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BlackBerry Q10 to begin shipping from TELUS on April 29th

By Adam Zeis on 9 Apr 2013 08:53 am EDT

While we expect that the Rogers BlackBerry Q10 will be available right around the end of the month, TELUS has chimed in as well and is offering up the Q10 for pre-order. It's noted on the pre-order page that the devices will begin shipping on April 29th with a 2-3 day delivery time.

It's a safe bet that the Q10 will land on most Canadian carriers right around the same time, so we'd assume an official release announcement on Rogers, TELUS, Bell, Virgn and others isn't too far off. 

If you're looking to pick up a new Q10, you can pre-order now at Rogers, TELUS or in store at Future Shop. 

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Reader comments

BlackBerry Q10 to begin shipping from TELUS on April 29th


$200 on a three year term with Telus and Rogers. Lots of articles popping up today wondering why the Q10 is a $700 phone and the Z10 is going for $650 with no contract....

It's 700 out right, I got the Z10, but so tempted to get the Q10 too such a sick phone.

Posted via CB10

Now comes decision time. Ive been using the Z10 for a couple of weeks now and love it. I always said I'd wait for the Q10 but now after using Z10 I'm not too sure.


I was always wondering if it's wise to have 2 BBRYs. SInce you can have your BBID for only 1 device and all that. And to use BBRY just as a 'regular phone' without all the functionality, it's just wrong :D How do you do it? 2 BBIDs? Split your e-mails between the two devices? One work-One play? :)

I don't carry both at the same time. I just insert the sim card into the phone I want to use today or this week. Sometimes I feel like using a BlackBerry for a week. Sometimes Android. Depends on my mood.

Please US carriers: do something right for the first time in human history and don't delay the release of the Q10!!!

"It's a safe bet that the Q10 will land on most Canadian carriers right around the same time, so we'd assume an official release announcement on Rogers, TELUS, Bell, Virgn and others isn't too far off."

Except MTS, which will be two-three months behind. Again.

Why is q10 retailing a higher price then z10? Aren't full touchscreen traditionally higher pricing?

Posted via CB10

I echo the hope that those of us in the US don't have to endure the same lag time as we did for the Z10. Has there been any hint or educated speculation on that?

I am not due for full upgrade pricing until July 1st, so they could be saving me from myself...but I want the damn Q10 (good thing since I'm on Sprint).

I read on the link below that Q10 will come pre loaded with Skype with the 10.1 OS update. Is this true?


Posted via Z10

Q10 looks very nice n promising......but to pay 700$ for a" bold-on-steroid "when they can spend roughly the same n get a glitz n glamour s4?...don't know if potential customers will buy it

Posted via CB10

If people want glitz and glamour they will buy the S4 anyway. There are certain people who will want the Q10 over ay other phone on the market, just for the keyboard and the traditional blackberry messaging / email experience that no one else can match.

glitz n glamour s4 ?!? they're very different devices and markets to the Q10. i dont think people will be deciding between ta s4 and a Q10. i myself will pay $5000 for a Q10 because it feels like the right device for me, even if you gave me a s4 for free i wont touch it.

Rogers advertises the 2600 aws band, however, Blackberry doesn't indicate that frequency on any of the Q10 models. That should be fixed.

I think blackberry should have some kind if trade in program for people who stayed with through there bad times. BlackBerry you should help us upgrade to the new Z10 or Q10 we've already proved that we are loyal to blackberry .

Posted via CB10

I thought Rogers had like firsts on BlackBerry but seems Telus is getting it a day earlier and as a Koodo customer and Koodo Mobile Master I am loving this since I am not a fan of Rogers what so ever. Way to go Telus ;-)

Thanks I think I'm well aware of that, that's why I said as a Koodo customer and Koodo Mobile Master I am loving that Telus is getting the Q10 before Rogers because I'm not a fan what so ever of Rogers. Koodo is Telus discount provider.

Wind needs to be getting it next. While the big three will have it, I'll be testing it out and getting to know it until november, when my windtab is cleared. :)