Full QWERTY BlackBerry Q10 announced!!

After months of speculating on the name of the full-QWERTY N-Series device, the BlackBerry Q10 was announced today.

BlackBerry Q10
By Adam Zeis on 30 Jan 2013 10:29 am EST

The Q10 is the second of two devices that will run the new BlackBerry 10 operating system. While the BlackBerry Z10 is an all-touch device, the BlackBerry Q10 will stick to what BlackBerry does best in that of a physical keyboard. The BlackBerry Q10 is expected to be available on global carriers in late April. No pricing has been announced but it should hover in the same range of the Z10. We also expect there to be a black and white variant available at launch.

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Full QWERTY BlackBerry Q10 announced!!


I just watch the YouTube video showing the actual Q10. I, for one, I'm relieved that the back of it looks quite nice. I was afraid it would be shiny, black, and cheap looking. I'm a happy camper!

Um... April...? I don't want to wait that long! Maybe I can get a Z10 and then trade it out for a Q10. No idea how I'm going to do that though.

I'm sad to hear that it will end of April for this model. I was hoping late Feb/Early March. I will wait none the less. I need a physical keyboard.

Anybody has an idea on what the specs look like? It better have a front facing camera. I want Skype on my phone!

Ha, this is hilarious! My name is Queue, I have QandhisBlackBerry.com, as a BlackBerry fanatic of level X, I am also a full out QWERTY man, and sure enough, they call the new BB10 the Q. Me and that device were definitely MEANT TO BE :)

Lol at people considering Android. So many security flaws with Android its not even funny. You have to wait a whole 2-3 months for the Q10, relax, still WAAAAAY better than Androids or Apples junk.

Love the new Blackberry Q10. Absolutely beautiful. Love the new design! Will definitely be purchasing this phone once released in the U.S.!

I love the design of Q10 and insainly in llve with the OS. No matter the looks I will get me a BB10 even if I have to wait until april.

Wow!! Blackberry is beting its future on this release and they decide to ignore their 79 million user that are craving a new phone? worse yet, the majority of those user are loyal QWERTY addicts. releasing this phone at the same time or sooner than the Z10 would have guarantee them a nice momentum in sales. Helloooo!!!!!

I am annoyed that I waited for more than a year and now another two months???

I have been debating to switch to samsung SIII or Lumia 920 but I waited for the release of BB10 and it is not even a release it is just an anouncement that I have to wait two more months? looks like I will finally cave in and leave blackberry.

Bad move !!! Blackberry, QWERTY people is unlikely to switch to touchscreen if they haven't been lured by the superior devices in the market for the last 3-4 years they won't switch now. Get your s... together and release the Q10 fast or the bleeding will continue. Da!!!!!

It's obviously your choice, but neither the SIII nor 920 has a physical keyboard... As well, neither has BlackBerry 10.
If you cannot wait, why not go for the Z10.
I feel your pain over the extra wait, though.

I hear you, but you are blaming the wrong side. Your carrier (one of the four) has had the device (Z10) since the rest of the world received theirs for testing. Why bark up the tree at RIM, when you should be directly contacting your service provider. I am pissed about this wait, but I fired off an email to my provider making DAMN sure that their lack of interest was greatly unappreciated and reprehensible. Watch how many customers flock to the provider that carries the Z10 first.