BlackBerry Q10 now available online from Sprint

By Bla1ze on 30 Aug 2013 02:06 am EDT

If you've been holding out for the Sprint version of the BlackBerry Q10, it's now go time as the carrier has just pushed the device live on their site for ordering. The press release put out by Sprint previously noted the device would be available for $199.99 but the online version is showing the device available for $100 with a new two-year contract.

The difference being new customers are getting the $100 pricing. If you're looking to place an order for one, you sadly only get one color to choose from and that's the black version. According to the site, shipments will begin arriving at people's doorsteps 2-5 business days after the order has been placed. Anyone already placed their order?

Purchase the BlackBerry Q10 from Sprint

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BlackBerry Q10 now available online from Sprint


After that Wall Street Journal report, let's see how many units will sell even at those prices.

Addict for 10 years, but it may be time to get off this drug.

That's the thing. With all the negative press and uncertainty about the future of BlackBerry, they are going to have a hard time attracting customers.

The prophecy of BlackBerry's demise may prove to be self fulfilling. Say BlackBerry is dead enough in the press and people will stop buying the phones, thus killing BlackBerry.

The special comity better be working hard. An announcement of a partnership or outright sale of the company at this point might be a necessity. I'm not sure BlackBerry is able to stop the downward spiral on it's own.

Some serious creative advertising making these great phones cool is the only way. Still see a ton of old BB's out there. Still a TON of opportunity. Why is everyone giving up so easily on this awesome incredible product. Come on BlackBerry find a way to market your GREAT product in a way that wins. Need to find a way to break out. ........Always too late! It's not easy come on fight the battle.

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Finally! And nice price, though I'm still firmly seated within the "I wish this were released 6 months ago" camp. We have s'mores.

AAAAANDDDD page is down...

We're sorry

We are enhancing this section of our site and it is temporarily unavailable. We'll have the site back to you as soon as possible.

Shopping for a new phone? You can call us at 866-866-7509 (7 a.m. - 1 a.m. EST)

Very unfortunate that the "business users" are not able to see the value in a device like Q10. If AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile failed to help sales of Q10 I doubt if Sprint can even move a needles length :( Had this been a 3.5 inch or a 3.7-8 type big screen it would have been a blockbuster. Many corporate s love to see videos and presentations on their screens. Q10 sucks for videos and big screen viewing experience.

@Parthiv Shah - I find that I disagree with this. I just came from an Iphone 4S. Videos on Q10 look great, and load 2x as fast, although admittedly some Youtube videos are small because you don't 'flip' the phone sideways due to the physical keyboard. I'd like to put this out there to fellow Q10 users: I LOVE the screen size. It's perfect. Why ? Because it keeps the phone as A) a "niche" device that is also versatile, and B) it is PORTABLE. It fits, amazingly, into any pocket, and also neatly in the below-dash area of my car. I went with Q10 over Z10 and Galaxy S4 because I LOVE a small, portable device. The size was actually a selling point for me. Does anyone feel similarly at all ?

I'm tempted to go into my old Sprint store and ask about this phone to see what they have to say.

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You already know what they will say. Something along the lines of "BlackBerry is going out of business or already out of business and you don't want to be stuck with a phone that won't get any support and has no apps"

It all depends on the store. Some will steer you one way while others will let you pick out what you want. There is a store local to me that could care less(it seems to me anyway) what you buy, as long as you buy from them. A few months ago I went in asking about BlackBerry and they were very nice about it, didn't steer me in any other direction even though I had an EVO at the time.

My experience at a T-Mobile store was amazing! My wife and I went in looking at a Q10 so I could show it to her before it released. Both sales reps I worked with had nothing but good things to say(one recently switched so he could get used to the features on a newer phone(part of their job) and the other had his on him). Both were very excited about the phone and thought they were amazing.

Like I said: just depends on the employees at the store.

The Q will not be carried in─store. Online orders only. But go ahead enjoy yourself wasting other people's time.

If they are going to charge a price it should be across the board. $100 for new customers isn't going to lure them back as most who really wanted the phone already have it on another carrier(meaning they are more than likely already locked into a contract)

So slow. I don't think they will be much help in pushing BlackBerry sales either.

Probably almost a non event.

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I'm waiting like a stalking butler; I work 10 to 1 today almost a half day and off paid till Tues.. Come 1PM I'm heading strait over and picking it up.. WICKED pumped I had the Q10 through Tmobile and LOVED it/ Ill drop the $200 cause I LOVE Blackberry. Loved them since forever; I loved them since the Nextel 7100 I not rocking the 9930 I could care less about Netflix and Instam Id love to have them on the phone but its DEF not a deal breaker. I have a PSP Vita and an I-pod touch for those apps I use so give me my BB please!! lol

Yeh its funny though I spoke to them last night and they assured me it would be in stores today. I am ready to jump ship to the S4 today...fed up with them maybe I'm just pissed I don't know lol

I wish for a lot of things...BUT I wish it was just $99 for a two year contract. As the Sprint website was loading up on my phone I saw the $99 price and got excited. Then I saw the entire ad were it says $100 discount for porting your number over :(

I know right now BlackBerry is offering $60 rebate so that helps. Heck, a savvy new customer can get the phone for $40 after rebates, etc. Go BlackBerry!!

$60 Prepaid Visa card offer ends 8/31 at 11:59 PM Eastern and you need to submit the form with the new Blackberry Q10 PIN. Phones won't arrive in time so we miss out on that offer as well. Yest another let down from Sprint.

The price will drop off after the Earnings Report... May be free by Oct 1st. You waited this long, what a couple more weeks. Early adopters get burned...

And yet if you go to Sprint's home page, there is no mention of BlackBerry, the Q10, or that either actually exist. It's almost as if they're ashamed...

Like so many of their 10 plus year loyal BlackBerry customers, I am already gone. The audacity not to roll out the Z and the Q made Sprint dead to me!

Z10 on T-Mobile, 32 GB PlayBook - Posted via CrackBerry 10

I am paying less to T-Mobile with no contract thank you very much!

Z10 on T-Mobile, 32 GB PlayBook - Posted via CrackBerry 10

It's well known that T-mobile costs less than sprint. You've probably got the worst attitude on this forum that I've seen in a long time. You sound like a very negative person bro...

Whoa! I'm negative because I feel that Sprint is actually a good phone provider? That's some interesting logic you have there. I guess if I had jumped on the I hate Sprint bandwagon you would find my post more acceptable? No?

I'm both a BB and Sprint shareholder. After watching my BB stock tank I think Sprint made the right decision not filling shelf space with a phone that not may in the U.S. seem to want.

Cheers... Bro

Whatever happened to Heins's claim that "I'm very confident that we will do the Muhammad Ali thing in round 8…Wednesday is round 8."

This company has to reinvent itself in the board room and executive ranks to refocus on brand, corporate communications, marketing, integrity and execution. Stymiest, Heins and Boulben have to go!

Dude you're an idiot for saying if the Q10 came with a bigger screen it would be a "blockbuster" haha too funny.

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Dude DS1331 you are a piece of shit for calling me an idiot as you have no sense of the current smartphone market demand. So keep your pie hole shut! With 3.1 Inch now we all know how well Q10 is selling. All reviewers are complaining of bad video and camera picture viewing experience. If I just wanted email and bbm I always had Bold 9900. BB10 was supposed to be all in one entertainment device plus the usual business. Get your facts right and then have the audacity to call someone idiot you junk!

Very disappointed that Sprint does not advertise the Phone on there home page. First thing this morning I wanted to check and site was slow loading and didn't see it. Went and made coffee and came back and seen the post on c rack berry and checked sprint again this time seen it listed with all the other old phones. Of course they have Samsung and HTC and iPhone on the home page so sad.

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Got my q from t-mobile, might have to drop by sprint o see if they got some screen protectors as it seems that none of the carriers that have q10's every have any accessories.

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This is odd when going to you have to search for the Q10 but going to takes you to a nice full page ad on Sprint.

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Congrats Sprint! You showed up in the 10th inning, and the stadium had already cleared out.

They lost me to T-Mobile in the bottom of the 7th.

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I don't understand what everybody is complaining about. I went to sprint and it was mixed in with the iPhone.

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So just called Sprint and threatened to cancel my contract cause I talked to them last night and was told this phone would be in stores; so I scored FREE overnight shipping and FREE activation!! I know it don't seem like much to some but I an def satisfied with my results!! Time to sell my mint 9930 to make up the difference!!

Lucky for you, I bought an Galaxy S3 from amazon and returned it, unfortunately amazon will not restore the upgrade eligibility. Called Sprint to get it restored and no luck.
To make things worse from Sprint you have to change your plan to the My All Plan and my employee discount only applies to the data charge and not the entire bill...
Looks like I wont be purchasing the Q10 unless the price goes below $250 and maybe an unlocked version is available. Meanwhile I am back to using my Bold 9930.

I was able to get in at $379 but then they charged my card $529 the next day! Had to call and get it corrected.

Can you please tell me who you spoke with or how to get this done. I also ordered for 379 on the first day 418 w tax only to find out when I received the phone they charged my cc 570. I called them and they act innocent and said they don't know how I came up with the price. I spent 3 hours on the phone now it's escalated. I even contacted my visa card and am disputing through them. Sprint never sent any email or text conformation of the order. I'm hoping they honor the price because I want to keep the device. Isn't this fraudulent of them?

Yes I can give you the email of the customer care rep that is handling this issue for me. They are trlling me they are going to refund the difference to my credit card but I am still waiting to see it on there. With regards to the credit card charged, yes it is a fraudulent action because we agreed to purchase the phone at $379.99 and not $529/579. Can your credit card company confirm that they originally charged the card for $379 and then changed the price on you? Luckily for me I received email confirmation and took multiple screen captures because I knew it was a price mistake on their part and know sprint to be a dishonest company that would try and charge me more after the fact. Had I not caught them red-handed trying to fraudulently charge me more for the phone I don't think they would be honoring the $379 price. I can send you screen shots of the price online when it was at the lower price. PM me your email address and I will try and forward along what I have. Hope this helps

I just went back to get price and noticed it was 529... I KNOW I saw it for 380 and I couldn't believe the price I was so excited... no one believed me... you just verified that I'm not crazy.

:( I was happy to see I could save 380 in like 2-3 months 529 will take me forever..

In T-Mobile today: had to get the guy to get the power cord out so I could play with the Q10. Z10 was flat too, shameful...

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This commercial was OK, but they failed to show how to get into the HUB, Peek etc, they should have shown the gesture on doing this, that would have WOW'ed people IMO, still a good commercial.

I didn't see anyone commenting on the fact that Sprint is charging $10 smartphone fee and an additional $15 for BIS.
I've been a Sprint customer for about 12 years (including Nextel) and this is the worst year regarding service.
I love my BlackBerry, but ....(always a but with BB). After 10 years of BB I will have to switch to something else:(. probably Android (just because I hate Apple)
Any suggestions