BlackBerry Protect updated, bringing some new features and fixes

BB Protect
By James Richardson on 10 Jul 2012 02:37 pm EDT

One of my most valued apps on my BlackBerry has received an update today. BlackBerry Protect version is now available to download from App World. 

The update brings the following features and fixes to the app:

  • Support for backing up additional databases such as password keeper and WiFi network profiles
  • Improvements to the backup and restore feature
  • Enhancements to the application deletion protection
  • Ability to stop and resume BlackBerry Protect service
  • Ability to automatically return your device to silent mode after making it play a sound
  • BlackBerry ID enhancements and setup fixes
    • Expansion of supported wireless service providers and BlackBerry device models
      • Support for additional display languages

      If you currently do not use BlackBerry Protect I strongly recommend you do. As well as it backing up your contacts, sms, calendar, tasks and memos, the application can also come in very handy if you lose your beloved BlackBerry. Using BlackBerry Protect on the web will allow you to locate your BlackBerry if it is lost or stolen. As well as tracking it on a map, you can sound an alarm on your device, send a message to it and even erase all of its data. If you fancy seeing it in action check out the recent video we posted.

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      Reader comments

      BlackBerry Protect updated, bringing some new features and fixes


      Pretty sure it previously backed up WiFi networks. I've transferred devices several times and it remembers them all for me.

      The update did not work for me on the 9810 running 7.0 AT&T. Status after upgrade is stuck on "Verifying BlackBerry ID". If BB Protect is working fine for you, I would not install the upgrade.

      Edit: After re-installation of BB Protect, I was prompted to update to the latest version of Blackberry ID. I have no idea how to force an upgrade to Blackberry ID outside of the BB Protect re-install, but this seems to have fixed the problem.

      That is a downside, getting off bes would greatly help, or convince the company/IT person to hire someone more helpful.

      Is there any way to force it to work under BES (without messing with removing IT policy). Also, is there anything similar us BES folks can use?

      There's nothing the admin can do, the app itself prevents from being used on a BES/X. The BES/X server backs up all this information for you. This basically is redundant, except for the screaming of the phone.

      Well locating your phone on a map is not exactly redundant when you have a BES admin who would rather remotely wipe your device and call it a day, than tell you that you left it in your house/office and to keep looking in those couch cushions.

      Don't sweat it - I don't have it available for my phone at this time. As far as I can tell .65 is functionally the same as .73 to the user. It may have some hidden fixes or features, but the backup for wifi and password keeper are in both them, as is the ability to start and stop the service, and to quickly return to silent mode once "play sound" is activated.

      I'm sure it'll show up eventually.

      If you can't use BlackBerry Protect on BES phones, does BES allow for remote lock, wipe, tracking a lost phone, etc..?

      And does this update finally prevent BB Protect from being disabled without a password?

      No the password part is still not here because people work at RIM is not as smart as you and the general public.

      I downloaded the 7.1 version for my 9900 from RROYY and get the following error when I start BB Protect:

      Error starting net_rim_bb_dryad_gui:Module 'net_rim_bb_api_catalyst_serviceplaneengine' not found.

      What should I do?

      Still have the "Blackberry Protect contains a different version of module nit_rim_bb_api_catalyst_serviceplanengine. If you proceed, Plans Applications may not function properly" message when I try to update.

      Last update had same message, so I haven't performed update. Still on version

      Can anyone help?

      I just went into Laptop BB Desktop Manager and click Applications then removed Blackberry Plans app.

      That should work. I don't know what BlackBerry Plans app does but it is not critical component of the OS

      installed it from appworld restart phone, accept eula, loads protect and gets stuck at verifying blackberry id.
      uninstalled protect, reboot reinstall protect and it does a blackberry I.D. upgrade ... worked from then on. i am running att latest offical version of os

      And yet the genius losers in RIM didn't placed a password on the app itself. Well done RIM on their half baked app. I know many here will argue that you can place a password on the phone itself. But that is just an excuse for poor app.

      Can any1 help, bb protect wont update after i downloaded the upgrade, its stuck at updating blackberry protect service information.