The BlackBerry Q10 arrives on the Carphone Warehouse website as coming soon

BlackBerry Q10
By James Richardson on 25 Mar 2013 04:29 am EDT

Once again - news of the BlackBerry Q10 hitting the UK in the near future is looking very promising. The BlackBerry 10 device sporting the traditional style hardware QWERTY keyboard is now showing on the Carphone Warehouse as coming soon. Although pre-orders are not yet available you can register your details on the site and they will email you when dates and pricing are confirmed.

For you die hard BlackBerry fans that can't be without your physical keyboard this will be the phone for you. It offers the same amazing experience as the already released Blackberry Z10, just with a smaller display and that glorious hardware keyboard which will look very familiar to current BlackBerry Bold 9900 owners.

Who's interested in the Q10? Sound off in the comments.

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The BlackBerry Q10 arrives on the Carphone Warehouse website as coming soon


Tried to convince my sister to get the z10, but she wouldn't have it. Patiently waiting for the q10

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Probably after Canadian release and I don't think we get it for another month or so. Hopefully u get bit same as us in the US this time though

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I was gonna wait for the Q, but bit the bullet and went with the Z10. The Q10 looks great - and allegedly will have a spectacular battery life (I currently carry 2 spares for the Z...!) - but I think that, sadly, hard keyboards will be a thing of the past in 3 or 4 years, so decided to get in now. And the Z10's touch keyboard is amazing. Hopefully they'll both sell like hotcakes...

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I dont think so. Niche for keyboard will last forever. At least people keep older n fatter.

Say it when no more human on this earth

You should be seeing better battery life now on the z10 with the update. did you manage to download it

Im sticking to the keyboard until they stop it completely LOL

Even though I'm in love with Z10, I still miss the magic of typing without looking at phone so I guess I'll be buying it :)

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I can't type drunk on a physical keyboard but the autocorrection is so phenomenal on the Z10 that this is now possible. If typing while drunk is a necessity for you I'd go with the Z10 if I were you.

I got my Z10 30th of January. I love it, but I'm 100% getting the Q. Cannot wait!

BB10 & CB10 FTW

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Anybody wanna bet me that this phone does better in the U.S than the Z10?
I know at least 2 of them will sell on launch day anyway ;)

No bet! I have lots of friends and co-workers who are all about the keyboard and being able to use the device with one hand. I love my BB-9900, the combination of keyboard and touch screen rocks... Looking forward to the Q10... Fingers crossed that my company will upgrade BES to handle BB10.

Ironically, this is the direction Microsoft has taken with Windows 8: touch plus physical keyboard (and mouse) input. Too bad no one's really making physical QWERTY's for their phones anymore.

I've been waiting YEARS for the Q10--the best physical keyboard ever with a slick, workhorse OS. Looking forward to getting my hands on one!

Nope, virtual keyboard is where the future lies. Physical keyboard will fill a niche market and thats about it, just like Polaroid and mechanical Leica.

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Well, good for you that you care what the trends are. For me, I couldn't care less about what other people are doing or think is the "cool new thing." I care more about the fact that I can type without looking on a physical keyboard and keyboard shortcuts or universal search that makes finding things, launching things, and finding contacts faster since you can do it right from the home screen, no navigation necessary, and one button speed dialing, again, from the home screen, no navigating to contacts or the phone dialer, so my phone is already ringing out by the time someone with a all-touchscreen finishes unlocking his screen... But hey, if you like the bigger screen to play games and watch netflix and that's more important than the ability to do the things I mentioned and more, then more power to you. :-)

So can Z10 users. Pull up from bottom bezel with 2 fingers reveals the Keyboard. Also universal search is available from all screens. As is the phone and camera. ;)

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And by the time you pull the keyboard out with your two fingers my keyboard phone is already performing the search. Nice try though. ;)

Not so sure. Physical keyboards will be around as long as we can't type out directly from brain to screen. Virtual keyboards are just a side step on the way to the ultimate control.

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I am buying 4 so I can't wait for AT&T to get them.
Wife,mother ,my sister. Oh and one for me just so I have it!!

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It's also on, sim free ofcourse. shipments are expected to start on the 26th of april and they ship internationally. Got my z10 from there and very happy with them.

Expected in May! CPW were among the first companies to release the Z10 on the 31st January. I really hope it is released in April in the UK..

It's been on the past few days as "coming soon". But then again the Z10 is still pending as "coming soon" here in Denmark.

Can't wait for Q10 to be released in Europe! ps: When? My BB9900 has been freezing quite a few times lately and I am really tempted to throw it against a wall! :-O !!

I was told April 16th in the UK anyway, sure it came from here actually, so y so surprised?

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I cannot help but think I will end up with the Q10 as well as the Z10 (which is what I have and have had since Feb05)

BBjunkies Unite!

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I can't wait it to arrive at my home country, my local news said its being tested by my local tech department for verification. Good news is if Q10 arrived, more of my relative going to buy it :D

I am patiently waiting on the Q10>>>this is definitely my bb10 phone of choice>>>though like all of us CrackBerry members i have been waiting for bb10 to hit forever now...i am going to get a Z10 on T-mobile and then when the Q10 arrives i will upgrade again!

Virgin Mobile Canada has the Q10 coming soon on its home Page. I've heard rumors from a rogers store owner in Toronto who is currently using a Q10 that it will be available on Rogers April 5th.

I just hope the screen on the Q10 will be as good as the Z10's screen. Even tho the Q10's screen is large, I do prefer the screen of the Z10. Expected release date of the BlackBerry Q10 in the UK is 26th April. #BB10Believe.

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The Q10 couldn't come soon enough. It's the phone most BlackBerry loyalists want. The Z10 launch has been ill prepared and supported.

Anybody else notice the screen in that pic? Looks like a different way to view things.

virgin mobile canada also has pre-register. I'm on their list. im very excited for this phone. i like the looks of it A LOT.

The Z10 is pulling me in, I'm determined to wait at least until the Q10 is out so I can make a decision based on my own experience. I must keep telling myself "I love my 9930, I don't mind waiting, everything is fine just as it is."

BB really are chasing the £ to fill their coffers...

Does that mean PB10 comes to the UK first for beta too? LOL

still confused with which to go for.... cant afford both though :(

its a hard decision, all are praising z10 and now q10 is coming up

As an iphone5 user, if I were to go back to bb, it would be the q10. The hardware and software of the phone looks sharp and professional.

I would have to feel it in my hand and test drive it before I make that decision. Not a fan of the z10 at all.

I'm actually thinking about switching from the Z10 to the Q10 when it comes out, miss that keyboard and the Z10 feels a little too big and I hate the battery life.