BlackBerry Protect updated to version

By Adam Zeis on 27 Sep 2011 09:06 am EDT
BlackBerry ProtectBlackBerry Protect

BlackBerry Protect has received an update in BlackBerry App World and now sits at version There is no change log (as usual) to go along with any of the updates, so it's safe to assume just some minor tweaks and/or bug fixes. This update is a bit confusing to me as well as I have version on my Bold 9930 (OS so not sure what's up there. Regardless, BlackBerry Protect has quickly moved to the top of my favorite apps list and has proven itself to me on a few occasions. If you haven't tried it yet, it lets you backup data on your device like contacts, calendar and text messages OTA and is totally free. You can also locate and remotely wipe your device from the web -- very cool stuff. Head to the link below to download BlackBerry Protect or check out more in our walkthrough.

More information/download of BlackBerry Protect

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BlackBerry Protect updated to version


It's OS5/6 only and not yet available for download. (Even w/ USB/PC download it loads .25) OS7 version not yet on AppWorld… RIM and Its weird acts…

second that- it is NOT available for OS7 devices as far as I can tell. Linking to the download page shows that the application is "not available for this device"(9810)

** OS 7 **
BB Protect comes preinstalled at v1.1.1.29
so obviously you can't update to a smaller version!

It came with my 9930 but app world says it's not available so for now I'm stuck with the version that came on my phone

Another boneheaded move by RIM which is bound to cause confusion among BlackBerry users, BlackBerry app versions are different for different OS's. This is BlackBerry Protect for OS 5/6.

Interesting tidbit: If the 9900 crashes and you restore it from a backup or back to factory settings, you can't download BlackBerry Protect for the 9900.

I think if you use the app manager in DM, it will allow the correct version to be re-installed. As it is with some of the other apps that are currently device pre-loaded and NOT in APP world as yet. The Podcast app, for example is a similar situation.

Until it hits Appworld, it is not "released". No point it throwing a fit if it take a few hours to deploy:)

I'm not certain but I think this app is now integrated as part of OS 7. It doesn't need to be reinstalled when I do a wipe and reinstall.

This may be a stupid question but many of you say that bb protect came preinstalled on your bb9930. I never saw it on mine and when things transferred from my tour over it says "not available for this device."

Am I missing something?

.. not stupid
But I had the tour as well an didt transfer anything over
But go into your Applications older and it should be in there as a yellow BB protect icon :)
Did you find it?..

One thing I don't get is how is this app 2MB?
Same goes for BBM, 4.3MB or so. Can't they make the applications lighter?
Just curious.

So I download this program figuring I can delete Lookout Mobile. Everything goes great but then I get an error message I cannot use BB Protect cuz I'm on a BES. Problem is I'm not on a BES I'm on BIS.

Any suggestions???

it worked!

I had to restore my factory settings cuz some of the BES IT policies were stuck in the memory.

Ok got this on my new 9860 and it works ok and backs up as far as the confirmation date suggest. Go to App World on phone and it is not listed! Go to link in this artical and its showing in App World but look at devices supported and 9860 not listed!

What is going on?

When I saw this "update" I thought it couldn't be for my device, 9900/! Cause I hav a later version, which comes pre-installed with the OS. As far as I realize BlackBerry Protect is not available for OS7 devices! So it's logical it's for OS 5/6 devices. Needless to say BlackBerry Protect is a good thing.

I have a 9700 running OS6 and it won't show up on appworld. It shows up on the appworld site but the stupid site thinks my phone is a Playbook and won't install ota. Has anybody successfully installed .50?

The announcement from RIM

"BlackBerry Protect version is available for the BlackBerry 8350i device only. The correct version for your specific device will automatically be selected for you from App World when you click to download"