BlackBerry Q10 now available from AT&T

By Adam Zeis on 21 Jun 2013 07:20 am EDT

Here you go AT&T users - the BlackBerry Q10 is finally available for purchase in store and online. We know that many of you preordered already and some already received their devices, but if you haven't, get on it! The Q10 is sporting a full QWERTY keyboard, OS 10.1, BBM Video, Skype and much more.

The pricing for the Q10 is on par with other carriers and will run you $199 on a two-year contract through AT&T, $449 for a one-year or $585 outright. 

This release makes AT&T the third major US carrier to offer up the Q10. Now we're just waiting on Sprint who we've yet to even hear an announcement from. 

To order your Q10 now from AT&T, head to the link below or stop by your local store.

Purchase the BlackBerry Q10 from AT&T

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BlackBerry Q10 now available from AT&T


Pretty sure I can type faster on my Z compared to people that use the Q10.

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Yea I agree but without stamina. What I mean is physical keyboard is still the best for composing long msgs.

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I have been a BlackBerry user since 2004 and have owned many different devices since and have always been a strong advocate for the physical keyboard. I tried using the S3 and iPhone keyboards for a few days and wasn't impressed. Earlier this year I developed a joint problem in my two thumbs which made it very hard to type messages more than a line or two without pain. I opted for the Z10 when it came out and simply love the touch screen keyboard.
It takes a couple of weeks to get used to especially with the swipes but once you get the hang of it you will never look back.
The keyboard also needs time to learn your most frequently used phrases so it can predict your next word.
The beauty of typing one letter and swipping the rest of the sentence is a great feeling. Especially if you type with one hand. For me the Z10 is the best.

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They should have turned up the brightness of the phone. Unless they were trying to show off dark theme

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I believe the difference in the types of displays used makes it so the Z10 wouldn't benefit from the dark theme battwry-wise...
later, Brian

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Getting ours today.
I'm glad it is finally here. I got the Z10 for my 2nd line and I'm impressed with it. However, I miss the physical keyboard.

I got my Q10 from AT&T yesterday. Set up last night and BBM video between my Z10 and Q10 it perfect. I be able to have screen share. I did through wifi. Some people said they can not BBM video on wifi with AT&T.

It's gotta be Christmas!!! Look at all the presents we got today. First Modern Combat 4 & Dark Night for PlayBook, Q10 in stores at AT&T and 10.1 glorious!!!(wait...did I miss summer? )

I bought a t mobile q10 and bought a unlock code to use it on my atnt account. And yet, it was still cheaper than the outright price from atnt lol

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Me and my 2 colleges stopped by at AT&T store in New Orleans, LA located on St. Charles Ave. They did not have any available unit not even display unit.

Thats how AT&T treats BlackBerry.

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I literally JUST picked mine up! CB10 was the first app I downloaded! I must admit, this will take some getting used to.

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every store around me shows in stock, also available on amazon wireless but no reduced price yet, not up on Costco yet, did just notice vzw Costco Z10 at .01

Got My Q10 today for ATT and I'm very impressed for far. One disappointing thing: there is no Bank of America App for BB10. WTF?

I like the access to more apps than OS7 for sure. BlackBerry Hub is sweet. I have a couple of questions:

1. How do I use BlackBerry Balance?
2. Spacebar on Q10. When you run a finger along the spacebar, does it move a little bit up and down or is there something wrong with my keyboard? Just making sure as 9900 never did this

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Pre-ordered Q10 with AT&T as soon as I could. Shipped 6/18. Expected delivery 6/21. Received NO. Ticked at USPS.

Just bought it, setting up shit now! I hope I don't lose everything I have in Password Keeper (which I had to copy from BlackBerry Wallet...).

Picked Mine up yesterday morning. After half a day with it I can say I love it. I started on a bold 9000 (Arguably perfect hardware) then went with a torch 9800. The Q10 is by far the best of both worlds. I do miss the trackpad for text editing and find myself hunting for the menu key and the back button. I'm slowly getting the hang of some of the idiosyncracies and the first couple of hours were annoying. After I figured it out I can say it is a workable solution and I've found a new love. The browser on this thing is BLAZING fast. Most sites are loading in under a second on wifi or LTE. Of course I live outside Houston, so I rarely lack coverage.

I have not seen the Q10 yet. But like the 9900, it must be an awesome communicating device, but lacking in screen size. BlackBerry is missing a huge opportunity in not keeping the playblook up to date. Pairing the Q10 to a playbook (with bb10!!) and optimizing performance of the two would transform these two into a formidable pair for business and personal use, especially as software comes on stream. I do not know why BlackBerry execs do not see this.

Picked up my Q10 at AT&T yesterday. Just loving it! AT&T includes the headphones, and they gave me $100 off for trading in my 9800. They don't hav any accessories available yet, and they weren't able to transfer my data over other than using the sim card (which loses a lot of info from OS 6) because their equipment is not set up to recognize the Q10. Fortunately I had backed up using BB Protect, so I was able to restore everything from my 9800 to my Q10.

Been with Sprint for 12 years and left them for the Q10...AT&T faster network with 4G LTE and trade in. Got it for $99! #winning!