BlackBerry Q10 landing at Sprint August 30th

By Adam Zeis on 23 Jul 2013 12:57 pm EDT

If you're one of the more than patient Sprint customers that have been holding out for the BlackBerry Q10 - good news today as it looks like a date has finally been set. According to a leaked internal doc, the Q10 will be arriving at Sprint on August 30th for direct ship (aka shipping preorders) and will be available in "all other channels" on September 13th. 

If you recall, Sprint passed over the BlackBerry Z10 all together in favor of the Q10 and most likely the BlackBerry A10 as well.

While these dates are always up in the air, it gives us a good idea that the Q10 will finally come to Sprint over the next few weeks. No official word from Sprint just yet, but if these hold true we should see an announcement very soon. 

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BlackBerry Q10 landing at Sprint August 30th


Wow, I had no idea that there were US customers still waiting for Q10 arrival! That is terrible Sprint/BB. Hope the customers are patient.

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Considering that Sprint has the best Customer Service awards of the big 3 I would disagree. But don't let the facts stop you.

Well this customer didn't vote for them, I left Sprint after ten years for TMOBILE and a Z10STL100-3

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Well more than enough other customers did.

Sprint is numero uno in customer satisfaction according to JD Power. This is indisputable.

It is disputable in many ways, including that that study is old and doesnt factor in the swarms off bb users sprint lost with its brainfart business plan, and some of JDP's studies weight business customers in ways that boost sprint's ratings, among others. I was with sprint for 8 years and couldnt stand the [lack of] customer service, so I left for tmobile also, and Im a huge tmo fan now that I know what quality customer service is.

Sprint blows, and everybody [but you] knows it. Now go back to reading your misleading JDP ratings.

Gee, you're right. I didn't realize that Sprint had lost "swarms" of subscribers for choosing not to sell a phone that the overwhelming majority of smart phone users don't seem to want. . 99 cents just a few months after its launch is all Sprint's fault.

Enjoy Tmo and keep on DJ'ing where ever you are.

I'll have a drink to you both at the mash-up here in NYC tonight.

Will you be there? We can swap stories over a couple of very dirty vodka martinis about the Playbook, Sprint and the 3+ million subscribers that BB seems to be losing each Q.

All because of Sprint not carrying the Z10.

Wow! Talk about reading comprehension. Or lack thereof. Where exactly did I complain about BB10?

Wow! Talk about reading comprehension. Or lack thereof. Where exactly did I complain about BB10?

Yes, when they passed on the Z10 sprint said they were getting a full touch BB later in the year. Probably the A10.

And meanwhile this ex-Sprint customer has been loving his T-Mo Q10 for almost 2 months. This is the reason I'm an ex-customer.

Was a Nextel user for almost 10 years and was hoping that Sprint would have their act together before they were shutting down the Nextel service to make the switch over to the new phone but no luck they did however keep turning off my phone to only call customer service to try and get me move over to sprint to sign a new contract and tell me my phone will not work and everything on the phone will be lost if I didn't switch before the end of June.
So I ended up taking my business to T-mobile and been happy with the service thus far and enjoying my Q10.

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My sentiments exactly, I left em and haven't looked back, the only reason I have to go to Sprint is for my wife and kids phones......but they will be leaving as well.
Sprint sucks major donkey-butt, and I was with them for 10 years, but once they decided I didn't need the Z, I had to go somewhere where I felt the BB love.

Left sprint to go for ATT, last straw was when they opted out of the Z10. I dont enjoy the limited data but the service, LTE im particular, is so much better. Had no idea how slow the sprint 3G network really was until I got away from it.

But if you are still on Sprint congrats! You can also look forward to the A10, coming spring 2015! Lol

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Left Sprint 2 years ago, overlapped service for a couple weeks to make sure we were happy with the switch.  Ran mobile speed test between ATT Faux G and Sprint.... never realized how slow Sprint was before that time.  Had been a customer for about 10 years.

This is nuts. I did well to leave them. Sprint is like an all you can eat buffet with no selection. This is nuts. By the time it comes out the sucesor to the q10 will be here.

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Why do you guys even bother? Sprint's network sucks anyway, I would just switch carriers if I were any of you waiting on Sprint...

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Where I live, Sprints 3G actually smokes Verizon now. 4G on the other hand, ya good luck with that. And although AT&T has way faster speeds with HSPA+, the coverage area isn't as good. Outside of bigger cities it's really a toss up on what works best for you.

I know several areas in Georgia where Sprint and T-Mobile actually get much better coverage than Verizon or AT&T

Well, I'm running on LTE with AT&T, and where I live their coverage is great. It really isn't relevant to even compare 3G anymore. Even my 9900 ran on 4G...

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I'm in NYC and Sprint's service speeds are great. But don't try to hit them with facts. It would interrupt the "I hate Sprint because they didn't carry the Z10 that isn't selling" rant.

Seems like not carrying that phone was a wise decision after all.

Where is this date: "and will be available in "all other channels" on September 30th. "? Looking at the memo, if I'm reading correctly, shouldn't the "All other channels" be 9-13-2013?

Hey im on Sprint blazing the Bold 9930 and not sure when my contract is up in December if im going to stay with them. TMobile looks like a good deal.

I want to get the Q10

This is so funny. Phone been out in other part of the world, sprint only getting it end of the month. That's f*u*c*k*r*y

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I had a guy from sprint come in to try and get out company to switch to them from VZ. He deflected all BB10 questions with The iphone5 this and that, android this or that. after the first couple of time I explained how four of my employees bought their own BB10 phone because they wanted to. But he kept pushing different OS's. Finally he gave up and said he could put us in the latest bold till they release the Q10. But by then no longer interested, money was same, and service was unknown. I think in this day and age you should be able to choose your carrier, and your phone. A lot of people talk about AT&T doing a bad job of selling the new BB's, but compared to my sprint experience, they are not the worst at it. Bad enough not selling it but to activly push customers away (hard), well BB's future might be to some extent out of their hands.

This may be one of the reasons sprint will ever dominate sector, too much outside influence it's like someone is specifying how high they should jump. Love there competitive prices, service and Coverage areas but no selection on blackberry full screens what are you people thinking. Can't wait for you to be sold hopefully your new owners won't be so simple minded

Another lost customer

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There is more to the story, and it comes from the suppliers of components and boardsets blackberry has which have failed to deliver LTE band 25 compatible chips and boards (they have had the QualcommCDMA Radios and processors for months).

The Z10 was never intended to be made available for certain LTE bands, including band 25, 26, and 41.

You may be partly right, about the delay in band 25 compatible chips/boards. I **think** the Sprint Q10 may have cleared the FCC just last month.

As someone who worked for a major boardset build contractor for General Dynamics, delays on the delivery of chips, processors, semi-conductors, and boardsets can create major havoc, and Blackberry is not exempt from those. That is why I keep insisting in asking both parties at the same time (Sprint and Blackberry) to explain the reasons for the delays.

Also, there are several regional carriers on the same situation thanks to this delay, otherwise we would have seen the FCC documentation for it by now. However, people go the easy way and blame Sprint for the delays, even accusing them of not wanting to release a Blackberry device with a touchscreen because of the iPhone deal (they did not dish out 15.6 Billion to Apple immediately, and they are paying THE SAME cost all other carriers in the US are paying, so stop this nonsense of a reason).

Interesting perspective. Thanks.

But to be fair, Sprint is much more under the gun, so to speak, than AT&T and Verizon are (T-Mobile doesn't subsidize handsets) simply because of being in a weaker financial situation. So they DO have more of a pressing need to sell their iPhones quicker and get out of the 15.6 billion death grip.

Edit: btw, who else uses band 25 for LTE? I thought it was just Sprint?

Beside all of Sprint's MVNOs, all of The regional carriers which have roaming/home agreements with, among others.

Yes, Sprint is the only national carrier using LTE band 25, but not the only carrier in the US market.

-infinity Sounds to me you have not heard of that major project Sprint has been gping through their entire network which has a name of Network Vision, which involves rebuilding EVERY TOWER currently on their network, while installing LTE equipment, and have in mind Sprint now also owns all of Clearwire which will give them the tools to expand their coverage nationwide.

and of course the A10 will be announced within a week of Sprints release of the Q10, and then people will wait for that to hit the market.

This is way overdue. I've been stuck on a family plan with Sprint since the iPhone5 came out. My trusty curve, while serving me well, has had its fair share of abuse for the past couple of years and is barely alive now. With any luck, I can pick up a Q before my curve completely gives up the ghost.

Whoa, what is wrong with these US carriers? So messed up from what I'm hearing.

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I'm one of the few people that have hung on to Sprint. Believe me, if any other carrier matched or equaled Sprints cost/coverage where I use my phone, I would have bailed.

I'm right in there with you. Maybe after my Q10 contract is up for sprint and they still don't have good LTE in my area I'll switch to some one else, but until then, Sprint is best for me.

+100 Not dumping the phone company I've been with since 9-11 here in NYC when both Verizon and AT&T were both down for 2 days after the attack and Sprint was up and running the entire time.

Dump them for a phone that I will switch out in 9 months? I think I'll pass.

Not sure man. My background is in Economics. Don't know much about cell towers. But I do know that Verizon had a massive antenna array on top on WTC 1. I think it was 1. So when the building came down, so did their customers in NYC.

My GF at the time(who then became my wife and then my ex-wife, but I digress) and I were unable to reach one another in all the chaos and I was working for Morgan Stanley at the time.

I switched from Verizon and never looked back. She switched from AT&T.

Thats right bash another carrier for adding BlackBerry. As "mrmdj31675" said there may have been technical reasons. We3 should be happy that Sprint is finally carrying a BB10 product which can only mean more BB10 growth.

Except I bet the employees in the Sprint stores will be trying to convince all of their customers to buy anything but the BB...

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How many months and customers too late? I left sprint for AT&T because they were taking too long with Q10 and no Z10

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LOL - I thought we in Australia were the last to get the Q10 (at the begin of July)
Though I think it's a carrier issue as well, I still believe BlackBerry is not able to satisfy the demand. It's ridiculous that they announced the phone end of January and customers have to wait more than half a year to get it. If apple would have done this, the whole media would be screaming...

I had Sprint for 2 years. Great service. I stay in Georgia (USA) & the only reason I switched to Tmobile was for the Q10. Cost too much for Verizon & AT&T. If only Sprint would get it together & not waited so long to get Q10, I would still have been a loyal customer. My Tmobile sucks up here unless I am using wifi. :-(

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wow. sprint still doesnt have Q10? and people are saying that the 'the full line-up isnt out yet' argument is getting old... well, major retailers dont even have the phone yet. BB needs to step up!

So its suppose to be here around my birthday huh? (9/13). Well, maybe ill stick around longer to see if they actually do carry the A10. maybe ill check out a Q10 in the meantime....

Too late Sprint, my contract is over and see ya! Only Sprint could make a $500+ device about as effective as an early 2000's flip phone.

Sprint let it's customers and BlackBerry down. I'm another 10 year customer gone. Got my Z10 from T-Mobile and couldn't be happier. T-Mobile treated me right and unlike Sprint, didn't try to tell me I didn't want a Z10! I will be completely happy when two more family phone contracts are up and I am done with Sprint forever. Enjoy selling your Droids and iDevices Sprint, I don't need you anymore!

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Such Drama... Sprint didn't tell you that you didn't need it any more that BB told us our PBs didn't need BB10

They said they're not carrying it. And judging from the sales, as a Sprint shareholder I would say that was a smart move.

Not happy about the PlayBook either. Sprint's official statement went something like: We have made the decision that our BlackBerry customers will prefer the Q10 querty device and will therefore not be offering the Z10.

Seems to me that a stockholder wouldn't be amused that the company is chasing away loyal 10 year customers.

Z10 on T-Mobile, 32 GB PlayBook

I'm 12+ years I'm glad they decided not to jump in and carry a phone that has failed to launch in the U.S. They made a call and it turned out to be best for the company.

Like BB and the PB. No...?

Sprint has always been good to me as an individual customer. Not leaving them for a phone that I will switch out in less than two years. Just my opinion.

Customers deserve choices. Sprint's choice not to serve BlackBerry 10 customers cost them much more in the long term by loosing subscribers than any single hardware offering would ever cost. If you know anything about the business, the cost of gaining one new subscriber is enormous. Bad decision no matter how you try to defend it.

If you want a DROID, an iPhone, a Windows phone, a BlackBerry, or whatever, you should not need to change providers to get it. Sprint was always a major BlackBerry provider and they disappointed me and lost my business, that's all I'm saying!

Z10 on T-Mobile, 32 GB PlayBook

Hate to be a "sprint basher" but would you stay with a company that does not carry your phone, what would you do? Yeah let me sign a contract for a couple of years just to support my lack of choices with my brand device uh no I'm good +1 Tmobile

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My girlfriends s3 can't get internet outside the home lol, that's funny never had that problem with any of my Blackberries not even my 4 year old phones

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Is this BGR???? it sure sounds and looks like it with all these complaining. If it doesn't concern you why do you complain? If you don't use Sprint who cares what you think about them. It sounds like middle school kids.

My contract is up Aug 14 and then bye, bye Sprint. I have the 9930 and little or no service for 2 years. Will be ecstatic when I can just use my phone.

I totally feel there is a huge anti BlackBerry sentiment with the US carrier towards BlackBerry..........i really feel there is more to the story that meets the eye.........m question is WHY are they doing this in purpose?

Sexy White BlackBerry Z10

WOW that is the quickest launch of a new device I have ever seen. Not even a single carrier should have been left out especially when it was Q10 which had slightly better hopes of selling well than the Z10. Too late for Q10 and Sprint BB loyalist as well :(

I was excited about the z10 in January then got the news my carrier Sprint was opting out on it. Decided maybe I could go with the Q10, but by now I have to consider waiting for the A10. By then maybe there will be a B11. Im so frustrated over this and the PB crap I am very unhappy with Sprint and BB.My wife jumped to android in January when we realized how long it was going to be to get a new BB with Sprint. All this can't be good for BlackBerry.

Left Sprint after 12 years to get the Z10. Now on AT&T. Always had great customer service with Sprint and hated to leave, but wanted the BB10.

I'd like to know if Sprint will require the additional $20/month connection fee to Blackberry Enterprise Server with the Q10 like previous Blackberry models? That would be another strike against waiting for a new Sprint/Blackberry option.