BlackBerry Q10 gets the tear down treatment

By Adam Zeis on 22 Apr 2013 02:20 pm EDT

The BlackBerry Q10 is rumored to be released in the not too distant future but already has been subjected to the usual tear down. Not much to it this time around as the innards are pretty much what you'd expect at this point. The Q10 is very similar to the Bold 9900 at the core when all is said and done.

If you can stomach watching a disassembly of a shiny new pre-release Q10 then hit up the video above.

Be warned however that the entire video is in portrait orientation so it may be a bit painful :) 

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BlackBerry Q10 gets the tear down treatment


it's 2013 and people still don't understand the difference between filming in landscape mode vs portrait?

Some smartphone video camera apps are designed to shoot in portrait and landscape (i assume this was shot with a phone)

Made it in landscape, and we can see the PIN crafted on the front casing. Q10 used for this video is still for engineering review. I already saw the landscape mode video of it.

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Considering the orientation and aspect ratio of our monitors its a little strange to see anything recorded in portrait

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It's 2013 and somebody with a major eye disorder is trying to smash a Q10...The only real luck it's that the phone it's pretty strong ...

It looked like he has done this before or is aware of how they are put together?
Brand New unit too

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How is this legal lol. This should be abuse in some way. I think it should be sent away to a loving home. Like mine

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But the back of the device in the video wasn't made of the special glass-weave material, or?

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A Lot more screws than the 9900 had. Also how he clicked the. Backplate out hurt me haha. I like how the 9900 was put together. I got bored and kept taking mine apart one day lol

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It's interesting, wolf35nine. I had seen those specs, but I read an article on Marketwatch that said it didn't have a front facing camera, and when I read the camera instructions on the BB web site, I couldn't find anything about the front facing camera. I wonder why the discrepancy?

Good to know. Not sure how they missed that one. Will someone let them know they need to correct the article? Its a shame inaccurate information went out to 22,263 people according to their site.

I really hope this means there will be housings for the q10 and z10, that was one of the best things about blackberrys, you could always replace/refresh the outside/shell.

That's why I don't like it blackberry couldn't make another keyboard cellphone is the same hardware Mr personally I don't like that is wack the alpha b is a good choice

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Not quite sure what the big deal is being able to take a phone apart good I guess if your a repair tech hut otherwise what exactly is the point?

From the Zed of Rockivy

It tells you if it is repairable and how much it is likely to cost. Important for an expensive item. The HTC One, according to iFixit, is basically unrepairable, while the Z10 gets 8 out of 10.

so what is this? the chinese already cloned the iPhone? now they are after the BB??? I can't wait for the Q10!!! Come on Verizon!!!

Does someone know if the 2100mAH in the Q10 would also fit in the Z10?

Would like to buy a more powerful battery...

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is it just me or is the battery shape different from the z10? Could it be the rumored 2300 battery cause they really sold me with that.

Ive taken apart and modded my 9930 several times...way easier than this beast...this one looks like a ripped ribbon waiting to happen! LOL Cant wait to get my hands on one!