BlackBerry Q10 now available in Pakistan

By Bla1ze on 27 May 2013 06:24 pm EDT

While Canadians have been enjoying the BlackBerry Q10 for a while now, carriers in Pakistan have also started to roll the device out to their customers. Up first is Mobilink who has the first QWERTY BlackBerry 10 device available online and in store starting at Rs. 70,000 (Approximately $710 USD) and in addition to the Mobilink offering, Ufone is also preparing to sell the device and has set up their preorder page. There isn't any definitive word on how well the device is selling there yet but it is noted on Mobilink website that supplies are limited right now.

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BlackBerry Q10 now available in Pakistan


This shows US carriers are fu*ked up. I am sure Blackberry would like to sell its devices in the US first but I guess US carriers are fast sleep or busy supporting iPhones or Android devices.

US probably just has more barriers to market entry than many other countries.

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It's a bit ridiculous. I guess they must sell like 500 handsets there and mark them up to $1000 for the happy 1%?

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It sells well there because of huge corporate presence. However nothing in millions but definitely in their thousands. The reason being BlackBerry plans are cheap their. E.g. $10 monthly for a bes and bis plan with quiet a few features and plenty of minutes. And almost all execs use BlackBerry there.

And not to forget the DoD and other hidden government based depts use BlackBerry as their primary device.

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This is (or should be) a total embarrassment for the US carriers ... wow. Sorry, but I am disgusted as I wait for freaking AT&T.

T-Mobile US tried to sell the Q10 to corporate customers two weeks ago, sending out a press release and emails, but blackberry never provided any stock. Corporate customers now have to wait until June. Seems like it's blackberry that's stalling in the US.

You said tmobile a few times first which is in your comment, which means tmobile mislead their corporate customers. BlackBerry has nothing to do with it.

Lol I don't want to say it but it's a organization that's two words. First word starts with a A.

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T-Mobile US tried to sell the Q10 to corporate customers two weeks ago, but blackberry never provided any stock...

My company and our IT company tried to order them on May 15, and T-Mobile told us the same thing. Also, it's easily verifiable that not one US Q10 has been sold. Maybe it's T-Mobile that dropped the ball, who knows. I just stated the facts.

The only real fact is that t-mobiel announced they would provide Q10s to businesses, but not one has been shipped. Everything else such as not being provided with expected stock by Blackberry is speculation. I also understand your frustration. I have seen your frustrated posts before, but I thought it was for a personal purchase and thought well, do as I have done and buy one from Canada or UK and get is shipped. But now it appears you are trying to make a corporate purchase. In that case I get it. I am sure you are dealing with many people wanting to switch away from Blackberry. If one believes in the product, its a tough battle to fight if there are constant delays regardless of who is to blame. The whole deal in the US seems odd though. Why was the marketing campaign so poor in the US for the Z10 ? Why has Verizon (or Blackberry) been so slow to provide OS updates to the Z10 when others are already supporting 10.1? Why did sprint not even release the Z10? The whole thing just seems odd?

This was their May 24th announcement
T-Mobile Statement: 

Pricing and Availability
Today, business customers can work directly with their B2B sales rep to order their BlackBerry Q10. Pricing for business customers begins at $119.99 with qualifying plans.

The BlackBerry Q10 is expected to be available for T-Mobile consumer customers in June for $99.99 down with 24 equal monthly payments of $20 for well-qualified buyers for 0% APR O.A.C. The smartphone will be available in T-Mobile retail stores, via and through select dealers and national retail stores. Consumer customers interested in the Q10 can register at

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I'm a registered corporate customer and got this email on May 14th stating that the Q10 was available immediately...

BlackBerry Q10 | Built for business

Available now. Empower your team with the new 4G LTE BlackBerry® Q10. It can help busy people manage time, prioritize tasks, stay close, and get things done fast.

Type effortlessly with a fully backlit QWERTY keyboard that learns how you write and adapts to how you type.

Reduce the risk of unauthorized access with encryption and Advanced Enterprise Mobility Management controls.

Create two profiles—one for work, one for personal use—and keep those worlds separate.

Contact T-Mobile® for Business at

Cool. I guess the wording of their email certainly implies you should be able to walk out with one, but the wording of their announcement says, "can work with a rep now to order..." so, maybe aggressive wording in the email to drive people in to make contact with their reps?

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At this point I just want a Q10! I don't care whose fault it is, I don't care about the stock market or corporate politics... Just deliver the thing already. The US market shouldn't have had to wait this long! It's a horrible blunder, regardless who's at fault. Samsung S4's, HTC Ones and iPhone 5's have surely been sold to impatient potential Q10 customers. Over 4 months after the launch in NYC...

100% in agreement. I'm not sure why the tortuous lab process is required when all the other global carriers can do it in 2-3 months

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It's unofficially launched 10days ago and i switched frm Z10 to Q10 :) :) and i am loving it, battery timing is Awesome, just missing the big screen of Z10....

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Thank you for the post :)
and the main reason for the delay in the U.S launch is the extensive process of device testing and carrier verifications of each handset before it is released !!

Hi everyone, sorry to have to say this, but IT IS NOT the carriers! It's BB, because a close friend that has been with Sprint Research & Development for over 7 years told me 2 weeks ago BB is the hardest company to work with and it's not Sprint. 2 weeks ago his department had no idea when BB would send stock. I am desperate for this phone, but I am beginning to get really p****d at BB. They want to sell us a few million phones, just let us go last! Thanks BB, you suck! And for those loyal customers that are still wanting your product after years of waiting for you to get with it, WE ARE STILL WAITING@yousuck!

And they already are releasing the Q5, but of course it won't be released here in the US. Unreal, in this economy you'd think they would want every penny from every one. :( yeah, I am mad, because every month since March it's been next month! How RUDE!

I can feel your frustration. It's hard to say whose fault it is but I think Blackberry is being super careful in the states. With all the false reporting about Z10 returns exceeding sales and constant bashing by the media, probably to manipulate stock, things don't look that straight forward. There was a recent article on Seeking Alpha about physical threats to a leading long analyst and a hedge fund pulling its entire business from a bank because it wouldn't fire an analyst who is long on Blackberry.

I see your point, and I will calm down, but I am so tired of waiting! My current Droid 4 has been on it's last leg for months and I refuse to put another dime into Google. I need a phone that works, and I have been waiting for BB for years. I am on the road 12 hours a day, need a REAL phone where my emails actually come in before I get old. OK< I have vented and I will shut my mouth now! Thanks for the chat. I will buy phones for our entire team, lets smash Crapple & Goober!!!

"lets smash Crapple & Goober" I am with you on that. My current droid is so slow that it makes me yawn every time I browse on it. This is probably my last droid and samdung device.

Surprising that US gets blackberry model 6 months after we and the rest of the world get. Funny to see American readers dreaming of a Q10 when talk in Europe Asia n ROW is about the new budget Q5, some new models and a phablet.

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I don't see what you think is so funny, and we have the Z10, we are waiting for the Q10. At least we have food! how's that for funny???

Guys, keep it realistic. The world market isn't fair. Blackberry have really nochance in the hardware jungle dominated by an oligopol !!!
And BB don't make things it hard judjing their advertising politics! Keep don't spam, infor m the mass enough!!!
I don't even would be surprised if some ppl think RIM RIP don't exist anymore, (if they does even know the existence of it ;)

SIMPLE.... production cant catch up with demand... thats the only reason. cant help it but lets 28/6 to call it. cheers!!

It is good to know relatives of Osama Bin Laden will have an opportunity to have the Q10 before Americans. :)

Pakistan, India, Bahrain, Philippines, Romania, and on and on...

Wow - a huge and freakish embarrassment that the US market does not have this product. Someone is shamefully inept. Either blackberry or this overburdened regulatory environment or the carriers themselves...

The Q10 is selling well in Pakistan. People love their phones here and teledensity is very high for the region.

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BlackBerry z10 is outselling the newly launched q10, galaxy s4 and HTC one but not the iphone 4s(discounted heavily) in Pakistan. Source : telenor islamabad

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