The BlackBerry Q10 now available to pre-order from Carphone Warehouse in the UK

By James Richardson on 5 Apr 2013 06:26 am EDT

Hot off the press - Carphone Warehouse in the UK now have the forthcoming BlackBerry Q10 available for pre-order - Yippee!

The second BlackBerry 10 device (this time with a hardware QWERTY keyboard) to be released will be available from free on a £36 per month contract and Carphone Warehouse are listing the handset as being available on Orange, T-Mobile, Three, EE, O2 and Vodafone. In addition - the first 2000 pay monthly customers will receive a free Wireless Bluetooth speaker worth £79.95.

Although a confirmed date is not yet available - the site does say that delivery will be by the end of April.

Hands up who is excited? I know I am for sure.

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I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU!! ^__^ #Sarcasm


I'm happy for you too! #hashtagsdontworkocrackberryoranyotherwebsiteforamatteroffact


how about posting something useful?


Lately, I've been noticing a lot of spelling errors on these forums by people posting with a Z10( I'm assuming by the signature posted " Posted via CB10").

Not to say the Z10 isn't the best virtual keyboard, but to me it's still is only a virtual keyboard so I'm going to stay with my bold until the Q 10 releases.


Third time's the charm, ya know... go for one more


And then you do it again!


free Wireless Bluetooth speaker worth £79.95.

That's a good sale right there


Pah phones 4 U offered free play books on Z10 so look out for that deal imo

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That is great news.

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This is a great sign... there has been precious little chat about the Q10.. and I can't wait for the release. Let's get April over and hopefully a release of the long awaited Q10


The SIM free option is £100 more than the Z10?!?


You know I can't imagine how all those Q10 users are going to be able to throw words into their correspondance from a separate keypad like we do on the Z10.

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Some of us will have a Z10 for that too ;)

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Let the true selling begin!

world traveler and former ceo

the Blackberry iconic Q!!! ….. Q10 excitement begins!!! …..


This is what I many have been waiting for. The day is fast upon us. Long live BlackBerry (Q10)werty.

But.....I am still loving my Z10

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world traveler and former ceo

yeah … I love the Z10!!! .. but also getting the Q10 too!!! ….

the cnut

As much as I think the Q10 looks to be a fantastic phone I'm not sure it warrants the price tag. To be honest I wasn't sure that the Z10 did either but compared to the Q10 it would appear to be a good deal. I think I'll wait to see if the price falls before switching from my 9900.


The article you are responding to shows the price as free. That is too high of a price tag?

the cnut

I was referring to the SIM-free price, obviously.


Sweet! I still want this device even though I have and love my Z. My mother will be the first in the family to adopt the Q. Rock on BlackBerry 10!

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so crow

Good news for the BlackBerry q10 let's hope it does well q10 and z10 both great bb devices.

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Gush, this phone look sexier every time i look at it. I think I'm about to betray my z10. I must at least try this one out a couple months.

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Louis Belshaw

A free speaker? Omgggg!!

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Dave Hong

The Q10 rocks - can't wait for it to hit the States!


Oh the dilemma! Z10 or Q10? Loving my Z, but...

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These coming weeks will fly by!

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It says it's expected May 2013 :S

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What happened to April...BB better get their act together and get this product out. Every days delay is a lost sale in my humble opinion except for the diehards.


Read the article before you look like a dummy.


Can't wait for this to come out already here in the US.


Since the UK is first for the Q10, do we assume the roll out is going to be generally the same globally? I think that will be rather irritating for the US.

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Jimmy Choo1

I switched from 9900 to a z10 for the larger screen. I figured its much better for multimedia purposes such as youtubing/movies/browsing etc...

but i realized at the end of the day a phone is first and foremost a communication device, and a physical keyboard is so much easier to type with and perform my daily tasks. I'm so busy with my day, i do the youtubing/movies/browsing when i get home anyway..on a real big screen laptop :)

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Thanks James. Will have a look but fully committed to the Z10 now. Will give that one a miss. Still exciting news for people who want the real keyboard deal

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Just ordered two from handtec and two from amazon

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Finally exciting news. Hopefully end of April or first week in may.


Me! Cannot wait!

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more expensive than the Z10 or the iPhone 5?? well done blackberry....


I just want a larger full touch screen probably around 4.8" maybe push it to 5"

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*Waits for windmobile to get it* :D