BlackBerry Q10 expected to hit the UK shores on April 26th

BlackBerry Q10
By James Richardson on 21 Mar 2013 09:30 am EDT

Good news for those of you that are awaiting the launch of the hardware QWERTY BlackBerry Q10, as it seems that dates have now been confirmed for when the device will hit the UK shores SIM free. Both Clove and Unlocked-Mobiles (two big SIM-free sellers in the UK) got in touch with me today and the word on the street is that the device will be ready to purchase on 26th of April. Keep in mind that these dates are always subject to change though.

While the Z10 has been getting a lot of attention and sales appear to be pretty good, I do still know plenty of folks that are desperate to pick up the Q10. I suppose the awesome Z10 on-screen keyboard isn't everyones cup of tea.

The BlackBerry Q10 SIM free doesn't come cheap. You are looking at between £529-£535 to pick one up, but if like you're like me and you have a SIM-only contract, that price doesn't sound so painful.

Both the above sites have the Q10 available to pre-order so if this is the BlackBerry that floats your boat get your orders in now.

Are you excited for the BlackBerry Q10? Sound off in the comments!

Pre-order the BlackBerry Q10 at Unlocked-Mobiles
Pre-order the BlackBerry Q10 at Clove

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BlackBerry Q10 expected to hit the UK shores on April 26th


So does that mean it will be in Canada a couple days later? My friend wants the Q10 so bad..

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Looking like a late May or early June release then for the US if this date is correct...and the wait continues.

I know the Q has a larger capacity battery than the Z, curious if it physically can fit in the Z?

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I'm guessing no. Z10 battery is LS1, Q10 battery is NS1, probably a different series/form factor.

Furthermore, I believe that smartphone batteries have a an IC chip which allows them to be detectable only by their intended device. In other words even if the battery for the Z10 fits into a Q10, the Q10 should not detect it.

No its still an April release for the q10 for the US as well the BlackBerry Facebook page keeps stating that

CB10- BlackBerry Z10

Sorry but £529 is an absolute joke. I have been SO patient with BlackBerry for the last two years, even buying the pretty out-of-date-on-arrival 9900 to tide me over to the BB10 devices, and a PlayBook which still doesn't have BB10 and is glitchy as hell. £529? Screw that. For that price I can buy a market leading smartphone which actually has useful apps.

You people need to remember this is pre-order prices,after the phone is released its sure to drop just look at the z10 from 1500us to 585-600us and after US launch it will drop again

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US$1,500 was not really a pre-order price man... it was for folks that could not wait for the official pricing

What price point would you like to see? Even a curve is $299 CDN.

I feel BBRY is somewhat close to the Range Rover brand, still high priced but not on par with competitors when it comes to overall level of satisfaction yet but ballers still rock the Rover and business people will still rock a BB.

The Curve 9320 is 199 and the 9360 is 249. Hell even the 9900 is 299 now. 529 pounds is around 822 CAD. That's ridiculous. Even the iPhone, a phone from a company notorious for it's ridiculously overpriced hardware is 699. The Z10 is almost 300 dollars cheaper than this rumoured price. I really hope it turns out to be cheaper than that.

Well, Clove are always expensive and the Z10 is available for about £40 cheaper than Clove. But what do you expect? BlackBerry do not have the economies of scale of Apple and Samsung, and they have their own OS to pay for.
The way I see it is different, because I consider expansion and life costs. I need to store my digital assets securely, and for that I need over 32G. If I can do that on a phone, one fewer thing to remember. An iPhone with 64G of flash costs £699 in the UK, and to keep it going for 4 years you will need at least one new battery at around £80. A Q10 with 64G of flash will cost around £500 plus £40 for the sd card plus about £30 for a new battery. £570 versus £780, and I don't have to type on glass or worry nearly so much about dropping it.

Don't let the door hit your behind on the way out if you CANNOT APPRECIATE anything blackberry has made. Sorry about your negative experience too, because if you don't like blackberry's products, SELL THEM, move on.

Still hoping for an earlier date from UK carriers, but April is good none the less. Nearly went for the Z10 due to this wait, glad I held off!

Yep, I too thought the release might be earlier; and I hope it might still be brought forward. Either way, I'm in. Strongly looking forward!

I'm waiting on the Q10 coming out in the UK, however, I thought it would have been around the £450 mark SIM free. The price seems steep. Not sure whether to wait a bit till the price comes down, and stick to using my Curve 9320 for a bit longer.

I know 6 people waiting to upgrade their Bolds to the Q10.

I suspect this will really boost upgrades from qwerty die hards.

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What was the price of the Z10 sim free when it launched? I am trying to think back to when the Torch 9860 launched that was cheaper then the 9900. But I was also hoping the q10 would be a little cheaper.

You can't do a direct conversion to CAD$ their is a lot of taxes in the UK.
From what I read the Q10 will be 5 pounds more expensive, than the Z10.
The Z10 currently cost $600 CAD, so I wouldn't expect more than $650 for the Q10.

Would have liked to have it sooner but then again hopefully by that time bb10.1 will be out along with Skype and hopefully Shazam

Apparently Skype and Soundhound are coming in the next few feeks. Honestly I find Soundhound to be better than Shazam, but they both have their pros and cons.

I've been waiting for the Q10, but it seems with such a short time left to launch the deficiencies in BB10 won't be fixed by then. It pains me to say this, especially as a shareholder, but within a week or so I'll be picking up a 9900 free from Telus to replace my aging 9530 that needs new batteries, has a crackling speaker, sometimes random screen, but otherwise has served me well since I was the 2nd or 3rd Storm activation in Ontario back in 2008. What's missing in BB10? Proper notification profiles, BIS, useful tasks, alarms on the calendar, the ability to have separate inboxes for each mail account, BESX (ActiveSync is not a substitute), BlackBerry Bridge, and likely a few I am forgetting right now. These are all key features for me, and probably a lot of other people. Not having them basically makes BB10 useless to me. While it is a great OS, and is good for RIM and consumers, it leaves the hard core long time BlackBerry user hanging.

I feel very similar but I think the BIS days are gone, the data is getting cheaper the pros of BIS have less weight of the cons. I currently miss the notification profiles (which I believe it will be addressed soon) and the separate inboxes (which I dont think it will be addressed soon as even - it's probably a design choice).

I want profiles too, but love the Z10. You can use the hub to look at specific inboxes, so it doesn't feel like a loss, just a bid different.

Can anyone clarify what's the price of z10 and competitors in the UK to put things in perspective?

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I have been waiting (and still am) for the Q10 for a long time and don't intend to ditch it just because it might get to the US May/June. If you want a great smartphone with a qwerty keyboard, there is no alternative.

The price is Spot on what i was dreading.
And if I'm not mistaken, the 26th is also GS4 release day

People interested in the Q10 wouldnt care less for the GS4 if anything the GS4 will compare to the Z10

You may be right, just remember that samsung has an enormous marketing budget which can blind prospective customers to BlackBerry. BlackBerry launched end of feb so a to have as much attention on them as possible, which worked in their favor.

Just ask HTC how Sammy can ruin your day.

I don't think you get it, people who are holding out for the Q10 are doing it for the hardware keyboard. The GS4 doesn't have a hardware keyboard hence they are not and cannot be marketed to the same people. If prospective buyers of the Q10 are impatient to wait for the Q10 then they can purchase a Z10 today.

well im one of those strange people who owns a Galaxy Note and wants a Qwerty keyboard phone, but im not brand loyal and i wait to see what all the competition are offering around the time period i am ready to upgrade (April 20th). I can just as easily go for a Z10, GS4 or a Q10. So my point is, never underestimate the power of marketing to sway the customer's sitting on the fence or with no brand loyalty, ie me.
BlackBerry have such a great product in BlackBerry 10 im almost certain to go with them. You may always buy blackberry, my friend only buys apple, i buy whatever i like. Don't underestimate the swing purchase market for Qwerty keyboard phones people.

I am waiting for the Q10 as well but i can't spend so much on a phone! I believe that the price will drop at about 550 euro after a month...i have a curve 9360 :-P

My buddy has been waiting for the q10 as well. I thought about it but the z10 was just too good to pass up!

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Yeah buddy, nuttin but a peanut!

Well priced for the world's flagship physical keyboard phone.

I'll have this just before my Birthday :D

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Are you frickin kidding me? It should have been available in February. I have to wait until May?!

Surprised by the price. What was the (first at launch) price for the Z10 in UK ?
Q10 was supposed (while I saw that printed in FR news only a 2 weeks ago) to be cheaper than the Z10.
Can somebody help ?

Z10 £479 at launch, then went up to over £500.

Q10 was never going to be cheaper than the Z10 as the Q10 was the flagship model.
£520+ for the Q10 is a big ask.

Time for me to sell me life on ebay, FAST.

lol, I've been "blamed" in the forum for reporting "old news" when I reported a French article stating the Q10 will be cheaper than the Z10 ... therefore my questioning ;)

lol don't worry about it or about some of the hard nuts on the forums, all of us are guessing right up until launch day.
Sit back and enjoy the ride :)

Wasnt the Z10 priced at 480 GBP at carphonewarehouse in the leaks before release ???
How can this be a 100 GBP more expensive than the z10 ?

I suspected this might be the case. More premium materials, bigger battery, less expected demand + same internal specs as Z10. We'll have to see if the price stays this high though.

I'm getting a Z10 now and plan to get the Q10 when it is available too. I'm looking forward to getting my Z10 next Tuesday!

Guys just wait for this cool device. I tried it and loved it

Yahoo Article -www.

coming from Bold 9900 I am more than happy with the Z10 due to large display and amazing typing experience. Could not be happier with it though I was full of doubts whether I should have waited for the Q10 to start with and stick to physical keyboards... not a chance I'd ever go back.

Feel exactly the same! Picked up my Z on release day and was initially worried about losing my qwerty.
No such trepidation now...this keyboard is second to none, and there's no sacrifice in screen size.

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Nope. Virtual keyboard is the future while physical will be a gimmick. Although, I'll miss the longer battery life.

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People for whom the given price is excessive (I agree that it'll be a painful price for most folk, including me) do remember that it's quite a good signal for BBRY. Prices tend to rise when demand is good, after all.

Had the 9900 for a while and now I'm loving the Z10. I don't think I'll be buying the Q10 when it's released. But many friends of mine are looking forward to buy it.

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I was so excited to have my Z10 that I bought it in eBay Canada and have it forwarded in the Philippines. When I bought my Z10 grey market price is about $1,100 when I bought mine at $753, I thought I've save a lot of money, sadly it was delayed in customs and I spent all-in-all about $950 including the shipping forward, duties and tax and the unlock code. What sucks the most is a week after I bought my Z10 while it was being on hold in customs for more than 4 days, Z10 drops from $1,100 to $750. Should have waited. Should have waited.

Anyway, I'll just wait for the Q10 to be officially released here in the Philippines and hopefully it would have the same time frame like Z10's, about a month and a half after the global announcement. Though I am a proud and happy owner of the Z10 for more than a week, I still having a hard time typing in Z10 and still want to go with the Q10. I'm still using my Bold 9900 for email and typing, after that then I'll be retiring my good ol' friend Bold 9900 for good.

lolol @ that price, if they release it so high up and keep the lower models at 300ish$ no one is going to upgrade from their old qwertys to the q10, z10 i can understand the price range being touch and etc, its not even among the highest ones, now in the q10 is absolutely insane and stupid, not the smartest move bbry.

Blackberry doesn't set the prices, THE CARRIERS are the ones to rant and rave at. BlackBerry is making a smart move.

Yes, i'm excited and patiently waiting. :), probably May or June before i get my hands on 1. No problemo, patience is a virtue...

No... I have a family member who's on my plan and wants the Z10. So i'm going to upgrade that line and use it till the Q10 comes out and then just give it to her

I'd be very curious about the number of people going for the Z10 vs. the Q10. I think it would be a remarkable achievement for more than 50% of previous physical QWERTY fans to choose the Z10. I guess we need both phones to be on the market for some time for accurate numbers.

BlackBerry sets the price here and the retailers can vary the price upto the extent of just $20-$30 through discounts n other marketing strategies! They don't have a very big margin of profit themselves.

I'm curious to see what Sprint will have the Q10 priced at for new service or upgrade. They still have the Bold 9930 priced at $249!!! It's like they are doing everything they can to discourage people from buying a BlackBerry. Well, too bad for them. I'm awaiting my white Verizon Z10 and as soon as it hits the mailbox, I'll be saying "bye, bye Sprint".

Hopefully, Verizon will offer the Q10 in white as well and I'll have a chance to buy it outright for a matching BB10 set.

That's the online pricing. Much higher in the store. So, when Sprint customers walk in, the BlackBerry Bold is the highest priced phone in the entire place.

"Hopefully, Verizon will offer the Q10 in white as well and I'll have a chance to buy it outright for a matching BB10 set."

How would that work? Carry both at once or alternate?

I'd be alternating if I get one. From what I've been reading, a lot of old-timer qwerty users are quite happy with the Z10 and wouldn't/couldn't go back to a keyboard (I'm such a die-hard BlackBerryaholic, I feel like I MUST have one. "One is too many and there's never enough!"). Hopefully next week I'll experience it for myself and can stop being so stressed out waiting.

Awesome! Can't wait 'till the q10 is here. Afraid I gotta have to lay some extra money down for it since my contract is not up untill may 2014..

What about the date for which it would be available in gulf..!Desperately..very badly waitng for that day..!dyin to own q10..!!! Make it soon Blackberry.!Frstly u disapointed by jus makin Z10 availabale in the market.!Thats not my cup of t!!

That's not true. I bought my Z10 the first day it cane out in Carphone warehouse for 465£ sim free. And the person who commented about a glitchy playbook - i have also one, and my friends have a few, and never has anyone experienced any glitches with it.

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I was qwerty keyboard addict, after I got a Z10, I am not sure I would be able to go back to qwerty, you can type faster on the Z10 than on my old bold 9900. You can type gibberish and it just predicts what you write. You don't event have to use space most of the time, it's the best i have ever used. And I have used and still own an iPhone and a galaxy s3 and an ipad.

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I'm due an upgrade late on in the year by this time the q10 should be available on simple deals I'm still stuck between both phones I love my 9900 keyboard but I could probably get on board with touch screen I'm wondering will the q10 take away any functionality the z10 has for example the z10 can switch between portrait and horizontal and has a wider screen video playback and gaming seems like it would be bettering thoughts I need help with a decision?