BlackBerry Q10 Photo Gallery

By Adam Zeis on 30 Jan 2013 01:06 pm EST

The BlackBerry Q10 is the first full QWERTY BlackBerry 10 device from BlackBerry. It was announced earlier today and while we don't know when or where it will be available just yet, we still got a chance to play with and check it out for ourselves. It's a really great device overall - taking the BlackBerry OS and putting it on a device with a physical keyboard. The BlackBerry Q10 is sure to please long-time BlackBerry users that can't live without a real keyboard. Check out some more photos of the BlackBerry Q10 below and stay tuned for more.


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BlackBerry Q10 Photo Gallery


I like them both. Can anyone tell me if those "cinnamon toasts" pop ups have been implemented in blackberry 10 or not?

A lot of people don't seem to be pleased with it, but I rather like it. I'm still going for the Z10 however, I'm just not patient enough for the Q10!

I agree - RIM hinted it would be out almost simultaneously. Way too long. For that matter, March for U.S. customers is way too long!

Same specs as Z10 with the exception of the display (AND battery size unknown). Display is super AMOLED 3.1 inch 720 x 720. Slightly lower pixel density than that of the Z10.

Disappointing that it isn't 768 by 768, relieved the diagonal is bigger than the 77mm I thought would be minimum needed. As a former medium format photographer, the square screen just makes so much sense. Videos? What is my PB for?
(edit)-isn't that an HDMI socket?

I'm happy the Q10 looks similar to the Bold 9930 (which I find to be a nearly flawless design) but I wonder why they didn't make the Q10 the same length as the Z10 to allow for a larger screen or a larger keyboard. I'm guessing it's due to ergonomics/balance. The Z10 looks super nice!

Because the Z10 is too big. Some people like myself like a nice compact phone like a 9900 rather than carrying a monster around lol.

+1. I'm also glad it's not as big as the Z10. My guess is that the Q10 will probably be more "pocketable" than the Z10 and also maybe easier to use with one hand due to the slightly smaller size. I haven't compared the size specs, but I'm guessing the Z10 is probably about the size of a Lumia 920 which, for me and my preferences and phone uses, is too big.

Can't wait to check out both models in the next few months.

I saw a glimpse of the white one. It looked like it's bezels were white. If so, it'll look better than the white Z10.

Thank you Adam, those new, crisp close-ups are looking. Actually really good. I had my doubts about this design, however it looks really, really well built. I'd say even better than the 9900, at least in terms of quality.

Have you been able to get an actual hands-on with it and take it for a test drive? I'd like to know how character selection works on the Q10. This is not only interesting for german speaking users, but for others as well. What I am talking about is special character input. On the Bold 9900 we have to hold down the key ("a" for example) and scroll the trackpad to make the required character appear for input.

Btw, I second the request of a 9900/9930 and Q10 side-by-side :)

All the leaked images NEVER did the Q10 justice. This is a BEAUTIFUL phone... I'm really stuck now on which one to get. I wont know till i get my hands on one. This is truly a great launch. #Nerdgasm


why'd they change the back to make it more rounded I wonder. I like the back of the 9900. Also, anybody got an actual size of it? Put it side by side with the 9900 so I can make a decision.

Why is it so short? I'd prefer a longer screen on the Q10 to make it the same length as the Z10. Big screens are what people want so why make the Q10 so small?!

Why is it so short? I'd prefer a longer screen on the Q10 to make it the same length as the Z10. Big screens are what people want so why make the Q10 so small?!

They can't simply make the screen taller. Blackberry decided to do a 1:1 screen ratio for the QWERTY device(s), so if the increase the screen heigth, they also need to make it wider by the same amount.

My only concern is the glass fiber weave on the back of the phone. Will it scratch as much as the 9900...? But really, other than that, I will be waiting for this over the Z10. It looks fantastic!

So many people thought the phone was ugly and cheap-looking... But now, everyone seems to love it. All I can say is... WE TOLD YOU SO!

Any word on the thickness or weight? I'm hoping it's at least as thin as the 9930. Any thicker would be a step back and a disappointment.

keyboard looks straight versus the bit of a curve we have now ...wonder how comfortable it will be to type on

I really like this. I do miss the slight curve of the keyboard, but I can get used to straight lines. And personally, I'm very glad it isn't as big as the Z10. I like the more compact look and feel.

Now I just need dates and prices, and start the anticipation all over again.

I think the screen size of Q10 is probably the probably optimal. Imagine how easy you will drop your phone while typing on the phone if is the screen is longer (aka disproportional to the size of the area where you hold and type)

I'm concerned about the battery on the Q10. Having seen the Z10 with the back cover off, it's battery runs almost the entire length of the phone. The Q10 will necessarily have a physically smaller battery which, I assume, will be lower powered. With LTE, this could be a real problem.

My second concern is that the screen is 720x720. The Z10 has the same aspect ratio as the Playbook making app porting simple. Apps will have to either be rewitten for the Q10 or they will be 'letterboxed' to maintain the Z10's ratio which will reduce the screen size of apps even more.

Given that Sprint announced that they will only be carrying the Q10, and that I have been thinking more in terms of the Z10, this throws a monkey wrench in the works. Plus, Sprint won't commit to a timeframe for launch.

The battery is also powering a much smaller screen, so it probably evens out. If anything, I would guess the Q10 has better battery life.

smart observation about battery size, i looked back at pics of the z10 and the ls-1 isn't as long as it seems....and i do hope sprint will roll out both models too

I can't believe I have to wait until April OMG, i want to see video demo of this in use pleaseeee

Bold_9900 user

imo, the only reason to have keyboard is for better typing experience over touchscreen. But from what I hear about the awesome experience on BB10 virtual keyboard, I'm proud to announce that after a host of Treos, the Pearl 8130, the Curve 8330, and the Bold 9930, my next phone will be the Z10. It will go perfectly with my Playbook (and iPad mini)!!

I wish the Q10 had the same backing as the Z10. I like carbon fiber look but would have rather had the squishy dots...

The physical keyboard on Q10 with BB10 OS is a winner. Can't wait. My next smartphone. iPhone and Androids got nothing on the Q10. But it better be available fast.

The physical keyboard on Q10 with BB10 OS is a winner. Can't wait. My next smartphone. iPhone and Androids got nothing on the Q10. But it better be available fast.

I saw a walkthrough video on Engadget. I don't like them that much but you can see a video of it working there. It does have next word prediction too but that part is on screen. I didn't see the demo dude actually swipe a word up to accept it though...hopefully Crackberry will post a hands on video of the Q10 soon too.

I've always been a BlackBerry user by choice, and I really, really, really like the looks of the Q10. I have no doubt I'll be replacing my Bold 9930 with this phone as soon as I can!

It would be nice to see a photo near a 9900 or other blackberry phone to see the real size.

It looks thicker than the 9900

It is thicker and larger than the 9900 but not by much. I have already seen a video and review of it. But all in all it's very 9900 like. Engadget has a video review and large hi quality pics to see of multiple angles. The slot on the bottom is a speaker by the way...

Yeah, I think I'm in for the Q10 when it's finally available. I'm due for an upgrade credit in August, so the timing is about right. Gonna have to repurchase all my accessories....[sigh].

I was hoping this would be my next phone, but seeing as I don't know when it goes on sale I will have to buy the Z10

I am now so excited about the Q10, I love the look. All Black Everything. All I need in this life is a BB Keyboard and BB Hub! I will be picking up a Z10 for the wife and Q10 + Z10 for me.

The Q10 looks good and the specs are much better than what I had in mind,

My only concern with the BB10 is that I believe that all the keyboard shortcuts that make a blackberry such a powerful business tool are gone.

It might be just me but I find selecting text to copy/paste on a touch screen so painfully slow.

anyone know if it will have LTE like the z10? im sure it will, but i havent seen confirmation of LTE on any spec sheet...

The Q10 will support 4G LTE. The hardware inside are identical to the Z10, minus the screen of course. I even confirmed with Verizon and they told me both models will have 4G LTE support.

Q10 needs a bigger screen minimum of 3.5inch and twice I noticed the swipe gesture to open the BB10 Hub was not smooth, seems like it was a Q10 dev alpha vs the new Q10 lets hope

Omgah, I may just drop Android for this phone. My first smartphone was a BB Curve years ago. I have actually missed that little POS. Looking good Blackberry!

Love it, Love it, Love it. My wife is getting the Z10 and I am getting the Q10. Best of both worlds.....BlackBerry World.

Kevin.....anyone making up some "T" shirts.

would like to see a BB10 Torch with a display like the Z10, but either way, gotta have my keyboard, so when the Q10 is available, that's where I'll be...

They didn't learn that consumers want to see maximized screen real estate relative to the body. That Blackberry logo on top of the screen is absolutely unnecessary. The should've followed the TK-VIctory prototype design. I don't like the design, looks outdated to me (just my personal opinion).

annnnnnd it's April...... Then May.... Followed by June..... Anyone else tired of "being patient"?
Love the phone... Hating the company...