BlackBerry Q10 launched in India, arriving at retailers June 6th

By Bla1ze on 6 Jun 2013 03:36 am EDT

Although most of the conversation surrounding the BlackBerry Q10 has been focused on the US launch for AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint, the first full QWERTY BlackBerry 10 device has now also arrived in another large market for BlackBerry. Landing on sale throughout India on June 6th, the BlackBerry Q10 will be available offered at the Rs. 44,990 (approximately. $791 USD) price point and will of course, come preloaded with BlackBerry 10.1.

In case you're keeping track, that's slightly a bit higher price than the Rs. 43,490 some Indian retailers were selling the BlackBerry Z10 for when it launched in the region but, the pricing doesn't appear to be official -- just what some retailers are asking for it. So I guess we'll hear soon enough how the market feels about that pricing. If you're looking to pick up a BlackBerry Q10, the device will be available through 1,000 retailers across 20 cities in India. Will you be getting the lovely keyboard in your hands?

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BlackBerry Q10 launched in India, arriving at retailers June 6th


I am disappointed in BlackBerry... this just sucks... Q10 has been priced at a stupid price point. I expected better from BlackBerry... It's just doomed in India now...!

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I dont think the pricing is out officially! But if it is 44,490/- it very high. Not that i wont buy it but then wanted to see. BlackBerry 10 phone in every ones hand... this pricing wont do it..! :(

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They have gone crazy.. Launched it at such a high price, when in us it costs approx. 31500 in Indian currency. Yeahh blackberry fans will love to buy it, but atleast it should be value for money, which it surely isn't.

Love my z10...but will like to try out q10...n eagerly waiting for a10 :) xD

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I would never buy a Blackberry Q10 for Rs 45k (USD 791).. Its going to be a big failure in the Indian market like the Z10.. I was really looking forward to this handset.. guess I'll have to be content with my 9790 and 9220 for now.. #fail

The BlackBerry 10 series has met with a lukewarm(at best) reception in India. On a recent trip to Bangalore when I was at Bombay airport I saw Apple having opened up a BIG store dedicated to the iPhone 5 within the airport where people could play with the iPhone and it did attract a LOT of footfall. There was an electronic shop in the airport which I also visited. The poor Z10 was lying in a corner of the store without any battery charge and no interest being shown towards the product.Almost everyday the front page ad in the newspaper I get at home is taken up by Apple sporting the iPhone 5. Has it helped? If the recent reports of iPhone sales having gone up by 400% in India is true then I guess it has. It is evident that BlackBerry will have to work harder than this to help BB 10 gain traction in the Indian market. BTW I own a Z 10.

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I'm from Sri Lanka, I have long been a BlackBerry fan and got my Z10 within 2 weeks of release . You nailed it when you said advertising is abysmal from BlackBerry. Besides a minuscule market share in India there price point for the Q10 is only going to deter customers away from the device. There strategy is confusing!!!!!!


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At these price points it is evident that somebody isn't grounded in reality. Z10 for 42k, Q 10 for 45k. Has BlackBerry gone mad?

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Definitely a great device but very wrong price. Its surely not selling even like Z10 did.

BlackBerry, you are doing terribly wrong. This price not only will take customers away but developers too.

Hope you realize that point. Priority is too attract developers to build apps through big numbers. You will have all the time to charge premium then. A10, etc.

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At such price level of 44K, I doubt blackberry can sustain Q10 sales. This would be in fact the second highest priced BB after the limited edition porsche BB.

What is interesting is that I signed up on BlackBerry India's website to receive alerts for Q10 launch and till now nothing has popped up in my inbox even though my trusted local retailer confirmed yesterday that this was being launched on 6th. As a technology driven company it reflects poorly when things don't work, especially a marketing initiative targeted at people most likely to buy the phone.

Oh, and this thing is way to expensive. But that's the case with most Electronic goods in India. About two weeks ago some sort of association of TV sellers in India declared that India would no longer be covered by International warrant schemes as they were losing a lot of money since people buy TVs from Dubai, Singapore, etc where they usual cost half as much. So I guess things aren't that bad when it comes to the Q10 in India!

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the price is way too high consider this :
galaxy s4- 40k
htc one- 42k
note 2- 36k
galaxy s3-28k
and Q10 priced at 44k ???
Me being a BB fan am having 2nd thoughts abt buying it, then how will BB earn new customers ???
they did the same with Z10 and hardly, i see anyone having Z10 in India
blackberry have to really have a look at their pricing strategy in India, otherwise it will be a thing of the past in a huge market like India

The Price is too high for Indian market to get back in believe of BlackBerry after Fail OS7. India is a market of Best Bargain.

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No one will buy this, not a chance.. lol.. if one thing in mobile reference that is synonymous to Indians is Android.

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Ummmm. This is what the carriers are charging, not BlackBerry. Complain to them. Surely the market will decide the price.

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Yeah and Blackberry has priced themselves out of the market. I'm so sad that blackberry is writing it's obituary in India with this foolishness it believes to be core strategy. Epic fail Blackberry, epic fail.

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As much as that may be relatively priced right, I don't see that number helping volume. If, big if, they bring the A10 to India, I would be interested in what they price it at.

@sandyalisoncan - No. In India carriers play very little role in price of phone. You can buy any handset from wherever you like and insert the SIM and you are on.

Just went to a Blackberry showroom. Did not see a single soul, everyone were inside doing god knows what. Finally knocked on the table and a shabby guy came out.
Conversation went like this.

Me : - Do you have Q10?
Guy :- What saar?
Me : - Do you have Blackberry Q10 ? I read online that Q10 handsets will be available from today onwards, after the launch.
Guy :- (After checking with someone inside) No,saar. No Q10.
Me : OK, when will it be available?
Guy :- ( After checking again) One month, saar.
Me :- Typical Blackberry response , huh?
Guy :- _______

I walked out.

The BlackBerry India website also does not seem to know that the Q10 has launched in India YESTERDAY! The Q10 page still only has a link to 'Get Updates'.

Even if you go to the 'Where to buy' page, it shows only a link for 'Learn More'.

And now fliptkart, the Indian equivalent to Amazon (until yesterday I guess, before Amazon launched in India) has the Q10 listed for pre-order with expected launch in the 3rd week of June.


as far as the specs of Q10 are considered , correct price wud be 25-30K not a single paisa more than that
how can Q10 be priced more than galaxy S4 and htc one
only bumping up the price wont make Q10 a premium device

I was really looking forward to the Q10 being released in India. I don;t know what Blackberry are thinking with their pricing. Apple priced their phones higher in India thank in a lot of other "first world" countries and have finally learned their lesson. Blackberry don't have the luxury of that time to learn lessons, not now. A sorely disappointed Blackberry fan who is contemplating moving to another platform.

If this is the price for the Q10, I shudder ti think what the rumored A10 (Aristo) will cost. At this rate I think it's better to plunk my money in Apple or Samsung.

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I wonder where bbry got the ball z to charge so much to early adopters. Their greed will get the best of them. If you price yourself higher than the rest how do you expect to get new users. The z10 was 50 bucks over priced and the q10 over 100

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the phone will most likely drop in price. BB is still pretty big in india, BUT not on the premium level. all my friends/family in india who use bb use it because of the cheaper social media plans and because the lower tier phones (ie curve) are cheap. I think the q5 will dominate that market with the q10 being reserved for either the wealthy (which there are a lot of) or the business users. But to point out, the iphone 5 when launched cost 50k look at the price? as with anything, the minute it comes out, the price is higher than if you wait a month...

It will be blackberry's suicide attempt if this is the final price. If they really want people to buy q10, price should not be more than 28-30K.

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Absolutely agree! Blackberry needs to increase market share first. Z10 was not priced right and Q10 pricing in India is insane as well. It seems Blackberry is trying to rip off customers who have been so loyal to them. Things like these make be lose confidence in Blackberry Management.

BlackBerry should give it away to anybody who stayed loyal to them over the years. The key thing is don't buy the Q,or Z 10 it will force them to lower the price. Remember people its the consumer who control the market not the manufacturer

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Don't know why folks in India are so reactive to the price of Z10 and Q10 . . These are high end products meant for customers with deep pockets like enterprise businesses and higher incomes..They not only sell handsets but also the high end security that comes along... Consumer products for mid markets like Q5 and probably Z 5 would be launched soon. Those will be very competitive in pricing.

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I think I will be happy with my 9810 atleast for next six months !!! 45K !!! OMG !!! I already have a everyday shrinking BBM list on my phone and this helps more to it... :-(

Rs. 44500? 791$? How does this make a difference? If you want and can afford it, buy it. If not, move on. I agree that you have been a loyal customer.
But you are not the only customers. BlackBerry is here to make money. If the S4 or the iPhone suits you, buy one and move on

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