BlackBerry Protect now available in Europe and the Middle East

By Yousif Abdullah on 20 Mar 2011 10:21 am EDT

BlackBerry ProtectBlackBerry Protect

When BlackBerry Protect launched as an open beta a few weeks back, the service was limited to BlackBerry users in the Americas only. Now, however, the service was expanded to support Europe as well as the Middle East. This only leaves out BlackBerry users in Asia, but rest assured BlackBerry Protect will arrive there at some point too. And remember, when used consistently and correctly, your BlackBerry smartphone will offer reliable protection... a little bit of extra protection is not bad though, so head over to BlackBerry App World for the download, will you?

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BlackBerry Protect now available in Europe and the Middle East


How lovely... I think its absolutely bloody brilliant that RIM launched an app that is available for users like myself in the Middle East through a medium like Appworld that STILL is NOT available for users like myself in the Middle East. How the f**k are we supposed to go about that? Who comes up with these stupid f**king ideas anyways?

Dear Xemnast, You used the exact words that I was supposed to type. Blackberry users in Middle east don't have the access to Appworld. Then what the hell we have to do to download this application.. What a pity...

Even though I tested it with no problems through BlackBerry Beta, the version from App World does not work with O2 UK!
Can download and install the application with no problems, but once inside I get ' Your wireless service plan does not include BlackBerry Protect'... it had better do soon for the extortionate £35/mo I pay for my contract!

How come Apple's app store is available everywhere but not Blackberry AppWorld? RIM is going down. A customer who finds an alternative more likely will never wait ever again! It is also supposed to to be in all Middle Eastern countries. Why UAE is not listed?

I'm one that got sick of waiting for RIM to get their act together and moved to a competing device. I'd need to see a HUGE shift in RIM's mindset to go back or even recommend BB as a solution now.

It's been 6 months since Jim Balsillie stood up at Gitex & announced App World was coming to the Middle East, but still nothing.

Lovely!!! What is the use of having a FUEL when the ENGINE itself is NOT WORKING in the CAR? WHAT A GROUNDBREAKING IDEA!!!

I've just sent an email to o2 asking what gives them the right to block apps on my simfree handset... well see what they have to say... tbh its the typical shambles i expect now a days from o2...

I am in Canada and it seems like ALL companies are against users. THERE IS NO REAL democracy in our world. For example, Skype for BlackBerry is not allowed in any network other than Sprint US... so we Canadians and others in North America who are not part of Sprint Network cannot use skype for BlackBerry.

It is funny how the West forced "democracy" on other countries when I don't have democracy here in Canada at the first place.

Is that why there is no Skype for BB in the UK? Because one American company decided that only it's users could have it - that company itself only available on planet America?

Yes...and that's why people of the world need to work towards OPEN company policies for ALL companies in the world. There are MANY other apps like that... for example,

BlackBoard mobile system to access my University BlackBoard system is ONLY work on Verizon or Sprint (I am not sure which one). But I am in Canada and I cannot use it! Big companies are no better than Gadafi or Saddam Hussein!!

Can someone please post the .COD files for a 9700 as AppWorld does NOT work in the middle east so there is no way of getting this

one of the largest Middle East Country (Saudi Arabia) doesnt have access to App World, how the heck am i suppose to download it...

Maybe it's an indication that App World will be available soon. But, RIM is not being transparent with its customers. We can wait and It's worth the wait but can we be provided with a release date of this and that?
I hate the feeling of waiting!

Apparently, the web portal doesnot do any of the tasks for me. I am on orange, using Was able to install and backup data. Seems like 499 is not supported.

Anyone else having this problem.

I am on Vodafone UK with Storm2 and it works flawlessly for me. All I had to do was disable encryption...

Thanks for the link... downloaded it, but the program drained my fully charged battery. Torch went from full charge to dead in 3 hours! Either way, Dubai's service provider doesn't allow BB Protect yet. app on appworld...for an area that doesn't even HAVE appworld.You can see how big their brains are over at RIM.

I'm on a 9700 on Orange here in the UK and it says that its not available for my carrier but I was able to get it downloaded for my wife's 8520.

I am currently Beta testing the os6 for blackberry, would this make a difference?

In app world for me it said something like "Not available for your country/carrier", so I held down the 'ALT' button and pushed RST. Resets app world, after that it allowed me to download :)

Ironic: except BB all can use Skype
UAE: still no Appworld?

just wondering that BB should not become history in market of Android , IOS and symbian


I had no problem downloading and installing on my Torch on Vodafone UK. My wife is now using my old 9700 and it wouldn't work on that (also on Vodafone UK). To get round the problem (and this might be a workaround for those of you who can't install App World on your devices) I went to the App World webstore and installed it onto the 9700 through that. I haven't used it before and didn't even realise you could do it. If you connect your Blackberry to your PC via USB then you can install apps straight to your phone from your PC from the webstore. This got around the 'this application is not available for your device or carrier' message I was getting in the on device version of App World. Might be worth a go?

It doesn't work if you are using BES ... that's sad!

anyway - I am going to install a third-party one ...

thanks!! Let's hope RIM will think of it's BES users also next time :-)

Downloaded and installed on my 9700 on Etisalat - United Arab Emirates. And got an error saying "The service plan for your BlackBerry device does not support this application. Please contact your service provider for additional information or to update your service plan."

Naturally Etisalat (and DU) had no idea wtf I was talking about

haha obviously they wouldn't know. I got the same message, but it also screwed up my etisalat torch. The accelerometer doesn't work anymore, and the battery dies within 3 hours. Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks

I'm on O2 in the UK and it doesn't work for me either. I'm using a Blackberry Torch which I only got within the last week, with latest legit software.

I've even tried turning the mobile signal off and backing up via WiFi and that's not working either

I've downloaded and installed it fine.

Logged in using my Blackberry account, but then get the error message 'Your wireless service plan does not include Blackberry Protect'

I've tried doing it over 3G, and also disabling mobile signal and just using Wi-Fi and still no luck

Same here on O2-UK, been using it in the beta fine and now with the public beta I get the same rubbish about my service plan.

Hi All,

I've been playing around with this for a bit so thought I'd update you all.

I'm on O2 in the UK and getting the "Your service plan does not support this application" error message.

My account is a number of years old, I've upgraded at least 3 times, and my SIM card is around 18 months old.

I've tried the SIM card in my torch, and also a Blackberry Curve 3G which I got last summer, It didn't work in either.

Tonight I've now tried a brand new, pay as you go SIM card which I had sitting around. Put it into the Curve 3G, and performed a backup using Wi-Fi as there was no credit on it. This is the same phone that wouldn't work this morning with my contract SIM installed, and the same Blackberry ID that wouldn't work this morning.

The issue is definably an O2 issue, it is something to do with the fact it's an old account that has been upgraded to Blackberry. I've contacted O2 and they are refusing to take off the Blackberry service and put it back on. They have given me the number for Blackberry (01753 66 7000) will give them a call in the morning and see where I end up.

Hi all,

UPDATE and FIX for O2 Customers in the UK.

I was having the "Your service plan does not support this application" problem which many other people have also had.

I've been to an O2 store today and got a new SIM card, hay presto Protect is now working!
called O2 to get new SIM activated, used my mobile, got cut off as new SIM was activated, it was that instant!

Hope getting a new SIM works for other people as well - good luck

Supported Countries
All countries except:
South Korea
United Arab Emirates

after being available here (UAE) it seems RIM decided to withdraw support for BB Protect in the UAE
what the hell gives?!