BlackBerry Protect website gets a facelift, adds new features

BlackBerry Protect website
By Michelle Haag on 10 Nov 2011 04:32 pm EST
If you use BlackBerry Protect on your phone, you'll be happy to hear that the website has recently updated. As you can see from the picture above, it was given a complete UI overhaul making it easy to navigate and much more pleasant to use.

From the website you have several options available under 3 different tabs. Under "My Device" you can view the current location of your device, make your BlackBerry ring or display a message even when on silent or locked, as well as lock or wipe your device --all very handy options to have if your BlackBerry is lost or stolen. This page also shows what BlackBerry you have, your PIN and phone number, as well as battery and signal strength! The "My Data" tab shows an archive of your back-ups and details about each. Under "Manage Devices" you can see all the devices you have on your BlackBerry Protect account and their details, as well as give them a custom name, handy if you have multiples of the same model.

All in all, it's a good redesign. Check it out when you get a chance, though hopefully you'll never have to use it in the case of your BlackBerry going missing.

Check out the revamped BlackBerry Protect website

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BlackBerry Protect website gets a facelift, adds new features


Nice update to Protect. This a great feature for BlackBerry owners and needs to be trumpeted more! Toot your own horn, RIM, cause no one else will!

Apple has the same features, i just got my Apple iphone 4S yesterday, but I still would want to keep my 9900, still very undecided.....I love the keyboard, but this 9900 keeps on freezing on me every couple days, I hope and pray BBX will be like iphone, it never froze on me (I had only had it for 24 hours), but it's fast, and responsive......

I will most probably keep my 9900

Same here, mate. The 4S battery life is a disaster, just waiting to see if the upgrade makes it better. The 9900 has really nice features, and BB Protect is one of them. Let's hope they don't start charging a penny once it goes out of beta, that would be a dumb move.
If your 9900 freezes, you can do a few things before asking for a replacement. See what apps are running in the background, close them one by one to see if you can find a faulty one. Also, if you have a charging pod, try charging it directly via micro USB. I have a feeling the pod is bricking/nuking a lot of 9900s these days.
Oh, I use the 4s as an voice-command alarm clock and weather forecast tool. =P
I take my 9900 and Playbook everyday at work. The cheapest 2Gb data plan in Canada. =)

I definitely like the styling of the site and hope they go with a similar design for their NewBay integration and future UI elements.

This is great. I also tried the site and had the phone twirping at me and showing messages. What a great thing if you lose your bb

Yes I also like the new website format - I've tried all the features and they work as they should - good oh!!!

It's not working in Mexico. I tried on Firefox, Chrome and IE but got the following message every time I tried to login:

An Error Occurred:
Image pointed to must exist (input stream must not be null)
+ Stack Trace
+ Component Tree
+ Scoped Variables
Nov 10, 2011 6:04:06 PM - Generated by Facelets

Note to self: Today would be the worst time to lose your BB!

eh.. ive had this app for like a year, it backs up my stuff fine. But I can't locate through GPS, send message, play tones, or anything. It just can't contact the device. I'm at home on wifi and cell network with good signal on both. cehcked the app too, its up and running fml.

It should allow us to read our contacts on the web like other back up serverices. Imagine I lose my Blackberry or thanks to RIM's awesome engineering my phone get bricked or nuked. I have to buy another Blackberry OR fix mine to read my contacts.

This app should be improved with functions like online viewing of back up files like LookOut Mobile Backups do!

@weezul - I had this problem at first too with my Torch 9850. Then I realized that when I upgraded my OS to the most current version the BlackBerry protect needs to be re-set up (accept terms & condtions, etc.). You might check this on your phone.

Then, when I went to the website, I saw it contained my last few old phones I had signed up on Protect under the "Manage Devices" tab. I deleted all my old phones, logged out and back in and my phone showed the battery meter, signal strength and all of the functions worked perfectly.

I like the BB protect App, but I s till want the ability to download my contacts from BB protect website that are backup on the server onto my computer

What if my mobile is stolen and gets a new OS loaded? Will BB protect remain? Also, how it will work if the stealr puts in a SIM card that has no net access at all???

I really wish this site was accessible via the BlackBerrys directly, so you could actually use it while you're out looking for your BB. Here's to wishing: maybe someday.

i'm getting pissed at bbprotect

the last 3 weeks my phone has reset or had some jvm error while installing apps or using NFL mobile....


but site looks nice

will blackberry protect works even after replacement of sim cards? does protect works without BES AND BIS? does blackberry protect works with DIRECT TCP/IP?

Pls email me reply at

it's emergency... I lost my TORCH 9800 and trying to find it and am not getting any signal of lost phone on Blackberry Protect website account.. pls reply me with correct answers.