The BlackBerry Q10 goes up for pre-order with Vodafone UK

BlackBerry Q10
By James Richardson on 16 Apr 2013 05:12 am EDT

Vodafone UK have today announced that the BlackBerry Q10 is now available for pre-order in the UK. Much like the other carriers here - the 4G ready device will be free from £37.00 per month, although there will be a selection of plans to choose from.

With the end of the month drawing closer I'm seeing the hype grow for the second BlackBerry 10 smartphone to be released. There are still tons of die hard QWERTY keyboard fans out there who I suspect may well have held of from picking up the Z10 in favor of waiting for the Q10. Are you one of them?

I for one love my Z10 but having used the Q10 a few times now I know it's going to be a hard toss up which I use ongoing. Picking up my Bold 9900 still feels great although I love the Z10 onscreen keyboard. I suspect I may have a battle on my hands.

Roll on the end of the month.

You can pre-order the Q10 from Vodafone here.

Press Release

The meticulously crafted 4G-ready BlackBerry® Q10 smartphone is now available for pre-order at Vodafone UK, free on Vodafone Red Data price plans from £37 per month (including unlimited calls, unlimited texts and 1GB of data).

The BlackBerry Q10 is built to move with customers and adapt to their every need while delivering the high speed and connectivity needed to keep them on the move. With its vibrant 3.1 inch 330PPI Super AMOLED display, ergonomically sculpted keyboard and durable lightweight design, every inch of the smartphone is purpose built for premium performance.

Providing an effortless smartphone experience, the BlackBerry Q10 seamlessly integrates features and apps to allow every move to flow into the next. Customers can easily peek in and out of the BlackBerry® Hub staying close to what’s important to them without the need to stop what they’re doing.

The re-engineered BlackBerry keyboard allows faster and more accurate typing with the least amount of effort. Customers can switch from BBM™ chat to a face-to-face catch-up with BBM Video with just a tap of the screen, and with Screen Share, they can even instantly share photos, documents and emails running on their own BlackBerry Q10 smartphone without stopping the conversation.

Having one device for work and personal life has never been easier with BlackBerry® Balance™, while creating and organising interests, ideas and projects in one single location is painless with BlackBerry® Remember - whether they’re organising an event, managing a work project or planning a home extension. Customers can group together relevant photos, lists, messages and web links, as well as access saved web links offline, and sync related tasks with Microsoft® Outlook®.

The BlackBerry Q10 adds to Vodafone’s range of ‘4G-ready’ phones. Getting one of our 4G-ready phones means a customer will be good to go as soon as Vodafone 4G arrives, bringing them ultra-fast Internet and the best mobile video they’ve ever had from us. Once a customer has got their new phone, we’ll let them know the moment Vodafone 4G is available in their area, and we can then talk about adding Vodafone 4G to their monthly plan. For more information, visit



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The BlackBerry Q10 goes up for pre-order with Vodafone UK


Because I want a white one and CPW only does Black at the moment. Also, I want to take the Q10 out on a second contract and CPW said they couldn't do that and that i had to go through O2. My partner is going to have my Z10 and i'm having the Q10.

I have the Z10 but the Q10 is starting to call out to me. A deal maker would be the comparison in how much of email I get to see on the screen...
Also, the physical keyboard thingy makes the device feel more like a workhorse with the 2100mah battery...
Will have to wait and see...

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The Q10 handset is free (£0.00) on a 2 year contract with Vodafone. The monthly charge is £37.00.

You get unlimited texts, unlimited voice calls. And 1GB of mobile data.

Compared to our US and Canadian cousins, that seems a very good deal!

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Look at a swiss carrier: you get the Z10 for free with a 2year contract, everything unlimited, but you pay 182 USD a month...

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When the Q10 releases in the states (specifically on Verizon), I will continue to use my Z10. Yet, it will always be tempting to have this beauty on the side or as my daily driver.

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So its priced higher thn HTC One and same S4 :/ which is stupid, only current BB users will buy this. for that price ppl wil buy S4 or iphone5.

agreed, the main reason bb curve is selling so well in the uk is because of the offer on contract £10 a month, 24 months, unlimited internet, 600mins, 2000 texts.

erm your wrong sorry.
voda uk are charging £37 a month for the S4, and then you have to pay £69 up front too, with the Q10 the monthly is the same but there is no initial cost. therefore the Q10 is priced lower than the S4.
Also voda are charging £37 a month for the HTC One with no up front fees, meaning its the same cost as a Q10.

So quite simply both your statements are wrong.

not talking bout voda,
here the S4 is free on a 2yr contract for only 42euro/month
HTC One is 40 euro

i cant imagine Q10 will be priced the same....

ouch? You have amazing prices in the UK. We are totally raked over the coals in Canada with the highest prices in the developed world for mobile phones. The Q10 here will be $199+tax on a THREE year contract with minimum $50 per month plan (again plus taxes).

why dont u buy it off contract with a sim-only card

what i would do is paying 550-650 euros for the and get a sim only 1-2 year contract for around 10 euros a month

£37x24 = £888 (contract price)
£15 (a reasonable price when you look at the plans) x 24 = £360 + £580 (carphonewarehouse handset price) = £940.

so why not to buy it like you detail? well I guess because it costs more lol

isn't your maths irrelevant until you have a price in euros for the device?

also its worth noting my maths which is based off a published price for factual accuracy, only allows for a £15 a month tariff, the £37 a month tariff gives ultd calls and texts and 1gb of data, the equivalent from Vodafone (to keep all comparisons completely equal) in a sim only would be a 12month sim only, at £20 a month, which would move the total from the £940 I calculated to £1060, leaving you even more the wrong side of the deal.

when you have a price for the device, maybe applying the maths might make for a different equation due to your carrier, but the current maths iv put out is for uk users as that's the only prices available, so the only `like for like` comparison that can be made.

I don't care how good UK prices are in general to North American prices; that's a daft argument - a UK consumer will be comparing the prices of phones available at UK prices. I pay GBP 13/month for my 9790 ; OK so that's a very good deal but still I don't expect to pay 3x that for my upgrade when it comes.

I've been waiting for the Q10 to come out for AT&T ever since the launch in January. I can't get a Z10 because with the onscreen keyboard because you can't text without looking at the phone and that is very important to me during class or walking through a busy parking lot.

It's getting close, people.
I'm very happy with my Z10, but might be tempted to replace my work 9900 for a Q10.

Anyone heard anything about an Italian release date?

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The simple fact is that if you look at the Z10 and the Q10 side by side it is obvious which one caused the most internal enthusiasm in RIM. The Z10 isn't a bad design, but the Q10 looks like a labour of love. People obviously obsessed over the design of the keyboard and the exact placement of the display, whereas the top and bottom of the Z10 look a little bit of an afterthought. The Q10 will be in the design museums next to the iPhone 5. If Apple had designed it, Apple customers would have to be issued free diapers when they visited an Apple store.
OK, exaggerating a little bit - but the moment the early buyer premium goes away (and the inevitable minor release bugs are fixed) I shall buy one.
And six months ago I really thought RIM had lost the plot for a while.

So if we're going off history here, maybe just maybe the preorder for the states goes up in a couple of weeks. Having this as my daily driver will totally trump my current iPhones. Q10 with a good browser plus all your security for emails, files and Blackberry balance is something to put up a good fight for the #1-#2 spot.