BlackBerry Q10 outselling the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4 in France

By Adam Zeis on 29 May 2013 01:28 pm EDT

While the BlackBerry Q10 was noted as outselling the Galaxy S4 in the UK, it looks like others areas may be having similar sales. According to Seeking Alpha, the BlackBerry Q10 is topping the charts in France as well, despite having been available for just two weeks,

SFR, a French telecom company that has over 21 million customers, ranks best-selling devices on their website (unlike Free and Orange). So as SFR sells the Q10, iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4 it makes for a great start for comparisons. 

When listing the best-selling mobile devices on SFR's site, the BlackBerry Q10 takes in the number one spot - sitting above both the Galaxy S4 and HTC One, and far beyond the iPhone 5. While this could be attributed by some to the early-adopter rush, the device has been available for a few weeks now so that is fairly unlikely at this point. 

It's good to note as well that the BlackBerry Z10 is also selling well at SFR being ahead of the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3.

So it looks like the Q10 is starting out strong so far with better than expected sales in the UK, Canada and France. The US launch is right around the corner (T-Mobile just one week from today) so we'll see how well the Q10 fairs on US soil very soon.

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BlackBerry Q10 outselling the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4 in France


Another cheating article from Crackberry!:(
One thing to note is that the next 2 best selling phones, htc one and galaxy s4, are split into 2 color options resulting in the splitting of
sales numbers. Since q10 is only listed in black, I wonder if it would still be number 1 if galaxy s4 and htc one had merged sales numbers of black and white models.
Furthermore, lumina 520 sales numbers are divided by 5 for 5 different color variations.

You can't combine phones. A different colors phone is a different phone. BlackBerry wins hands down.

I'm pretty sure the stats include all gs4 colours together and all HTC one's colours together because we're assuming the Q10 sales include both black and white models.

Seriously butt hurt

But I don't see this as a long term forecast, but more of a great short term start to build momentum in the long run with further improvements to developer relations, android runtime updates (can't wait for 4.2.2. don't know how many Android devices run on 4.2.2. even though Phil N. From android central stated once that some android devices run optimally using the OS it was released with), BBM progressive expansion, Q5 sales worldwide, possible new 5" and slider BB10 devices, hints at plausible BB10 PlayBook updates (don't hold your breath though, I believe BlackBerry has to secure it's position in its main markets before venturing out), and ofc updates to its enterprise suite. Its going to be interesting for BlackBerry. Honestly, I hope BlackBerry keeps making smarter partnership decisions that allow them to increase their reach on rebuilding their market share.

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BBM Channels I forgot about channels.

Can anyone confirm if it will have full twitter integration that way I can just use channels to update both. I did not download the leak.....and the update to 10.1 was like over a GB for me

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Channels definitely has the potential to replace Twitter. It is only in Beta and I think it's awesome.

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You're right, noob_00. The fourth spot is taken by Nokia Lumia 520, and the 6th spot by the Sony Xperia SP. Both have five separate entries for five separate colours, and all five are listed in a row, when you'd think that they'd be split up given the differing popularity of the five colours. E.g., the black Xperia would probably sell a lot more copies than the yellow Xperia.
So, basically, the upshot of all of this is that the Q10 is a genuine #1 at SFR, and the Z10 is an equally genuine #7.

Look at these comments from Seeking Alpha:
(J.C Larsimont is the writer of the article)

May 29 11:31 AM
agree , looks like it number 4 after 2 S4 , 2 HTC1 and 5 nokia 520swhich is still not bad if Q10 make about 2-3% of sales

Jean-Christophe Larsimont
May 29 11:52 AM
Totally agree. That's one of the drawbacks of this technique. But as mentioned by others, it doesn't mean that a 2nd or 3rd place is a bad performance. What is the most interesting to me is that the Q10 and Z10 are selling surprisingly good.

He is right, the author of the original article says so himself. Anyone can check it out on the website

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Awwww muffin why don't you sit have a whinekin and some french cries!!!

The q10 is a great phone that performs, not a novelty toy that doesn't. Removing sone douchebag in a grad ceremony picture does not mean the phone can out perform the q10! Nice try though.

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Good to see, especially with clear objective data to back it up. I'm glad people are starting to take notice of BB10 because it's really going to change how we use our mobile devices in the next few years. BlackBerry may not be on top anymore but it is here to stay.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10 & loving it!

I plan on getting the Q the second it comes to the US. I have the Z10 and i LOVE IT!!... I cant see ever giving up the big screen but i miss miss keyboard. So its both for me.

I was wondering the same... I have two phones so it wont be me switching around. That seems annoying and unproductive. Its much easier having 2 phones.

This is my plan as well. I may just have to have a that T-Mobile Q10 to go with my AT&T Z10.

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I'm thinking of doing the same thing. I LOVE the Z. But the keyboard on the Q is like silk. When I need to reply to 5 emails within 10 minutes, that keyboard's going to be worth it's weight in gold!

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The Q10 is such a great phone. I wish everyone could try one. If people gave it a chance (and many are) the sales results would be unbelievable.

what´s up with the picture? that´s not a stock Q10! silvered case? custom paint job? looks great anyway!

Just came back from a 2 week vacation in France. Could not believe the number of BlackBerry phones that I saw. Hope they all upgrade to the Q10.

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Another misleading BGR style headline... way to go Crackberry.

It's great news though that the Q10 is outselling the S4 which is only slightly more expensive, but no surprise about the it beating the iphone which is 3 times more expensive.

Sent from a Q10 with a crappy OLED screen

well if we have to see false misleading stories why can't we hear positive (so called misleading stories) ... just saying

BBM CHANNEL C000EF854 < stocks*C0004ABC9

Well outselling doesn't mean outsold. They could be selling more day to day but total sold js a different number. Not much people would be buying jphone 5 when a new phone could be right around the corner. But they could have sold 10 times the amount the q10 had sold since launch

The article doesn't say it sold higher volumes than the iphone did. Don't blame the author because you can't interpret a headline correctly.

How is the headline misleading? I see "BlackBerry Q10 outselling the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4 in France."

It's misleading because it is outselling the white s4 and the white iPhone 5. It is also outselling the black ones of each model but if the sales for the black and white phones were added together than the Q10 might not be the best selling phone

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So you're saying that the white Q10 is outselling the white iPhone 5 and the S4, and the black Q10 is outselling the black iPhone 5 and the black S4, but overall the Q10 is not outselling the (white+black) S4 and the (white+black) iPhone 5? Wanna re-check that math?

If the Q10 white sold 5 units, iPhone sold 4 units and S4 sold 4 units, and the Q10 black sold 5 units, iPhone sold 4 units and the S4 4 units, total Q10s sold (10) still outnumber the total iPhones sold (8), and the total S4s sold (8). Unless you're adding iPhones+S4s for both colors (16), which would be quite a misread of the headline lol.

then it's no wonder this dumbass is a bbry loyal consumer huh?
stupidity my friend has no boundaries...
bbry is off the cliff, when the new ios comes out... it will be obsolete. also Win8 is a muuuch much better platform
I will spend no more pennies on bbry.A pure disappointment. tired of checkerboard browsers, lack of apps, outdated (but good quality) h/w, and ported apps that do not work...Z10 is just like that

Misleading? You are being disingenuous. Should the article have qualified the FACTS as reported? It doesn't matter the reasons the Q10 is outselling the other phones in question. The FACT of the matter is that it is and the more, the merrier. Go BBRY!

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I disagree. How likely? Not sure. Is it possible? Absolutely. Will we take #1? Nah. We will be in place to lock down third and eventually second once Android takes first and Apple drops if they don't innovate.

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If they can sell all they can make in markets that don't need the marketing spend, why bother? It's always better to knock on an open door than one with "Pay $1 billion to enter" written on it.

Going to France next week with my Z10. Anyone has an idea how easy it is to buy a phone + data SIM for the Z10? Any suggestions?

I'll be in France, Holland, Switzerland and Spain for a month.


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Hi - super easy to purchase a SIM for your device as long as your handset is unlocked already? (aka SIM free?) Otherwise you are a little stuck.

I recommend Vodafone or T-Mobile for France and Holland or T-Mobile/O2 as another good one. Usually you can find the Vodafone booth right at the airport just outside of Customs. You'll need your passport and about 20 minutes of your life filling out forms and waiting for help.

France - orange
Spain - Telefonica or orange
Swiss - orange or lebara
Netherlands - Vodafone
Prepaid is easy to buy in Europe. Micro sim might be a prepaid problem from time to time.
Lebara is imo interesting because it addresses especially customers who like to do phone calls in Europe and abroad. Maybe good to check out lebara website before you leave...have a nice trip!

Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

Yes, got the phone unlocked by AT&T. Have bought SIM cards before from The Phone House stores in France. But never bought a pre-paid data plan in Europe before. Will try it this time and test the speed of the Z10 on Europe's network :)

Ooh... looking forward to fantastic food :)

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As far as I know there is not one solution for both countries. Slight different carriers. France orange and Germany ton of options. Depends where you shop and what is offered. Examples: callya or Telekom xtra (that's Telekom and t-mobiles mom), I prefer Simyo or fonic or O2 (Telefonica). Telekom is GSM 900, the others GSM 1800. Pricing is not differing that much in Germany. When you are looking for a dataplan visit a shop. If you only want to make calls check Lebara mobile. Enjoy Europe and in France you should ask for a beer from Belgium :-) if you haven't been there before.

So glad to see, even if Blackberry is never #1 again.. they deserve just as much respect (if not more than) as Apple and Android. I have had nothing but great experiences with all of my Blackberry phones.

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GREAT NEWS!!!!... Any positivity is good for BlackBerry right now. I'm excited to see BlackBerry hold steady ground in the mobile world.

Let's hope the US can finally accept BB again. The rest of the world seems to support it!! C'mon USA, buy some BlackBerry's!!!

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Worth noting that the Q10 is only selling in one colour while the other models are listed by colour. If each colour has to represent itself in the sales rankings then it could be that the Q10 is only selling as low as half as many S4s. For example, q10 is no. 1, and s4 white and black are 2nd and 3rd: Q10 sells 50, S4 white sells 49, S4 black sells 48. Who knows what the numbers actually are, but it should be pointed out that you can only determine so much by knowing their ranking.

I think they've listed the S4 by colour only for ordering purposes, not because they've split the sales figures by colour. Notice that the S4 in different colours is in the number 2 and 3 positions, the HTC One in different colours in the number 4 and 5 positions, the Nokia Lumia in different colours, some of which are not even in stock, in the number 6 through 10 positions. It would be an odd coincidence if the sales figures, broken down by colour, placed them in such a conveniently contiguous order. It is more likely that the Q10 is their best selling phone, the S4 in all colours combined their second-best selling phone, and so on.

You might be right, but I'm thinking it's more likely that they are indeed split by color. Actually, I think it makes sense that they are contiguous. If 150 people want an s4, then about 75 will be black and 75 white. If 100 people want an htc one, about 50 will be black, and 50 will be white, etc. this would keep them listed as contiguous. Of course, I am assuming a roughly 50/50 split, but anything near that would keep them contiguous. Doesn't really make much sense to me to group them and THEN spread them out in different selling positions.
I sadly have to agree with those who complain about misleading headlines. I want BB to succeed, but I also want to be properly informed, not lied to. And these kinds of articles taint crackberry's image, even in my own eyes. Come on crackberry, be solid!

Oh come on, how can all five colours of the Nokia Lumia, including two that are not in stock, all be selling equally well? If you go to the next page, you will see the Sony Xperia SP in two colours next to each other, then the Sony Xperia E in 3 colours, one of which is not in stock, next to each other, then the LG Optimus L9 in two colours next to each other. There are about 160 handsets listed on the site and every device that comes in more than one colour is shown with the different colour options one after the other, in every single case. What are the odds that every device that they carry in more than one colour would sell exactly the same numbers in each colour?

I'm not sure if the odds are good or bad... I have no sales experience. What I do know is that we have people reading this two very different ways. What would be really cool is for Adam Zeis to reach out to them for clarification, this way we would all know for sure! I certainly WISH the q10 would truly be outselling the others...

But how can this be? Michael Walkley of Canaccord said that Q10 sales are poor and a complete mess. Given that he "nailed" first quarter estimates of Z10 sales at 270,000, we shouldn't question the ability of this analytical genius in regards to the Q10.

The U.S. is a different story. I don't really think it will sell well here, butI really hope I'm wrong.

There are thousands of BB users with available upgrades at Verizon, alone. I can only imagine what that looks like for other BB users at AT&T and T-Mobile.

The sad part is in the US a lot of people don't even know a new blackberry came out and if they fond put about it they don't care cuz they think it's the same blackberry from 1999

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I live in France and i'm a blackberry fan since 2005. I got my z10 yesterday (after trying iphones and androids), and i can tell you that i'm very happy with this decision. This OS is amazing! Keyboard absolutely crazy! Theres a lot of non believers here, sleeping on blackberry. Someone told me yesterday that I even made a mistake lol! It seems like something is finally happening here. I hope blackberry will keep working and will get better and better. They should working on having more apps but besides that... Awesome!

They are working with the developers. Asking them what they need, how to make the development process better. They have started delivering on this. that is why when BB10 launched , it launched with more apps available than any other phone platform out of the gate. That said they know they are still lacking in that department. They are setting up development centers all over the world which will produce a lot of local content. They continue to hold their very successful Blackberry jam sessions with developers to continue the feedback loop. The percentage of the number of developers that would develop for Blackberry BB10 platform has moved from the 30 to 85% in the last year.

The SDK 10.2 beta version that is coming out this month has a done f enhancements that will allow developers to create much more engaging and compelling apps. The quality level of apps will only increase. Many of the larger app producers that simply ported over their Android version of their app have started development of native app so they can provide the best user experience possible on the BB10 platform. Additionally Jelly Bean runtime will be supported in 10.2 so any Android apps that are ported will come with their full functionality and run as good on the BB10 platform as they would on an Android phone.

Windows phone launched a couple of years ago. They are at about 145,000 apps available. BB10 launched 4 months ago with 75,000 apps but are now up to 120,000 apps. BB10 will have more apps available by the end of the year at this rate.

Just went to their website and noticed that they make the iphone 5 appear bigger than the Z10? Hmmm

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I think it they should concentrate on getting it available and then let's see the results because at the moment it is either not yet released or unavailable

Another misleading headline, how one can imagine that Q10 is outselling Iphone 5 and GS4. I live in France I own a Z10, my carrier is SFR and I have never seen someone else with a Z10 nor a Q10. Two of my colleagues own a BB (OS7) they do not even know that BBRY has launch new phones with new OS. BBRy is not popular in France, Apple and Samsung are.

I also live in France and suggest you get out of your circle more often.
In some areas, I see practically no BlackBerry phones. Then in other place, I see practically only BlackBerry phones.
When I got on a plane at Strasbourg airport and literally only saw BlackBerry devices, I'll admit I was a little shocked.
Oh and I know someone with a Z10 and someone else with a Q10 (yes, I HAD TO try the screen-share, it worked perfectly)


Thank you for your advice, hope you could go out of your own circle as much as I do...
You should have read my post more carefully, I did not say that there was no BB in France, I said that in no case Q10 is outselling GS4 and Iphone 5. Youi know somenone with a Z10, oh great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and someone else with a Q10? I can't belive it it's so amasing. And it's a very good proof that Z10/Q10 sells are doing well. So funny.

I'm in total agreement with you. I live in a different European country and I've met only TWO people with blackberry (BB7) devices. BB 10 marketing in my country (sorry not to reveal) is one big ZERO. For comparison HTC One is very VISIBLE on TV (partner of Champions League) and internet (banners are everywhere). I just hope that Blackberry marketing is MUCH better in countries where the brand is popular. I can't help thinking that Blackberry is relying on 1) loyalists, 2) BBM on iOS and Android devices (faster text replies from Blackberry users can make certain number of iOS/Android users switch to Blackberry). But what if the Evil Twins = Google/Apple won't allow BBM on their platforms?

Google and Apple will probably have no problems with having BBM on their phones. Heck, both of them have even said they would develop apps for BB10 if there are enough sold.. It's early yet in the sales but sales for Windows phones started slow as well. Heins ialready on record saying they are selling 10s of million of BB10 phones this year. The Q10 is just rolling out to the US this week and next month the Q5 comes out. The new phablet from Blackberry will hit the market late this fall. Blackberry is just getting warmed up.

Great to know that BlackBerry is doing well now with the BlackBerry OS 10 devices. I just wish BlackBerry can do more in creating awareness for these Z10 and Q10 devices.

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Great news team BlackBerry. Someone brought up a good point, even though BlackBerry is not on top they are here to stay. Then we have them people (I used to be one of them)who say BlackBerry is dead. Well,it sure doesn't look that way haters. Seems to me that it looks like BlackBerry is getting stronger. At least I hope so. Keep up the good work BlackBerry.

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This is great news but not as good as it seems. The Iphone 5 costs more and the galaxy and other phones are ranked by individual colors where the Q10 is only in black. That information is on the comments section of the original Seeking Alpha article. It does show some serious demand either way

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I have the Z10 but im still torn lol i love the old school berry look, might be swapping to the Q10 after testing it out at tmo! =]

Posted via CB10

Tried using q10. Love gel like back, but the keyboard seemed off to me, I've used 9900 and 9700 since I've had z10. Keys are too big like they are made for special people

Or I'm just too use to touch screen

Posted via CB10

I love BB, own a Q10 and have their stock too but headlines like this make BlackBerry fans and bulls look desperate,

Posted via CB10

Reporting on very vague, speculative reports and treating them as "fact" is desperate -- especially with such strong headlines.

Posted via CB10

Very good news BlackBerry keep up the good work! I am just curious though why isn't the Z10 selling as well as if not better than the Q10? To me the Z10 is a better phone overall.

Posted via CB10

And the iPhone 5 has been out since last fall, of course sales will drop off.

Let's see if it can avoid slaughter against iPhone 5s / 6 whatever those dingbats call it

S4 broken into colours.

But still good news that it is selling, I'd like to see it in a few months if it can maintain sales

Posted via CB10

Not First on this Article!!! (That's to make up for when my 'First' was deleted mere seconds after I posted it on a previous article!!

OK!!! My American Friends to the South of me!!! There You have it!!! You have your Litmus Test!! When the Q10 is released in the mighty US, make it the number 1 country in the world for BlackBerry Sales!!


I think these figures by SFR are "polluted " with some corporate orders.
Let me explain this doesnt seems to be an hall of fame most of a weekly figures.

In terms of sales both corporate and private are good!

But as a French living abroad I can't say I've seen many Z10.

So, I'm not sure the BlackBerry Z10 will do well in France. I think the q10 with BES will do well globally and this is the best part.

I can imagine the Q5 scoring well in France as a mid priced choice.

The Z10 despite all its qualities will need more iterations to score in France. They are not early adopters there.

Having it and working in a French environment the device require too much knowledge or seems to "complex" for laziness fed people.

This said, it's the second night I spend on the BES 10.1... Yes it's a powerhouse. But can't say it's the perfect tool for beginners, neither the most indulging one... God BlackBerry the easy mode!!!!! Not always the advanced power user one!!!!

But with apple turning it's image from genius child to arrogant one who knows !

Trying to be arrogant with a French (as impossible as it seems) can result In various erratic outcomes, one of them can be BlackBerry.

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It´s a really nice looking phone, and many people (including myself are intrigued by the keyboard, though some call us stuck in the past). I think this could be BBs bread and butter. The Z10 never caught my attention per say because it was just another touch screen device, and BBOS didn´t offer me enough reasons to switch platforms. But this, this is another story.

dusting off my high school french here but isn't that just "Best sellers" there - I don't see anything in the listing that says the first position is the #1 seller. Is this something that is known about SFR that they place the phones on that page in order of sales? I don't see that from what I can read - even used Google Translate and still did not see that the phones were listed in order of sales. Just asking as it's not readily apparent

The list is as follows, according to the link in the article:

1. BLACKBERRY Q10 A partir de 259,99€ 59,99€ avec ForfaitSoit 259,99 € - 200 € remboursés
2. SAMSUNG Galaxy S4 Blanc A partir de 279,99€ 79,99€ avec Forfait Soit 279,99 € - 200 € remboursés
3. SAMSUNG Galaxy S4 Noir A partir de 279,99€ 79,99€ avec Forfait Soit 279,99 € - 200 € remboursés
4. HTC One A partir de 259,99€ 59,99€ avec Forfait Soit 259,99 € - 200 € remboursés
5. HTC One Noir A partir de 259,99€ 59,99€ avec Forfait Soit 259,99 € - 200 € remboursés
6. NOKIA LUMIA 520 BLEU A partir de 9,99€ 1€ avec Forfait En stock
7. NOKIA LUMIA 520 Blanc
8. NOKIA LUMIA 520 Rouge

Well this is great news folks but keep in mind that most people will want to wait for the next iPhone that'll come out in a few short months. Either way I'm very happy :-)

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LOL! Adam links to a previous blog of his that was thoroughly criticized for being misleading, apparently he totally disregards feedback!

Any type of headline of this nature is good for changing the reputation of BlackBerry . It's about time positive articles out weigh the negative ones. BlackBerry truly deserves it. I really thought that some of the reviews and articles about the Z10 were completely uncalled for when it was released. The tide is finally changing. Now we have to put up with even more immaturity from the unwanted jealousy in these threads. Oh well.

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BGR commenters are predictably having a field day with this one. I put in my two cents in the interest of logic. :)
(see blargyman)

- I did this with my Z10! -

Why does this black Q10 have a silver bezel? Is this how they come in France? I have purchased a silver bezel for 49$ online and wanted to be the first to do this lol, guess i got beat!

Posted via CB10

The pic of that BlackBerry q10 is fine and all but... at least switch the keyboard keys so it looks french ;) the french use azerty keyboards not qwerty!

Posted via CB10

While great the fact is if you want a qwerty device there's only one player in the market. But if you want an android there's competition. The iphones have been out for several months at this point and with rumors of an update for the summer I'm not shocked by the diminished sales.

Posted via CB10

Agreed. Everyone is looking at what the new version of iOS will do, or will look like, so probably holding back until more is known.

However, i am heartened that the Q10 is shifting units. I don't care who is on top, so long as the Z10 I'm using is supported well with regular updates and an active community around it.


But how come when rumors of a new blackberry arose, and blackberry sales declined, the reasoning you are now using to defend apple, was not allowed to be used without harsh criticism?

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Although it's been past GS4's and Iphone 5's starting release weeks, but this is still really promising...if Q10's starting week could be referred back to those two phones' starting week sales, it would have been more impressive if Q10 won that too.

Sigh. Nevertheless ...strong week...

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Two words for you: Audrey Tatou.
Two more: Raymond Queneau.
I suspect everybody who posts on CB would rather spend an evening with these two than with easydoesit99 - though getting the chance would be a fine thing.
(Yes, Queneau is dead - but he wrote some of the funniest books in French, and someone who liked jazz, higher mathematics and rude jokes could hardly be described as pompous and stupid. As for Audrey Tatou...go and look on imdb, then apologise for your comment.)

Seeking Alpha? I will wait for the real numbers from BlackBerry. Though I wish the news is true. Good luck BBRY.

Not surprised, BB10 is awesome. Like the looks of the Q10 in the photo.

Posted via CB10 - Channel Pin C00016D81

Why does that Q10 look like a Bold 9000 with the bar silver RIM around it?! I think I need my eyes checked out.

Someone explain how you can realistic purchase one phone on contract and afford to purchase the other one??? Wish I was made of money to throw down for two personal phones.

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I'm going to France next week. I'll ask around in the shops about BlackBerry to see the mood. :)

Posted via CB10

Awesome I love too see BlackBerry doing well. If the q10 does well in the states it will top Blackberries best selling phone ever,

Posted via CB10

Doesn't the website itself split up the listings by color, implying that the GS4, One, Lumia 920, etc sales are split into two or even five?

Doesn't make any difference that the Q10 is cheaper. The point is people have trust in the company at this point. Way more important when concerning the circumstances.

Posted via CB10

Although I'm not happy with the BB10 phones so far due to lacking the convenience keys, the dedicated camera button, quick charging ports or even wireless charging,not including the famous holster in the box, having a small screen (Q10), the random reboot problems and one of the main things I miss the most...BlackBerry Social Feeds. Even through all this, I am happy to see BlackBerry doing well and I wish them the best.

Don't be that excited guys. You have to put thing into perspective with that news! (Paris here)
Both main carriers Orange (prioir France Télécom) and SFR have launched here new 4G LTE plans where that coincide with the lauch of the BBs!!!
But sadly, we are faaar to have exRIM well ranked in mid or long term here.
Beside that, a new (lowcost) carrier came and made the legacy ones losing lot of consumers! There SFR and Orange saw an oportunity to bring back a few, sponsoring expensive devices to attract people.
SFR (Vivendi) is even trying for a while now to get someone to buy it out!
I would have to say that th Q10 did came here with a good timing in regard of the launch of the new data plans for the different carriers!!
As I mentioned in a previous post, BB have really little chances here, where the market isn't open enough, and where Apple and Samsung are trusting everything and everywhere. Recently Brussels (europeen instution) have even open investigations because they have lot of suspicions of unfair competition...just come in any store/shop and you can unfortunatly see how that obvious.

This means nothing.
We know from AT&T quarterly reports that more than 60% of smartphones sales from that carrier are iPhones. Yet if you go to Amazon Wireless listing for AT&T phones, the iPhone does not appear in the top 20 in the 'bestselling' list. The Z10 does. Why not go ahead and make a post on CB that the Z10 is outselling the iPhone?

My opinion, if u want prestige more like exotic cars get BlackBerry smartphones. If you want BMW and Mercedes Benz get Samsung and I phones. Pure and simple... no contest go BlackBerry team! pioneer in all messaging phones... kaboooom

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thats great, but everytime Im go on other websites they are pretty hursh on blackberries and say that the sales are bad. So I really don't know if blackberry doing well or not really.

I'm not surprised at all. What surprises me is that it has been over a week since the last analyst has come out to restate their target price of $8.00. Remember when they were trying to say more BB10's were being returned than sold. Where are these idiots now? This stock has a lot of up side potential in the next 12 months. Why don't you join the party? Let's make the shorties feel some pain. I am certain they will be feeling the pain by the end of June. Every day I see more evidence that there is a growing number of people dropping their iphones for a new Blackberry10. Seems like some of the US carriers are starting to recognize that there is strong demand in the US and are starting to be a little more cooperative in promoting the BB products. Looks like a ton of Q10's will be gobbled up quick in the US ... thanks to Tmobile and Verizon getting on board.

If you can say this about the US Sales I'll be happy, not gonna happen though people are too stuck to their icrap

• Was France a BlackBerry 7/Previous Generation stronghold?
• Can we get some demographics on these buyers?
• Were these people considering another phone?
• Are they trading in Z10s?

I'd love to see less speculation and fanboy nonsense in these forums, and a little more reasoned consideration. We're BB users. Act like it.

This is another example of people doing research before they buy. Clearly BB10 is the superior platform, something both Android and iOS will struggle to compete with in the long term. The only thing keeping them alive is the spread of miis-information and marketing. BlackBerry has a uphill marketing battle in order to properly educate the masses about BB10.

BB10 has been getting hammered even months before it's release. There really isn't anything negative to say about BB10 or the company. Any negative article written has either been BOGUS or Full of NONE factual nonsense. All the positive articles have been almost 100% spot on. Get my point. The Shorts are getting short of cash....
• Was France a BlackBerry 7/Previous Generation stronghold? - No
• Can we get some demographics on these buyers? - For What?
• Were these people considering another phone? - Why don't you ask them lol,
• Are they trading in Z10s? - Absolutely Not.

How come the bezel on the phone in the picture is silver but the bezel on Q10s in all other pictures is black?

"While this could be attributed by some to the early-adopter rush, the device has been available for a few weeks now so that is fairly unlikely at this point. "
Ya think ? Two weeks (?) is still early rush phase. Z10 sales are the more impressive stat.

Does anyone know if Blackberry 10 is working with Pandora on getting it to work on the Q10?? I'm due for a phone upgrade and am seriously considering one more Blackberry. I hope the Q10 is as good as my 9810. Maybe I'll be lucky and with it having a 10 in the name, it'll be as good.
The only app that I think I'll really miss is Pandora.

FINALLY able to get my Q10 10/7/13, 9 days after supposed launch which none of the store managers knew of. Anyway managed to get everything up and working, including pairing upto my in car handsfree. Gives me a buzz to see Q10 come up on the Parrot screen. It is a big improvemet on my 9800 which is the main thing.Accessories still not available in stores here for another 2-3 weeks. Updated Twitter today. Camera is fine,downloaded apps though can't find decent memory cleaner app like Memory Up Pro. Used AllSport GPS alot for bike rides on 9800. Put on an Anti Glare/anti finger print screen protector. Very impressed with BB10 and the Hub messaging set up. No question BB10 offers something different and worthwhile to others. More practical than others with mega cameras or mega processors. Sounds like Q10 has sold enough in UK and France to be rated a success.

I just got my long awaited Q10 and yes it is in WHITE, sorry Arthur they do come in black and white.

Very happy Blackberry user for over 6 years (or longer, but who's counting)

Hi there - as of August 19 - any idea ball park terms how many Q10s have been sold? Enough to be viewed à company success? I have been very happy with mine in terms of it overcoming deficiencies of 9800 - battery life and slow processor. Keyboard brilliant and Twitter.

I just can't wait for TMo to roll it out......... dang, and I thought i'd never by another phone on contract.....oh wait, I won't.....we've got the JUMP!!

Outselling ???
Given you mean …
BB is offering phones with contract and cut prices on 60% without contract …