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By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Jun 2013 04:54 am EDT

Good morning everybody! BBRY earnings are expected to cross the wire at 7am ET, and the investors conference call will kick off at 8am ET (listen here). We'll be keeping this chat open to the end of the call, so be sure to participate. Chris Umiastowski and I will chime in with commentary during the conference call. After that, Umi will be working on his editorial with market reactions and what the numbers all mean, and we'll be back at 1pm ET today with a live CrackBerry podcast. 

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BlackBerry Q1 2014 Earnings Live Blog and Chat!


Unfortunately I'll be on the Metro, somewhere under DC streets....won't be able to see right away.
This should be an interesting day at CB.

ET time zone is GMT-5hr. It's mean 7AM ET = 14:00 Paris time. (remember we have summertime here so Paris have GMT+2hr now ) time difference is 7hr.

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Agree in before 7am. Too early thou for some popcorn. Anyone know if Thor will be interviewed after earnings? If so what investment show?

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I hope BlackBerry beats all expectations. One piece of bad news,no matter how small, will give the bears ammo and will smear the Internet with bad headlines about Blackberry's failure and impeding doom. Go BlackBerry!

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I think the Motley Fool group will all be in shock after this announcement...since they seem to think BlackBerry is certain to fail.

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Pump and dump merchants forget what they said about half a second after it's proved wrong. They never go into shock; after all, it's not their money.
"Were you one of the people who was fooled by the people saying you should short RIM? Get our new report on opportunities in the mobile market here".

It is interesting that the call is before the market opens today as normally they have it after it closes on the thursday night. Hope it means good things to be announced.

Use the tools on your BB10!!

The native clock can give you any time for any City around the world...

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Yes, and else everyone should know their there time zone adjustment from Zulu time or GMT.

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

I think the numbers will be decent based on the numbers of Z10 and especially Q10 handsets sold in the Middle East.

"BlackBerry Q10 sales in the UAE are on par with the Samsung S4, says a senior Axiom official.

The company CEO told Emirates24|7 that his company placed the largest single order for any BlackBerry phones ever for the Q10 and they are still in short supply."

Out of Stock: BlackBerry Q10 sold out in UAE in less than a day

There are more such articles and you can google or bing on your own.

Here, the Q10 is like fashion. Every where you go, you see it in black or in white. People like to show off that they have one and even if they aren't doing anything like talking on it or texting or even playing, they turn it on and check their BBM and Whatsapp. I have heard it so many times from friends and family to get one and that it is so much better than "that touch BlackBerry phone" (ie Z10).

Thanks goodness, BlackBerry halted temporarily the release of BBM to other platforms till summer end which should boost the numbers more of Q10 and Q5 sold in the region.

Hoping Middle East will hold its own and give BlackBerry a good outlook for today's earnings announcement.

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Things don't look good for BlackBerry right now. If they had just released the devices sooner and maybe used the Superbowl to get recognized again, it could have helped them significantly. That time of year alone is crucial. Seems like they relied on tax-return season. Idk.

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RIM must tighten corporate governance. How come the results leaked before report - therefore the overwhelming shorts.

Also the fact BlackBerry 10 has simple (in the sense only inexperienced workers can cause them) but critical bugs that took RIM forever to fix means that many in RIM are eithered randomly hied from streets or not working.

Now that Mike has left it is time to get Jim back. Old BlackBerry failed not because of marketing, rather it faied on poor quality that was the result of poor corporate governance.

Call Jim back although he just took a Canadian government position. Mike can come back too if he only act as chairman and leave day to day management to Jim. But Mike needs to realize that the company has severe governance problem.

Canadian government's immigration plocy contributed to RIM's failure significantly, if not the root cause. RIM is lcaking qualified labors in Canada, especially in Waterloo. U. Waterloo is no longer what it was before. Also depending on a single school and the isolating corporate culture make things worse. It is time to move HQ out of the town, at least to Mississauga or Toronto.

Let's watch in the next few quarters how RIM tighten corporate governance. Let's see whether it cotinue to leak product plan, OS releases, and financial result. If no more leak, BlackBerry will make a great comeback; otherwise it will be acquied by an American company within the year.


This is bad news.. i wouldn't mind that they lost money, if they had good numbers with the smart phone shipments. 6.8 million is significantly less than most expectations. I must say that I'm extremely disappointed.

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Why on earth would BlackBerry not have this earnings report visible on their bb10 devices.

That is a bit of an epic fail... :(

From the ZED via CB10.. booyah!

Very disappointing results considering the more believable analysts were giving us favourable forecasts. However, with all that is happening going forward, I'm still very optimistic for Blackberry. Lots of positives that still have to come to fruition.

Wrong Larry. What can BB do now to raise their value? They have released a brand new OS/Phone(s) but it has no apps compared to Android/iOS. Find a way to install Google Play or it is over. Or maybe cross-platform BBM isn't such a bad idea after all.

Old BlackBerry failed because of poor marketing. The isolation and arrogance level was surely the highest of all time. Which other CEO would have walked out of a BBC or any other interview!!! Not a good idea to call them back. Turnarounds take time and stopping the bleeding and reversing the cash burn is the best sign yet. Am in the middle of one of my own and wish I get to the point that BlackBerry is at today. Passing judgement is easy, working in a burning ship is tougher. Least it does, is stop one from making armchair comments. Keep moving BlackBerry, you are in the right direction. With most major apps on board, and better telco relations, you are in the right direction.

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One day later and I hope everyone has settled down now. Everyone should stop and think about what BB has accomplished over the last quarter and what still lay ahead. Thorsten is managing the balance sheet conservatively, and so he should. This enables planning and budgeting within available cash flow and cash on hand without leveraging the balance sheet and endangering the company. I am confident many more milestones will be achieved over the next 3 quarters along the way to realize the vision that management and the board have for Blackberry and that is being positioned for growth as a critical player in the next big things: secure mobile computing, MDM, M2M, and the software, analytics and services opportunities in the internet of everything, for both enterprise and consumers. M2M by itself is estimated to be worth over a $ trillion dollars over the next decade.

Regarding the trading in Blackberry shares, it is easy to see the emotions of the ups and downs correlate to the number of positive and negative opinions on Blackberry the company itself, on Crackberry and many other forums. The responses would have been no less emotional if Blackberry has beaten expectations and the share price went up by $4/share. It is these emotional swings that create opportunities in the market as a whole as investors and traders make irrational decisions no matter which side of the trade they are on. Considering the volume of trading yesterday, no doubt many of the short sellers have covered. Now that Thorsten has demonstrated his abilities and as visibility on Blackberry becomes more clear going forward, I expect a significant number of the longer term short sellers will go long over the next few quarters. As for the traders both long and short, they really don't care about the company as they just want to make a quick buck and move on to the next trade, Blackberry or any other company with lots of, for investors and Blackberry bulls, have some patience and hang in there as Blackberry has a great future.

With all due respect... Follow through on your promises to your customers and don't promise what you can't or won't deliver.

Very disappointing results, in September Apple will launch a low-cost iPhone.
I was more optimistic for Blackberry!