BlackBerry Q10 available in-store at Sprint on September 13th

By Adam Zeis on 5 Sep 2013 11:57 am EDT

If you're a Sprint customer and are still waiting to pick up a new BlackBerry Q10, you can do so in stores starting September 13th. The Q10 has been available via direct ship for just about a week now but should be landing on store shelves soon.

Sprint seems all whacked out on their BlackBerry 10-ness as they passed all together on the Z10 and were super late to the game on getting the Q10.

The Q10 is available now online from Sprint for $199 with a two-year contract.

Purchase the BlackBerry Q10 from Sprint

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BlackBerry Q10 available in-store at Sprint on September 13th


Question to the whole Crackberry community?

Why is the media and US carrier treating BBRY this way?
Is there any ones hands begin this?

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There is a huge conspiracy theory behind this, it could involve government and huge cooperation behind all of this

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I find comments such as these sad and pathetic. There is no conspiracy. There is only one very poorly run small company in Waterloo.

Conspiracy? Wow!! Do you think that it may be BlackBerry's lack of vision and mismanagement over the years?

Addict for 10 years, but it may be time to get off this drug.

Common... Conspiracy..., are you kidding me???

That's one of the poorest PR and Media relations I've ever experienced at such global scale... Don't know what happened, but every company that treats media well will get it in return... The media starts breaking your neck like they're doing today only when a company has treated them bad...

I also was asking for more marketing, but under these circumstances, it wouldn't even help if they only ran BlackBerry ads on all TV channels...

And the irony in the whole story... their products, especially the OS, are great... but they're not able to sell them... they thought they could approach the consumer market the same was they approached the CTOs 10 years ago...

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There's no valid reason anyone should remain with Sprint. BB10 or not. They're the worst and this only proves it further.

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I wouldn't say they are the worst. I have had them for 5 years and have been generally happy with them. Never had a problem with customer service when I call. Sorry if you had a bad experience with them in the past, but not everyone has

Sprint rocks on price, customer service and price here in New York City. 12 years. Unlimited everything on 3 lines. $179 a month. Never a problem.

It will be very interesting to see what that sales #'s are. History says most BB10 buyers are informed BB fans that aren't swayed buy sales staff. BUT those same informed BB fans are very aware that BB is up for sale.

Why does everyone assume that because they are up for sale blackberry will suddenly dissappear. Ms just bought Nokia, is this the end of Nokia? No. Companies buy companies all the time and they just continue on. BlackBerry bought qnx, tat etc, they are still operational within blackberry. BlackBerry will soon be part of another larger corporation.

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Never did I say that BB will dissappear. But when making a purchase, it would be nice to know what the future holds for the company you are considering purchasing from. I have a small business with 37 BB's. I have 11 that are available for updgrade. I am in a WAIT AND SEE MODE. I would assume that a high percentage of BB owners are feeling the same.

Just realized that they are launching it only a few days after the new iPhone announcement. That should effectively kill any buzz that would have surrounded the Q10's launch.

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The Q10 was already released on other carriers in the U.S. and had little or no buzz. What makes you think its subsequent release on a third-place carrier would have any buzz to begin with at all?

Sprint is the dominant carrier in NYC. Many millions of customers. Lots of potential sales for BlackBerry Wallstreet analysts.

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Here is the main question for you crackberry?
Why is the media and US carrier doing this to blackberry, trying to finish them on purpose? you think someone hands are behind all of this.....?

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I think BB is doing this on purpose. Either that or they really have an incompetent marketing staff. From the Super Bowl add nearly 2 months before launch in the U.S., to staggered launch dates for providers, to late releases on updates, and next to no BlackBerry made device commercials, and now a sudden for sale sign, I think this was BlackBerry's plan from the get go. Makes me really very sad.

Hard to justify spending a ton of cash on advertising, just to convince a consumer to go and buy one while the carrier steers him away. The governments want to spy on everyone. BlackBerry can survive in the corporate field, because corporations want and need security. Also, potential buyers of BlackBerry want to make them worthless. It's a much easier buy up with a stock value of 10 bucks than 30 bucks for example. Is there a conspiracy. Absolutely no doubt. Why do you think they want to go private. The corporate world needs BlackBerry.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Very valid points.
I have a Q10, and would not change it out for anything. I hope they do survive and personally think going private would be a good thing. We currently are using BES @ work, and I will upgrade to BES10 if a few other things fall in to place; namely the one major company app we use gets a BB10 upgrade. Otherwise we will wait for BBm to go multi platform and be forced to go Android. That will not be a happy day for me.

September 2014? LOL, why so late Sprint? It only takes like 5 seconds to realize the Q10 is the planet's best smartphone. It is history's greatest mobile computer.

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Crackberry dot com has become the catalyst of bad BlackBerry news, who would have ever thought this website would spearhead the addition of fuel to a fire that doesn't even truly exist, a fire that's helping to burn the company down.

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BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

seems like they may have been the only smart ones back when everyone basted them for not carrying the "Z",,, yes, "Q" sales will be veeerrry low,,, just like ALL BBs' phones now,,, most other carriers & retailers are letting their stock of BB's fade out w/ no intention of reordering...

Yes, the Media talks about Samsung and Apple a lot. But my question is, where the heck is the BlackBerry commercials? In central Florida I hardly see any BlackBerry advertising. I'm not talking about the carriers, their useless, but BlackBerry themselves. Samsung, Apple, Nokia, Sony and it seems like everyone else pushes their own products. Again, where is BlackBerry? What, they can't buy commercial time? They don't have cash to make a commercial? Seems like their sabotaging themselves.

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In London it's the same. There is so much hype surrounding Apple when they bring out a new phone but I remember launch day of BB10, no mention in the press at all. Advertising is non- existent, even now people always ask me what phone I'm using as they haven't even heard of BB10. My Z10 is an excellent phone but what use is that if nobody even knows it exists!

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Come to think of it you could have something there. BBM played a key role in the London riots a couple of years ago when Blackberry were very big in the UK. It was widely publicised that the UK government asked Blackberry to shut down their network as they couldn't hack into it and the govt were furious because Blackberry refused saying that they have always prided themselves on their security
. Since then Blackberry have plummeted - makes you wonder!!

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Very thankful to finally have Q10 on Sprint. I will definitely upgrade to Q10, but for many reasons Sprint is awful. Sprint really needs to improve customer service (and not try to convince Bby users to switch to another device), coverage in metropolitan areas (gaping holes across Dallas Fort Worth), and, most importantly, not being the last to roll out Blackberry devices.

- /s/ Stuck in a Contract

I haven't had a problem with customer service, they have all been nice to me. I understand everyone's mileage will be different though. Their handling of the BB10 launch was unfortunate, because of that we're looking at switching(and the fact I could save a boat load)

If you are unhappy why not switch, instead of getting locked in for another two years?

Been torn between the Z10 and the Q10. But I'm on Sprint so I thought they made the choice easy for me by not offering the Z10. But with rumors of the Z30 before the end of the year and my contract being up for a new phone on December 1st, I'm yet torn again.

Hope your wrong but with the track record Sprint has had with releasing BBRY and Windows phone 8 lately you could be right.

The first reason they won't have the Z30 is Sprint will still be under contract with Apple on the deal that was made on Iphone sales. Second is sprint drags there feet on products and services.

Sprint was the first carrier to hint at the Z30 when they announced they wouldn't be carrying the Z10. They said they are waiting for BB's other full touch device later this year. It was covered in these forums. Stop making things up.

Why? You already don't believe it's happening. Live in whatever reality you need to live in. The world will spin on regardless. Just as it's spinning on w/o BB10 on my 3 PB and the 7 PBs I talked my friends in to buying after TH literally promised it was coming.

Isn't it funny how we pick and choose what we believe.

I own four PlayBooks what does that have to do with sprints products and services. Besides I personally don't care about BB10 on the PlayBooks just hope BlackBerry keeps supporting them.

Just watching CNBC. They're calling BlackBerry a "carcass". The better half might never get the chance to upgrade her 9900.

I've watched every person that was interested in getting the Q10 change their minds do to sprint availability.

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Yep, I did and went and got me a new Torch I found on line to replace the one I beat up the last two years. That way I can stay with the all touch, wait for BB to see what happens and maybe get a A10, Z30 uh . . . MicroBB Z40 . . . Lenova ZB40.2 . . . CiscoBB . . . you get it.

Hey I'm with Sprint and received my Q10 today. its running 10.1, about to install 10.2 leak. I wasn't about to wait on the store!

Bottom line is that Blackberry does not help much in their support division. Utilizing Verizon in NYC with a Q10.... I really REALLY want to keep the blackberry but the apps for group sms'ing which are non-existent, how they take out useful features from previous models. Have not helped. I really want to stay faithful with my Q10. But I may return it in favor of the note 3.

Maybe Sprint does delay releases to offer it cheaper than the price on initial release date.

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Sprint had to guarantee so many iPhone sales that they can't afford to sell ANY BlackBerry devices. Doing this right after the new iPhone is announced will mean only their customers loyal to BlackBerry will buy it.

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