BlackBerry Q10 now available in Canada!!

By Adam Zeis on 1 May 2013 08:43 am EDT

You waited for it and here it is - Q10 day has finally arrived! Those of you in Canada can head to Rogers, Bell, TELUS or any number of other stores to pick up a brand new BlackBerry Q10 today. The Q10 is priced at a respectable $199 on a 3-year term and will run between $650-700 off contract.

Big box stores like Future Shop, WalMart and The Source should also have a good supply of Q10's as well.

If you pre-ordered and are patiently waiting for your Q10 to show up at your door, you can read over our Q10 review again to kill some time. 

Our own Simon Sage is out tearing up Toronto this morning for coverage so rest assured we'll have plenty more to come throughout the day. Be sure to swing by the forums and let us know if you do pickup a new Q10!

Purchase the BlackBerry Q10 at Rogers
Purchase the BlackBerry Q10 at TELUS
Purchase the BlackBerry Q10 at Bell

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BlackBerry Q10 now available in Canada!!


If you want the Q10 just do what I did. If money is not an issue just pay off the balance of the upgrade fee just like I did and you can then upgrade again! In my case, I had just upgraded to an IPhone 4S 1.5 years ago and had $180 remaining on my contract. Productivity was more important to me than the $180 so I sucked it up and upgraded to the z10. The only issue that I have now is that I am addicted to my Z10 compared to the iPhone. I highly recommend doing this!

Ii was tired of my iPhone and was not willing to wait another year and a half for an upgrade so I didn't care that I had to pay $180 to get out of my contract. Just look at those who already has the z10 and will also buy the Q10. This scenario doesn't make sense but people are willing to fork out money to get what they want.!'s how I upgraded to my Z10 from my 9860. I paid off the $285 from my contract, started a new one and got the Z10 for $150 (plus the $35 activation I think). It' a lot cheaper to go that route than do a buyout, but like he said, you have to be able to put the cash out up front... my carrier is Bell.

I'm torn. I want the big screen of the Z10, I want the keyboard of the Q10, and I don't want a slider keyboard like the torch to get both. Maybe if someone just goes and buys one for me and surprises me... ;-)

I want exactly what you want. A portrait QWERTY device, with a large screen, that is NOT a slider. Lets hope that the QWERTY phablet is in the works or something similar.

LOL! Now we can appreciate even more the "problem" BBRY has in satisfying its customers and the public in general.

Maybe not a phablet but definitely larger than the Q10 would be great!!!! And reduce that 0.5" space where the logo is to get more screen on the phone as possible. I look at the Q10 and I hate seeing all that extra space.

i just tried it yesterday. Nice unit. But the screen is too small and it reminds me of my earlier bold 9900 I had for last 2 years. Am keeping the z10, as it's large screen an awesome touch pad is another league, refreshing design and new experience.

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I agree, I am thrilled with my Z10, and I finally know where my boss was coming from. When I got my 9930 a year and a half ago I tried to sell him the idea of switching from his iPhone to that. He had been using a Torch 9800 and then a Bold 9000 before that. He said it looked too much like a phone he already had. I thought that was ludicrous, but now I finally understand where he was coming from. Sorry for the story, but that's exactly how I feel about the Q10. It's beautiful, but looks too much like my last phone. And plus, the Zee10 has the best touch screen keyboard available. Very happy with my purchase.

The Q10 is $625 at Koodo. News reports say that it's just in Toronto today.

I'm very happy with the Z10 but know quite a few people waiting for the Q10. I'm sure it will do well for them. Me, I want a slider that's a slightly thicker version of the Z10 and am happy to wait a while for BlackBerry to perfect it. I've always thought this was a perfect combo. The Pre3 wasn't much thicker than an iPhone 3GS, so it can be done. ( of course, I'll take a BlackBerry keyboard over the squishy one the Palms had any day.)

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It is regrettable RIM didn't make Q10 screen bigger. It would be a huge difference for web browsing and many other use cases if Q10's body is slightly taller than Z10 with a slightly shorter screen. Making it square to avoid issues with orientation change is lame - a big mistake. Having used both Q and Z for more than a month, and as a keyboard BlackBerry user since 950, I would say Q10 can't sell more than Z10. As for myself, I still don't know which one to carry all the time. RIM really confused me. RIM, be brave, face the challenge, be the first to make a big screen + keyboard - You can do it. I am waiting - again!


I think it's coming, they just couldn't do everything all at once. They first had to take care of the one area that they were losing people to which was the full touchscreen market, the answer was the Z10. Today they catered to the BlackBerry legacy with the release of the Q10.

Next up they will take care of emerging markets and the budget minded consumer with the rumored R10.

After that, the playing field is wide open. There are still 3 more BlackBerry 10 set to come out this year so I think we will have a new tablet, a phablet and a slider. Just my guess, nothing more than that.

My contract is up in July. By that time, I'm betting that we'll know about future phones. So, then, I'll be once again frozen in my decision making as I await "the next best thing".
Physical keyboard with the bigger screen would be fabulous.

How were you able to get the BlackBerry Q10 so soon since I thought this model just came out today !!!

Thought I'd want a Q10, but after playing with my Z10 for a couple of months I couldn't give up the real estate, and I love the z's keyboard. Z for me...

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I thought the national said that the Q10 is only available in Toronto today?
I want to buy one in 2 hours when my local Koodo opens

O' Canada ... Our home and native land ;)

Sorry just a Canadian born citizen happy that this company is showing patriotism with this launch. Stock is still over $16 - a $2 spike after yesterdays interview with Thor. I really hope initial sales SPIKE, double of BlackBerry's and the major 3 carriers expectations (of course in print)! Followed by just as exciting launch in the USA! Lastly, May 2013 would finish off with large significant orders for BB10 devices by global corporations - say 20K+ orders to be shipped in the next 30 days, not months :D

As much as I love my Z10, in can't wait to pick up my pre order Q10 today, so stoked!

I think the Q10 is definitely going to outsell the Z10 by a long shot, i know several people who were holding out for it and know others selling there Z10 to get it!

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I've decided untill one hits craigslist for 400$ to grab one. But I'm gonna go by Telus today and hold one lol

Keep a lookout for pre owned devices in a month. Telus will have them, I'm sure. The Z10 goes for $500 from Telus, pre owned and they still have warranty on them.

Now... we can start reading some real life, day to day type experiences/reviews of the phone.
We have to wait in the US, but it will be nice to finally get these phones into people's hands.

I want to trade my z10 for a q10 but does anyone know if the q10 has the ability for an on-screen keyboard? I speak Russian and I sometimes type in Cyrillic. Its the only think keeping me form the q10. Like what happens when you swipe two fingers up form the bottom?

At Rogers at Bay and Adelaide, no Q10's yet. They say they are on the way. Small group of people waiting. Bunch of people coming in and asking for it.

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such a frustration, Rogers employees in Canada. 'oh, we don't have any right now' 'isn't today the national launch of this product? When does your delivery come?' 'ya... but I don't know when the delivery comes'.

So, you're complaining that you might have to wait a few hours, or maybe even a WHOLE DAY, but no one seems to care that US customers have to wait at least A FULL MONTH!

Keep me posted.. i work at the Bay-Adelaide Centre and you just saved me a 40 second walk :)

Love the big screen of my Z10 and I'm sticking with it. Never really liked the smaller screens of the keyboard models.

Now if they release a hot slider later, THEN I'll be all over that.

You guys enjoy your Q10, sounds like a nice little phone.

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Let the 10's of million's sold begin... I'm guessing, since I'm stuck in an office, that there are lineups around the blocks, as Mr. Heins has implied...

York Mills store said noon so we'll see. I would not be surprised if some GTA stores do not get any today.

agreed to many stores are saying they don't have them
Rogers hardly every receive a phone a mid day and sells
Bet the phone gets launched tomorrow officially.

Rogers at Eaton Centre and the one at Bay and Adelaide no Q10's. The staff there said they THINK in the afternoon but have no idea.


Scotiabank has an authorized Rogers store in the lower level by those bank machines & TV screen just beside the small GNC store. Another in the Brookfield tower (RBC) close to the liquor store, bell store, and Coles Notes book store (right before escalators to TD building where that nice bar is).

I guess the anticipated demand is so strong in Toronto they won't ship elsewhere in Canada for two days to ensure they gave enough phones for Toronto. "The demand in Toronto is very, very strong, and we want to make sure we have enough supply," chief operating officer Kristian Tear told The Canadian Press.

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Newfoundland here...just called the Telus store here. Aftert I spoke to a seond person, because the first young sales person asked me what a Q10 was, the second associate said they got shipped yesterday so they should be in the store Monday....the wait continues

In Winnipeg:
Telus Mobility has NONE (Polo Park), not expected for a couple days
BestBuy Mobile (Regent) has TWO for Rogers, expecting more but unknown as to when. Could be on the same unloading truck.
FutureShop Mobile (St. James) has NONE. No known delivery date.

Yes, BlackBerry... couldn't have shipped them to stores earlier?

Rogers at Bay Street toronto has them. Got mine! Came in around 10am this morning.

Line when I left was ard 10 folks

I called 6 bell stores today, exactly zero of them have a Q10's. most of the stores say "ah dur I dunno? I think we are getting them next week, they're all on backorder durp"
what a joke.

Called my local futureshop (scarborough) where in have Mt preorder and they haven't got a shipment in yet, said it should come around 12-1pm

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Word is that most got delayed at customs. The delivery company was sci logistics I believe. White truck. Based in the size of boxes, I would guess that Rogers store I went to got 36 of them?

^ why do I have the feeling someone is planning a heist to corner the grey and black sales markets? ;)

This cant be happening. LoL Gangster style manipulation. Check the Penguins in Madagascar? Are they missing?
Sooner or later it will come. What is another day? No worries. Chillax everybody. I been waiting for this over a years. What is few more days?

Went to the telus authorized seller north of Elgin mills on young and they have a ton of telus Q10's

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Rogers store in Royal Bank Plaza (Bay/Wellington) has them in stock; display model is set up prominently and salesperson was very knowledgeable. Said there was a lot of pre-order activity from keyboard enthusiasts. The Bell store right across from them didn't seem to have it yet.

Fido store in St laurent mall(ottawa) ,have few in stock but I'm with Rogers and waitin for my email to arrive. Rrrrrr

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Telus at Fairview SC in Montreal has them in stock and people are in store buying now.

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BlackBerry recently received a patent for a handset design that looks like the Z10 with a slide out keyboard when held in portrait orientation. So they have obviously done more than just look into the idea. Would not be surprised if they already have a prototype of the case.

I am loving my Z10. Beats iDroids hands down. Will never go back to Apple or Droid. I am NOW on the BlackBerry train and the track looks good as far as I can see.

My wife does not like Web surfing on a phone, or playing games...period. But she texts and emails all day long. So she can't wait for the Q to make it to the USA so she can dump her iPhone.

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At least 30 days, and try telling that to all the complainers on here that are mad they might have to wait another whole day! And sorry back, another full month is a long, long time - Total of 4 months since the launch (in the US, by the way).

Whatever. Sorry you interpret my comment as "overly negative". Maybe, just maybe, I'm making a good point...

Erin Mills Town Centre (Mississauga) at noon EDT today: Wireless Wave sold 1; had 1 left in stock. Rogers kiosk had just received theirs 5 minutes before I went by. Not a sample of sufficient sized for reporting by analysts!

Um, no there is nothing respectable about a 3-year contract or $650-700 off contract unless you respect getting ripped off. Smart-phone prices are out of control, but I guess the market decides we are all insane.

Just got my new Q10 from the Rogers store at Bay and Adelaide, one of the busiest stores for the downtown crowd. Showed up at 9am with a bunch of other people and they hadn't got the shipment yet. Shipment arrived at 10:15am. Apparently, they were held up at customs (they are built in Mexico). All black ones were sold out by 11:30am. Last check, still some white ones left. Estimate that 60 to 70 phones delivered, just don't know the mix between black and white. About 7 or 8 people buying multiple phones were waiting from the open to when the phones arrives. During this time a bunch of people were poking their heads in the store looking for Q10's but had to get back to work. Hope this update helps. Definitely way way way more buzz than the Z10 launch.

Got my new Springtime "BBQ10" today after lunch at my local BELL Mobility store.

Happy Happy Happy

Now my Z10 has a pal too.

For those that picked up a Q10 at Rogers, what hardware version is it? SQN100-3? If so, Rogers peeps lose 700 & 1700 Mhz LTE band to satisfy the advertised "100Mbps" of the 2600Mhz band. So - flaky LTE reception in dwellings/offices, etc.

Many people still don't know much about the new BlackBerry phones. I was out golfing with a buddy last weekend (a long time Iphone user) and he noticed my Z10. He asked "Is that one of those new BlackBerry phones?" He said he looked at a display model in Walmart but had trouble figuring it out (gestures) and the kid working there wasn't much help. So I showed it off to him and his comment was "That's one bad ass phone.". Which makes me think that hopefully the display models for the Q10 are easy to follow and show off the phone well.

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I have literally done 4 bell stores, 1 futureshop and 1 bestbuy and 2 Circuit City none have the Bell one. Futureshop had a few Rogers and Telus. Congrats to Bell for another screwed up launch!

LOL, Geez for once it is Canada that gets something before the US. Usually it's the other way around. Anyway i wanted my new toy TODAY!

Do you have anything else to say, or do we have to hear this for a whole month? We can't do anything about it ourselves, friend.

It's interesting to see all of the frustration because customers in Canada can't get it TODAY, but it's apparently no problem that US customers have a month or more, after a two month delay for the z10.

LOL, Geez for once it is Canada that gets something before the US. Usually it's the other way around. Anyway i wanted my new toy TODAY!

So I too pretty frustrated, Vancouver BC, called all around BELL stores to go get mine and NADA, no one has an answer as to why no stock and no big launch banners or anything. Boy am I surprised man. Said "possibly tomorrow air shipped stock". Nothing at retailers either. Booooooooo

Lucky Canadians. 3- year contract though?? Who keeps a phone for 3 years these days? I mean I'm sure people do, but probably not anyone on this site. I'm still rocking a Bold- it might be 3 years if they don't hurry up and get the Q10 out for the US.

Too bad our Telus store wasn't in the inner sanctum.

Two days before it is released here, according to the sales representative.

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What's frustrating is that ALL of us have been waiting for this big event for YEARS! I remember buying my 9800 in Dec 2010 in hopes that I would only need to wait 18 months to upgrade to BB10 that was "soon to come out"!
Then there was the new CEO... Restructuring... Delays... More delays... And all the while little to no guidance or communication from RIM (now Blackberry). The only saving grace from all this has been the folks at!
As I've posted before; great device! But the company has a knack of alienating its customers and treating them with little respect. We need to demand something better than "Coming soon" posts for two years.

PS - As a USA customer I believe that BB should have been released first in Canada! It's only fitting it should be delivered to their own country first! Just a lack of thoughtfulness on their part.

I also wanted the q10 but z10 came out first and I'm happy with my z10. Regardless, it is BlackBerry. I love my z10. :)