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BlackBerry Q10 available at WIND June 7th

By Adam Zeis on 6 Jun 2013 03:03 pm EDT

Word on the street is that WIND will be releasing the BlackBerry Q10 tomorrow, June 7th. While most Canadian carriers are already on board, WIND has been a bit absent from the Q10 mix. Rogers, TELUS, Bell and a few others all offered up the Q10 on launch day.

A quick check of WIND's site still shows the Q10 as "coming soon" but according to Mobile Syrup the Q10 is set to be available starting tomorrow. The Q10 will be available in black only for $649 outright or $349 on the WINDTab.. They are expected to offer up the white version at a later date.

Are you a WIND customer looking to pick up a new Q10? Sound off in the comments and let us know!

Reader comments

BlackBerry Q10 available at WIND June 7th


8th of July!!!

I'm going to start a new line, port my number out to a prepaid SIM, then port it back in.

Should work and should only cost me the cost of the SIM, I ran it by Rogers and Wind already.

Not a fan of having to do this, maybe they'll let me buy it on Tab tomorrow as I've never had a Tab with Wind before.

Can't believe that the first shout was removed, wheres the sense of humour gone

Posted via CB10

I have the Z10 with WIND. Waited over a month for the white, before just going with the black. If you're looking to get the white Q10 from WIND, just know it could take up to 2 months

Posted via Naked BlackBerry Z10

Let's hope Wind does a good job of advertising the product. I have a Z10 but still miss the keyboard even though z10 virtual keyboard kicks a**. A10 would be awesome. I wish I can get a Q10 for cheap so I can have both the devics.

Posted via White BlackBerry Z10 baby

I left Wind and I'm happy about it. Customer service didn't know the difference between BIS and BES, didn't follow up on technical tickets.

Now happy Q10 user on Fido network.

Posted via CB10

Good for you, not sure how this is relevant on this thread though as I think fido's cost is more.

Posted via CB10

There was some weirdness about whether you could get them without a contract yesterday but I got mine f'sho. Now the learning curve...

Posted via CB10