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BlackBerry Q10 coming to Telstra July 2

BlackBerry Q10
By Simon Sage on 21 Jun 2013 12:25 pm EDT

Telstra has announced that the BlackBerry Q10 will be launching on their network in Australia on July 2. On the downside, it won't have Blue Tick, a status that enables devices for rural usage, though HD voice will be enabled for the areas that do have coverage. Meanwhile, Optus has confirmed that they'll be have the Q10 as well, with one rumor suggesting that we'll see it before the end of the month

Australians will be able to snag a BlackBerry Q10 for $AUS 744 outright from Telstra, or for $11/month on device repayment with a $60/month plan. If you're on the fence, be sure to check out our BlackBerry Q10 review! We have an Australian readers here? How many of you are itching to get a new QWERTY keyboard in your life?

Reader comments

BlackBerry Q10 coming to Telstra July 2


Strange.... visited an Optus outlet today. The Rep said they will have the Q5 in 3 months time.

Posted via CB10

Reps here often don't even know the front of the phone from the back....

from an australian Z10...

Love it how you guys cover australian goings on. We normally get left out of anything good

Posted via CB10

Harvey Norman also has up for pre order at the moment.

No white version though on launch date for any of the carriers or Harvey Norman. BlackBerry twitter confirmed this but said it was coming...

Posted via CB10

Went into Telstra and they did not know that the Q5 even existed. Unless it is Apple or a Samsung they do not want to know.

Posted via CB10

Learn who works in your local store that actually cares about phones(and not just sakes) and make friends with them, if there are none.... different store.

Sent from Amber via CB10.

I have a friend on Telstra who came to #TeamBlackberry with me Circa Bold 9000, and has stayed by my side the entire time, but while I jumped to the Z10, she held out and is extremely excited about this news.

Sent from Amber via CB10.

I still see a lot of corporates using legacy holds, hopefully they'll be making the switch

Posted via CB10

Swapping to the Q10 from the Z10!

FYI for fellow Australians. Harvey Norman will be having this available outright for $696! Just a little bit cheaper than Telstra of you're purchasing outright like me.

Posted via CB10

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Posted via CB10

Not a Blue Tick. That's very disappointing. Having a Blue Tick phone is mandatory when living in rural Australia. The Blue Tick Torch 2 brought me across to Team BlackBerry.

Other than a keyboard form factor, what differences is there that makes this phone not have a verified "blue tick".

Maybe the stainless steel band around the Q10 is reducing the radios ability to perform and the z10 is plastic. Just an assumption

Z10 atm. But good for my BlackBerry collection. Q10 should be a winner as well as the Q5. The cost over both devices is not relevant to the competition. I said it. Now here comes the storm of commentary

Posted via CB10

I'll be picking mine up on the 2nd of July. Been waiting for what seems forever for the Q10 to be released here. The Q10 will be released by Optus a day before hand and with Harvey Norman you can preorder the Q10 now, the phone will be available instore on the 2nd July as well.

Bit disappointed that the Q10 won't get the blue tick, and that in Australia no one is carrying the white model at launch. From some of the Blackberry tweets I did read I get the feeling we still might see it in Australia at a later date through.

The 2nd July can't come quicker enough. My trusty 9800 is on it's last legs.

Bold 9900 wasn't blue tick so if you were happy with that then no problems :-)

Z10 is first blue tick phone I've had and haven't noticed a difference, buy 2x Q10 then just send me the second one :-)

Posted via CB10

I bought my Q10 a few weeks back couldn't wait any longer it's a great phone and the battery is amazing only thing I don't like is the super amoled screen colors look unnatural and hard to see screen in sunlight Z10 screen way better.

Posted via CB10

So reading through the blog, quite expensive (since its being Telstra and all). Plus kind of outrageous that consumers need to pay extra data allowance to use the BBM service