BlackBerry Pros at CES 2011: Lara Spencer interviews Adrian Grenier (aka Vincent Chase of Entourage)

By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Jan 2011 01:59 pm EST

One of the side attractions at the BlackBerry booth at CES 2011 this year is something RIM has dubbed BlackBerry Pros. They've invited a few different celebrities who make use of technology in their work and life up on stage to get interviewed by the uber-scrumptious Lara Spencer of The Insider. 

We caught the interview with Adrian Grenier on film yesterday (finally we do a good post for the ladies!) and today will be sure to catch the interview with Olivia Wilde of Tron Legacy hotness. Also showing up for interviews were/are Piers Morgan (the new Larry King) and rapper/actor Common. Check out the interview with Vinny Chase above!

Reader comments

BlackBerry Pros at CES 2011: Lara Spencer interviews Adrian Grenier (aka Vincent Chase of Entourage)


"maybe we could get everybody to get on there Blackberries and keep Entourage alive" Ya...that will work!! Probably only 3 people in the crowd with Blackberries!

I can appreciate the hollywood stars with Blackberries angle to demonstrate how relevant Blackberry still is, but if I can suggest know what might also accomplish the same thing??

Introducing new QNX based handsets fully loaded with the latest tech and 4G ready available in 2011.

Really? I mean REALLY??? THIS jerk is the highlight of the BlackBerry booth at CES????? WTF??? My God BlackBerry is really done. The 2011 CES has sent me running to Android faster then I could have imagined. What a shame.

No QNX.. no 4G blackberry... nothing good. just the PlayBook and this asshole. Unbelievable.

What is unbelievable is that the mention of a celebrity associating himself with RIM gets you this riled up.

Count to 10 and breathe, friend. You look ridiculous.

lol.. good one... no qnx? you do realise what the playbook's using is QNX right? They also mentioned there will be 4g capability at the show for the playbook and that can only lead to their smartphones getting that feature too.

Playbook QNX? I'm talking about handsets you 'tard. I don't give two craps about the PlayBook. Tablets are the dumbest concept of this decade so far. Seriously, just get a laptop. You can do more.

BlackBerry needs to unveil a QNX 4G phone. Instead they showcase some idiot from a dumb TV show and debut absolutely nothing to show they are even going to attempt to compete with the jesus phone and Android. Lame.

Lol at the camera man checking out her legs. I wont throw stones because i too enjoyed the eye candy! I never heard of this guy. is he from some show on cable tv that they shut down years ago?