BlackBerry Q10 and the Mercedes AMG Petronas car team up in the latest round of promo videos

By Adam Zeis on 30 Apr 2013 05:09 pm EDT

BlackBerry has cranked out some great promos over the years, but the latest round really kicks things up a bit. Showing off their partnership with the Mercedes AMG Petronas race team, the new ads for the BlackBerry Q10 are looking pretty hot. 

The videos - ranging from BlackBerry Balance to Q10 design to BBM Screen Share - show off the Q10 and some top features all while being compared to the awesome machine that is the Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 car. 

The promos draw some great comparisons that totally make sense and really make you think about just how many other similarities there are. It's definitely cool to see spots like this showing off the partnership between the two. 

Check out the videos in the gallery above then drop a comment letting us know what you think!

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Reader comments

BlackBerry Q10 and the Mercedes AMG Petronas car team up in the latest round of promo videos


Nice video BUT BlackBerry should have presented both the Q10 and the Z10 here, not two Q10s...

Not bad for once. Now they need to make the Hub much better so that we can actually use this thing.

The hub can display the messages from all my accounts. It randomly turns off accounts. That makes it less useful than the hub on my 9900. And grouping would make it more useful than having to select individual accounts all the time.

They need to package these into 30 sec spots and put out these higher energy ads than the lame jingled put me to sleep ads they are presently running in the USA on the likes of HGTV.

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YES! i can see it now..."Can you answer these messages faster than they get to the finish line?"

These videos are much to technocratic. So bad.
I say this as a fan and stock owner - they need more emotion in their commercials.

These are actually good. Brief, focused, compelling.

I'd like to see a similar set of more generally themed (motorsports doesn't appeal to everyone) ads like this- soundbites that are memorable.

What a difference in tone and approach from the Samsung ads that dumped on BlackBerry. It's clear the company is targeting a very different market and not going after a mass consumer audience with these ads. At least for now, the approach seems to be going after people with money. Maybe the ads will change when they release lower priced devices but for the time being, people who complain that prices are too high are whistling in the wind.

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I totally agree on the Skype prominence. That is some nice not so subliminal advertising of a "must have" app for business and for personal use! They need commercials like this for the Z10 as well.

I like the last words "Built to keep you moving." so sexy LoL
Btw, on the last video, it says that Q10 use dual-core snapdragon processor? Not TI-Omapp?

The last one is way too long and drawn out. They need to replace words like, 'sculpted' with something more race oriented. The one I liked the most was the Remember, but I thought the 2nd half was better at connecting the function and bennefits of remember with my imagination and how it might be used in my daily work/life. .

Sculpted is related to formula 1, carbon Fibre, chassis, etc are sculpted components just to name a few.

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Fantastic ads! I am seeing more and more advertisements for the Z10!
I can't wait to get my hands on the Q10!!

Nice balance to the abstract "image" ads they created before. I think it would be good to run some of these, as well as some of the others.

Nice step...will them be on TV everywhere??? Bus? Ads in TimeSquare? POSTER everywhere ? I hope that..!

Some "Partnership" they have with Mercedes. When I recently asked MB about bringing their Mbrace app to BB10 I was told MB had no plans to support BlackBerry.

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Honestly not quite sure what to make of it. The analogies drawn between Blackberry and Mercedes are a bit of a stretch; not very compelling. But whatever sells like hell haha.

I think the ads are good. I think they will hit home. I think these are better than the celebrity ones. One thing I do fear though is the Q10 looks like the latest Bold. Not saying that the design needed to change much. But when we are trying to rebuild our brand and show that we are doing revolutionary things pertaining to user experience we need to show off and market the Zed 10 a little more.

When people see the Zed 10 they are like wow that is a Blackberry. There is no correlation to the old BBs. The only other correlation is "Is that an HTC One". But if you are looking over someones should and see them using a Q10, not know Blackberry came out with new phones (which most people still do not know), they will associate the Q10 with a 9900 or another BB device. Basically people need to know there is a new brand of product, the BB10, is out there.

Looks like Blackberry and Mercedes AMG Petronas are at it again in 2014 Formula I racing ! cf. Business Insider Doc Neutron