BlackBerry Q10 now available in Slovenia

By James Richardson on 7 Jun 2013 10:12 am EDT

Another day - another BlackBerry Q10 roll out, this time in Slovenia. Telekom Slovenije are offering the Q10 at 24 Euro's a month on a two year contract, 51 Euro's a month on a one year contract or you can also buy the Q10 outright for 749 Euro's - which is a bit steep if I've done my math right.

I've been struggling to translate the page so they may well have other deals available. The carrier already have the Z10 on sale but for you hardcore keyboard lovers the Q10 could well be the perfect time for an upgrade?

If you are in Slovenia you can order the BlackBerry Q10 from the link below:

Order the BlackBerry Q10 from Telekom Slovenije

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BlackBerry Q10 now available in Slovenia


the US does have it, just not every carrier. also BlackBerry caters to the whole world and not just the US who thinks they should get everything first. MOST of us here on CB obviously love BB but that's not the general sentiment of the US

It's 24€ per month for the phone plus any 2 year contract month cost, or 576€ outright and a 24 month contract with it. Plans with nothing start at 6€. It is steep, indeed, and it's the most expensive phone in their store (the S4 is at 552€).

Looks like:

Mobitel's E-Shop:
Sale price: 24.00 in 24 payments or 696.58 unlocked (no contract, they say this is 52.42 savings).

24 month contract sale: 24.00 in 24 payments or 576.00 outright, 749.00 unlocked.

12 month contract sale: 51.00 in 12 payments or 612.00 outright, 749.00 unlocked.

At this moment we are having a promotions of BlackBerry Q10 in telekom centre in City park, Ljubljana, Slovenia

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My cousin will be happy. He has been waiting for the Q10 to hit Slovenia. Haven't been there in a while but what a beautiful country.

Kick'n it with my Z10. #BB10believe

I don't even know whether they are there or not but check out Mireo and other (offline!) maps.

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woho, that was fast. Usually we have to wait on bb phones much longer after launch.
Faithful reader from Slovenia