BlackBerry Q1 2014 results conference call replay and transcript available

BlackBerry PlayBook and Z10
By Simon Sage on 28 Jun 2013 12:37 pm EDT

If you missed the live webcast, you can now tune in to the audio replay. If you can't sit down and listen in reliably or would just rather read everything, there's also a fine transcription that's been done up

I'm having a second listen-through now just to soak it all in, but we've covered all of the major news this morning already. Aside from the disappointing results, what do you take away from listening in on the call again? Do you have faith in the company? How well did the BlackBerry leadership handle the Q&A section? Are there any smaller things in the call that are worth highlighting? How irked are you about BB10 not coming to the PlayBook?


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BlackBerry Q1 2014 results conference call replay and transcript available


I don't really care about the PlayBook at this point (can't beleive they still sold 100,000). I'm irked about the stock price though!!

Very disappointed that they lied about the PlayBook.

Having said that, from day one I've been wanting a new PlayBook. Faster. Better. Stronger.

Bring that (quickly) and you will save face with many people. But I won't be holding my breath waiting for them

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A new PlayBook makes more sense. Better sense than trying to resuscitate the older model at this point.

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I agree. It would be much better to have a tablet that worked well rather than one that just kinda works. From what I could gather BB10 could have worked, but the performance would have suffered. I use my Z10 much more than my PlayBook now anyway.

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I agree. The PlayBook was a god tablet, and they used it to experiment on for the Z10, but they need a bigger one and one that is faster and better coordinated with the phones. Because the PlayBook does not have bb10 on it I barely use it anymore. The z19 is a great phone but I too am frustrated by what seems like a ver-mall effort to market this right.

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The most interesting thing to come from this is another NEW bb7 device. What!? I'm very curious to see this one.

Pissed about the PlayBook. Will not be buying anymore Tablets from BlackBerry. Not sure about upgrading the wife's phone to BlackBerry 10.
Being lied to way too many times.

I really like my Z10 but not sure about the future and I if want to put more money into them.

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BlackBerry isn't going to make any more tablets. Thor said so not that long ago when he said that he thinks that tablets are a fad that will die out in 5 years.

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Thor also said his team is working on an update for the playbook, along with many other broken promises.

As much as I like BlackBerry and support them through products and shares, at this point, anything Thor or his company says is hard to believe.

When did lying to your loyal customer base, become a sound idea to increase that customer base. All companies have unpopular strategy they implement, while unpopular, its generally accepted. Lying is seldom to never acceptable. Time will be the judge now for BB.

Keep developing for the Playbook Heins or step down! What you think and what customers want are two different things. I will not have a phone that does not have a tablet with it. Rethink bb!

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Unbelievable! I think the biggest news is that the PlayBook will not be getting the BB10 update. I was really hoping for it. I bought my 32 gig on launch date USA and paid $600, i really believed at the time BlackBerry was all in for trying to get into the tablet space but the Mighty Thor is all in on discontinuing the tablet space and focus on phones and Bes.

So heart broken today but i hope the company does not go under because i really like my Z10 and want them to succeed in the end.

BlackBerry by Choice

It's a phone people. Who cares. Buy what ever you want. I'm pissed off about the PlayBook. But not going to have a hissy fit about it. I'm going to vote with my dollars. And like voting, it will be done privately.

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Pissed about the playbook, and y have a os7. The slogan is keep moving. Not keep moving backwards. Keep with the BlackBerry 10.

As a PB owner who paid more than 600 € for his tablet, I am also somewhat frustrated about that announcement. However, I do understand BBRY need to focus & carefully choose what they spend their remaining resources on.

That said, the decision to launch another legacy device is ... more than just stupid. Every cent they spent on developing this crap they should have invested in pushing the "new" platform. Let's face it: The Z10 & Q10 were announced almost exactly five months ago, but they are still not available worldwide. To be honest, this is *exactly* the same poor level of execution we've come to known from good ol' RIM.

I do love the platform, I even mostly like my Z10 (despite its numerous flaws), & I definitely wish BBRY al the best. But with such a poor level of execution I don't think they are a facing an all too bright future.

It was said that the PlayBook will still be supported. I just hope it brings some of the features. I don't need all BB10 on my tablet. Just the important ones

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It's going to be very difficult to support the Playbook without BB10. The whole idea about having a Playbook for me is to complement by BB device. Now with the bridge functionality nonexistent with the Z10 means that my Playbook is just gathering dust.

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Feel a little let down by the news from BBRY.
Very disappointed to hear no BB10 for PlayBook and feel like we were all lied too.

I bought two 64gb PlayBook's a while ago and will now need replacing sooner than I thought.

I've always backed BlackBerry and believed in what we were being told and now feel very disappointed and not sure I can continue to support them.

BlackBerry Z10 me likey.

Two issues I've noticed with this news. 1) Why would you announce a new BB7 device within an already negative PR when you are trying to push BB10 to consumers? 2) BB should never have talked about having no plans on any BB10 for the PlayBook within a negative PR.
Next Quarter should be great IMO, we are talking about the Q10, Z10 and Q5 along with more world wide exposure, though I have to admit BlackBerry's marketing strategy sucks Big Time. People are still confusing BB7 with BB10, thinking that BB10 is nothing more than a basic BB7 update. Bad.

BlackBerry also needs a 10" BB10 based PlayBook regardless, because there is people that will not buy a phone without a tablet from the same company to ensure 100% seamless compatibility. Hence the iPhone and iPad work flawlessly together.
Anyhow look at the positives. they've increased BB10 sales, increased cash at hand and so on.

Next quarter should be good?

Didn't Thor say that they expect a loss in Q2 2014 (next quarter) as well?

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Yes I believe Thor said that and for good reason. Talk a little negative then surprise the street. Anyhow I think the next Quarter should have the Q10 sales along with the Q5 sales and the Enterprise. I can see shipments tripling this quarters 2.7M IMO.

I'd like to know exactly HOW they plan to keep supporting the PlayBook?
Will we get bridge functionality?
I would put these questions directly to blackberry but I think I've been lied too just about enough. My days of getting excited about what BlackBerry are going to do next have died a horrible death today.

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Feeling sad and let down today with regards everything. Still a big BlackBerry fan but I do feel deflated.

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Angry about PB news. Wife's and sisters contracts up soon and was going to get them BlackBerry 10 but really not sure I'll bother now

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BB10 is still the best, I think Thor made a mistake on not getting a BB10 update to the PlayBook, even if it was a slightly less intensive version. Anyhow so long as they continue the PB 2.0 updates and resolve some issues, I am happy. Though BB10 phones are amazing.

BlackBerry needs a new, better marketing strategy fast. Asking consumers to buy in to any new OS is not going to happen overnight, especially considering the way the general public views BlackBerry right now. But, what are they doing to change that?

P.s. I love my Z10!

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100% agree. The BlackBerry name has been dragged in the mud for many years now. They need a stronger advertising and marketing campaign. They should FIRE the people in charge of marketing and get someone that knows what the heck is going on and how to attract positive attention to BB10.

Meh I got two years out of my playbook, still use it for media streaming and games. I really don't care.

Bb10 would be nice but honestly, focusing on their new products is what they should be doing....the playbook has lost BlackBerry a lot of money already....

This is coming from someone who bought their first playbook day one, and their second shortly after.

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Also, I don't see how not getting bb10 on the playbook shapes phone purchasing decisions....plenty of android devices never get the newest os updates!

BlackBerry please leak the latest alpha build of bb10 on playbook, nothing to lose at this point!

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This sucks. Bought a z10 a few week ago, had random reboots, installed a leak to fix it. Getting PlayBook memories here. Installing betas to get decent functionality. I'm fearing they will ditch the z10 early too leaving early adopters out in the cold again...

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I feel the same way. I can already see the Z10 treated like a mini-playbook and all of us left out in the cold. These guys are not trustworthy and that is what will be their demise. You can't just come to BlackBerry and buy a device. You have to come help them and believe their stories. Not a good relationship for a consumer today.

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the big thing i took from Thorstein comments, is that they are looking at 2014 Fiscal Year as a "throw away" year. I don't know if this is a good idea, but it is understandable with the sequential roll out of of BB10.

The fat lady is singing.

Add me to the no longer planning to upgrade to BB10 club as a result of the Playbook fiasco. I'm done with the lies, time to move on.

It's over.

What's a PlayBook?

Since the new strategy of BlackBerry does not have tablets in its sight it makes sense that they dropped any plans to upgrade it with BB10. This especially since very few(relatively) people actually bought one. The cost of losing those few PlayBook customers is perhaps wah lower than the cost of migrating BB10 over to it. Probably a wise move - albeit to the detriment of on the one or two PlayBook fans.

As for the new bb7 device. That is not that odd. I somehow recall BlackBerry mentioning in the past they'll be putting out a new bb7 device for the lower price points in addition to migrating to BB10.

I rather they just focus on BB10 though to polish it up. It's a nice OS but still rough around the edges.

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I recently contacted two app developers to ask if they would convert their apps to support bb10 as I love my z10 and have been using my PlayBook less and less but hoping the bb10's arrival on the pb would let it loose once again as the two apps are for site drawings / cad and the screen size would be so much better on the pb, if BlackBerry are going to support the pb in the future just give me a better android player and I for one will be more than happy if not then it looks like a Samsung note tab for me, ps both developers have stated that they are working on converting their apps but with this latest news it might change their minds

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Did they tell you it might change their minds, or are you making an assumption on their behalf?

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Those people selling stocks because they are upset about their PlayBook. It's not a wise business decision. Extremely unwise when they still sell when stocks have plummeted.

Oh well, it's not my money.

My Tech-Fleet: Q10; Z10; PlayBook; Surface Pro; Xbox 360; HP TouchPad; iPod Touch 5

Share holders should get rid of these 3 CxOs as soon as in July.

As for BlackBerry and BlackBerry 10 I still believe the future is bright IF these 3 + 50% of entire workforce are fired.

Believe it or not, no more than half of the people in RIM are working. The difficulty for the next new management is to identify this 50%. Then get rid of them. Use the saved money to hire true talents in U.S and Europe and Asia (excluding China).


Based on all of that and with my financial education, I think the smart move is for me to sell my PlayBook, have BlackBerry cancel the Verizon update that is coming in 2030, sell my Z10, and buy a windows phone.

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I am just as pissed as everyone else about the news on the PlayBook, but all these comments about Thor lying about BB10 coming to the PlayBook is just ridiculous. Saying he lied implies he had no intention of bring BB10 to the PlayBook. I don't know the real facts but what would he gain from lying! They gave it a shot and it didn't work or wasn't up to their standard. Either way the PlayBook is not what is going to save BlackBerry. If focusing on other things are more important to the survival of the company, i'm all for it! Keep moving!

Mr Heins should never have made the announcement about BB10 coming to the Playbook.

He should have waited until the developers successfully installed, tested and ensured that it passed BlackBerry's internal quality assurance before making such an announcement.

It's called checking your facts before making a statement which would have a huge impact on people making a purchasing decision.

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If the two year old hardware can't run a modern OS, I believe there is a point where there is nothing to be done about it. It seems they tried and it didn't work. They don't want to release it and then have the press filled with reports about how BB10 lags, stutters and crashes.

You all were laughing when i told you 4 months ago that BBRY is dead. I switched to Nexus 7 and already using happilly all missing features of Playbook.
Simply they lied since 2 yrs ago, giving false promises, within few months BBRY is back in the toilet in sale 4USD per stock.
Its a pitty for the comunity, but the good think is the big bargain sale of great hardware soon or later.

emotions over, stay sober.

Warren buffet " we simply attempt to be fearful when others are greedy and to be greedy when others are only fearful".

Thank you for that advice.

You guys keep a running.

I'm loading up on more shares that are on sale. Thank you for the bad quarter blackberry.

It's my gift and my cheap stock to purchase.

Rome wasn't built in a day

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It was inevitable that the PlayBook would not receive a BB10 update. Honestly the device is already a couple years old. Updating the PlayBook would be a waste of time, money and resources which are very limited right now. This doesn't mean they will never release another tablet.

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All this talk about Pb, i have one as well, Y don't they just make dummy OS, to connect it like an apple TV then slowly convert over to device that is sorta a all in wonder, air play and bb10/os7 equivalent, why, why... Hahaha I have way to many ideas, but no money to make it happen :)

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These comments are just plain annoying. Nobody lied. I am sure it was in the roadmap to support the playbook and now they have changed their minds. That's really it. You want the CEO to make prudent decisions and sometimes in order to do that certain plan have to be changed. This will continue to happen with Blackberry as they try to reinvent. Maybe he should have said nothing about BB10 coming to playbook, but then he would be accused of not answering questions as he is now regarding how he handled the QandA session during the call. Damned if do and Damned if don't.

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I dunno but given that the PBOS and BB10 share the same Kernel, would it be possible for Blackberry to backport the apps in BB10 to PBOS? In that way, even if the tablet doesn't get the entire BB10 experience, we'd still have at least a working subset of it.

I guess that BBRY does not have that much faith in the QNX platform which runs in automobiles to powerplants. Oh wait...BBRY can't even figure out how to make the Playbook work with the QNX platform with great user experience nor better performance. hhmm...dum on me for supporting BBRY through its products and stock. Time to dump both and spread the word that BBRY is a company not to be trusted. Try that on for size BBRY. You'll probably tank and get bought out rather quickly!!! oohh...who is gonna pick up your pieces??? The Canadian Gov't!!!

Very disappointed about the playbook announcement. I want a compatible smart phone and tablet, so decision for the present will be to keep my Bold and my playbook rather than upgrade to a Q10. My firm has not installed the BES10 update yet anyway, and it may be a while until that happens. I had expected to upgrade to a Q10 and to use it with the upgraded playbook. That plan was delayed because of the slow rollout of the BES update, and now with the playbook announcement, none of it is going to happen. Too bad for me. Too bad for blackberry.