BlackBerry Q10 outselling the Samsung Galaxy S4 in the UK

By Adam Zeis on 22 May 2013 04:56 pm EDT

While the BlackBerry Q10 has still not landed on US soil (not too much longer, promise) sales have been exceeding expectations already. While a recent report by ITG Research claimed that Q10 sales were under that of the BlackBerry Z10, it appears that it is quite the opposite.

According to Seeking Alpha, the Q10 is actually selling better than the Z10 despite being just one month in since the initial release. When contacting stores across Canada about the report, it was clear that the Q10 is selling extremely well across the board. As one store commented, "That is not correct, it [Q10] is doing considerably better."

The Q10 is also selling even better than the Samsung Galaxy S4 at the Carphone Warehouse at Selfridges - the top mobile retail location in the UK. The Q10 was first offered as a Selfridges exclusive and sold out in just 90 minutes where it was said to be "leagues beyond anything they had seen". With Samsung claiming such great sales for the S4, it's a very impressive feat for the Q10. 

We've already said that the Q10 will be a cash cow for BlackBerry. It's the best physical keyboard device there is and will sell extremely well to both current and new BlackBerry users across the globe. With a US release just a few weeks off we're sure to see these numbers crank up big time as well. 

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BlackBerry Q10 outselling the Samsung Galaxy S4 in the UK


Nice indeed, but this title article's title is very misleading. The Q10 is not outselling the S4 in the UK, the Q10 is outselling the S4 in one store in which it had an exclusive for days. While this is still good news for BBRY this information does NOT mean the Q10 is actually outselling the S4 nationwide.

I am disappointed in CrackBerry for the misleading title.

It's entirely misleading. It'd be like me saying the best selling product in the UK is a stuffed crust pizza because one Pizza Hut store has that as their top selling product.

If it said the Q10 is outselling the S4 at Selfridges, that would be correct. But to claim it's outselling the S4 in the UK is 100% completely misleading the reader.

It's not a misleading headline. The author writing for Seeking Alpha is Michael Collins, and he offers several clear, compelling proofs of the Q10 outselling the S4 in the UK. Adam's thumbnail sketch of Collins' article does not do the SA article justice.

Clear compelling truths? He asked in one store and the rest is what he seen on ebay - how is that 'clear and compelling'?

The best part of the article is that it is a retail channel check and it doesn't account for the 10's of thousands of Q10's sold via phone direct to their corporate customers. I don't think corporations are clamoring for the S4. In Canada here, our channel checks have indicated that initially sales of the Q10 were blowing away the S4, although the S4 seems to be picking up some steam now. Frankly, I never expected the Q10 to be as strong as it is. I do think Q10 sales are also being limited by production bottlenecks.

You seem to be confusing the adjectives "clear" and "compelling" with quantity of sources, and even on that score you're wrong, because Collins does a lot more than ask in one store and then take a quick peak at eBay.
His first comment focuses on the single biggest retail location in the UK, so he makes clear from the outset (no attempt to mislead) that this first point is limited to this single check. The fact remains that Z10 sales are far superior to S4 sales at "the number one retailing location for mobile phones in the UK bar none." This is true, clear, and compelling. You could make the same argument if you went to a big Bell outlet anywhere in Canada last December and found out that iPhone sales combined were excellent. Any big outlet at any big mall in a major Canadian city would supply a clear & compelling bellwether for the state of phone sales in Canada at a given moment. Selfridges in the UK is no different.

Next, Collins backs this point up with clear, compelling data from eBay UK and eBay Canada. In the UK, BB sold 72 phones in 24 hours at an average price of a 100 pounds more than the average selling price for the S4, which sold only 140 phones over a period of 14 days. In Canada, the Q10 on eBay sells on average for $100+ more than the S4, which is again clear evidence that demand for the Q10 is the opposite of "tepid".

Collins also addresses the main point made by ITG Research, which is that Q10 sales were so weak that they were lower than Z10 sales in Canada. The unanimous response from 15 separate stores was that this was nonsense. Please explain how this poll is anything other than a clear and compelling demonstration that ITG is wrong, and that Michael Collins is telling the truth.

Hey if you want to defend the site for misleading you as a reader you go ahead and do that. I have no emotional investment in this. I'm just pointing out shitty journalism.

oh boy. . .calm down guys. . .the statement isn't a false one. . .it simply doesn't have all the details. . .It's a headline. . .lol

Where did they say that it wasn't outselling them?? Also Selfridges is located in the UK correct? so if the Q10 was outselling the S4 at Selfridges then that means it is outselling them in the UK which is where selfridges is located.

@Phonez If it is any consolation, I agree with you. I am a huge Blackberry proponent and don't approve anything but Blackberries at out company, but I also don't like to see headlines such as these. Blackberry faces misleading comments from others such as Forbes, BGR, The Guardian and many more, on an almost daily basis. Crackberry does in many cases make a point of calling them out on it. What's is "good for the goose must surely be good for the gander". I share your disappointment.

Absolutely agree with this and 2phonez's point. I was bothered while reading the article. And vijit's point is excellently made. Oh, and buylocal? I try to proofread everything I write, including text messages. To think the very notion is laughable from your point of view... I'll just stop here.

it seems you are right, but you are wrong! you start from premise the title must tell the truth or should underline the ideea of the text. No, in these days the title is rather a cry which say "read me!", it's just grab you and force you to read the text. This is happened everywhere.. we can call this marketing.

This. Thanks for pointing it out. It's ironic how they like to point out misleading articles on other websites but churning out misleading articles themselves.

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Had a play with a S4 today. Nice phone but I love BlackBerry :) For me the best solution

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Coming soon! LOL. Would be interesting to see some actual figures though. Guess we will know soon enough. Still good if BBRY Q10 is selling faster at these stores than S4. Don't think it will affect overall sales.

This ridiculous US delay just stinks of RIM's execution of old. Whether it affects overall sales or not, it's very uncool.

What was the analyst company that was torn a new one by crackberry a few weeks ago, partially for forecasting that the q10 would not be coming until June? (At least crackberry pointed out that they were "also" wrong about predicting release for June.)

Don't moan at BlackBerry, Moan at your carrier. BlackBerry would no doubt love for you to have a BB10 device in your hand right now. The zero competition and other poor practices compared to the the rest of the World between US carriers are what has messed up the US release dates for you. Do you really believe BB deliberately slighted the US.

Here are the facts. T-Mobile put out a press release last Tuesday stating that the US Q10 would be available immediately for corporate customers. However, Blackberry has not provided any stock to T-Mobile and not one US Q10 has been sold. T-Mobile now says that corporate customers won't receive any Q10's before June. US carriers can't sell from inventory that Blackberry doesn't provide.

The AT&T model has been out for weeks now, but only given to reviewers. Why? Because there isn't an inventory available to sell from. The Verizon model is also ready to go.

Heins went on a US media tour weeks ago and said that the Q10 would be out by the end of May. Now all of a sudden, it's sometime in June. Carriers don't all act together, or delay together...

US carriers are slow and stubborn, but blackberry has dropped the ball regarding the US. The Q10 and Z10 are excellent products, but blackberry still has major execution problems to overcome. Stating these facts doesn't mean I'm "bashing blackberry". There's nothing wrong with pointing out their faults...

Bottom line - yes, it does have "something to do with Blackberry" - they have bumbled on the execution yet again by promising something and then not delivering. That is an undeniable fail. Let's hope that one day, this behavior ends and the company survives.

Are you 100% positive it's BlackBerry missing on a promise here? I think T-Mobile exec's or sales management team jumped the gun and screwed themselves of honor in the face of their business clients.

Seriously? You are in complete and utter denial. I'm getting the Q10 on Verizon. No question in my mind. Clearly, the devices are not ready. Frankly, I would prefer that BB sit on them rather than launch them with bugs. I'm patient. You (all) should be, as well. But don't blame every U.S. carrier. That is ludicrous.

This has nothing to do with denial. You're awaiting the Q10 on Verizon, yet there is no question in your mind that BB informed T-Mobile USA that Q10 will be available on said date for business clients, then pull back on them (ONLY T-Mobile by the way) and for T-Mobile to state 'so sorry you have to wait until June' to their business clients?? T-Mobile USA has made this mistake before no just with BlackBerry but also with other manufacturers. Again T-Mobile USA is the only one having this issue in the USA, Verizon, AT&T (the former Cingular as wel), etc haven't had this issue with BlackBerry.

I don't need to be patient ... I'm in Canada and the Q10 is readily available for me. Blaming a U.S. carrier for taking so long to 'ready' a device is ludicrous? Rogers Wireless has pretty much mirrored their network over AT&T/Cingular since they went to GSM back in late 2001 (Sept failed, Oct was the real launch) ... up until LTE network was worked on. There isn't much of a difference between the two as their priority roaming partners - long before "Rogers Wireless" was around ... since Rogers Cantel alongside of AT&T when they where with Cantel. Of course the volume is HUGE in the USA vs Canada in terms of subscribers, meaning a magnitude of more towers, gateways etc ... but that also means more engineers, testers etc so the work should be completed in the same time frame. Rogers barely took as long as a time as AT&T did.

8701/8700, 9700, 9780, 9900 ALL released faster on Rogers Wireless than it did with AT&T ... T-Mobile USA only beat Rogers on the 8700 and 7100 launches.

It was on purpose, I'm willing to bet on it.
If the Q10 went to the US first, there will be rampant reviews & media stories saying it's garbage. That would effectively kill the Q10 before it even gets elsewhere. I bet they sent the Q10 where it would be appreciated the most first, so that their praises would put a floor as to how bad the US media can say the Q10 is.

The AT&T model has been out for weeks to reviewers. The media has it and US reviews are generally very good. Delay after delay only hurts your image and creates a lot of frustration and ill will. It would be a huge blunder to deliberately skip your biggest market like this (a couple of weeks is one thing, months is another). I disagree with your opinion.

Delays might hurt your image but if it's true that BlackBerry has no stock to give American carriers I can't see how that would be anything but great on the sales side. BlackBerry hasn't been able to manufactire enough of the things to satiate demand... I can think of worse problems.

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I disagree. They closed a lot of manufacturing facilities and can't meet their global obligations. That's not a good thing.

Sure but they did that when demand slackened for the legacy devices and needed to save cash until bb10 was out. It will take time to ramp up manufacturing capacity again. I'm sure as demand continues to increase BlackBerry will reinvest in more manufacturing capacity. Patience, as they say. And if your an American BlackBerry fan I'm sure you have lots of it! Lol

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People in the US are very spoiled. Yes of course it is biggest market and all that good stuff, but the consumer is spoiled. You rarely have to wait. I live in a place where we don't have Z10, Q10, Netflix, Spotify, Rhapsody, rack of lamb, a good steak, Jambox, Sonos, Romain lettuce or any bread other than white. I purchased a Q10 in Canada, got it unlocked. Then had it shipped here via fedex at the risk of having it stolen. Yes we have even had fedex packages stolen (and it costs over 100 dollars). But guess what? I have still managed to get it before you. tongue in cheek alert: in case you were thinking of a harsh response :)

Doesn't seem true. This is Samsung we are talking about. Yes I love BlackBerry but I'm not naive enough to believe this.

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Very good news if accurate. I find that I can't ignore the Q10.... it's calling out to me. Think I'll replace my Z10 with a Q10...miss dem buttons

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Samsung sells phones to the intellectually challenged. Yes. That's the only reason they sell a lot of plastic, because there are more intellectually challenged humans than any other kind of human. That's where samsucks baseline clientele is at, the bottom. Sorry, truth hurts.

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Uh, not really but nice try. Why can't you be happy with your device and leave others to be happy with theirs?

Posted via CB10 & loving it!

Agreed. I have the S3 and I can't wait to replace it with the Q10, but that doesn't mean it isn't a good handset. I miss my physical keyboard.

As much as I love Z10, I have to disagree with what you said. Samsung makes fantastic phones catering to different kind of people.

Waiting on one from work...can't wait until they decide how many to buy! (I'm not the only one waiting)

Posted from my Z10 via CB10

People need to stop quoting/referebxing seeking alpha. It's a glorified blog where anyone can post their thoughts. ie. it has zero credibility.

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I'd amend that. Seeking Alpha items are only as credible as the contributors who submit them, and some of them are really good. I define "good", though, as having some degree of substance, which this particular item definitely lacks.

Yeah the guy called 15 stores in Canada. That's all he is basing his claim on. Funny CrackBerry don't mention that.

Not as bad as the UK claim though. That's based on one store. To be fair, CB does make it clear he makes no attempt to look at anywhere other than Selfridges, but they don't make it clear in the title of this article; the title suggests they're talking about nationwide sales.

That misleading title and the lack of disclosure about how many stores they base the Canada sales claims on is very shoddy journalism. I might as well go to Gizmodo.

Considering this place bills itself as a news site for BlackBerry related matters (and it's pretty much the biggest one of those on the whole internet), I'd consider it journalism and I'd expect better from a site that's actually got affiliations with even BlackBerry itself. Then again, at the end of the day this is just another tech blog and I guess very few of those are above misleading clickbait articles. I just wish they wouldn't do it so blatantly. I expect this from Gawker, not Mobile Nations.

No, they're bloggers, all of them. It eventually becomes very apparent. What's sad is that real journalists are increasingly being replaced by bloggers in general. Nothing against the bloggers here, mind you. This is just a fan site, which also explain the ties to blackberry.

This is the worst article on CB ever. Totally misleading with no credibility. Though I wish it is true. Good luck BBRY.

I'm curious if the same would play out here in the states. Also, is there any way to praise, without resorting to name calling?

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Lol, No kidding! Didn't you know, Blogs only consist of 220 pound fighters with a 150+ IQ. Everyone is tough, and everyone is a know-it-all.

I love the "BlackBerry is dead"comments, that used to be me. Not anymore, I'm a believer that BlackBerry is alive and well and making a comeback.

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Hell yeah I agree the Z10 is my 1st BlackBerry and I love it... future looks bright for bb if they keep on this path..

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I hope the notifications alerts work on the Q10. It doesn't work on the Z10, (US version). Im talking about the alert notification you are supposed to get while you are on a call and an email or text is coming in. If I'm on a call and my child text me I won't get the text until I get off the call or look down at the blinking LED. A parent should never have to worry about losing contact from their child. We worry about other things. Fix this problem blackberry.

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"Seeking Alpha" didn't say anything. Their content is user-provided, and the users are of varying capability. It would almost be like saying "Reddit reported today that the world will end at 3:43 tomorrow afternoon..."

Don't get me wrong, I'd love to have more authoritative confirmation of this, but this post grants FAR more authority to this item than it deserves.

Thunderbuck , you are right on the money ... we really do not know how well these phones are selling.

On Carphones UK the Z10 is the more popular cell phone plan vs the Q10.

In a way, it's very cool to hear the Q is doing well at Selfridges (and I do believe that part of Collins' report; I just have a hard time extrapolating that to the entire UK). If I understand correctly, it's a high(er)-end retailer and might see a different demographic than the typical suburban outlet. If the Q is doing well with the well-to-do, that isn't a bad thing at all.

Samsung aren't worried, the majority of components inside the Z10 and Q10 are made by Samsung - same with other smartphones.
It's also why Qualcomm don't care who win the smartphone 'war'.

Posted via CB10 from my Q10.

There is one chip in the Z made by Samsung.

That said, you're right that they're not worried, the same way BlackBerry isn't worried since it will be making $100 off every Samsung device managed through BES 10, which will be a whole lot of devices.

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Well, it doesn't surprise me. The Q10 is not only a beautiful device but it is the only viable smartphone in the QWERTY market. This lies in stark contrast to the S4 which has to compete head-to-head with the other slab phones.

Let's face it, BB is on a roll and the short sellers are starting to sweat bullets. The short squeeze is coming and a few hedge funds are going to lose their shirts. Interesting to hear that hedge funds are bullying banks to fire analysts that long on BB. This sort of behavior tells you that panic is starting to set in.

Just read a report saying there are enough put options on BlackBerry stock to account for a full 1/3rd of total shares outstanding. Ridiculous. Hope they lose their shirt

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Short sellers are totally calm, they did their research and they are confident. Misek can't manipulate bbry forever

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Right, and where are the short sellers' favorite mouthpiece (Dimwitter Fullofit). Oh that's right, there busy negotiating their settlement with the SEC. The shorts are starting to cave.

I don't care what new app or game blackberry introduce to their customers, if they don't fix the little problems, the complaints will slow the growth. Don't they understand that negative comments spreads faster than positive comments. I want the latest and greatest too but, I want the alert notification to work first. It doesn't work on the Z10, (US version). Im talking about the alert notification you are supposed to get while you are on a call and an email or text is coming in. If I'm on a call and my child text me I won't get the text until I get off the call or look down at the blinking LED. A parent should never have to worry about losing contact from their child. We worry about other things. Fix this problem blackberry. I'm not the only person that is experiencing this issue

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How did parent's and children ever survive not having contact with each other for 8-10 hours a generation ago?

I'm in the US and I don't have that issues.. However have you tried to email or message BlackBerry help?.. Try that they are very helpful when I need it.

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Seriously? You need to read every text message your child sends you while you are on the phone? For normal people it is totally reasonable to wait 5 minutes until they are done a phone call to see if their child has sent them a text. Some quick parenting advice, maybe let your kids be independent human beings and handle their own problems sometimes, not every thought must be broadcast via SMS.

Wow how did I get to grow to this age. Mobile phones didn't even exist when i was growing up.

As an aside, what you described works absolutely fine on my z10.

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The full keyboard device will obviously continue to have support. I think it's important that the z receives it as well. That's only if the aristo doesn't blow it out of the water.

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Come on BlackBerry. Can we get a US release date???......Reminds me of my Palm Pre............Crash and burn.

To the "parent who should never have to worry about losing contact from their child", you have call waiting, don't you? If it's really that important, your child should be calling you, not texting. It is still a phone, after all.

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Lol. And some discussed the Q10 as the BlackBerry flagship. Full DNA powered.
That's BlackBerry, Babe. No one compare.

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Sprinbok-if you have a child you would know that an emergency doesn't come in the way you want it. That's a child not a highly educated grown person that do everything perfectly. You should want your phone to work as it was designed to do and not give them a pass.

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OK, I'm a huge BlackBerry fan and use a Z10 right now, but come on, one store? BlackBerry enthusiasts site or not this really means nothing.

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you're spreading false infos. The original article is here:

The article refers to the leading UK retailer. Furthermore it warns readers to question negative research surveys and articles. If you read the last part and the comments, the biggest info gets revealed. Pacific crest, Canaccord and ITG have strong personal ties, which raises the question if the well timed negative sales estimates are orchestrated.


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Yes, the comment section is quite revealing. We now know that all the key people at these so called independent firms not only worked together but like to vacation together. The collusion is all starting to make sense. Say good by to your shirt when the short squeeze comes.

This story means nothing. It's just opinion. There is no facts just a non scientific guess. Just like when the bears called stores and they said they had tons of z10 in stock and not many sales.

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The ebay numbers are factual. Much higher volume at a much higher price - right there for all the world to see.

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Of course they are in the UK because BlackBerry fans worldwide are buying devices out of the UK because they are the first to have the q10's. How many q10's are staying in the UK is more to the point

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Would this argument be used if we were hearing something positive about iphone sales in whatever country it is released in first?

Come onnnnn

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Amazing how they all end up in the same retail concession in the back of the basement of an American store at the very end of Oxford Street.

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I am surprised no one here noticed that the comparison is not done side by side. The author of this analysis has good credibility. But this particular survey and analysis is biased. All signs I see indicate that Q10 sells far less to consumers than Z10. However, the overall Q10 sales MAY (may not) surpass Z10 in this quarter due to, as the author mentions, corporate sales/updates. In the long run, leaders of BlackBerry must have clear mind that they cannot depend on small screen keyboard device alone. To be more specific BlackBerry cannot survive on small screen devices. If they can make keyboard devices with bigger screens, then BlackBerry will make a true comeback. If they really innovate, they should make a double side/screen device that have BIG screen and comfortable keyboard and automatically switch screen/active-side.

If BlackBerry really think they can depend on SMALL SQUARE devices, it will no longer be a independent company by this time next year.

I am a long time keyboard user. And just decided between z10 and q10 a few days ago. Opening BBM helped me decide to carry Q10 all the time.

I didn't expect that and it's still hard to believe. But I'm happy. There's still the Z10, the rest of the world. Keep on fighting!

My previous phone was a Samsung Note 2. There is absolutely no comparison to the Q10. What Blackberry has accomplished is absolutely astounding!!! Modern/ stable UI, sensational keyboard and top end build construction.

Posted via CB10

The phone comparison was based on a survey of the carphone warehouse. They sell both phones.

I know the Q10 and Z10 are amazing products but the whole situation around the US release is quite awful. BBRY will have to do lots of damage control once the products are finally released in America. And lots of advertising there again. They really need a phablet to do well in the States.

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I thought this execution disaster ended with RIM. Too bad it's still alive and well! A gap from January's NYC launch to actual availability in June (maybe) is absurd. They hit a home run with the Q10, but for some reason refuse to run the bases...

Production mix of q's to z's is 3:1. If they can't make enough q's even at that ratio it is obviously inconvenient to people that want and don't have, but great news for the company as a whole

Posted via CB10

I think it's more a manufacturing problem. They closed a lot of manufacturing facilities and now can't keep up with their global obligations. It's not a good thing. The amount of UK or Canadian sales, for example, won't effect the US models anyway. Different phones on different lines (with different radios, etc.). They won't "pull" from other markets to sell in the US, or vice versa. They'd just run out in that particular market.

I agree that not being able to keep up with demand is not a good thing, but when BlackBerry made cuts they needed to be made! Without them we might not ever have gotten the Z, let alone the Q. I could be wrong but I have friends that work at BlackBerry and when the cuts came they all said "should have happened a year ago"

Posted via CB10

Good analogy. The reason is actually the same old RIM problem - cannot run the last mile - Guaranteeing QUALITY of device hardware, software, and services. It is QUALITY, not marketing, as many perceived or pretended, that ruined old RIM devices. As old RIM, BlackBerry today still cannot tighten loose ends. This is still a management and organizational problem. The root cause is labor shortage in Canada. No one can run BlackBerry well if there are not enough high-tech labors. A good sign I see is that BlackBerry is expanding its workforce globally. Hope it is not too late. Mr. Heins did the right thing to clean house (although not perfectly since some true work horses were unfortunately let go due to politics). Hope he can right the company couture ASAP and manage a global company with talents acquired from all over the world. I am a Canadian. I have no bias on BlackBerry. In fact I am a hardcore BlackBerry supporter. But I have to tell the truth while I wish BlackBerry well.

This is also the case in ontario at many future shop and wireless wave locations. Don't have any hard stats but have many friends/family members working in the store and when i ask what they are selling the most of they say the HTC one, followed by the Q10, then Z10, then S4, then iphone5

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The funny thing here is that you listed the companies, in order, from currently having the most trouble to being the best off. HTC, Blackberry, Samsung and Apple. But their products (at least in Ontario) seem to be selling in opposite order. Interesting

Great news! A little misleading in the story title though. It makes it sound like its outselling it in the entire UK. Whatever gets the stock price up I guess.

What do you expect from these guys - to tell the truth, they need these kinds of headline to drive up clicks and sales of bb accessories to crackheads. It's what they do for a living, let them be.

I cannot WAIT for Q1 results next month! I cannot wait to see Chris commentary on those results as well. And this will ONLY include partial real world sales of the Q10 and the Z10 because of the staggered launches.

I cannot WAIT for the Q1 results beating all analyst estimates, wowing us as investors and consumers ... and giving nothing ... NOTHING for haters and short sellers to b*tch and wine about!

Trolls seemingly dieing in their own urine. Hey a BB fan can only hope right?

Come on CB, get it together - #tm13 remember, don't go for misleading headlines which scream fanboy logic.

I think whichever way you want to look at it, it's good news. There will be places it sells well and places it lags behind. Just take it for what it is. Headlines are suppose to grab your attention. You got out of the article what you did and someone else will get something else. Go blackberry!

Posted via Jiggy's Z10

Crackberry, come on, what kind of a title is that!! Mislead me harder please, like the Q10 would ever outsell the S4 :-|

My article's original titled said Q10 was outselling the GS4 in the UK largest (in terms of volume) retail store.

It did not infer at any point that it was outselling the GS4 across the board.

More importantly it also showed that Q10 is selling at a premium on ebay vs a discount for SG4.

Posted via CB10

I have had the q10 for a week now and it is everything I expected and more,the keypad is so positive to use and the screen so clear. Well worth the wait.

LOL, what a bullshit post... It outsells the S4 in ONE shop in London, where posh people go to to get their fix and don't care about the price at all.
The launch numbers were impressive, but with at least half of the buyers being grey marketers. These devices are not in the hands of customers.

And the rest of Seeking Alpha's post confirms that the S4 outsells the Q10 on ebay, maybe because there aren't enough Q10 to sell given the price at which they go for.

That's exactly what the forum post about CrackBerry being BB's worst enemy was about. You're going to far with the propaganda. A little bit of sugar coating is expected from a fan site, but com one. Try to get your facts straight, this looks like BGR.

What a misleading title!
Samsug has sold 10 million SG4 in only one month, and you want us to believe that the Q10 is outselling the
Samsung Galaxy S4 in the UK. Quite sure BlackBerry will not sell 10 million Q10 in one year....

If BGR or Gawker media posts a misleading headline, the entire Crackberry erupts in complaints about 'shorts'
When the biggest Blackberry site deliberately posts misleading information, it's ok?
As the biggest BB site online, someone could accuse CB of an attempt at stock price manipulation here.

Another reader commented with a good baseball analogy - "BlackBetty hit home run with BB 10 but doesn't run the bases".

I am sorry to re-post my reply to that reader here. I hope more BB supporters know current state of the company and help it do the right things and perfect the QUALITY:

The root cause is labor shortage in Canada -

Today's BlackBerry still has the same old RIM problem - cannot run the last mile - Guaranteeing QUALITY of hardware, software, and services. It is QUALITY that made BlackBerry a glorious global brand. It is also the QUALITY, not marketing as many perceived or pretended, that ruined RIM in recent years. Unfortunately, BlackBerry today still cannot tighten loose ends. This is a management and organizational problem despite they replaced all CxOs . The root cause is labor shortage in Canada. No one can run BlackBerry well if there are not enough high-tech labors. A good sign I see is that BlackBerry's new management is expanding its workforce globally. Hope it is not too late. Mr. Heins did the right thing to clean house (Although not perfectly since some true work horses were unfortunately let go due to politics). Hope he can right the company couture ASAP and effectively manage a global company with talents COOPERATING all over the world. I am a Canadian. I have no bias on BlackBerry. In fact I am a hardcore BlackBerry supporter. But I have to tell the truth while I wish BlackBerry well.

if some people think that the article is misleading...So, it's a good one to me considering all the false misleading stories bbry have been dealing with this year... causing the price to drop... long bbry*

BBM CHANNEL C000EF854 < stocks*C0004ABC9

Just to agree with others who say this smacks of BGR - the same thought sadly came to my mind too! The even sadder thing is that if you look at Android Central you see a confident and balanced arm of mobile nations which is just excited and enthusiastic about tech, without resorting to BGR like stunts. If you're a long time CrackBerry user and want to get some of the old 'this is what it was like four years ago' magic back I'd suggest a refreshing trip to Android Central!

Adam's lack of response (to defend himself) speaks volumes! It reminds me of our current situation here in Toronto with our crack smoking Mayor.

At this point I guess you'll grasp onto anything that could be perceived a "victory". Desperation sure is a b*tch smh...

Hmm... Q10 is bestseller at Selfridges, therefore Q10 is the best selling phone in UK.

And since Q10 is best seller in UK, the Q10 is the best selling phone in the world ;)