BlackBerry Q10 launching in Canada on May 1st

By Adam Zeis on 23 Apr 2013 02:38 pm EDT

If you're in Canada it looks like the wait to get your hands on a BlackBerry Q10 won't be much longer. We got word today that Rogers, TELUS, Bell and a handful of other Canadian carriers will be offering up the full-QWERTY Q10 starting May 1st. While pre-orders have been available for a few weeks now, just a few more days and you'll be able to grab one for yourself in stores and online. 

The Q10 will run you $199 on a 3-year term and will also be available on Virgin Mobile Canada, Fido, Koodo Mobile, and Sasktel. Best Buy, Future Shop, TBooth Wireless, The Source, Walmart Canada and WIRELESSWAVE will all sell the Q10 as well. 

Still no word from WIND on a release date nor anything at all regarding the Q10 from Mobilicity.

Will you be picking up a Q10? Let us know in the comments!

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BlackBerry Q10 launching in Canada on May 1st


Yay, no first comments... And this is great news that May 1st is a week away tomorrow and everyone holding out for the Q10 will finally be able to see what us Z10 users have been in love with

That's if we're lucky! There's always the holiday shopping season to leverage you know...Christmas that is. Okay, yes I'm bitter about no Z10 on Sprint, I admit it.

I dropped my line with Sprint. I warned them and kept my word. I have three more lines I intend to transfer over. Yes it's costly to have two accounts but it's time people start standing up to these bullies. 10 years of my money comes to an end.

Feel free to add me 24EFEB55

Booming! Now let's hope the rest of the world follows sooner than "soon"!

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Congrats to the Canucks who are waiting for the Q10. Too bad that I like the Z10 so much...

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All the workers will be singing l' internationale as they queue up to buy their Q 10s!

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Should I use my Jedi mind tricks to get one on May the 4th Be With You Day?

Posted via my Panther Z10 and CB10 app

Yeah, I'm wanting to do this too. This may be a n00b comment, however...
What's the best way to rock two BlackBerry 10 devices on one sim card?

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I don't think you can use a single SIM card depending on the carrier. At least ATT doesn't allow that. The approach I'm taking is using ATT's mobile share plan, then have two+ SIMs activated. Will use Google Voice to provide a single phone number that fronts the other two+ phone numbers so friends only see one number externally (works for calls and texts too.) The only hiccup is that I'll likely be swapping one BB id between the devices. This causes some annoying messages each time apps startup, and lose a bit of message context or see repetitive status updates.

All my other data is in the cloud so the devices are always up to date with one another. I may have to pay double for some apps, but I believe they are tied to the BB ID and you're able to move between devices with certain limits.

If anyone has a better approach, I'm all ears!

Yeah, that's my worry. I'm loving the Z10, does the job and then some, but I just know I want both.

If anyone knows of a way that I can have my cake and eat it, please let me know!


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well, sadly i cant buy a Q10 cuz i already got the Z10 and i cant afford it, but if by any chance i win it in the crackberry contest i was intending to use the Q10 as an actual phone and the Z10 for... lets call it an iPod kind of device, all multimedia and entertainment on the ZEE while the actual phone on the Q10

I hope for Blackberry's sake they are releasing the q10 in the US right after the Canadian/UK date was supposed to be the end of this month. Keeping my z10 though I'm perfectly happy with it.

I was always a fan of the physical keyboard but I'm so impressed with the Z10 that I'll be hanging on to it until something impresses me more.

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I tried both, trust me, you'll forget z10's keyboard once you try Q10's kb.
Only BlackBerry can make better keyboards than BlackBerry

Just to spice things up I decided to switch back to my 8703e while i wait for the us release! Was using a 9930.

Great and even better if you are into good vibes.Being a business phone and launching on May 1st which is celebrated in many countries around the world as Labour Day is fabulous.

Poor Mobilicity, from what I understand they're so broke they now obtain their inventory from a 3rd party broker and can only get what they pay upfront for. Explains why they were so late with the Z10 and why they had so few of them. Competition in Canada is dying :(

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I want one but I have an upgrade fee with Rogers. Will have to wait till the price of the phone drops to justify paying an upgrade fee.

My renewal date is June, so now I have the conundrum: Z10 or Q10. I'll have one or the other by the end of June. I'm very excited. My Torch is a little glum, fearing retirement - but I'll still use it as a wifi device.

That's awesome to hear! I hope I win that free Q10 contest. That would make for a great Bday gift

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I want the q10 but I already got the z10 and sadly I can't afford to pay full price for both :/

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I bought the Z10 and can't wait to get my hands on the wife's Q10 once it arrives. However, I don't think I'll want to give up all this screen real estate for myself.

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After 2 torch 9800, 3 torch 9810 and 4 curve and now with Z10 I am still a blackberry user and will always if they can make the can make the 9810 or something like that I will very happy cause I love the BlackBerry's

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I really was thinking about waiting for this one out, but I love my Z10, and switching to Verizon from Sprint was the best thing I have done in a long time. Looks awesome though.

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I will stay with the Z10. After I returned my first one, the second one is not showing any of the issues I had before. The Z10 is just exactly what I expect a business smartphone to be. Dropped my I Phone 4S for the Z10.

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I got the chance to handle one last week and I must say it is an absolutely beautiful device to have in the hands. The way they disigned and crafted the backing made me not want to put it down. Althought I'm done with keyboards on mobile phones, I believe it will be sell quite well once consumers get hold of it.

As much as I don't doubt the success of the Q10, I'm actually quite happy with the Z10. The screen size is amazing. And the predictive text swipe function is awesome!

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Good for Can but can we get a US date now? I refuse to wait a month like they did with the Z10. That's just outright disrespect.

OMG. Chomping at the bit to do physical comparison of the q and z10 here in the USA. So I can FINALLY get a blackberry again

Black Q10 will also be available in Oman from first week of May. It's available for pre order.

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I will have to succumb and contine to use my ZED10 until Telus comes out with the white Q10 that I am waiting for. I need my keyboard back. ~sigh~

All the pictures I see of the Q10 show a straight across keyboard. one of the eases of using previous blackberries was the curved keyboard. It was easy to reach the keys. I don't think the straight across keyboard will be as easy to use.

Well I love my Z10 but being nuts I must also have one of these and alternate on a monthly basis just because I am so happy with the BB10 OS and only to be improved with due time

This is great news! Hopefully this makes the stock price start advancing again and get past $20+.

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Wow - no one mentioning the most important factor in this story. The launch of 10.1. Let the Z-10 10.1 leaks continue...

For the love of all things holy, Canadians.... please tell us about the kinds of keyboard shortcuts that are possible.
Can it be set to launch the basic BB apps with a single button press? calculator, calendar, notes, etc.
Can it be set to quick dial people?

the physical keyboard is the best, killer app of all

200 on a three year contract? Hmmmmm z10 was only 140. That's quite a premium for the keyboard. They obviously feel corporate Canada will pony up.

I have a Z10 now but my mother has on on pre order and she's like a kid waiting for Christmas.

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Well the company I work for is switching carriers (I won't say from or too, other than to say from Big too Tiny), I.T also announced along with an over all significant savings to the company we would get new hardware, well that got me super excited thinking Z10 or Q10..... No such luck, we will get Bold 9900's....Now I have had a 9900 for approx. one year and do really like it, but I am so wanting a Z10 or a Q10....when I asked (forcefully) why we would not be going to BB10, I was told that the carrier STRONGLY recommend too our I.T department not to go too BB10 yet do to significant data consumption issues....Anyway just too show you, carriers not all on board pushing BB10.... :(

After having the Z10 since February, not sure why people want a keyboard? BB10 is so much better with the bigger screen.

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Wind has a pre registration online for the quick10. Same deal with the Z10 when it came out, they have to delay the release as the y get there act together. Ever since they been up for sale they stopped spending money on network upgrades and LTE is a no go. Looking like they maybe dead in the water unless a us company wants to make a move into Canada with Wind. Last time Rogers and at and t teamed up to make two big robbers.

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Rogers has a special on that if a new phone is activated by April 30, you get a free Kindle Paperwhite eReader .... ONE DAY OFF! Come on!

I love the keyboard on the Z10 I am not sure why many want a physical keyboard, but there is those millions that prefer it and I don't blame them for their preference and the physical keyboard by blackberry is the best in the world that no other competitor can compete against.

I still have and use once in awhile my Unlocked BlackBerry Bold 9000 and it's built like a tank and all original still except the ball was replaced this past Dec 2012 this is a 5 year old device and it still looks and feels like new, the keyboard still looks new. I never am hard on my phones this way they stay good for if I want to sell for top dollar, but I just could not part with my Unlocked BlackBerry Bold 9000.

I find the physical keyboard was east to master within in 30 min to 1 hour of usage and after that it's a piece of cake.

The Q10 blows away the Bold 9000, but it is the same principle in build quality and design.

I like to have both my Z10 and a Q10 just to say I have the top bb devices in the world and top devices in the world.

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Still debating on what to do; get one for myself and give my Z10 to my wife or get the Q10 for her.

A BlackBerry fans dilemma. :(

Posted via CB10 on my white Z10.

Great phone, nice keyboard, nice and smooth OS but low quality of materials. Can not compare this plastic stuff to the 9900 Bold. And ouch, very overpriced..When it hits Europe it will be somewhere between 700-750Eur.. No one will buy it for that price here in Germany. Very disappointing price policy (again) from BB.

Great news!! Will have to check it out. The keyboard on the Z10 is great but nothing beats the BlackBerry physical keyboard.

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A Wednesday for a device launch? I suspect Tuesday is more likely, either way, only a week away!!! Launch with 10.1?? I wonder what apps are waiting for 10.1 before launching

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I'm still up in arms about the Q. I still can't get past the thought that the phone is completely based on touch on that small screen except for the keyboard. All controls and navigation hmmm really hope all stores have working demos
Just saying.

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I have to say that the Q10 is definitely tempting, as typing anything (like this post) on the BlackBerry physical keyboard has been a dream, plus the extra battery life makes the phone power user friendly. However I will not be switching from my Z10. I would be perfectly fine with the smaller screen, smaller active frames and app screens, would love the battery life and keyboard, but I've fallen in love with the flick typing for one handed use. There are times when I can type a message faster with one thumb than with both of them, and that is saying something. So for now I'll happily stay with my Z10 and watch the Q10 users from afar.

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I'm waiting on windmobile very patiently. I have a while to go before I can afford it regardless now that I did some research.

GETTING IT IN BLACK NOW BECAUSE OF THAT PICTURE! I can't wait for May 1st but tbh I'll probably arrive May 3rd or even worse the 5th. :*(