BlackBerry Q10 landing in U.S. early June

A slight delay, but we can deal with that, right?

BlackBerry Q10
By Simon Sage on 14 May 2013 09:39 am EDT

Today at BlackBerry Live 2013, CEO Thorsten Heins confirmed that the BlackBerry Q10 would reaching U.S. carriers, specifically Verizon, in early June. That's not quite the May timeframe we were expecting, but close enough. Americans, can you hold out a few more weeks, or will you buckle and snag a Z10 instead?

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BlackBerry Q10 landing in U.S. early June


I buckled the day TMO released the Z (3/26). I'll just continue to enjoy my Z until the Q hits TMO.

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Extremely disappointing. This company screws the US every chance it gets. Heins has been saying that the Q10 would be in the US in May for the last month... Now it's June

I know right? And its not like you can "buckle and snag a z10" on sprint. I have been waiting for years, ever since before the os 7 devices were announced for a "BBX" phone and I still can't get it! I can't stand my 9850 anymore! I don't even like/want the q10 but told myself I gotta try it out if that's my only option but I'm really disappointed I can't get the full-touch.... I was eyeing the htc ONE and galaxy s4. I can wait a little longer but enough is enough.

I was a blackberry user for ten years I was patiently waiting for the q10 but patience ran out while waiting and realizing the price for the q10 made me decide to shop around. I picked up the HTC 1 and I love it. Easy to use Easy transition from blackberry and a lower price than the Q10.

Here are my only concerns with the One:

1: Lack of a menu button. I used to have an Htc evo 3D. After owning that and 3 blackberry's I practically rely on menu buttons. How do you manage?

2: battery life. The battery on the One is pretty small and it's not removable. How long does it usually last you on a good amount of use?

3: the power and volume buttons are flush with the device. I played with one at the ATT store and it doesn't seem like they would last very long. I don't need another 9850 fiasco, I don't even know where the volume buttons are anymore..(also, no more press and hold volume-up button to skip songs on slacker!!)

4. How is the housing on the device. Does it scratch easily?

5. Lastly, what carriers do you guys have and what are the speeds like?

1.since you rely on menu features it might take a while to shake off the blackberry habits. I've managed to adjust and the lack of menus is a non issue for me as of now.
2. Battery life is better than any blackberry I've had. One drawback is it's not removable. On 4g 4glte and wifi networks the battery works great. If you only have 3g service the battery does drain. I go about 12 hours constant phone messaging internet use before it hits low battery.
3. I have no issues with the buttons but I understand it's a personal preference.
4. I haven't scratched mine yet but I've had read that the corners can be scratched easily.
5.I have sprint. My speeds range from 3g to 4glte. It's beautiful when it's on 4g and above. 3g is a mood killer on the phone. I reccomend the phone I was wary of leaving blackberry for the HTC but that wariness is gone I love the phone it's a decent price fast sleek great apps and the he and sound is spectacular if your into multimedia.

congrats on your new purchase it was a good choice keep us posted in a few months with regards to your likes and dislikes and what u miss most about blackberry

I've been waiting for the Q10 since way back in 1947. But since it's coming out a month late, I'm going to wait for the iPhone 9 instead.

@camera531 Can you point me to a place where Heinz specifically said that it would be out in May. I am curious. I did see an article in the financial post that said the company suggest it will be out in May, but it did not quote Heinz.. I also saw this on CBC in April. "In March, BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins said the Q10 wouldn't be available in the U.S. for two or three months.". I also saw reports in February indicating it would not be out till May-June timeframe. If you have a link, let me know for my own reference.

He went on a media tour in the US and said May for the Q10 every time. I'm sure crackberry has some video of some of them...

That and "Be Patient" or "Only Weeks Away" or "Thanks for being loyal Blackberry customers, but..."
"They" can blame the FCC all they want, but what most of us have witnessed is that all the delays and all the poor planning has been due to RIM/Blackberry. They make a fine (meaning AWESOME) product, BUT they have a horrible way of following through or communicating with their customers.
Everyone blames the US delays on the FCC, and yet Blackberry has yet to come out and release a statement to explain this. Any speculation I have found has been due to the digging on Crcakberry's part. They have single-handedly kept the community informed.
Whew.... It's just sad.

I'm pretty sure they are highly embarrassed by the carrier support here in the US and can't really do anything to offset their part in this whole comeback fiasco.

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With the advent of flicking up from the keyboard to complete words on the z10, I'm already faster and more accurate than I ever was on the BlackBerry Bold.

And I love the extra real estate on the screen. Get the Q10 for its battery life if you must, but don't disregard the Z10.

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So disappointing.

For BlackBerry wanting to turn things around in the U.S., they have a funny way of showing it. Late launches of their newest products do not help. Neither does the fact that 10.1 won't come to the U.S. until "a few weeks."

This is almost like in January, where they had their BB10 launch event in the U.S., yet nothing they offered was available in the U.S. for nearly another two months.

It'll probably be another month until any of us in the U.S. can get a Q10, after being told "late May" by BlackBerry for a long time.

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this is ridiculous. its as though BB and the US carriers are intentionally trying to sabotage these products. Carrier testing? come on.

Yep. All blackberry fans are getting the non vip treatment.

Been with blackberry forever. The thing we can always count on are delays.

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But don't expect Kevin or anyone at crackberry to actually acknowledge any of this. It's all about "positive spin"

Yes, that's exactly my point. I come to CrackBerry for news about BlackBerry, but it's really all about fanboys trying to protect BlackBerry to show no harm. Frankly, as much as other blogs like TechCrunch/Engadget routinely disparage BlackBerry, they're at least more fair to the news than CrackBerry.

When Thorsten announced this informally in March, there was no reporting of this. Now that it's pushed in our faces at the keynote, at least CrackBerry acknowledged it. So - a step forward for this site?

The US isn't the centre of the world there pal. Q10 has been available in the UK and Canada for weeks. Just as that article states, BEFORE June.

Just because the American carriers shit the bed on their release dates -- I'm looking at you Verizon -- don't blame the company.

The Q10 passed through the FCC weeks ago, and testing on AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon are confirmed to be complete (T-Mobile is even selling to business customers). The AT&T model is the one that's been given to reviewers for weeks.

Bottom line, US carriers can't sell what BlackBerry doesn't give them!

Thanks, pal. I'll let the original Forbes article help us out:

"But Boston-based research firm Detwiler Fenton asserted in a research note this morning that the first touch-screen BB10 phone won’t appear in the U.S. until March – and that the QWERTY keyboard version won’t debut until June."

This is the report that caused Kevin to tell us to shoot him if it were true, and then headline a CrackBerry story: "...analysts say unfounded things..." It appears that back on December 6th, Forbes (Detwiler Fenton) had a good source, published it, and was absolutely right. CrackBerry was dead wrong. It's OK to be wrong. It's not OK to imply that people who are saying bad things about your preferred brand are liars.

You won't. If Kevin stops sucking up to the BlackBerry "intelligentsia" his access will be cut off. It's about time, though, that even he acknowledge this company as one of the worst managed in the tech, if not all corporate space.

Very tired of the delays, but I will be patient. Being a cheap bastard, I must stay away from Costco and their $49 Samsung S3 as it would be an obvious upgrade to my S2 that I bought for $10 a year ago. I just upgraded my son from his S1 to the S3 and after using the S3, it is pretty obvious why Samsung and Android is dominating the market. But while being a Samsung user since the Blackjack and Jack days, I really miss my keyboard, and watching my wife pound out texts on her 9900 makes me long for the Q10. Patience, patience, patience...

Not true, the S4 is still not available from Verizon. It has a ship date of 5/30/13 even though Sprint started shipping the S4 at the end of April. Its not Blackberry that makes the call on this, its the carriers.

At this point, this far along, sure it is about the carriers. But come the ______ on; really??? Both said Android phones were announced well after the Blackberry January NYC event, and both Android phones are TECHNICALLY availible in the U.S.

For a company losing MARKET SHARE and trying to climb out of the hole, this is a head scratcher. Dis the USA once again! Is this Canadian envy or is it just that they can't produce enough phones for our market. First rule in retail sales: A] location, A-1] Don't make customers angry. IMO Blackberry needs a professional CEO with experience.

My other complaint is that Blackberry HAS NOT shown in their tutorials of OS-10 how much personalization the system will allow. So you go to the stores and all you run into are display phones that limit the use of the phone followed up with store employees that could give a damn about it. The whole system is screwed up and needs to be improved.

Blackberry you have instore problems of which I have made many attempts to notify you of this and all I get is no reply. I really like Blackberry phones [9000, 9700 & 9900] but I don't think you will be around under the same name maybe only after a takeover--sorry!

What an absolute joke. Same thing with the announcement that the us doesn't get 10.1 til way after than everyone else. I have no faith in this company. Oh yeah, nice job with new app announcements, not. Wtf is moog and why does anyone care?

BlackBerry and Verizon (as well as other US carriers) seem intent on handing Apple, and all the other device makers a gift. How can you claim the US market is important for BlackBerry, when you treat us like afterthoughts. You hold events here with lots of media coverage, run expensive ads on major sports event telecast, but offer the goodies to everyone else. I know it's about being patient, but after "Being patient " for so many different things for so long, it shows that the US is priority last! I was patient while waiting for my Z10, jumped for joy when the debut event was announced, only to be put in my place when the US was a no show for the device for 2 more months. BlackBerry if you want to seriously compete here this treatment must change. Sorry for the rant, but I am just tired of always dealing with the delays.

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lol lol lol......I just couldnt wait any longer for the Q10 so i went out and bought the Z10 even though im a qwerty keyboard type of blackberry guy. For those people like me that is waiting on the Q10....just get the Z10, you'll be more than happy with it. Who knows when the Q will drop in the US. Delay Delay...oops, sorry...i shouldnt say that.....I don't want to offend anyone with that term. lol lol

happy with a phone (z10) that battery life can hardly make it through the day. what is there to be happy about blackberry needs a kick up its candy asss for such a horrible over sight. I shouldnt have to come to crackberry for tips to try and make it through the day on one charge. blackberry should have given me enough juice on that phone to last the day period shows me they learn nothing from there 9900 screw up with battery life come on a full touch screen phone and only 1800 even your cheap ass q5 has a better battery life you should give back z10 users a refund of at least a 100 dollars for that over sight

Honestly... I have to agree with you Wehttam, I wasn't thinking of battery life when I made that point above but you are certainly correct. I find myself using my 9900 70% of the time so that I don't drain the battery on the z10 so quickly.

I'm starting to question if I should keep it or return it for that reason. It's not like it's going to get any better either. What do you think? I've only had it for 10 days

ok i just needed a place to vent at blackberries stupidity but ill say this @tremarco69 if you like the phone big screen keep it u can always get the external battery or one of the ugly external battery cases that im seeing floating around(thats another topic) or u could return it and wait on the q10 cause really and truly doesnt make sense carrying around 2 blackberries a newer version that u cant rely on because of poor battery life and an older one that seems way better at battery life the goal is to have one phone thats capable of doing everything. if the external battery isnt an option that u want to consider i say return it and get the q10 that will definitely get you through the day.The decision is ultimately yours :)

Thank you Wehttam, I don't feel as though I should have to walk around with an external battery supply just to get through a days work. (9 to 12hours) however I do like the big screen. I may have to opt for the Q10. I appreciate the insight.

USA is no longer an important country, the world is. Americans need to get over it that they're no longer #1 to everyone. Be patient and you'll get the toys too, eventually.

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Right, the US market is not important at all ... that has been RIM's strategy for the last few years. How's that working out for them?

I can already see the negative headlines... "BlackBerry Pushes Back New Smartphone Another Month"......

Fantastic. <---- sarcasm

They're getting dangerously close to losing me on principal alone.

Enough with the vague BS, it reeks of wiggle room, which they've had tons of already.

I was waiting for the Q10 as well in Canada a couple of months ago. I went to my carriers kiosk at the local mall to get the scoop on the Q10. They had a Z10 up and running for people to check out. I tried it out for about five minutes and then changed my mind. Have had my Z10 since that day and I've never been happier about a phone. And this is coming from a previous HTC Android user.

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And you know the iPhone 5S will be announced just before the Q10 release so that people will want to wait that much longer...

Wow! I have been hanging on to my Bold 9000 for what seems to be a lifetime and now I have to wait until June. Back story.... I have been a BB user for many, many years and can type faster on my Bold 9000 than most people can type on a full sized keyboard and that is why I have been holding out for the Q10. All I can say is the Q10 better be worth the wait. I have watched every video, read every blog and even had multiple dreams that I was using the Q10 to thwart the growing cyber terrorist network in my neighborhood, not to mention the excruciating wait I have endured, please end the madness BB.

And yes, for those who think why wait just buy one from another country, I'm too cheap.....

People say blackberry treats the US as an after thought but in reality the US treats blackberry as an after thought. The carriers are responsible for the delay, these phones have been ready to go

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I wish more people would realize this. If this was an Apple product, carriers would be BEGGING to be the first out the door.

Even if that were true, why do you suppose that the US carriers would be excited about an Apple product? Perhaps it is because Apple has been consistently making products that the carriers' customers come in droves to buy. Perhaps it is because Apple doesn't routinely string their customers along for months with missed delivery commitments.

is it just me, or is anyone else wondering why there is still silence from AT&T? if late summer, then I buy from Canada. I sort of wish I would just tell bberry to screw themselves and switch, but ...

Oh no!!!!!! A few more weeks!!! That will kill me! I will literally catch on fire because I have to wait a few more weeks!!!!

Lol. :-D

Oh well, I'm not up for an upgrade until june actually, so it works out...

+1. Amazing how insufferably whiny these people are, eh? I sympathize. I want the Q10 NOW, too. But you'd think this forum was populated by 14 year olds who've just been told Justin Bieber has postponed a meet and greet. Sheesh.

I've waited this long and can wait a few more weeks. That keyboard is worth it.

My iPhone was stolen over the weekend. I had hoped to use it for trade-in value at AT&T. Now I'm stuck with a cheapie Pantech Z431 as a stopgap until the Q10 is released. While I'm disappointed, the 431's physical keyboard has reminded me of the typing bliss I've been missing.

So what is the word on AT&T?? You guys mentioned Sprint T-Mobile, and Verizon, but shouldn't AT&T be first? We've seen all of the review units with the AT&T branding already...

I'm an AT&T user, is my best bet to order from another country now? How much more would it cost, because I haven't seen an actual "off-contract" price for the Q10 from AT&T. If i order from another country, what is the safest route? Thanks!!!!

Try Clove UK or Negri Electronics in the US. You're looking at around $725. Not cheap! But it's possible to get one (at least)...

Thanks @Camer531. So thats pretty safe from Clover UK? Any idea how long it would take to get to the US? Like days or weeks? Also, it says 'SIM FREE' thats the version i want for AT&T right? Does that mean its not branded at all with a carrier logo? Thanks again for the info!

I've bought from Clove and they're good. You get it in days (with many shipping options). No carrier logos and AT&T compatible.

This company did not "screw up" until all of you started commenting "disappointing" and "they screwed up wow." Shut up and protect the brand, stand up and advocate for them--or don't say anything at all and buy the phone when it comes out.

They did what is right for them. You've waited this long, and half of you never even had a 9930, so you can't say you're so excited. Chill out. The phone is coming. Be grateful BlackBerry is still around pushing out phones for us. Jesus...

You can be a fanboy, BlackBerry apologist all you want, and all of us want BlackBerry to succeed (which is why we want the Q10!), but ignoring major mistakes is just like burying your head in the sand.

I am not a fanboy, just an educated human being who understand business, customer service, and public relations. Commenting as if Justin Bieber just cancelled a meet-and-greet is only giving more food to those BlackBerry bashers. I do not think we need to throw fuel on our own fire. And, considering most here are business men and women, it should be understood to keep our mouth shut. I would hate to read an article on iMore about the "SIGNIFICANT DELAY--BLACKBERRY MISSES A DEADLINE AGAIN."

BUT THEY DID MISS A DEADLINE AGAIN! Heins has said for weeks that the Q10 would hit the US in May. Now it's sometime in June (probably just for one carrier) and late summer for most. They're executing horribly in the US. If they improve on execution, no one would write the bad headlines. And showing legitimate anger in these comments won't have any effect AT ALL on the other media's articles.

I too agree. In the big picture this is not going well. a new Q5 announced, R rumors, phablet coming, etc, etc. and the only Q10 we can get we would have to smuggle, Z10 still can't seem to get traction and despite denials have had a return issue. The torch 7 rolled out better than this. Not just the May thing either. PB 10? Fanfair in January and nada. No Sprint support roll out yet, (my problem), hinky comments about reboots and problems, still slow app roll out after all the efforts. Walks like a duck, talks like a duck . . .

More waiting. I am not sure why everything BlackBerry does requires such a long time for the product to be available for purchase. The HTC One and Galaxy S4 announcements came after the Z10 and Q10, yet they are already available for purchase.

I've been waiting for my iPhone 4S to give me the same tech my 9930 gives me. I've been waiting very long. I have been waiting, very, very long.

Other manufacturers pay carriers to push their products in US: obviously BB DOES treat US as afterthought

Early June I can handle, especially if on VZW... I can wait a month... Z10 is tempting, but Q10 is where it's at. Finally time to switch away from iphone (will probably get an ipod touch 5th gen :D )

It is so sad that the US carriers have purposely delayed the release of the Z10 and now the Q10. These phones have been available in the UK and Canada as well as other countries and should have been available in the US sooner. US carriers have been a disgusting non-partner with Blackberry. Blackberry deserves better from these "carrier" clowns.

Typical Crackberry arrogant community crap, always carrier's problem while the obvious fact is carrier cannot sell inventory that BB unable to provide. Take Taiwan as example, Q10 unit was sent to Government for final release clearance, clearance was grant on April and now Taiwan's target release time is end of June to early July. (So much for purposely delay) Anyway, if BB thinks rest of the world is such 2nd class market, maybe the user should treat them back as 2nd class phone maker then. Now BBM is going cross platform there are even more reason to try those "i" and "A" product.

Egg on a lot of faces. Detwiler was dead right about the June date.
Nevertheless I am sure there is a lot at play here. There is no conspiracy or anything anti American going here guys come on. BlackBerry is running a business, not a childish cross border macho game. Leave that to kids or petty adults. This is a new OS and there is undoubtedly a lot going on that none of us is privy to. If you want to give up waiting that is fair game but stop with the other accusations. By the way there are plenty other countries still waiting for the z10, let alone the Q10, including the country in which I live with no date announced. Once the new platform stabilizes I am sure release schedules will also be much more stable. I still want the Q10 and look forward to it.

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A lot of people are hating on the US for some reason, but it's BlackBerry's single largest market and "vital to the company's comeback" as stated by Heins many times. With respect to other countries waiting, the US is the worst one to chronically delay, as BlackBerry is doing...

you are correct, if bb sends an issue related device to the us,that would hurt them more than these delays

I don't believe it is conspiracy either. Who needs to go there when it is a performance issue. Cant get the phones out, cant get the much bally hooed 10 stabilized that had been worked on for not just months now but years. Can't make the deals to get them distributed. Marketing issues. It goes on and on. If it is a conspiracy is is a good one.

The stock price is riding on Q10 sales to be through the roof. Hard to do that without the largest market. The quarter is slipping away, get it together! The Samsung Galaxy S4 releases May 23rd.

I gracefully bow out. I went out and bought the HTC One today. Heart breaking, but I'm not gonna be strung along to have BB then say "Q10 to be avialible by Christmas". Enough is enough already.

I feel your pain. After a decade of my BB I'm there and disappointed. January, February, May, June, Sprint who knows. At least you're graceful about it. I'm just ticked.

Your patience ran out, eh? Mine is wearing thin. It doesn't make sense why BlackBerry has such a bad habit of being so SLOW with everything they do. Samsung cranks out smartphones like there's no tomorrow. Even HTC got their One phone out already, yet we BlackBerry fans are still waiting...and waiting...

I'm thinking it's about supply now. With Verizon getting first dibs. Remember Thor said they're ramping up production to 3 times as high as the Z10?

don't blame blackberry for it idiots
even a little child knows what is going on in the US(carriers,media,...)
blackberry MUST be bought

I own a Q10, Z10 and PB so support this company to the hilt, but it ticks me off to no end that BB cannot not keep their time commitments. It sends the wrong signal to the markets and to its valued customers, incidentally who they need desperately. Better to say no date which is another thing BB is good at. Leave it open ended, create the hype and then keep delaying introduction. It would be nice that they actually delivered on time for a change and walk the talk. That"s my humble opinion, like it or not and it is starting to turn me off this company. I am starting to understand why there are so many BB haters out there.

I'm still all in with BlackBerry. Get it right is more important than get it out. Remember the storm? I want this device but if I need to wait two weeks it is not a deal breaker at all.

Marketing...don't announce release dates, only rumors. Then, when the rumored time-frame draws near, announce the release date weeks past the rumored. This way, many will say "screw it I'm getting the Z10". Those in that scenario will realize once the Q10 is actually available for them that they should have waited so then end up buying the Q10. It's perfectly plausible.

My Z10 is out for delivery this morning. I ordered it off contract as soon as the VZW preregistration page went up and I saw the white Q10. I'm using my 9850 upgrade for that one as soon as it's available! I couldn't help it... the keynote session got me in a very Blackberry frame of mind!

Nope, not going to wait. As a Sprint customer I really had no options, so I'm now a mostly happy iPhone 5 user for the next couple of years. Not sure who I'm more annoyed with, Sprint for not offering the Z10, or BlackBerry for taking so long to get BB10 to market. But now it doesn't really matter, and the app selection is great... the mean-time, my 9900 works fantastic and does everything I need it to do better than other platforms.

Blackberry has many obstacles in front of them releasing a NEW OS BB10 and NEW phones, I won't be one of them. I can wait. All eyes will be on the release and the new release date gives those that go short on BBRY a little more time. But no matter the price of any stock they all go up and slip. so If the wait means that Thor and the rest of The Blackberry team have learned from the past releases and will enter the US Market with an OS and devices that has current and new customers raving it is so worth it. I can wait. I have a torch and a playbook that work so good together. Everything that I need to do I can do. With the new device I will be able to do that and more.

They are not just releasing a new phone so transitions may take longer than it takes when just releasing a phone. Looking forward it is clear Blackberry has a new image. Getting use to the new, bugs and updates are part of the adjustment. There is a lot of negative spin, I am not talking about valid complaints that help the company. I read today that Blackberry signed another government deal. I am sure they will post it on Google search engine after the stocks are bashed a bit more.NOTE if Blackberry lost the Government contract it would get high ranking (1st ) on Google's search engine. So it is nice to come to sites like Crakberry for balance.

Like I said I CAN WAIT.

Demand likely outstripping supply.

Verizon gets all units that can be allocated to the US market early June vs sharing supply with ATT.

ATT fumbled the Z10 launch badly. Let Verizon show ATT how to support a new long awaited BlackBerry product and hopefully ATT will lose a bunch of customers to Verizon due to their incompetence.

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