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By Adam Zeis on 9 Apr 2013 01:25 pm EDT

The BlackBerry Q10 is nearing an official release and as such, retail stores and carriers are starting to announce pre-orders both in-store and online. Rogers, TELUS, Future Shop and others are up and running with Q10 info and plenty more are expected to follow soon. 

We know that most major carriers in the US, UK, Canada and other markets will be releasing the full-QWERTY BlackBerry Q10 in the coming weeks, so we'll be rounding up the list as more announce pre-orders and official release dates. 

It's looking like the end of April is release time but we hope to pin down a more exact date very soon. In any case, if you're looking to pre-order a new BlackBerry Q10, keep reading to see where you can do just that - and be sure to check back if pre-order isn't yet available for your carrier.


AT&T Not yet announced
Verizon Pre-order Online
T-Mobile Announced
Sprint Not yet announced


Rogers Pre-order Online
TELUS Pre-order Online
Bell Pre-order Online
WIND Pre-order Online
Virgin Mobile Pre-order at Future Shop stores
SaskTel Pre-order Online
Future Shop Pre-order available in stores
Best Buy Canada Pre-order available in stores
Koodo No pre-order available
Mobilicity Not yet announced
WalMart Canada Not yet announced
TBooth Not yet announced
Wireless Wave Not yet announced


Carphone Warehouse Pre-Order Online
EE Pre-Order Online
O2 Pre-Order Online
Phones 4U Pre-Order Online
Three Pre-Order Online
Vodafone Pre-Order Online
T-Mobile Pre-Order Online


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BlackBerry Q10 Preordering Hub


Well, it's funny there lagging so much but trying so hard not to become dumb pipes they don't see that it we have less faith in them, there will be less room for them to grow. We'll all become complacent and stop hoping simply upgrade when we can, never changing or buying into new services etc. They're becoming dumb pipes by trying to avoid becoming dumb pipes. Or maybe I'm high and wishful that they're insolence is punish.

Pre orderd white Q10 from Rogers, but have serious doubts that I'll actually go to the store to pick one - having Z10 makes it much harder to find an excuse to buy another BB10

They should really do something about the United States' market. No wonder they're having trouble here...

Oh, and I want my Q10 now, of course!

No word on the rubber back as being an option yet. If im to buy the Q10 it will have to be with the rubber back. The Z10 rubber is perfect.

Ill be waiting a month anyways. I need to know how the app situation plays out, the rubber back mystery, and a price drop would be nice since I already bought the Z10 off contract. 1200$ on phones within a few months is alot lol

HEHE. That's not what I meant... and I hear you. But in this particular case, and at this point in time, it is solely on the carriers regarding the difference in time between US and Canadian release dates.

HEHE. I hear ya. Just took your post as an opportunity to point out whose fault the delay is. Think of yourself as a patsy. :-)

Q10 on Verizon but I'm patient as I still love my 9930!
Y'all can let us know how it funtions. Hopefully the BB World will have apps by then.

Hmmm.... I wonder if the CB staff have the Q10 already because, per the CB Podcast for Z10 and other tech blogs, they all had the Z10 several weeks prior to Canadian and UK releases.

Followed by an article where a CB staff member got mugged or kidnapped for the Q10 ;)
Be warned, dangerous to walk around with a Q10 before release.

Koodo has updated their FaceBook page and listed the Q10 as coming soon. Hopefully they announce the dates soon. A little disappointed by the prices but I will wait to see what it is at launch time.

Q10 is for die-hard physical keyboard fans who use the device mostly for communication and little else. Otherwise, the Z10 gives you a more well-rounded experience.

I use mine for much more than communication. 9900 user, once was a 8130 and 9700 user. I really abuse my blackberry. :D

Q10 looks good but this keyboard on my Z10 is killin the game right now but all the best for the Q10 bc I support anything BlackBerry. We on the come back. BB10 there's no stopping us now

White BlackBerry z10

I'm due for an upgrade on sprin on 6/1. Would be great if i could get a Q10 by then and rejoin the BlackBerry fold!! Hate this damned 4S im using since my 9930 grew legs and left.

How to get blackberry balance????? I'm not know how and why my z10 can't do that in the review

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry Balance only works with a BES10 server. You cannot simply set your work email as your work portion of the device without it.

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Had the Z10 since Jan 31st and absolutely love it, but still really want the Q10.
This may be an idiotic question, but, without having two sim cards, what's the best way for me to rock 2 BB10 devis?
Switching via link every time I want to switch between them?

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I have read a lot of complaints about delays on American carriers, but hasn't it always been this way? I came to BlackBerry when the Bold 9000 came out and I think it was out a couple months ahead of the American carriers. It may have been the same for the 9800 and I am pretty sure it was a couple months for the 9900 and OS7 phones.

Re: the US carriers, don't forget Sprint stated at the BB10 launch that they would carry the Q10, so let's not all jump to conclusions yet about none of them supporting that device just yet. Just waiting for official announcements is my guess. They were the last ones to get the Z10, they're probably still adjusting to the platform in general.

And I haven't seen any FCC approvals on the Q10 yet either.

MTS didn't even make it onto the Canada list. Boo. Not sure who the boo is for but boo all the same.

Sent from my iPuh-lease-as-IF

Unlikely. Sprint uses CDMA. I don't think you can bring a device from elsewhere and get it to work. Best bet: Give sprint a call and they will tell you, but I don't think it is possible.

Q10 to the rescue please!! Its getting a bit tiring explaining why my BB phone is so 2007 but yet such a speedy texter while speeding and tired of the "what tablet is that I'm using? the Nexus, no; the mini, no; the fire, no; don't feel stupid but I'm sure you never heard of it and don't ask who still uses a BB....

So I know one part of carrier testing is radio performance (TX power, RX sensitivity and emissions) and then there's software related tests. The radio tests are pretty straight forward and can be done at 3rd party labs. In Canada the carriers do the software testing and I assume it's the same in the US. The big question: if BB10 has already been tested and approved, why should there be any additional carrier delays for the Q10 in the US?

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Tower frequency, tower switching performance, data performance - tethering included, in either identity within carrier db, and a whole lot more. Seems usa carriers put too much weight in box branding, à little pathetic to be honest.

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Of course nothing is set in stone, but Sprint has said to be carrying the Q10 model and it's possible we might see it on Tmobile as well.

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As much as I love my z10 I am hoping to sell it for the q10 :/ the battery life is just not doing it for me on the z10, but I absolutely love bb10!!

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Gosh... why are there only phone carriers in the us. and like a million in other countries weird huh