BlackBerry Q10 Buyer's Guide - UK Edition

BlackBerry Q10 Buyer's Guide - UK Edition
By DJ Reyes on 2 May 2013 04:29 am EDT

From April 26th-29th, Selfridges had the exclusive rights to sell the BlackBerry Q10 in the U.K. A very successful weekend at that. Now that it is over, other networks and mobile phone stores in the U.K. can now stock the Q10. Just like our BlackBerry Z10 Buyer's Guide, we're bringing you a BlackBerry Q10 Buyer's Guide - UK Edition, too. So, bookmark this page as we'll be updating it as more carriers add the Q10 to their line up.


Vodafone Logo

Vodafone has the BlackBerry Q10 available in both black and white. It is available from Vodafone on a 12 or 24 month contract. See the table below for pricing on 24 month contracts. The last three tariffs also includes 2GB WiFi every month.

Q10 24 Month Calls Text Data
£129 £33 600 mins Unlimited 1GB
Free £37 Unlimited Unlimited 1GB
Free £42 Unlimited Unlimited 2GB
Free £47 Unlimited Unlimited 4GB

For more information on Vodafone Q10 deals


O2 Logo

O2 has the BlackBerry Q10 available on contract and on Pay & Go. They seem to be the cheapest I've seen at £529 but of course this would be locked to O2. Their plans start from £11 a month on a 24 month contract, however you would have to fork out £549 up-front, so it probably wouldn't be advisable not going on such a tariff. On top of that you don't get much in terms of minutes or data either. So, I've selected a handful of plans below that cost at less than £549 up-front up to free but there are more available. These are also all on 24 month contracts. There is also O2's new O2 Refresh Tariff that is also available from the stores.

Q10 Monthly Cost Calls Text Data
£199.99 £27 300 Unlimited 500MB
£129.99 £32 Unlimited Unlimited 1GB
£109.99 £32 600 Unlimited 750MB
Free £37 Unlimited Unlimited 1GB
Free £42 Unlimited Unlimited 2GB
Free £47 Unlimited Unlimited 4GB

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Carphone Warehouse

Carphone Warehouse Logo

Carphone Warehouse had the exclusivity at their store in Selfridges, London from the initial U.K. launch date. They have also stated that they will be bringing in extra stock to cater to the demand of the Q10. Carphone Warehouse offers the BlackBerry Q10 on all the major U.K. networks. They also stock both the black and white versions. 

Carphone Warehouse offers the Q10 on a 24 month contract starting from £33 a month, with no up-front cost, on the various networks. They offer the same plans that the carriers do but tend to match the deals the carriers offer direct, sometimes giving you a bit more for the same price you'd get from a carrier. Up front costs will vary too. On certain tariffs you can even bag yourself a free BlackBerry Bluetooth Mini Speaker.

Carphone Warehouse also has the Q10 available SIM free for £579.99. I popped into my local store today and it seems that some stores, especially the ones not in the city, don't have stock yet. They would be ordered in at point of sale. Online orders have started to ship, so it may be easier to just order online. We'll keep you updated as information becomes available.

For more information on BlackBerry Q10 deals from Carphone Warehouse

Phones 4U

Phones 4U Logo

Phones 4U operate like Carphone Warehouse and offer the BlackBerry Q10 on all the major U.K. networks (except for Three). They also stock the Q10 in black and white. Plans start free from £36 a month on a 24 month contract. Going on a lower tariffs incurs an up-front cost and varies depending on what network you choose.

You can also get the Q10 SIM free from Phones 4U for £549.95. Visit the Phones 4U website for more details.

For more information on BlackBerry Q10 deals from Phones 4U

Be sure to check back here regularly as we'll be updating this when other U.K. carriers stock the BlackBerry Q10. If you've picked one up already, you should head over to our 'Getting Started with your BlackBerry Q10' post to help get you up and running.

Reader comments

BlackBerry Q10 Buyer's Guide - UK Edition


Does anyone know why Orange/ EE are not doing anything direct yet? Or know of a date when Orange/ EE will be stocking the Que? I've been itching to upgrade since September...

I've been asking in stores but they can't give me an actual date. Still digging around for an answer though.

Posted via CB10

Same. One staff member even said on Sunday that, "The Q10 had been delayed in the UK and might not be out for a few weeks, have you seen the new Samsung?"

The cheek...

I almost wanna throw up! Not so much because samsung might have bad (or good) products but.... well, I guess they are just doing their job and trying to sell you what they have in stock. It doesn't feel right, thought.

That's dammen cheap compared to Dutch prices.. I seriously need to move out of Holland, getting ridiculous! I paid €100 for my z10 and €43 a month. 200/300 min. Unlimited text. And 1.250mb.

Posted via CB10

Every network apart from EE and Three have it and both CPW and Phones 4U are stocking it. I'd say that's pretty decent. They're not making a massive deal about it because it's launching at the same time as the Galaxy S4, which is a bit of a bad decision on BlackBerry's part to be honest.

I have a question....Selfridges did have the exclusive on the Q10 for 3days and sold out of their 2000 Q10 supply in 90 minutes....which was amazing....does anyone know as to how many Q10's they sold in total for the 3 days......?

You can get the phone on a Three contract from Carphone Warehouse and I think Phones 4U, but not directly from Three yet. They say they don't know when it will be in. - "There's still no word on when the BlackBerry Q10 will be available on Three, or even if it will be coming to the network."

Of course you can also just get a SIM only plan from Three and use that in the Q10, that's what I plan to do because it makes it cheaper in the long run and avoids 24 month commitments.

That's how it is here. The lower the monthly payment, the more you pay upfront. Due to it being cheaper monthly, you get less for it.

In the UK, we don't really like to pay upfront so go for the higher plans that give us more.

Posted via CB10

Bought mine from CPW Oxford St, the big one near John Lewis.

Liking it so far, has its quirks but if they update the firmware and sort the app situation, should be a winner long term.

As usual, most people get it for free, which is obviously a much better deal than what US buyers are getting.
WTF is TMUK/EE/Orange doing though? Maybe they really do do more testing and realised that 1483 was crap and that a better OS is needed ;)

I asked in store recently, they said they won't be getting the Z10 only the Q10 and that it should arrive at the start of May. Fingers crossed, I am in the same situation :)

I went to town yesterday and had a nice play and chat with the folks from BlackBerry. CPW has some in store in Buchanan Street and Phones4U are sold out. The 579.99 sound steep so waiting for Phones to offer theirs at a bit cheaper price.

Overall a nice looking phone but have to be honest. The touchscreen experience on the Z10 makes me wonder. However, if I'm writing trip reports the physical keyboard might help plus the battery life appears to be astronomical good.