The BlackBerry Q10 gets a price cut in India

By James Richardson on 2 Dec 2013 06:41 am EST

Good news for you folk in India that are on the lookout to buy a BlackBerry Q10. The BlackBerry 10 device with the 'best' hardware keyboard is now retailing for a reduced price from today until January 26th, 2014. 

From my own perspective it's an interesting move as it is very much the opposite of what's happening here in the UK price wise with BlackBerry 10 devices. Regular visitors to the site will be aware that the BlackBerry Z10 can now be bought from Carphone Warehouse for just under £150. Maybe the good people of India are into their hardware keyboards more than the full touch experience?

Will you be taking advantage of this Q10 offer? Sound off in the comments. 

Press Release


With a renewed focus on the QWERTY keyboard loyalist, BlackBerry today announced a limited period special offer. Customers can now purchase BlackBerry Q10 smartphone at just Rs. 38,990. This special offer starting today will be valid till January 26th, 2014.

This scheme on BlackBerry Q10 is in line with BlackBerry’s commitment towards the Indian market and will help the brand to reach out to more potential customers and qwerty keyboard loyalists.

Sunil Lalvani- Managing Director India for BlackBerry said. “There are several customers in India who love the physical QWERTY experience offered by BlackBerry. At this compelling price point, QWERTY loyalists can take advantage of the powerful BlackBerry 10 platform as well as the unique QWERTY experience that the BlackBerry Q10 offers.”

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The BlackBerry Q10 gets a price cut in India


This is the price which is offered by online retailers from last 3 months. So there is no price cut as such like z10 here.

That's only $32CDN cheaper than the current price in Canada, hopefully we'll see some bigger discounts soon following the Z10 going for 200USD in recent promotions.

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IMHO they should make sell d Z10 cheaper too, equivalent to USD 200 as in d US.

It's a steal at USD 200 and with 10.2 1.1055 onwards it's a great phone to have.

I won't mind buying another Z10. Or a Z30, if it came cheaper.

BlackBerry is fantastic.

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Hmmm..i bought it in the first week of its release here in June at about 100 USD more. Not that I am complaining. It was all worth it. Ppl who are looking to buy this one. Now is the time. Go for it!

Posted from my SuperHuman Q10

i would have considered if it were to be little lower, say 32-33 grand. I'm happy with my 9930 for now. :)

The msg was 'tell us more'. Seems like u have a story to tell. Why r u getting rid of the Q10 "a fine qwerty device" as all have been saying? How old is it? Any damage to the phone? 30k for something that launched at 45k seems too good to be true.

Posted via CB10 from BB Z10 (My stable: 8310, 8520, 9900, Z10)

The reason for selling is to get a good resale value as a new BB10 Qwerty device is not that far away. And also the resale value of BB is going down in India. I always sell my device before a new one arives. :)

nice idea! if only i was wealthy enough to afford it right away! :-p usually i like my devices new! hope you get a gud offer soon! :)

"Several customers" It would seem Frank Boulben's departure has yet to have an impact. I don't care if it's their second language. This sort of mistake in translation should be unacceptable.

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From some of the comments in the forums regarding uptake in India, several could be accurate... :-o

Posted from my Z10

Lucky India.

Here we are on a BlackBerry enthusiast site, a site with a huge "cyber monday" 'sale'.
Are there ANY deals on BlackBerry products?.... NO


Change website name to iCrack or Crackbot or something... sellouts

BB until it is not CDN

Its available for Rs 35k on eBay!! Get your shit together BB.. I still love you but just get your pricing strategy right.. You cant sell at this price range when you would like to win trust of customers who have almost given up on BlackBerry!!

Haha...the branch manager dude is quoted saying "There are SEVERAL customers who like Qwerty devices"....what, 3 or 4? Aye yi yi.

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Q10 at that price will be - as has been - hard to sell here in India. 1. Most people prefer non-bb touch screens 2. BlackBerry enthusiasts who'd buy q10 at that price are very few.

Also, Z10 which launched at 43,490, is now available for 20,000 approx. That's more than 50% drop. And this isn't good news because most people are now derisively attributing the price drop to the reasoning that it's a bad device.

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