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BlackBerry Q10 coming to the Philippines June 7

BlackBerry Q10
By Simon Sage on 27 May 2013 12:35 pm EDT

BlackBerry quietly announced that the BlackBerry Q10 is coming to the Philippines on June 7. Both black and white models will be available, though local carriers Globe, Smart, and Sun haven't talked said much about which they're getting. Cameron Vernest, Country Director for the Philippines at BlackBerry commented on the launch.

“We are excited to be working with our partners to bring the first BlackBerry 10 smartphone with QWERTY keyboard to customers in the Philippines. The BlackBerry Q10 smartphone offers premium performance, set in BlackBerry’s signature keyboard design, that lets customers take instant action and stay connected to their work and personal networks throughout the day.”

As excited as I am for the Q10 coming to the Philippines, I think it's safe to say the BlackBerry Q5 is going to be a lot more popular in the region, especially to the south in Indonesia. You may recall Kevin's visit there awhile back, and to this day, it's very much BlackBerry country. 

The full press release is below for those interested. We have any Filipino readers eager to pick one of these up? 

Thanks JZ!

The New BlackBerry Q10 Smartphone launches in the Philippines

Manila, The Philippines – BlackBerry® (NASDAQ: RIMM; TSX: RIM) today announced the new BlackBerry® Q10 smartphone, the first BlackBerry® 10 smartphone to feature a classic BlackBerry QWERTY Keyboard, is expected to be available in the Philippines starting from 7th June. The new BlackBerry Q10 smartphone will be available from authorized carriers and retailers in the Philippines. For information on pricing, promotions and availability, please check with your carrier or retailer.

Available in two colours, Black and White, the BlackBerry Q10 smartphone combines the power of the BlackBerry 10 platform with a large, re-engineered physical keyboard and stunning touchscreen display – the largest ever on a BlackBerry QWERTY smartphone.

Cameron Vernest, Country Director for the Philippines at BlackBerry said, “We are excited to be working with our partners to bring the first BlackBerry 10 smartphone with QWERTY keyboard to customers in the Philippines. The BlackBerry Q10 smartphone offers premium performance, set in BlackBerry’s signature keyboard design, that lets customers take instant action and stay connected to their work and personal networks throughout the day.”

Meticulous attention has been paid to every detail of the BlackBerry Q10 smartphone’s design, from its beautiful and distinctive form to its elegant and ergonomic QWERTY keyboard, which features a wider layout and larger sculpted keys. With the BlackBerry Q10 smartphone’s advanced hardware, communications and multimedia features, along with long battery life, you can confidently stay ahead and take action all day long.

The re-designed, re-engineered and re-invented BlackBerry 10 platform offers you a powerful and unique new mobile computing experience that continuously adapts to your needs. Every feature, every gesture, and every detail is designed to keep you moving forward towards your goal, and includes advancements such as:

The ever present BlackBerry® Hub, which brings all your conversations together in one easy to manage place that you can access at any time from any app with a simple “peek”, so you’re always only one swipe away from what matters to you.
BlackBerry® Balance™ technology, which elegantly separates and secures work applications and data from personal content, protecting what’s important to you and the business you work for.
BBM™ (BlackBerry® Messenger), which lets you share things with the people that matter to you in an instant. BBM on BlackBerry 10 smartphones includes voice calling and video chat, and lets you share your screen with another BlackBerry 10 smartphone contact.
BlackBerry® Remember, which helps you tackle tasks quickly with a new way to collect, organize and action all the information sitting in different places across your smartphone.

For more information on the BlackBerry Q10 smartphone, please visit ph.blackberry.com/BlackBerryQ10.


Reader comments

BlackBerry Q10 coming to the Philippines June 7


The people there loves physical keyboards, the device will have a lot of success.

Posted via CB10

Agreed! I'm excited & expecting about 500'000 units sold/shipped by End of July. Just a hunch.

Posted via CB10

Gonna be in Mindanao soon! Depending on the price, i'll pick one up there, or even go for a fresh Q5!! :))

I can recognize punctuation alright, and I also do know that some words can't be punctuated together, like the one you just mentioned right there. the "who're". Please review basic grammar.

Thank you for the education. I think I should just write in Filipino so that no one would understand me.

Pwede na ba 'to? Nawa'y maging maligaya ka sa pagiging magaling sa grammar. :)

Posted via CB10

This is good news, although the Q5 will be more popular than the Q10 in the Philippines for sure.

Posted via CB10

I hope blackberry made some kind of introduction for the q10 in ph. Not all of the people here are fund enough of reading forums like this. Like what happened to 9220 and 9320. A lot of people bought 9220 not knowing that there will be 9320. Lucky for those who can afford to get the 9320, they can get it immediately. But for those who can't, of course they stayed with the 9220. I'm afraid that may happen to z10 and q10 since the release is not so far from each other. But it's nice to know that someone is waiting for q10.

Out of topic.
Where can we get updates on possible blackberry events here in ph? I want to attend some time.

Posted via CB10

I hope there is a huge adoption there. I was reading in the forums that some people in the Philippines believe that when BBM goes cross platform many people there will switch to another platform because they only kept their BlackBerries for BBM. Prove them wrong BlackBerry!

We are back!

Posted via CB10 - Channel Pin C00016D81

This couldn't have come soon enough. I have a number of friends who are already making the switch to iPhones. Now... Q or Z?

My plan is up for renewal in 2 months. Been going back and forth between the Z10 and the Q10, but I'm leaning more and more to pairing the Q10 keyboard with my Playbook.

Yes. Roughly $25 for an unli data on the 3 major networks (Globe, Smart, and Sun).

Posted via CB10

hi guys any one know how to buy apps on appworld using load? i dont have credit card coz im student person.. :)

Posted via CB10

There's GCash. Or you can get a Prepaid Mastercard or Visa Card. Stay away from Credit Cards as much as you can.

I still have my Z10 and Bold 9900. I'll just get the next "Q10" next year.

Posted via CB10

I'm happy to see the Q10 coming to Philippines this June. What can you say isheep and droids fanatics?

Posted via CB10

So it's true. Sun Cellular is offering the #SunBlackBerryZ10WithoutLTE.

I thought #GlobeBlackBerryZ10withLTE is the Best!


Posted via CB10

Battery life is the most interesting fact about q10! But I'm still happy with my z10! #GlobeBBz10withLTE #Blackberry10 #BBz10

Posted via CB10

Shoutout to the Pinoys out there!
I'm excited with the Q10 but it's freaking expensive! $756 for a Q10? same price with the larger screen Galaxy S4, maybe I'll wait a little longer but I want it now :( Sad

BlackBerry is LOVE! May it be a Q or a Z, it still has a touch of blackberry! I'm lovin' my Z10 so much! Hope Q10 does well here in PH! Let the #blackberrybarkada do the talking :)

Posted via CB10

It's already open for pre-order in Globe Telecom. Too bad I still have my contract till Feb. 2014. I want this phone so bad! hahaha... How I wish I will win the 24ct. gold Blackberry Q10 :)

I got my reservation of BB Q10 and it will be in my hands in 2 days, i cant wait to have it in my hands.