waiting for the Q10 to come out. Now they are thinking of leaving BB. Not a good sign

Well, they made my decision for me. Looks like I'll be buying an iPhone 5 next week. Not worth an extra $50 for a keyboard, and since I'm on Sprint, no Z10 as an option. Too bad, I was looking forward to BB10.

That is what I am talking about. BB is overpricing the phone and they will loose new customers because of the $50. I love my Z10 and will stay with BB. But we will not gain in the market because of the price of the Q it better than the Z10? Is if because it has a physical qwerty keyboard. BB i love u but damn. U haven't "Recornered" the market to make price hikes.

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This affects my buying decision. I'll either hold out an extra month for a price drop or check other options at that point. Nice looking phone though.

Wow that is shocking but who cares I am buying 2 of them.

But then again this is not really official until the carriers actually say it.

i think making it 249 will make it harder for me to persuade my boss to get this phone for everyone over competitors. i was hoping the same price as the Z10 at least.

I agree with you 100% if the price is the same or less than the Z it will sell like hotcakes at this price people and companies will take a hard look and spending the extra money. When you are buying 100's of Q's the $50 adds up very fast.

As some have mentioned already this price point will seem as overpriced for the average consumer. For 50 more you can buy a Nexus4 completely outright. People don't realize that their contracts includes a monthly phone payment over 2 years. You are paying 500-600 for your phone over the term of your contract.

Regardless I would like to see blackberry succeed and get more phones in people's hands and unfortunately the only way would be to lower prices.

This kind of seems to contradict the theory behind yesterday's article that the Q10 might be intended for higher volume with lower margins. I wonder how many people will be willing to pay the premium for the keyboard while giving up screen real estate. I'm a HUGE QWERTY proponent, but this is a little discouraging. I was really looking foward to getting the Q10 but I'm not sure its worth the added $50.

BlackBerry and the carriers knows qwerty folks will cough up the dollars to upgrade right away. Looks like they are taking advantage.

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Isn't the carriers who ate charging more, we need to see the no contract price to see of berry is actually charging more?

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GS3...$50.......i4S.....$99......i5 and HTC One......$199......Note 2 and Q10....$250......anyone see the problem? You want the US consumer to put down THAT kind of $$ on a BB device w/ a brand new OS that is an unknown in this market and the app store lacking like it is and expect to sell in mass quantities AND sign a 2 year deal when they can spend less, get a app store w/ much larger content AND have that "wow factor" BB is missing???

Don't get me wrong.....I love BB10.....I love my new Z10...I'm just being realistic about it. Do you think you're asking a lot?

Exactly. I was willing to sacrifice apps for the same price as an iPhone 5, but an extra $50 to not have the apps that make my job much more convenient isn't worth it for me. I've had BlackBerry handsets for about 10 years, but this is it for me, at least for a couple of years.

On Sasktel I have always been able to upgrade a year early at least on a 3 yr contract with no upgrade penalties other than signing a new 3 yr contract.

This is unbelievable. Blackberry needs to follow a growth strategy right now -- they need to gain market share. You don't do that by pricing higher than the competition for what is really a midrange phone. I do not get the reasoning. People have been waiting for ages; people have been loyal. This is how they are rewarded? By having to pay more when a good argument can be made that the competition offers more for less? Hmmm...Truely Unbelievable. I wouldn't buy it at $250. That's ridiculous!

Will those of us who purchased the Z10 be able to trade it in for the Q10 at the $250 price?

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Pricing doesn't bother me at all. Just put the cash aside and buy it when you can afford it instead of complaining, however long it takes, so be it. That is the way I am going to do it. :)

You're a rebel, Rootbrian! I'm betting you actually buy your "stuff" based on "need" vs. "want" in most cases, too! LOL.

Off-contract is likely how I'll be doing the Q (sporting the Z10 b/c my trusty 9930 became horribly non-trustworthy). Salvaged her twice, but this time she's on her way out for good, I fear... Z will be the fallback device. Best touchscreen keyboard out there, but I'm one of those dorks who can't fully convert (and not only type faster, but more accurately) on a physical qwerty.