Using BlackBerry Protect on BlackBerry 10

Go ahead, lose your BlackBerry - Protect has you covered

By Simon Sage on 3 Apr 2013 05:15 pm EDT

BlackBerry Protect is a utility that lives in the background, humming away quietly, and for the most part it’s something you don’t really think about - until you need it.

Protect gives users the ability to remotely lock, wipe, beep, and locate their BlackBerry device, and in BlackBerry 10, it’s baked right into the system settings.

It also acts as a back-up utility, ensuring that you can always get your personal information back even when the worst happens to your BlackBerry Z10.

Setting up

BlackBerry Protect on BlackBerry 10

When you first crack open your BlackBerry Z10 (or other shiny new BB10 device), you’re prompted to log in or register a BlackBerry ID. You’ll be prompted to activate Protect through the set-up sequence, but after that, you’re good to go. Now you can visit, log in with those same BlackBerry ID credentials and get started.

Putting your BlackBerry on lock

BlackBerry Protect on BlackBerry 10

Protect handles a dizzying array of different security tasks. First up is the ability to pinpoint the GPS location of your BlackBerry. You have to make sure that the location tracking option is enabled on your device before this can work, but once it is and your BlackBerry is on the wireless network, Protect will poll the device immediately for coordinates and show them on an embedded Bing map.

Of course, if your device is indoors, it may be tricky getting a GPS lock. In that case, you may want to hit up the next option, Play Sound. This will cause your phone to bleat out the most obnoxiously audible series of ringtones you could imagine - making it easy to find after you’ve lost it under the couch. This command will also activate the Loud profile, so subsequent phone calls will also help you find your BlackBerry.

BlackBerry Protect on BlackBerry 10

If you’re worried that someone else may have found your device, you can remotely display a message on the home or lock screen. If you’re especially worried, you can remotely lock the device and change the password. In the worst-case scenario, you can wipe the device from the browser, but keep in mind that once you do that, you won’t be able to otherwise interact with your BlackBerry through Protect.

One major downer is that wireless back-up and protect isn't supported in BlackBerry 10 through Protect as it was in legacy devices - you'll have to rely on the desktop software, Link, for your back-up and restore functions. The nice thing about executing all of these functions is that you’re provided with confirmation when the commands go through, so you’re never left wondering if that emergency message went through or not. BlackBerry Protect supports the administration of multiple devices too, so you can lock down all of your various BlackBerry devices from the same console.

All in all, Protect is a great way for everyday users to take control of their device’s security and enjoy a little bit of peace of mind. It’s great not having to shop around for a third party solution for this kind of thing, or have to rely on your IT guy to take care of it all.

Reader comments

Using BlackBerry Protect on BlackBerry 10


Kinda sad it doesn't support auto backups.. loved having that on my 9780. If anything happened to it, I could restore. Z10 uses BlackBerry link and I rarely connect it to my pc

Posted via CB10

As stated above you can also back up using the protect you dont have to connect to a computer. Although automatic back ups would be nice. Possibly in the futue

I just tried with my Z10 and it told me to use BlackBerry Desktop Manager (not even BlackBerry Link hehe). It works as it should for legacy devices though.

I think it has something to do with how backups are handled now with BB10. Backups are now much bigger and back up all app data I believe.

I don't really know though :0

yeah exactly. BB10 backups now include the whole device as the backup, which means not just your settings or contacts but also your apps are backed up. it's now like the iCloud which is why it's better to do that through the Link.

I have never used this on any other BB before, and just enabled it on my Z10. How does it impact battery life, for anyone who knows?

I have it on and i dont notice a difference with it enabled...then again im not a "heavy" user like alot of people

Had it switched on my Z10 since launch in the UK. Doesn't eat into my battery life at all. Had moderate usage on my phone today, so just going to put it on charge as it's bed time here and still have 50% of battery life since I took it off charge 15hrs ago, so it hardly seems to impact battery life at all it seems.

Posted via CB10 using my awesome BB Z10

After you login...go to "my data" at the top. If you use Link than a message will popup notifying you

This is fantastic. I love the idea that you can locate, lock and wipe. Such a simple idea, but so effective!

Posted via CB10

I also don't see how to do a backup with the Z10. On the protect website, it tells me my data is being backed up by Desktop Manager (??). On my computer with Link, the option to backup is grayed out.

I can't ever get this to work on my Z10. It says it can't connect to BlackBerry Protect and I can't turn BB Protect on. No idea why not, but it sucks!

Hah, I hope that works. If this were my 9930, I would have done that instantly, but even in the 5 or so days of owning this phone I have already forgot about restarting in order to make things work.


Simon, does BlackBerry Protect allow you to transfer data from a BB7 device to a BB10?... Like: contacts, texts, calender, emails, ect...

No, not even from a z10 to another. You have to use link for that, some of the options are not available dho

Posted via CB10

Blackberry Protect doesn't support what you are looking for, but you can use the Device Switch wizard to achieve it. First run the wizard on your BB7+ device, it will prompt you to use desktop software or your MicroSD card to backup data/settings, and then run the wizard on the BB10 selecting the methods used to backup the the BB7+. I tried it just this morning when purchasing my Z10 and used MicroSD; I got some "errors" which I believe are related to my email accounts, as those were not imported; everything else seems to be in place =) hope this helps!

UPDATE: I noticed not all of my contacts are in my Z10 after making the Device Switch; tried using Link and the wizard completed with no errors, and it actually advised "the contacts may not appear in some days after the switch", which was the result as not all my contacts are there, totally not ok and should be fixed ASAP. I'll try rebooting the device and let you know is this fixes it.

Contacts do start to appear gradually and in some cases they will not be linked to apps/socials automatically is you had them that way in the previous OS backup, so you might need "connect" them with their contact data generated from BBM, Twitter, Facebook and/or LinkedIN

I'm pretty sure Simon is wrong too. I'd like to be the one proven wrong though as I miss the option to Back Up via BlackBerry Protect.

Posted via CB10

I find Blackberry Protect on BB10 to be a pretty disappointing feature. Here's why:
- No backup feature: everyone else has a problem with this and BB needs to find a way to fix this.
- No control on the "play sound" feature: When it plays the sound, you can't turn it off... pretty annoying if you find your phone before the minute or so is up.
- Troubles connecting to phone: I've tested a couple of the features, and it seems that the only half-reliable one is the location feature. All of the other ones have a lot of difficulty connecting to the phone. I surely wouldn't want to rely on this system if I actually needed to wipe my phone.

I hope blackberry fixes this, because as it is now there's no point to using it.

As a side note, shouldn't you need to put in your BBID password to disable protect? Seems like it'd be easy for a thief to simply turn this feature off.

It is a great tool with BB and have it update everyday on my 9930 and it has saved my A S S a few times! enable it you cant go wrong.

Unless there has been an update in the past couple of days that I'm unaware of, BB Protect doesn't work like it does in "legacy OSes". You can't open the app and do any sort of restore when it comes to contacts, calendar, etc. A fix to this something that would really help because BlackBerry Link doesn't work as it should when it comes to restoring this sort of data.

For restoring my contacts I had to use Outlook to export them in a csv file, upload that file to my Gmail account, add my gMail account to my Z10, then import the contacts from my gMail account to the Z10. Even then not all my contacts were installed. What a pain. The Z10 is a good device, but I'm looking forward to the next really serious OS update.

It sucks you can't back up text messages and what not. Protect used to eliminate the need to hook up to a computer when switch devices. A Lot of the apps that were great in BBOS kinda lack in bb10. Like bridge, protect or add new features but lose others like in fb and twitter

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Let's hope Blackberry updates the Protect experience for BB10 soon. My suggestion/expectation is for BB to use the cloud service company purchase they made to provide features similar to iCloud for BB10 backups/syncing usign either WiFi and Roaming as per user selection. They could also use the current Box/DropBox integration for the same purpouse, but I wouldn't reccomend it as it would unfortunatelly defeat the BBID-for-all-services purpose.

That makes absolute sense! I had forgotten about the acquisition of that storage company. It could be why they didn't include all the features of Protect. Hope they work this out soon.

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Am I the only one that was expecting to hear a bass guitar playing the opening of Money by Pink Floyd when clicking Play Sound?

"One major downer is that wireless back-up and protect isn't supported in BlackBerry 10 through Protect as it was in legacy devices..."

This is the info I was looking for, thanks. Is Link the BB10 equivalent of the Desktop Software? I'm trying to backup/restore my calendar, alarms, and memos from my Bold 9930 to Z10.

I'm glad wireless backup isn't available as BlackBerry isn't doing enough to protect our data. It's not better than DropBox and we all know how bad that is...

Please bring back the wireless backup and restore function. It was so convenient and made shifting from one blackberry to the next effortless.

Posted via CB10

Sure would be nice if BlackBerry Link supported WiFi backups similar to WiFi syncing. Then I wouldn't need to remember where I left my! ##$ sync cable LOL I use my PlayBook charger for charging as it is least 2 times faster.

Posted Via CB10 on my Zed10

It says I need the BlackBerry Protect app on the device. It's not available in BlackBerry World for me.

Posted via CB10

This is useless for locating your device. People turn off the phone. You have to sit there refreshing none stop.

Better was "Where's my Phone" you send an email or text to the phone and it's constantly listening for it. Soon as its received it responds with the gps location.

What's even more shitty is the developer won't make an app for BB10 because he doesn't want to compete with blackberry protect.

If anybody knows of an android port that works let me know.

Posted via CB10

I just converted and sideloaded "Where's my droid" and "Find my Phone" both install fine but there not able to actively listen to text messages or emails of my Z10.

Hopefully a developer is reading this and wants to give a native app a go. I'll pay 50$ for something with equal features of where's my phone for BB07. It's saved my 9900 from thieves twice. All they did was turn on the phone for half a second and bam I got the gps. Went right to there front door

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I own a dealership which sells devices for one of the big three and i was quite shocked that at all the training from blackberry before the launch of bb10 they did not tell me that protect no longer backed up your info. They just said protect was still there. I told clients that they had a great backup program right on the device. They must bring that back. Whoever decided not to keep that should be shot or fired or fired and shot out of some cannon

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Question: how does this work if you have your stolen and wiped by the thief? Cos the thief only needs to type in BlackBerry to wipe and will have the option of using his "New" BlackBerry i'd on the device after restarting it.

I've had my Z10 for a few days now and one of my biggest gripes is the lack of the cloud feature for BlackBerry Protect. I'm having fun but it's so frustrating trying to find tricks to make conversions (calendar tasks contacts texts etc)between my old Torch and my new baby.

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Hmmm. The more I read on these forums the more I'm sticking w my 9900 w 7.1 and PB64 until OS10 reinstates some of the features I read have been stripped out .... Perfectly happy to wait for Q11

Incredible, one of the main reasons because I made the switch from 9900 to Z10, was the possibility of transfer all my PIM data with BB Protect. I was wrong. And now, I must remember to backup my data every day to the Desktop. Not good!!

Posted via CB10

The reason you can't backup is obvious. Has anyone seen how huge their backup files are on blackberry link?

Posted via CB10

I try to restore data over the air from OS 6 to BB OS 10 but can not. So have to connect to Blackberry link to restore, but not not all data will be switch to BB10 for example: Password keeper.

I think I managed to do just that from my 9800 to Z10. I used "Phone Switch" or something on my Z10 to transfer all data across and as u said Password keeper data was not through because I had no Password Keeper installed at Z 10 at the time. I installed it later and logged in with BBID and viola the good old Password Keeper database in the cloud sent by 9800 was retrieved to Z10 over the air.

It is a big fail. No one want to upgrade only to downgrade.

Size of download via Link is no answer to me. I would expect Link to backup more than Protect anyway. Protect at legacy BB backups only relevant database (and u can choose) and there is no reason the same data is now too big for BB10. BBRY really have to address this and quickly. Protect was one of the very useful features hat kept many BB users in the camp waiting. I was able to tell other OS users we had cloud for auto backup of essential data without calling it cloud. Now I cannot, in respect of BB10 anyway.

Just tried to play the sound using protect. OMG that's a horrible and obnoxious racket. Problem is hitting cancel when using protect didn't stop the racket (or perhaps I should have waited longer). In any case I am in a condo and I'm sure everyone within two floors of my unit could hear that. I had to smother the device under a pillow before finally stopping the sound by shutting down. I rebooted and it had stopped squealing. Has anyone else tried this?

I tried displaying a message on my phone, and now it won't go away!
Anyone know how to remove the message? Already tried rebooting the phone.

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Log into BB Protect website. Send another message. While you send the message keep the device in use. Once the message is received on your device it will ask you for the password that you typed on the website before sending the message. Type in the password and the message will disappear

After I turn on the BlackBerry Protect (location etc is on), and check at the web, my device isn't there. Don't know what is wrong, already check my GPS, it pin point exactly where I am though.

Posted via CB10

Oh Russel McNeil! You made laugh so hard my stomach was sore... I got such a shock from the obnoxious sound of the song - tried to cancel (no success). so I pressed the volume to silence. Whew ...

BlackBerry Protect is great if it didn't switch itself off. When in poor service areas it switches off and stays off on my Z10. So anyone who wants to steal a z10 just take it to a poor service area and it's all yours!
Does BlackBerry know this?

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Blackberry really missed a trick by dumbing down Blackberry Protect.

Instead of taking away the autobackup of the contacts, etc, they should have made it possible to do a full backup over the air FOR FREE!!!

Blackberry need things that differentiate them from the competition. Having the ability to never worry about plugging your device into a PC or Mac and still know that all your data is safe is the future. Why, in this day and age, do you need to wire the darned thing up to a computer. It assumes everyone has access to the computer, which isn't always the case if you're travelling for long periods of time.

Storage is cheap now, so for Blackberry to provide FULL backups to all BB10 users would have been a killer feature, and transferring from one device to another would have been easy - just as it was with the 9900. Just enter your username and password and the whole device rebuilds itself completely.

Personally, I think this was a MASSIVE miss for Blackberry.

Don't see it as a massive miss. Legacy OS's used less than 64MB for backups. These ones use GIGABYTES per backups. Big difference.

Does it work only when the phone is connected to data or wifi? what is someone turns wifi and data off? will it still work?

This isn't awesome.....they made it worse than the original because you are unable to backup over wireless....that was the great selling point of BBP, you truly didn't do anything to your phone after the first use, it would just back itself up monthly or whenever you wanted.

Why can't it be backed up over wireless?

I believe some or most wireless networks restrict it to 64mB. And protect would be handling up to 16GB of data.

I use protect daily. The automatic backup will be a drawback, but I'll be exercising caution and make frequent weekly backups using Link. I can't go without my contacts. I'll be doing weekly clearing out of e-mails besides other things and an initial cleaning out before transfering everything from this 9900 to the Q10 will be a must to ensure it's a smooth transition.

If you don't already have protect enabled, DO IT!!

Will they be adding remote backup and restore to future version for bb10?

I found this to be very useful. Kinda useless without it now, as the main reason and benefit for me was this function.

Posted via CB10

It seems like we went forward to go back...remote backup on BB7. was a godsend. Having to manually backup on BB10 is like going back to the early00's and palm pilots. I hope they can change that soon.

Posted via CB10

I changed my BlackBerry ID or my z10 because I'm using the ID of my torch. When I logged in to BlackBerry Protect using my new ID, my profile is blank. Need help.

Posted via CB10

Hi, i need your help guys. I have Z10 and i used my bb id from my torch to sign in to my Z10. Then i decided to register a new BB ID for my Z10. The BB protect website using my BB ID in torch has 2 devices, my torch and Z10. When I used my Z10 with my new BB ID and registered to BB Protect, my Z10 wont show in the website. And the server region is in Asia Pacific but im in MEA. Please, i need your help guys or else, I will wipe out again my Z10.

Sorry for my bad english.

I got difficulty to use protect in China, some of my friend who own Z10 as well, after contact with BlackBerry help in China and send logs to them, they said my device is send protect on request to protect server, but the server did not receive it, so on protect page did not show my phone. they said they are try to find out why and try to fixed it, till today, no answer yet. Even they told me that right now protect is not able back up and restore data for Blackberry 10, I am sure envy those who can use it without trouble. Hipe soon the Blackberry help in China can find solution.

Posted via CB10

Creo que Blackberry Protect esta bien, aunque si el terminal esta apagado o no tiene tarifa de datos no sirve para nada.

Posted via CB10

I lost my BB 9780, BB7 OS offers similar features.. the think is if he sim is still intact or if the OS is not wiped it will work or else its a waste of having this feature... U cant even export your contacts to excel or other phones from your bb protect... sad feature

I think it is a great app but does anyone have any idea how much data it would use in day. The reason I ask is that recently when traveling out of country I got a message saying I had used 10megs of data before a 1/2 day was up and I wasn't really doing anything. I then actually uninstalled all my apps but was still burning through data so had to turn data roaming off all together. Someone then pointed out when I got home that it may have been blackberry protect running in the background.

With the price of data while roaming it would be cheaper for me to simply buy a new blackberry if I lost it....

So, I wanted to test the Protect feature on my shiny new Q10 that plays a loud ring noise even if your phone is on silent. Works! Really well. But, couldn't figure out how to shut it off (and thinking while it was loudly and obnoxiously ringing at work was tough). I finally pulled the battery and when it restarted the noise had (mercifully) stopped. Is there another option to turn the sound off?

My BB Z10 was stolen ( I live in GP gangster paradise -Johannesburg South Africa) and I had the BlackBerry Protect activated I regularly check the BB Protect Website to locate the phone with no success, is there any other way to locate the phone or has the "protect" component on BB been compromised if so how? Oh and I have not informed my service provider that it was stolen as they encourage stolen phones.

More surprisingly, your provider encourages theft?! Should you sue them or something?

Anyway, the "play sound" and "display message" feature from the online actions of Blackberry Protect do NOT work 100 percent of the time. I was testing it on my phone over WiFi and cellular data, which was pretty disappointing. :(

If they scrap the phone no luck... You can however send instructions to the phone to be done once the it connects to the internet.

I tried to lock my out of control teens Z10 yesterday It didn't work. I'm going to guess it is because the picture password is active. anyone know if this is the reason?

bring back the automatic backup that's has saved me a lot of times already on my 9360. now on my Z3 i feel i'm a bit helpless. as i don't always connect my Z3 to my desktop computer all the time.