BlackBerry Q10 makes a visit to the FCC

BlackBerry Q10
By Simon Sage on 17 Apr 2013 10:31 am EDT

Those of you champing at the bit for the upcoming BlackBerry Q10 will be happy to hear that the BlackBerry 10 device has recently passed through FCC certification. For us end users, that means little more than an expectation that it will be available soon.

In Canada and the UK, that means before the end of the month, but American carriers have been awfully tight-lipped about when it's coming their way - our guess is after BlackBerry Live next month. 

Those interested in the technical nitty-gritty of the Q10's certification can pore through the documents at the FCC and the Bluetooth SIG. Be sure to keep up to date on BlackBerry Q10 availability at our pre-order hub.

So, who's getting one? Why pick the Q10 over the Z10? 

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BlackBerry Q10 makes a visit to the FCC


Hopefully they'll have it first! It seems like there's been more BlackBerry love with Verizon than with the other carriers. I'd think that would give them a little incentive to get it in people's hands as soon as possible. I've got my money ready for that moment.

I need me a keyboard :D I have a Z10 and as much as I love it, I just can't get accustomed to using a touch screen.

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Prepare to be extremely pissed because the official launch of the device is April 30th. Guaranteed most people will be getting it in May.

K-K-K-Keyboaaaard! The Z10 keyboard is sweet, but not practical if you're used to walk with your phone in your hand and typing your way through wherever you are. Need click clicks to blind type, so Q10 all the way

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Disagree! Love that keyboard fans will have a Q soon, but hands down, one handed use is best with the Z. Word flicking is faster and more in line with what you are doing versus having a set of words above the keyboard, and the Z offer swiping for numbers and special characters - no need to hit and hold ALT keys to get other characters.

The point it that I still have to look at the screen on my Z10, doesn't matter if I use it with one hand or both. Blind typing and walking is my fetish and it's what I've done ever since I have a BlackBerry. I get your point, it is easier to type special characters with the Z10 and it's a better keyboard in the sense that it allows you to swipe, I love that too. But in MY personal case, I prefer the physical keyboard on the street. The Z10 is nice to use when I'm just sitting and having a coffee or watching TV.


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I agree. Single thumb flick/swipe typing in Z10 is better than any other keyboard, physical or touch.

The primary complaint I have with touch keypad is that you can not float your fingers over the keys anymore. After a month with my Z10, I am still getting used to this.

Also being at the mercy of auto correction ducks sometimes especially if you use technical terms or abbreviations. With physical keyboard you can turn it off. With touch you need it for a reasonable typing speed.

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I'm debating on getting the Q10 even though I have the Z10 and I love it there's still something about the BlackBerry keyboard that I'll forever love. I hope AT&T offers it in white and black.

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Blackberry should reward Verizon with first launch in the US. Att does not deserve that honor after the Z10 launch. Att does not give a cr@p about BB and that was obvious to all with their lack of training, promotion, displays, and in some cases leaving the phone behind the counter.

At least AT&T customers could buy one if they wanted. Those of us on Sprint don't even have the option to brave carrier corporate disdain to buy a Z10. At the rate Sprint works, we'll have the Q10 in time for the Christmas shopping season, unless there's another model that they decree we'll be happier with...coming sometime next year!

I've had a pixi for three years on Sprint, and I checked my upgrade options yesterday. I can get a Bold for $100 where it used to be $200 about a month ago, soooo it might not be solid evidence but it could be a clue that they will be selling the q10 at $200 soon :) have hope. I'm with you on Sprint pissing people off, but I can't help but be hopeful that they'll have the q10 ASAP. I HOPE I'm right, though I'll have to wait till it drops to $100 somewhere (be it Sprint or Best Buy or Amazon) to afford it :( not a $200 phone person here :P

I know that feeling. I've been depending on a Curve for about a year since my Tour started to crash every few hours. I was hoping to get a full-touch experience on my BlackBerry, but I will take a BB Bold-style keyboard any day! Lets hope it releases in May.

At&t at least carries the phones! Living in an area of NH that has mountainous terrain and "spotty" reception, there are only two carries that work well. I am stuck with a choice between Verizon which has outrageous costs and fees, or US Cellular (which I went with for reception and cost). Unfortunately, IF you want to have the most current devices, you are left with the only option of going to Verizon and paying thru the arse in order to avoid an obsolete or outdated model. I am sure US Cell will have the phones, yet I am just as confident they will follow their usual protocol of having the devices just short of a decade behind the competition. SMH!

When it is available in the U.S. I'll be getting one, but I'll be keeping the Z10, too.

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Just placed my order yesterday for the Q10 white with Rogers, already have a Z10 (this is a 2nd line I have)...can't wait.

I am buying 2 as soon as I can. White for the wife and black one for me.

Using a upgrades that I have on my business account.

Both Z10 and Q10 :
I will be using my current Z10 for the screen real estate needs , media since I am a musician and family entertainment needs, and business, but I will keep my Q10 in my side for power usage, I love the QWERTY. I will make them both work for me. There is BYOD ( Bring Your Own Device ) then there is BYBD ( Bring Your Both Devices ). Hahah

Love it

I have the z10 and I absolutely love it. I've had it for about a month now. I wouldn't get the q10 just simply because it seems pointless to me to have a touch screen but a physical keyboard. So I have to move my thumb all over the little screen to get what I want but to type it has to be on the keyboard? It's just seems dumb.

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I got the Z10 from a 9900... still getting used to typing on Glass... its pretty cool and all but I kinda see myself checking the Q10 out as soon as it lands in ATT.. if me like, me switch!

I've been loving my Z. I came from a LONG line of BlackBerry qwerty's. Last one being my bulletproof 9930. I gotta say I don't see myself going back to a physical keyboard.... I really don't. After the initial learning curve (yes, pun intended) I became just as productive and even faster on it. I will definitely check it out but highly doubt I will convert.

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One Q10 for me please...Verizon please don't disappoint me by not having a software upgrade when it's released.

I'm amazed by how many people have a Z10 already and are planning to buy the Q10. Once I buy a phone, I don't buy a new one until my contract is up. Either I'm cheap or I'm not as big of a Blackberry fan as you all. Probably both. :)
Anyway, that means I'm keeping my Z10. But really because I love the on-screen keyboard, predictive text and swipe.

I love the z10 keyboard but it is no way better than a physical keyboard. It comes close but a 9900 is still a better typing device. I will stick with my z10 though

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And I was fixin to post that I was impressed by your use of champing.

For reference, champing is correct term for "champing at the bit." However, because many interpreted the action (and word) as a "chomp" that "chomping" has become accepted.

That said, the cowboy in me will always use champing.

My upgrade is available the 1st week of June and i'm hoping the Q10 is available on AT&T, i have been playing with the Z10 at the stores and i'm really impressed with the predictive swipe of the virtual keyboard but their is something about the BlackBerry physical keyboard that i just can't ignore. I'm more than willing to sacrifice screen real estate for the greatest physical keyboard on the planet.

I was waiting for the Q10 but couldn't wait any longer, so I picked up the Z a week ago. I can truly say I am not missing the physical keyboard. I love flick typing.

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You know, Its irritating every time these stories are posted about a BB appearance at the FCC. CB doesnt bother to do any posts when a BB goes to any other countries regulator for testing.

My 9800 battery JUST started not holding a charge... And now I'm expected to to buy a battery for a phone I will be upgrading in "weeks"?!?!
Blackberry is turning into a bait and switch company...

"Love the device... Hating the company..."

The Q10 is nice for those people who like the qwerty keyboard from blackberry, the rim made the Q10 also because for those qwerty lovers. So it's up to you guys who wants to buy it with different types of needs, and for me i chose Z10 because i dont like being a half touch screen..

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I'm still in love with my phone. That doesn't mean that I'm not half way curious about this phone. I may need to update my wife's phone just to have the q in house. I definitely want the phablet supposedly coming out end of this year.

Feel free to add me 24EFEB55

I'm currently in love with my z10 but I also "Feel the need for Keys" and crave that extra battery life. I look at q10 as the bold bb10 and for that reason I'm getting one as my work phone. Best of both worlds baby!

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This 5" phablet is intriguing too, although z10 is perfect size in my opinion. Love one handed use on this phone.

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I really want the Q10!
I purchased the Z10, since I couldn't wait. But will definitely get the Q10. I wouldn't say the Q10 is better, but it's an original. Z10 is great, but Q10 os what I want.

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Am I the only one who just realized that Alicia Keys has the perfect last name for the Q10? (last name or stage name, whatever it may be.)

Blackberry Live starts May 14, my birthday, could be a good day! If I win one in the drawing it could be even better!

Does anyone know which version passed through the FCC? I'm on the lookout for the one that has the T-Mobile bands...

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While I was a big fan of the keyboard and absolutely loved my 9930 I think I'll stick with the Z10 for a while. ;)...maybe

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Enough is enough. I'm getting the HTC One. Hopefully the Q10 is out before my trial period and I'll get it. My Galaxy SII works when it wants to, and I can't bear it any longer

Darn. I'm probably buying new phone first week in May. I was hoping for the Q10 in the US by then.

Waiting for the Q10 to arrive so I can compare them side by side. I hope my AT&T store will let me spend lots of time playing with them :-}

Will the keys on the physical keyboard on the q10 be larger than those on previous models?

I'm on AT&T and can't wait to check the Q10 out myself. I sorely miss the physical keyboard; this device pairs a plenty large 3" screen with the contoured keys that make messaging efficient. Been on Android since 2010, switching from BlackBerry Bold 9500 to an HTC Aria. Since then, I've had several Android phones and while they've been very functional, I've never liked any of them as much as my former BlackBerry devices in their prime.

Me? I'll be getting the Q10 and using it and my bold 9900 off and on between sim swappings. :)

Oh yes, I will. :D

Using it for all that blackberry offers!