BlackBerry Q10: My day one impressions

This post comes from CrackBerry Forums user VancityAllie

By Adam Zeis on 8 May 2013 01:42 pm EDT

The CrackBerry Forums have been buzzing with plenty of BlackBerry Q10 goodness over the last few weeks, but one particular thread stood out to me recently. A post from a new member VancityAllie ... so new that she registered for the forums just to make this post. 

VancityAllie has been a long-time BlackBerry user and was anxious to upgrade to a new Q10. It wasn't all smiles through the first 24 hours of BlackBerry 10 however. Just like most of us do, she obsessed over her new device - the good and the bad - and wasn't sure she had made the right choice. There were a few hiccups at the start with things like gestures, Hub settings, profiles and Bedside Mode,  but over the course of the day (and night) things began to pan out. 

Go out and get one! You won't regret it once you take it for a good spin CB Forums Member VancityAllie

There is definitely an adjustment period that comes with any new device - the Z10 and Q10 included. As we noted in our Q10 review, it's hard at first for some users to get by the fact that there is no trackpad or navigation buttons on the Q10 - but once you stick it out a while and get a feel for the device, it's like they were never there. Of course there is also a learning curve involved when moving from BBOS to BlackBerry 10 given all the new features and gestures but that's to be expected with any new platform (and you can find plenty of help here).

Overall, VancityAllie says now that she couldn't be happier with her purchase and that anyone who is thinking about a Q10 should "Go out and get one! You won't regret it once you take it for a good spin". We couldn't agree with her more.

You can read through her play-by-play of day one with the Q10 in the forums. Be sure to leave a comment with a warm welcome!

Want to return your Q10? Not sure if you should get one? (aka my Day One impressions)

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BlackBerry Q10: My day one impressions


Yea. First posting is really amazing. I do it in style. I go like....."First".
It makes me feel like I was part of the story.

It's a pity that most of all the people who post first, only have one thing to say ... that is that they posted first. Do they not have any thought on the article they posted to, or are they all children with the "me first" syndrome?

Just had to have first in your first post huh!
I had my 1st post a few days back and took a lot to refrain from mentioning I was first to post lol. Still do not understand why some folks take such offense to the old first post. Can't we all just play nice and just ignore the little things that bother us, I have always found our forums to be welcoming and supportive - let's keep it that way! I would like to thank you all for your support and information.

Posted via CB10

there's nothing cool about posting first! Especially when you don't post about the article it's self! I'm not mad, because you will see, when I post and I get first, I don't need to say first because I actually contribute to the article and the community, not by saying first!

It makes it seem like there are a bunch of immature children here.

"haha, I said first, I'm the coolest kid ever" ....

Tiz funny you said this cuz that's what I was thinking as I started reading your post then I saw QS's avatar and immediately thought..... too late.

Posted from the CB App on my White Zed 10

So you're that child who pulls pranks on other kids and thinks it's cool, not knowing how you are perceived as a dolt. Your parents must be so proud lol. Loser.

I agree. I went to the Q10 after months of the Z and found the first 48 hours a real challenge but I promised myself I would give the Q a week. Less than a week has gone by and the love for the Q has increased dramatically...but I still look over at the Z...

Posted via CB10

Glad to hear there's love for the new BlackBerry 10 OS. It's really true. Once you get past the learning curve, you will absolutely love it and everything else will seem so inefficient.

I don't me to come off as being harsh but I don't understand how theirs a learning curve for crackberry users. Bb10 was second nature to me after watching what seemed like 1,000 bids from the crackberry team.

Posted via CB10

I didn't find much of a learning curve, partially because I had a playbook before and watched hundreds of videos of BB10 in action and getting to use my friends Z10 and Q10 well before they were announced ;)

Same here. I miss the switch gesture on my Z10... Sometimes I do it anyways and then realizing it doesn't work. :D

Ditto. I miss some of the pb gestures, but the learning curve wasn't really there for me. I'm not the brightest bulb in the pack, but I got that anyhow.

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You know, to be honest, I don't miss the bridge that much. I like it for the Internet on my pb when I'm not home, but otherwise, I'd rather use my phone now, than my pb for messaging and email.

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I agree for the most part, but the ability to check almost all notifications remotely when using the PlayBook was very handy when my 9850 was out of reach. Although it never was the quickest way to do so, it did get a lot of envy from friends, family, and coworkers. BlackBerry needs to keep the little things like this alive to ensure their differ from other, less attractive platforms. I do miss the added functionality! I do not use my PB nearly as much as before the Z10, but I do still use it and cannot wait for BB10 to arrive!

Totally agree about the learning curve, but the longer you use BB10, the more it grows on you.

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I love the new BlackBerry 10, I have a Z10 but I've played with Q10's and I love them not really a learning curve for me, it takes like 20 min or so and you should have the basic stuff down and then you get to keep learning new stuff throughout the time you own your phone it's fun and useful to own a BB10 product

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

And despite the fact that all of these posts show a Q10 with the AT&T logo, we still have to wait several more weeks (at least)

The title of this article could do with changing to reflect it in fact not Bla1zes first day, it's one of we normal people.

Posted via CB10

No just love how passionate some people are who do post comments. Plus how excited I was to actually BE the first to post. I'm a newbie.

Posted via CB10

I was confused because I was expecting Adam's first day impression. Still, the post he references is a good one. I like how she described the transformation from disgruntled and confused to happy and excited!

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Come on BlackBerry: just give those of us in the US that have stayed loyal a break! We want our Q10 NOW NOW NOW!!!!!!!!

It's amazing how even girls know about techy stuff when they should be busy playing with Ken and Barbie dolls.

Posted via CB10 (BB Z10 : BLK)

I have the Z10 and I love it......but I'm REALLY considering that Q10! Looks pretty sharp lol. I loved my old BB's physical keyboard

Posted via CB10

No offense but physical keyboard is so last century, I won't never ever go back, proud owner of all iPhones models, storm 1 and 2, (no much with the storm 1 I think that was a big mistake that made me hate BlackBerry) and Z10.

I still use my iPhone 5 as primary device. The Z10 is great but is but that I can enjoy a bunch of apps that I have my iPhone.

My last BlackBerry with physical keyboard was an 8100 after that you know I got the original iPhone.

Posted via CB10

That is not entirely true! Physical keyboard devices will be welcome for a while to come! Especially if BlackBerry can keep them attractive and very functional! The Q10 is most likely going to blow the Z10 out of the water in sales. I know I have never owned a QWERTY device and have no desire to own one but I will not deny the huge number of people that still rely on and love their QWERTY. Not to mention the business side... The Z is awesome, and I love it! I wouldn't mind playing with a Q though!

Too bad they can't upgrade the Torch of both worlds with a keyboard and touch screen. Hey BB...anyone listening?

It would be sweet but in all reality the torch does not have the specs to run BB10. Given QNX thrives on multiple core platforms. I don't see any legacy devices benefiting from BB10. Lol I had a Verizon rep at my local store try to tell me that BB10 was coming to all late legacy devices. I told her that wasn't gonna happen and she insisted... Would be interesting but there isn't anything in it for BlackBerry to put the time and money into such development. Hence the ultra slow deployment if BB10 for the PlayBook. It has been promised but there really isn't anything for BlackBerry to gain... for now that is

I had a PlayBook so the transition to the 10 was so easy! Now BlackBerry devices are all gesture based it gives a sense of normality to the system.

I find myself swiping on everything now haha!

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Q10 offers a great typing experience, only comment is that by eliminating the touch pad it has become very difficult to move the cursor backwards or forwards within the text field - for example, if you have accidentally mis-spelled something and missed your error until 15 words later, so you want to add or delete a letter in the middle of a word, 15 words back - it is extremely difficult, even with the little blue circle (at least for an adult male human with normal sized fingers). This problem could be easily solved if - Blackberry reads this post and directs it to a technician - by simply re-purposing the volume up/volume down buttons while in a typing application. Volume up would move the cursor back one space, volume down would move it forward, and viola - perfect keyboard! Of course when on an active phone call or when listening to music, etc, they would function normally as volume buttons. This solution would also work nicely on the Z10, making that user experience much more friendly as well.

You're welcome!

This would be handy if it could be properly implemented. But I don't really have any problems with the new way of doing things. I actually find the accuracy of the touch screen on the Z to be very welcoming and a pleasure to use! I as well have large hands and fingers. I find myself trying to use all the Z's Gestures on my PlayBook and the select function on the PB is inferior to the Z.

> Volume up would move the cursor back one space,
> volume down would move it forward, and viola - perfect keyboard!

A *brilliant* idea!!

(I actually prefer if BlackBerry would re-instate the touchpad, but Damon Poole's suggestion would make a workable interim solution)!

I was super leery of going all touch with the z10, but now I've learned it (it took maybe 20 minutes) and I see the keyboard as a mental crutch unless you've got abnormally shaky hands or fat fingers. I think if the diehards like me will just try the z, they'll have the same revelation I did

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For the first time yesterday i picked up my friend's Q10 and used it for about 20 minutes and i really did not enjoy it at all. As a long time blackberry user (5+ years), i was so excited to test it out and even went out of my way to visit my friend just to see it. I could not understand how to use the OS efficiently like i hoped despite that i frequent this site daily and listen to every single podcast. Obviously i need more time using it but from my initial impressions, i wasn't enjoying the experience. I think i'd much prefer the Z10 with the bigger screen real estate. I found it too compact on the Q10 to use all the wonderful features Blackberry came up with on BB10.

I used to be android and iPhone user, so Z10 is the right choice for me. But I must admit that Q10 is a beautiful phone.

Posted via CB10 on my Black Zedten