BlackBerry Q10 now available in white at TELUS and Bell

White BlackBerry Q10
By Simon Sage on 5 Jul 2013 11:07 am EDT

After a short exclusivity period, now Rogers isn't the only one in Canada with the BlackBerry Q10 in white. Both TELUS and Bell now offer the white Q10, TELUS has theirs front and center in the online store, as does Bell. Both are $199 on a three-year term, or $700 up-front. It looks like there's no love for WIND just yet.

Even though I tend to favor classic black devices, it was really nice unboxing the BlackBerry Q10 in white when it first launched on Rogers. For some folks, like Kevin, white is the only way to go. Be sure to keep an eye out for these models, since stock may be hard to come by. 

Existing Q10 owners, do you wish you held out for the white one? Anyone on Rogers already packing one? 

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BlackBerry Q10 now available in white at TELUS and Bell


Yeah, when I first started writing, I didn't really care about doing all caps for TELUS and felt like it was kind of yelling at people, but would I write Htc? Iphone? Seems only fair to apply a consistent standard. 

What's the story with WIND? I've heard that the company is Wind (Mobile,) but their network is called WIND?

Finally! I've been waiting for Telus to get the white one. Glad to see they got it earlier than they did the white 9900.

YES!!!!! This is what I have been waiting for. Thank you TELUS!!! Gonna be picking this up this week. Bye bye ZED and hello QUE!!!! I knew Bell was getting the white one today, but wasn't sure about TELUS. My weekend is complete before if even starts.

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Just to get this out there before anyone asks...

AT&T users...go for it.
T-Mobile USA...wouldn't recommend it being that these carriers use the 91LW missing 1700UMTS band.

Definitely a FAQ.

~STV on Z10STL100-3/ TMO US

I noticed on weekends I'm using my phone for messaging 99% of the time. Q10 will be my weekend phone!

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congrats! such a gorgeous phone in white. i couldnt wait for ATT to release this version, so i bought an unlocked white. <3333333 both colors really should have been available to all carriers at launch.

Making people wait for a Q in white is a mistake! I know a couple people who were in desperate need of an upgrade & both wanted white but had to settle for the black. Two people who are disappointed. Personally, I have my black Z which I'm good with but I just can't understand these staggered launches. I can see a week or two TOPS, after that it's a big mistake. Just sayin is all.

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My 9810 was white. When I bought the Q10, I insisted on a black one, though. White shows the dirt way too much. Seriously, you'll be shocked at how cruddy they get.

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Yeah, a billion hours. On a phone that's been out for a week. Exaggerate much? Makes me wonder just how cruddy your phone really is.

Yes it is an intentional exaggeration. How do you not get the point. It gets heavy use and isn't filthy. Duh!

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Checked out the q10 in white yesterday at best buy. Pretty sweet looking phone.

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Good to see all Canadian carriers offering the Q10 in white. It does look nice in white. I just wish they had a similar back cover for the black variant.

BlackBerry should release a limited edition in a different color if it sells well enough.

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The Q10, in white, wasn't available for Bell everywhere. Specifically Sydney Nova Scotia... The GF will have to wait longer. I love my Black Q10.

I have white Z10. As long as you give it a good cleaning with some cotton makeup pads and isopropyl alcohol. The phone will not only stay white and clean but you'll disinfect as well.

Q10 looks good in white but it's no Z10! :)

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Be careful what you use to clean your device. Once you damage it..... I use a fine dry brush,first, and a microfiber cloth moistened (not saturated) with some dish soap and water.

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I was given the choice for white or black. Both are nice in my opinion, but my old white 9700 got dirty real quick. Plus the glass weave is really nice, too bad they didn't have it on the white version or else I would of considered it actually.

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I was waiting for white Q10 but gave up & got a black one when price went down to 149 a month ago. I even asked Telus when white Q10 will be available from them. The answer was "not for a long time" ok...

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Can you guys please promote Z10. RIM cannot survive with Q10. Just because the CEO slipped his tone and said tens of millions the rest of us have to follow and sink BlackBerry ?

A keyboard user since 950 and still uses Q10. But in order I have a company that supports my keyboard I want RIM to survive.

I kind of wish I held out for the white one after seeing this post. The device looks sexy as hell. But you really can't go wrong with the black device. It's more professional looking in my opinion.

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